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This was the video that you know we all been waiting for mainly me. You probably know this already but everyone of us wanted to be the guy fucking you in the ass & giving you an anal creampie!! Hopefully, there's more b/g videos in the near future baby girl <3

P.S. this is review #4 so hopefully you can message for that free video hun ^_^

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What an amazing video & hopefully the start of an ongoing series. Also I hope I'm not the only one who blushes but also gets turn on immensely when she says Daddy!! I love the outfit choice & especially all the riding. While I'm a huge fan of reverse cowgirl her cowgirl riding is one of the best if not the best I seen mostly with those white stockings & beautiful thick thighs right in your face. The butt plug was a nice touch along with a creampie via the ever popular & highly sought after doggy style. What an ending so messy & breathtaking. However I have to disagree with you baby girl, I'll love to have babies with you but maybe next time around sweetie. Mostly if you keep on doing bad in school but at least now you know how to make Daddy happy in a very pleasurable way baby girl <3

Butt Stuff Mar 24 2017
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Hey Mami, I'm glad to see you exploring your anal side more! Of course, I always wanted to see more of your ass & tight little asshole too. Mostly me fucking it & giving you a huge anal creampie since we both know how much you love creampies!! It was amazing seeing you in anal bliss & hopefully soon it will be me giving you that sensation again in your pussy & asshole Mami <3

KittyVickie6 Mar 27 2017

You know how much I love cream pies! maybe one day Papi

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Truly an amazing video & must buy!! LCG looks so innocent, sexy, & beautiful as always. To the point where I think we are all blessed to know her & her dirty kinky ways too. Honestly I wish I worked where she does so I can see her beauty daily & possibly have my chance to fuck her like the way she did in this video. Or rather according to her "Let me fuck you". Gotta love go getter like her mostly with long pig tails & such a sexy work outfit too. Along with some of the naughtiest dirty talk, sucking, & riding I seen in a long time. Also best part is how sexy & gorgeous she looks with such a huge load of cum or baby batter on her pretty smiling face too. Hopefully LCG get's her wish of all the cocks at work she's been thinking about. I'll love to see more & more of this soon ^_^

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Wow Jocelyn is such an amazing Daddy's girl if not one of the best!! The outfit alone is breathtaking that shows all her sexy curvy while being form fitting & tight on such a luscious body. The way it hugs her huge titties & shows off her sexy smooth thighs. The pig tails were a great touch too along with the word "Good Girl" which works out great since she's such a good naughty girl!! Also love her innocent side yet daring & adventure seeking behavior. Along with her tears of joy. I truly hope there is a follow up to this video since a sequel will be amazing & interesting.

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Wow you did it again, another amazing video & whoa what a huge messy load at the end!! I completely agree with you I need to go replenish after watching this video LCG!! I loved the roleplay, cheerleader outfit, dirty talk, & those lovely beautiful eyes of you staring at me the whole time even the part when one was temporarily closed only due to the huge cumshot!! <3

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This video is simply amazing & perfect!! It has some of the best ass twerking, reverse cowgirl, & cowgirl riding I have ever seen. Along with a very beautiful, pretty, innocent yet naughty girl who simply wants to drain your stress & balls away. My plan was always to buy a video from this gorgeous & beautiful model but time always got in the way until today. Part of me regrets not buying a video of hers sooner but the other part of me is so happy that my first video was this one. Its perfect & hopefully there is a sequel planned. Lilcanadiangirl is simply wonderful & perfect!! I can't wait to buy more of her videos & she can sure be quite naughty yet helpful & horny too. Hopefully she calls me Daddy soon since I'll love for her to be my newest baby girl <3

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Truly an amazing video with such a beautiful, sexy, fun, and personal favorite model of mine. Madison not only delivers but shatter expectations in this video. Similar to how her boobs pops out that outfit!! I'll love to play with the next time you're bored at home doing homework baby girl <3

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Wow, that ass & asshole in plain sight & on center stage were amazing!! You truly are a professional when it comes to anal riding & this video showcases that quite well baby girl <3

