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Recent Reviews

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Maybe its my set, up but I didn't notice the green screen until I looked intently on the seam b/t Bunnie and the background.
As for the content of the video its pretty ace from the early playful nature, the teasing strip, all the way to the finish with a fully naked Bunnie enjoy her toy quite a bit.

Oiled-Up Slut Apr 8 2017
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This was exceptionally sexy. The reverse cowgirl was an unexpected treat. Especially with the oily sheen down her back, thighs and butt. Watching her grind into the pillow while sneaking in dirty talk between lust filled breaths was nothing short of perfect. Loved the fact she brought attention her hips while doing this too. When she was in doggiestyle, every time her breasts rested on the pillow at the bottom of her stroke and were the then in the air as she ended it honestly made me bite my lip. Lastly the eye contact when she came was perfect too, down to her clearing the hair from her face and looking at the camera and biting her lip.

Full disclosure: I commissioned this video.

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Im not usually one for big sister vids, but Ani plays it very well. Especially loved her constant surprise at how 'nasty' lil bro is.

Thanks!!!!!!! :D

●●●●● Read Review

An exquisite exploration of Bunnie's physique. If you happen to be a fan of a more 'high art' approach to sensuality, definitely buy this vid (and the accompanying photo set).

●●●●● Read Review

I won a custom and commissioned this vid. Delphoxi executed it superbly and in prompt time.

Thank you babe 💦🤤😊

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This is a great scene that starts with Sailor stripping for her guy and giving us some dirty talk while sucking his cock. Topped off with some sex and inverted bj. The cumshot is far from perfect, but Sailor enjoying the aftermath is really nice.

●●●●● Read Review

A quality amateur fuck fest with a wide array of angles throughout as we watch Sailor entertain a guy and break out a toy for something extra.

●●●●● Read Review

Even if you're not a fan of humiliation, watching Sailor pose and play with her body in these bikinis is stellar.

●●●●● Read Review

Definitely a boob ethusianat's vid. Especially if you're a fan of women in dress without a bra.
All it took was Ani giving a really naught smile in teh beginning and I knew I was in for a tasty teasing treat.
Watching Ani's breasts jiggle wobble and bounce under her sheer dress had me biting my lip.

●●●●● Read Review

A very sensual and almost meditative glamour tease. And yes the best part is watching Ani enjoy herself with that string of pearls.

●●●●● Read Review

A very casually sexy, if short, tease. Great for lovers of bellybuttons and jeans.

●●●●● Read Review

Oh I do love Ani's submissive Mrs. Claus here. Seeing her legs spread in those thigh-high boots is a sight!
The role play is almost as hot as watching Mrs Claus bend over in her just too short outfit.

●●●●● Read Review

Just buy this. Puck's vid aside there's lots of variety here and unbeatable value. These ladies make sure you have some have very merry days ahead.

●●●●● Read Review

Excellent roleplay with Kat showing off her fantastic body. What else is needed?

●●●●● Read Review

Love the raw intensity in this vid!

●●●●● Read Review

I love this vid! If you're fan of prone bone vids don't miss it.

●●●●● Read Review

Such a cute, sexy and intimate video. Love it!

●●●●● Read Review

Perfect for lovers of Kat's sexy back and backside.

●●●●● Read Review

Great Pov. Love the view of Rowen's tits while she sucks cock. Its almost as great as her smile when strings of cum land on her face.

●●●●● Read Review

If you're a fan of old school playboy shoots, but with a bit of a harder edge, buy this clip, Fantastic concept. Wonderful shots for WAM/Wetlook crowd. The choice of music isn't my cup of tea and I'd much rather her the raw audio sounds of water, still a must buy.

●●●●● Read Review

Honestly I'd have bought this for Diana Blake alone. But the rare-ish chance to see her domme was an instabuy. It was cute watching Violet take the magic wand stimulus from almost torturous to something sublime. Things slow down a bit for some loving kissing using a nice angle that really makes you wish you were there so you could add something to the experience. But once Diana has her love back among the living a hitachi comes out and we get to watch Violet climax while Diana explores her body with her free hand. After more kissing Diana finally gets her turn as the two share that hitachi. That was great to watch. Finally Violet ends up riding a hitachi and Diana, back in domme mode, with a strap on fucking her from behind. Its a miracle Violet kept her wits about her with all that going on.

●●●●● Read Review

When I first bought this, I thought Violet would be subbing again. Im actually pretty glad she wasn't. Violet bring for a very firm but sensual domme persona here. And you can tell from how she licks Sloane's pussy she can be very deliberate in this. Sloane is definitely loving every second of it being enticed by Violet and not sure where to put her hands. And all this is even before the real fun with the strap on begins. Violet fucks Sloane with a steady pace in multiple positions where I thought Sloane was going to turn tables and just ride Violet to hell and back. That didn't explode in the way I thought it would but, Sloane definitely had a good time judging from the smile on her face once that strap on leaves her mouth.

●●●●● Read Review

If you love watching an enthusiastic sub, dont miss this video. Violet's cock hunger is clearly evident here from the loving looks as she's manhandled, pleasuring Michael's cock with her throat and especially when she gets vocal. Even being tossed around the bed like a sex toy, she invites with sly looks and teasing vocalizations. Watching her face react to michael's cock will absolutely press those primal buttons in you.

●●●●● Read Review

Honestly, if you love submissive women just buy this video. Sasha reaches levels of self submissive love, that you'll rarely see. Well worth admission.

●●●●● Read Review

A quality vid if you like a little more switchy Bunnie to spend time with. The first half is her being dominant and creaming all over that hyper-real dildo. There's a significant amount of dirty talk centered around how perfect she is. The second half she lets out her sub side to worship and suck cock until it squirts all over her pretty face.
The vid isn't perfect though. The sports bra in the thumbnail never comes off and I would have loved to see some cummy nipple play too. Not worth knocking off a full star, but definitely a bit of a minus.