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We all know that she's beautiful so no need to say more, but she's become a great videographer, and photographer as well.

CrazyBella Jun 14 2016

Thanks Marc<3<3<3 Thanks you think so!..... well everyone here! maybe notice i hope so!!! im glad you like and appreciate the effort! i put in every new video!

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I've been a fan of Bella for a couple of years now and what I've always found so striking is just how beautiful she is. Yes she has a beautiful and sexy petite body but she is so very pretty, and yes beautiful. Beautiful is so often over used, but to truly be a very pretty young woman separates her from the others. Her eyes will steal your heart and your soul. You'll also hear the sweetest but sexiest voice in many of her videos. I think that I pretty much have her entire library of videos and love all of them.

CrazyBella Feb 8 2017

omg Marc! thanks u for so amazing words! as always u be a gentleman with me and i really appreciate that! u know it! ^.^:x thanks for all the support u gave me always:x

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A very hot video, from a very BEAUTIFUL woman. Great videography and editing skills

CrazyBella Aug 16 2016

^.^ thanks u Marc! im try it to learn more always about edit and some stuff i can put it on my videos, this time was my voice and the slow motion hehe I want to make something new i dont do it before! and have this idea heheh :)

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I have to admit that its difficult for me to get passed her very beautiful face. Another hot and sexy video from this beautiful lady

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Wonderful video! Bella is part seductress, part angel, and all beautiful !!!

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Bella is such a beautiful woman, you just can't take your eyes off of that beautiful face

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Another HOT video from beautiful Bella. Così bella

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Beautiful Bella ! Another sexy video from this beautiful woman.

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Amazingly HOT! Bella lives up to her name, Beautiful

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Fantastic video, she can seduce you with her eyes and well her body does the rest. Beautiful hot and sooo sexy

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First of all I think Isabella is stunning, and I have to add that this video is very sexy. She knows perfectly how to play to the camera using those sexy eyes. I can't wait to see more of them.

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Fantastic ! Sweetie you are sizzling. I really loved the vid

CrazyBella Aug 18 2015

Thx marc i really like that vide my Mood when i recorded was pretty perv! i dont know how to explain it!!!

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WOW !!! This is my fourth video from Kitty and they are getting hotter each time. She does the best anime cosplay and she's so hot and cute. I loved the video found it to be a lot of fun and yes exciting. I know I would be asking for the special service from Kitty at the service station every time I could. If I could I'd add Hot, adorable, and sexy in the tags. I can't wait for the next one...

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The video starts out with Emma walking into the room seductively wearing a black coat looking beautiful. She opens the coat to reveal that all she's wearing underneath is a bodystocking. This is wear my jaw dropped and my heart started beating faster. The rest is a black mail video with the dirtyest talking, followed by the hottest pet play. Of course she knots the toy, she can do this where others fail to, and consistently.
Emma doesn't disappoint, this video should have been video of the year well maybe next year. Don't let the contests fool you with their bribes. Emma is the fetish queen in my mind.

Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Another hot video from this beautiful lady/

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So sexy and so hot.. As always Bella is stunningly beautiful and sexy.

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Beautiful girl, and I love her school girl role play best of all, so sexy and adorable!

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Ok, first I have to say I'm a little prejudice because I think Elle is a stunner. But this video starts with a hot striptease and ends with some of the hottest toying I've seen in some time. Loved every minute of it.

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She's beautiful, isn't that enough of a review ? :)

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WOW Bella can be hot and sexy just sitting there :)

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Another fantastic video from this beautiful woman.

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Another hot and sexy video. Isabella has to be one of the prettiest and sexiest models on MV. I highly recommend this video. Actually I can recommend any or them with this girl. Hot !!!!