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Simply amazing & truly does bring out those sexual fantasies I had of Bulma growing up watching this amazing series. I'm more than willing to be your sex slave next time <3

Hehehe well next time I find aall the dragon balls I will let you know ;) Thank you for the review!! <3

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Truly an amazing video and wow what a sexy outfit too!! Rosey can sure get messy, creamy, and wet like no other. Like Rosey said she's such a great cumslut!! ^_^

Thank you!!😌😌😊😊😊

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Daddy needed to cum bad & this video didn't disappoint baby girl!! Your sexy moans, hard anal pounding, & perfect ass/asshole did the trick. Also those long black thigh-high socks & booty slaps too. I can't wait to see what you in store next baby girl ^_^

Thank you 😘

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Another amazing video from Olivia!! You know its a win when you get a close-up to see her pretty pink tight pussy & get to hear her sexy moans. Along with a cute bush & intense hitachi play!! Including her pretty asshole, wet pussy, squirting, & orgasm. Great work baby girl <3

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Amazing video sweetie!! My first dancing ever and glad it was you. I loved the whole pink outfit even the slippers too. However the showstopper had to be your beautiful smile, kiss, and dat booty shaking!! <3

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Honestly I was blown away at how amazing & impressive this video is. It actually for the time being satisfied these impregnation cravings I been having lately. Everything about this video is perfect your luscious & flawless body, big boobies, nice ass, superb dirty talking, & natural beauty all around. Hopefully this can be made into a series of sorts or custom. Also if you're willing & still in the mood baby girl (you), Daddy (me) is up for the challenge to impregnated you again. Just imagining you with bigger tits filled with milk & a cute baby bump & all the hot pregnant sex is only making me harder!! Also with a huge creampie like that there is no doubt that you're pregnant!!! This is by far the best impregnation video ever & honestly I can't wait to buy more of your other videos too Jocelyn <3

P.S. If this video had a flash forward scene of you with a "pregnant belly" I would have died a happy horny Daddy!! <3

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As promised I told you I had another video of yours in my cart ready for purchased. However I didn't expect to buy it so soon but that previous video was just too to handle or rather not enough to satisfy me. So of course I had to get one that involves riding, booby play, blowjob, and my favorite part intense orgasms!! Hopefully you can find it in your heart to forgive me being a huge perv & needing another amazing video of yours. The video itself is simply amazing & has everything a super horny perv (like myself) needs to get off. Also it shows you flawless body, your horny self, & just how great you are at riding/fucking cock!! Hopefully one day soon I will be able to take on a private or custom for some one on one action by ourselves. Until then this video will have to do the job of keeping me busy baby girl <3

P.S. this also means that I'll have to add another one of your videos in my cart in the meantime Mandi. It looks like you got a new fan too since I'm hooked or as close as one can get hun <3

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Wow this video is fanfuckingtasic, amazing, & perfect!! I love the one piece outfit & those thigh high socks so much. The outfit you picked is flawless & shows off your amazing body perfectly. Also dat booty from behind was beyond perfect along with all jiggling/twerking & can't forget those moans, sighs, & orgasms. Honestly, the main reason why I brought this video was because I'm positive you were just as super horny as I was when I first laid my eyes on it while you were filming it. This is a first for me, seeing a video where a beautiful chick is just so horny she grinds a counter so intensely till her heart content. With a simple goal of cumming multiple times in mind. I enjoyed the whole balancing aspect of it too & really made me want to bend you over a counter & fuck till we're both exhausted & cum drunk. Love the bush too so pretty. I'm hooked mostly after 20 minutes plus of non-stopping action, grinding, & orgasms baby girl <3

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What an amazing video & idea!! Hopefully Codi calls me the next time she's masturbating & wow she's good at multi-tasking too. I love the BVS reference too ;)

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Simply amazing & you truly look like you enjoy hot hate anal sex <3

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Simply amazing and perfect!! It had everything plus more and hope this becomes a series of sorts ;)

