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Sexy Curves !! :A

Wow Amazing Tits n LUV those AREOLES 😍😍😍😍😍

left u some <3s. very beautiful :)

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

WHOA! Came across your profile and your body is AMAZING! It's rare to see such a beautiful woman with a perfect belly and booty!

i would love to buy a hairjob and cum in hair video featuring your sexy long hair :)

helmer Jul 26

Hi jessie i would like a custom video are you still interrested?? message me

r18man Jul 24

can you please check your inbox I asked you an important question thank you for your time

Jessie... awesome vids! My absolute fav is 'supple tits' with the pink bikini, ... you look so awesome!

thekiddilly deleted Jun 4

any real titfuck videos coming

Giorock99 deleted Mar 27

I really want a custom clip from you

Please email me to discuss custom videos.

MilkDoesABodyGood deleted Mar 24

I am interested in a custom. Message me for the details, please.

Are you still available for customs? If so can you send me a message so I can give you the details? Thanks a lot!

you're so gorgeous, in/out of a preggo belly

Hey Jessie :) Do you sell fan signs? I'd really like to buy a few in different poses. Drop me a message with prices if you do. Thanks Jessie :) xx

Jrmeatx Feb 12

Congratulations gorgeous😍 really enjoying the content.

malg79 Feb 4

You are amazing, I follow you since long time ago.
Your official site is down. It will return?

You are amazing. I am pregnant too and left u some hearts. Good luck :A

camann00 Jan 23

Hi, aren't you selling any of your dirty panties? Please message me. Thanks!

BOOOOBS boobs.. i love it.. <3:A:x

Highly recommend not getting a custom from her, she won't do them but charge you all the same.

Lovely belly

It has been over a month since I ordered a custom video from you that you agreed to do, and I still haven't heard back from you.

I would love to discuss custom videos with you.

You are gorgeous!  great site, sexy stuff! Left you some love, hope you can do the same! 😊😙

Amorlove Oct 28

hey love I will love to do a video togather with you? You are so hot

jasonhu Oct 19

How do I order a custom video from you? Should i email you first?


ohfoxxxy Apr 30 2016

Leaving you Lots of Love 💕♥️

Night_Whisperer Apr 20 2016

Hey! I have a custom vid request that I'm ready to pay for but I want to be sure you can do it for me (it's a very simple solo request). Can you send me a message to my inbox here so I can tell you about it? Thanks!!

thekiddilly deleted Mar 26 2016

any chance u will do a titfuck video?

Sexy videos and body! Love a nice phat ass.

Little Puck Mar 5 2016

ahh!! Hello, Goddess. hella hearts for u <3 return hearts so appreciated :)

Joker669 Feb 7 2016

I left some hearts for you! You are gorgeous!

October Skye Jan 29 2016

Hey sexy, I left you some hearts, I LOVE YOUR VIDS <3<3<3, i hope you like mine enough to leave me a heart too :\:kiss_me:

taymade1991 Dec 12 2015

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you :) ... Mwah.

dasherbae Dec 1 2015

left some love on your profile sweetheart!

thesazz Nov 30 2015

I would love to see a video of you trying on all your bras, sports bras and any one piece swimsuits. Old ones, small ones, new ones, all of them thanks!

chefshawn08 Nov 21 2015

would you make a custom video of you wearing a nasal cannula?

JessieMinx Nov 22 2015

You need to message me to talk about it :-)

StellaBlue Oct 30 2015

Hi! I left many hearts! You're beautiful! Hope you have a great day! xo

Cattie Oct 1 2015

Left you hearts xoxo

deleted_4ever deleted Sep 30 2015

Hi pretty ! I left u some hearts , plese return me back some love too xo xo

thesazz Sep 4 2015

Hello Jessie,

I would like to make a request, could you do a video trying on all your bras, sports bras and one piece swimsuits. I'd love to see you try them all on :)

Loved your 3rd weigh in video, only just discovered, big fan and have bought a lot of your videos from your clips4sale store before :)


seven7suns deleted Aug 29 2015

Your "Chair Time" video is amazing! I love your creamy cunt juices and the way you lick it up was fucking sexy. I would love to see more creamy mastubations.

Ziggystardust85 Aug 27 2015

So I got the window fucking... My God to be a bystander in Texas that day I would be like no one is gonna believe me.. Dammit!! Purely amazeballs.

Brenda_IceMFC Aug 22 2015

Hi! I left you some hearts :)

sexilyan Aug 1 2015

I filled your hearts baby page!!

MsKellieJames Jul 30 2015

Love your booty! Showed some love on your profile and hope you can show some back xx

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