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Omg, Omg Omg!!!
When Emma opened up her cape, dam, wow, sh@t, and Omg! Yes please bite me anywhere you freaking hot little vampire. :-D:-D:-D

OK I'm past the costume now, well not really but I'll compose myself. I loved this video, back to basics toy gang bang. I only wish that I thought of it. It's all here, big toys monster toys, double penetraton. What drew me to Emma and her content in the first place.

Did I mention that she's the hottest petite vampire vixen I've ever seen.

Thanks so much Marc! ❤️

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Another great video from this very naughty girl next door. Cute as hell and just as kinky. I love her kinky toy play and this won't disappoint. Great views of her sweet petite body. I love her fantasy role play and this video will not disappoint.

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I just have to get this out... Emma just looked so cute in her riding gear. She wears it like she's used to it.
Now to the video. She uses that huge, and I mean huge BBC dildo and takes it amazingly deep. Afterwards she moves to I think a medium size chance which is long and huge. She uses this to a creampie. I think that Emma's little pussy is just made for creampie.

The story and role play was fun and sexy. It's been a while since Emma did blackmail role play.

She's so versatile. She can look cute, or adorable, sweet, or innocent, or a cock slut. It's like she's superman, but Super Slut. Lol. Riding big cocks in a single mount. By day she's mild librarian until she runs into the nearest closet takes off her glasses and becomes Super Slut....

There's an idea here actually..

lol librarian by day super slut by night love it! Thank you so much! 😘

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I personally think that this is the hottest of the BBC videos. First because of the public nature of the BJ and frankly I think that Emma got a good fucking... No other way to say it.

I liked the cum walk at the end, it appeared at first that Emma's face was red.
I think that she enjoyed the public nature of the entire video.

If you have the other BBC videos you have to get this one.

I did enjoy the public nature and can't wait to do more! Thank you so much Marc! 😘

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So is it possible for part 2 to be hotter than part 1? OH yes ! First of all they both are two adorable little cuties. You have to see how they fight over Emma's brother. Oh and watch closely as you see Emma catch Little Puck with her brother. She strips down pretty quickly and looking hot doing so. I think that this brother of Emma's will be left spent and exhausted by these two succubi LOL.

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HOT !!!!! I'm not into the cuckolding role play but that aside this is the HOTTEST of the BBC series of Emma's. Setting the role play aside this is the best filmed of all the BBC videos. You get to see all the hot views of petite Emma taking this dude, deep and pretty hard. Add to that a real cream pie and I don't know why this isn't the top seller today. You have to add this video to your Emma collection, she's just getting naughtier, and the photography is getting better. How she'll top this one remains to be seen.
I'll be watching this over and over again for sometime, or at least until the next one like this.

Thank you so much Marc! So glad you liked all the views! 😘

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Amazing! Ok so to me this video isn't about the story or the role play, it's about this 5'2" little doll using this toy that's not only the length of her forearm but probably wider than the top of her calf deeply in her pussy.

Emma is definitely the size queen, and it appears that she loves being stretched.
If you love seeing a petite adorable little vixen stretch her self and love doing so then get this video. She has another that is also amazing.
Oh I can't end a review of a Emma video without saying how hot she looks. I know that I used the word petite several times but she's all woman with all the right curves. ❤️

Thank you so much 😘

Yes Magistrate Apr 22 2017
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Excellent video, and so well done. I loved the concept and execution.

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Ok so first of all, Kitty is just about the cutesest girl on here and her cosplay is the hottest. What makes it the hottest I think is the details of her costumes and her submissive nature.

This video has it all. BJ. Bondage, fuck machine, butt plug, anal play. It has everything you could want and well honestly, 25 for an hour of this sweet heart is fantastic

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Yes she did it! :) She gets fucked by a real BBC and enjoys every minute of it. Emma gets fucked in just about every position. When you watch her getting fucked you can see just how petite this little vixen is, and she looks hot doing so. The video ends in her sucking him off and a cum swallow. I think that she really loves to swallow cum.

This is a sizzling video.

Thanks so much! I really do love cum!! 😘