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God damn baby girl that ass & those long thigh high knee socks makes for a great outfit for you to wear around the house. With an ass like that I'll be happy to follow you to the kitchen every time mostly for some fun anal play & anal fucking that ends with an anal creampie in your amazing ass <3

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Wow, this video is simply amazing mostly given the fact that this is Amber's first video on MV. This video has everything from that big booty twerking, BJ, my personal favorite of toy riding, sexy moaning, anal, & SQUIRTING!!! Also, another favorite thing of mine knee/thigh high socks & most importantly. A beautiful, sexy, & cool chick with a body of a goddess & a dirty mind as an added bonus. I highly recommend this video to anyone & everyone who want to see an amazing chick like Amber fuck herself till she cums hard!!

P.S. I loved the intro graphic & can't wait to see & buy more videos of Amber!! <3

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First of all, thank you for making this video free since its simply perfect. I love big boobs no matter if they're real or fake but I do have to say you have some of the best natural big titties I have ever seen. The way the jiggle, shake, & bounce up/down is truly memorizing. Also, big fan of you sucking your nipples which I'm guessing you do daily or better yet anytime you want because their yours. I highly recommend this video to anyone who is a big boobs lover <3

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Wow, that is such a perfect video. I sure do hope this saga continues of you fucking your roommate behind your bf back. I also gotta say you have a body made for fucking boobs & booty for all. Especially, that ass for anal riding maybe even an anal creampie next time. I came so hard & hope to see more of you. P.S. I loved the zombie game in the background since that's one of my favorite game to play so it was really attractive to see playing it in your skimpy outfit Dina ;)

●●●●● Read Review

Wow, that was such an amazing & perfect video!! I love how she looks right at you with those big beautiful magical eyes & that revealing cleavage & slutty schoolgirl outfit. She's perfect & you can't really tell but god dam she when HAM pounding that tight asshole of hers. That anal pounding scene by itself is worth buying this video. Hopefully, this story continues or more anal or even DP videos are coming out in the near future. I highly recommended this video since she is truly one of a kind aren't you baby girl <3

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Simply amazing!! This is my first video I brought from Dulces & what a good first choice it was too. Some of the best & most intense anal riding I have seen in a while & looks like I found my newest anal riding cum slave too. Can't wait to buy more baby girl <3

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As promised, I finally got part two & all I can really say is that’s simply amazing & perfect like you!! Hopefully this was a good surprise to wake up to on a Friday morning. The anal riding was out of this world & that anal creampie & gaping asshole at the end are what dreams are made of! I truly hope there is a part three in the near future. ;)

princessberpl Mar 17 2017

Thank you so much for the nice surprise, monkey! My day will surely be great. <3<3

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Simply amazing & what an amazing assfucking that was with such a huge juicy fat ass!! I think I found my new anal slave & baby girl. Hopefully, there is a sequel or a series to this. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to watch her get fucked like a dirty horny anal slut!! :)

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Wow, what an amazing video this is & what a slutty outfit you have on! I will have to disagree you with and say that you are definitely a dirty cheating slut!! But, that's a good thing!! I can't wait to buy part 2 in the near future!!! ;)

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Absolutely perfect!! What a sexy & slutty outfit & intense orgasms she had! Hope there is a sequel to this or possibly a custom video baby girl!! <3

Anal Fuck Oct 14 2016
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Simply amazing! The best anal riding video I have ever seen & I love her big oily ass too. Perfect asshole too & what a anal creampie too! ^_^

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Amazing video with tons of pussy pounding action, titties in your face and of course it wouldn't be a Lizzie Lust production without some good old fashion squirting!!! ^_^

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Such an amazing video that jumps straight into the action once it starts. Honestly some of the best & most intense cowgirl & reverse cowgirl riding I seen in such a long time. The titty fucking, dirty talking, sloppy & I mean sloppy blowjob are all fantastic. VickieJay is also incredibly beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, & an outstanding slut. Her big boobs, big round ass, tight asshole, & amazing body are all perfect. Along with being shown quite often too ^_^

