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Jayne Cobb

Hi, I'm Jayne and I like Texmex, Science fiction and giving strangers boners. Check me out sometime.

Houston TxUnited States Joined November 2014
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Jayne Cobb

American / Houston Tx
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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Jayne Cobb

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Happy Birthday!!!!  I hope your guys spoiled you all weekend long!

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

you are seriously sexy Jayne

tsaa33 Aug 17

can you pls msg me about a custom? thanks!


Please send me a private message,as I would like to discuss a custom m/f video with before purchasing it.

hey there, you had mentioned in one of your shows that you have some crying vids but didnt want to post open on store, are you still interested in selling them?

Roxielynnn deleted Jul 19

Hey babe leaving you some hearts

i freaking love this community! thanks miss sexy! youre a badass bitch too!

"The rest is just getting that winged liner just right and not forgetting to tuck your string." Quote By = Jayne Cobb! (life is made!) you rock!

Haha thanks babe!

Can you PM me so I can go over the script for a custom video?

Thanks for the love baby 💕 Very sexy 😘

Could you please send me a message? I've got a few questions. Thank you'

Blue303 Jul 2

Cam girl hall of fame material #1 always satisfies, don't even think twice. This is gonna be your favorite girl from here on out

Thank you so much!

Im in Houston soon and would love to shoot with you. Holla back.

Shadoshi Jun 21

Did exactly what I wanted in my custom videos. Worth every penny and then some

Heller23 Jun 11

Hey janye listen to please I dont have any money and I cant use my parents credit card I just want to see this video of yours.
And I wanted to eat my cum so badly can you please please please send me this video I am begging you please send me this video. If I had money I would buy every video of you. You are so beautiful and I love you. Please please send me this video 🙏
My email is 

Giorock99 deleted May 22

I would love a custom clip from you

Jayne keeps you guessing for what awesomeness she will provide next.beautiful and witty a true doll

Jayne's the greatest, I can't get enough of her videos

Eric47 Apr 28

I've been a big fan of Jayne for years. She is funny, crude and SEXY AF!

Jayne is funny, intelligent, and way cute.  Catch her any way you can!

justd71 Apr 28

Jayne is the Best. Not only will you feel pleased about spending your money on her but remember the day you came across her. She's also funny as hell don't forget to visit her camsite.

This girl is the sexiest dick sucker i have ever seen!!!!

This girl, baddest and sexiest person to be a cammodel!! Love your stuff!!

Shadoshi Apr 28

don't get the firefly name, but really sucks a good dick, like pro... look at me... pro!

Love your content!!! P.S. The firefly name is totally the awesomest idea ever!

PM regarding custom videos

you kisses are so hot <3:x:A

Gorrash Mar 30

Hey if you still do custom videos, PM me. I am interested in buying one.


I love your videos, also props for the firefly reference on your screen name!

Do you do meetups? Would make a kinky video 😍

bm10626 Jan 20

I'm interested in ordering a custom video from you could you please let me know how to get a hold of you with details of the video, thanks in advance

Just got the 3 month membership for  you and holy shit  you  are doing great  work

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 Please keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and I hope you have a Very Successful and Orgasmic 2017 sexi mami :cock::W:facial: it would be an HONOR to work with you one day  :A

Really love your videos, you are a sexy, beautiful lady !

Gorrash Dec 19

I'm interested in purchasing a custom. PM me for details.


Left some love

Left you some hearts pretty lady, I always love your hair, perhaps you can do the same! xxxo

Great stuff! Left you some love hope you can return the favor! 😊❤

loving your videos

qutran Oct 5

Hiya! Are you still selling panties? Let me know.  <3


thetaxman96 Sep 22 2016

Where can I message for a custom video idea?

Jayyy09 Sep 14 2016

Amazing; she really knows how to turn you on great videos she's great

abe7700 Sep 7 2016

Just found you by accident, how do I contact you about a custom video? I love the cam work and angle that you provide lol

bm10626 Sep 3 2016

Hello I was considering ordering a custom video off you in the near future and I had a few quick questions
-do you have any uniforms, cosplay outfits, or lingerie outfits
-are you ok with name moaning, my name is Bryan
-are you ok with anal

everything depends on if i get this job that i was gunning for, had a great interview and fingers are crossed
Thanks in advance

qutran Aug 27 2016

omg are you still selling more of your panties? Let me know! ):

Roxiemarrie deleted Jul 29 2016

Left hearts babe ❤️❤️

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I'm Jayne and I really want you to like me. Not quite enough to lie to you but enough to try really hard not to be a raging cuntasauras rex all the time.

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Webcam Model


1986-09-18 (31)







White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

Houston Tx




It's complicated

Hair Color


Eye Color



32" 26" 39"

Breast Size

Natural 32D


5'4" or 163 cm


145 lbs

Body Type

About Average







My PO Box

Jayne Cobb 2455 Moody Pkwy #483 Moody, Alabama 35004

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