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What a fun video! Nothing really fancy going on...just the beautiful Gwen and her adorable friend masterbating. BUT, this felt very raw, which I loved. It really helps that they both forgot the camera was there and really got after it and got themselves off. I especially loved when Gwen used the silver toy with the hitachi! I think she even squirted!

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My goodness. This video was amazing. You can feel the emotion oozing out of the video. The POV style was so intimate. Ms Gwenadora was absolutely stunning in this clip. I will for sure be a repeat customer. Also, the audio and video quality was nothing short of HD!

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Content was good, but the video seemed out of focus the whole time and that was a bit distracting. It's not like super blurry, but just enough where it's noticeable and take away from the hot content. Probably should be disclaimer in the video description.

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Mouth/spit/tongue lovers you have found your grail! Well done on the closeups!

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My first dabble with ASMR could not have gone any better. Obviously, videos like this need crystal clear audio right? Well that's what we have here folks. So now I basically have a fetish I never knew I had. Well done Baetrix!

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Fans of the show know that this is a perfect video for so many reasons. First off...look at the freaking costume/cosplay....if you told me it was the real Barb, I wouldn't argue. I also thing the story is very creative. Add to all of that the amazing video clarity and sound and you have a perfect video.


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My goodness. WHAT. A. CHAMP. The blue toy she takes on is ginormous. Watching her take this toy inside was extremely erotic. Bonus was seeing it cum inside her....A LOT.

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LOVE seeing Baetrix in red, she looks stunning in that color! She also embodies the perfect MILF in this video. It's certainly not one to miss!

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This is EXACTLY what a POV video should be like. It might as well be VR, because I thought (dreamt) that I was actually there with her! Props to Baetrix for being able to use the wand and service the cock a the same time. Multi-tasking at its best!

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First cool that paddle? Kind of a nerdy thing to notice maybe, but it's rad. BUT back to the real reason we're all here...Baetrix's amazing ass. Watching it get spanked with that paddle is a thing of beauty. That's exactly the kind of JUNK you want in a girl's trunk!

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Baetrix is a freaking CHAMP in this video taking on this toy! I'm also a big fan of the angles the viewer is treated to in this one.

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This bad dragon toys are something else, right? Absolute genius using this model for a JOI themed video. You'll have to see for yourself how it ends...but I promise it will not disappoint!

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Holy moly! This video is the perfect mix of classy and messy. The black and while theme is true to the title. Watching her have an earth shattering orgasm felt so intimate. Cleanup aisle Baetrix!

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GOD I wished my female co-workers we half as good looking as Ms Baetrix is in this video. Also, this video is probably perfection for anyone who travels a lot for work. Check into your hotel and pop this video on!

PS - Bonus points for the killer heels featured in this video.

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So, this video was amazing! Can you imagine being on Tinder and coming across the lovely Mariah Leonne?!?! SWIPE RIGHT! This lucky guy was in for a treat. I will say this, while you get Mariah and her partner's normal A+ performance, the 'Tinder Guy' was outstanding, bravo to him! He shot a nice size load that glazed Mariah and then her partner came in and absolutely COVERED her (as usual).

Video is awesome HD quality with perfect lighting.

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Now THIS is the kid of bet I wouldn't mind losing, haha. Now, if there's anyone in this world that could coax a 2nd load out of a dude it's Mariah.

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This video was a fun change of pace because we got to watch Mariah masturbate. The best part about this video is that it feels like you are a dirty voyeur watching a hot chick get off in the tub. It's like the camera is there, and the orgasm is def authentic.

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This video has a mix of everthing. A hot chick gagging on a big dick, some hot fucking, a phenomenal blow job and Mariah's trademark facial. I may be bias, but the realness of her videos are what takes it to a new level.

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ANother video in a park! Crazy stuff. She almost seems to perform better under pressure!

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Sneaky girl! We're somewhat used to her public blowjobs but this one was a bit of a curveball as we get to watch Mariah get a sneaky masturbation sesh in!

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Another quick video from Mariah, but enthusiastic none the less. Makes me want to get a skype show with her so I can watch a similar facial!

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Amazing. What's the only thing better than a Caribbean vacation? Getting a blowjob from Mariah on said vacation. Oh, and it's on the rooftop. Call me crazy, but I like the look of her wearing her shades while giving oral.

Of course, her videos wouldn't be complete with a big facial!

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This video is a quick hitter, but don't let the video length fool you. This still packs the punch of all of Mariah's videos, including her massive facial!

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We all know Mariah is the Facial Queen...there's no arguing that. This is perhaps her best facial video, and that's saying a lot.

Lots of 'public' sex videos are a tease...they are outside yes, but no risk of getting caught. This video is just the fact, they almost get caught on more than 1 occasion.

It ends with a HUGE super messy facial, and Mariah wears it like a champ! You'll have to buy the video if you want to know about the crazy ending!