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Wow this video is simply amazing & a masterpiece. LCG looks beautiful, stunning, shiny, & gorgeous in such a sparkling outfit that matches her newest bad dragon dildo. LCG looks incredibly beautiful, slutty, & sexy on her own but something about her being completely covered in cum makes her even more irresistible than ever. Her moaning, blowjob skills, sweet innocent voice, & dirty talking are all superb. Along with her beautiful long brunette hair, gorgeous smile, sexy bush, & perky tits. This video is a must buy & hope there are many more videos of her using this toy or completely covered in cum again!!! ^_^

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Truly another amazing video & masterpiece from the ever gorgeous & beautiful Lovely Lilith!! I honestly wish you were one of my friend's mom since I'll love to fuck & cum in you anytime I came over to visit for a sleepover. Those tits were amazing bouncing all over the place along with getting fucked & what huge cumshot too ^_^

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Truly an amazing welcome back video Mami!! I love the outfit & bunny ears. I love how creamy you get & how much you love it to. Mostly because as your Papi I want to give you some of my cream in the form of multiple creampies & like the naughty bunny you are have multiple babies too with you too. Can't wait to have fun with you again Mami <3

●●●●● Read Review

Wow Jayne is simply amazing & the perfect cheating bf's wife anyone can ever ask for. Honestly I wish I had a bf's wife like her to fuck on the side whenever we wanted too. Jayne's blowjob skills are beyond amazing & made even better with her seductive eye contact. Along with such a sexy & slutty outfit too. Mostly those latex stockings ^_^

●●●●● Read Review

Truly an amazing video & I must say this is anal riding at its fullest potential. Also she has such an amazing ass that constantly jiggles & looks great bouncing up & down. I'm so happy this is also my first video purchase of hers & can't wait to buy more soon ^_^

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Another instant classic from Amba!! Her moaning & orgasms are truly amazing. I know I stated this before but I love this new look of yours especially the bangs <3

●●●●● Read Review

Truly an amazing video & I love how your ass is front & center for the whole word to see. Also I love the outfit mainly the black thigh high socks!! Along with your killer anal riding, anal creampie, & sexy moaning baby girl!!! <3

Thank you!😊

●●●●● Read Review

Another amazing video from Allie & can't wait to see more adventures of her workouts mostly with that personal trainer!!

●●●●● Read Review

Simply an amazing video & Bettie does a excellent job!! She's truly a great MILF & caring mother. Hopefully this isn't the last time the bully gets his way with her. Also love the ending too!!! ^_^

●●●●● Read Review

Amazing video & it really makes me want to work out with Dina Sky ;)

●●●●● Read Review

Truly an amazing video & fitting end to this trilogy. With that being said I finally have the complete set to enjoy!! Unless there is a part four on the horizon. Such a sexy, elegant & slutty outfit to. Made even better with PrincessBerpl gorgeous, stunning, & awe-inspiring body to. Along with her famous huge titties, superb dirty talking & naughty role-play. Such a huge messy creampie at the end too!! Also I loved the call-backs to the previous two videos as well. Which in turn not only made me watch them again but at the same time while watching this which I gotta say was challenging since all three videos are amazing. One can even say it was an overload of PrincessBerpl but I built a tolerance of sorts to handle watching all three videos at the same!! I can't wait to see what's next!!! ^_^

●●●●● Read Review

Gotta love horny MILFS!! Such a great ass too & hopefully there is a male version in the works too ^_^

●●●●● Read Review

A fitting end to Mrs. Taylor sexual adventures!! Also to a gorgeous & sexy Heather Sin too ^_^

Thanks Buddy

●●●●● Read Review

Damn Mrs. Taylor is so sexy & can't wait to see what she does next ^_^

●●●●● Read Review

Truly an amazing video & wow Kylie looks so sexy & beautiful!! Also the best cowgirl & reverse cowgirl riding I seen in a long time. Along with some great spanking & twerking & out of the this world orgasm too. Only made better with Kylie cute pumpkin socks ^_^

●●●●● Read Review

Truly an amazing video!! Lila workout outfit is perfect & gotta love it her yoga pants too. Also how horny she is & how badly Lila wants us to see her cum ^_^