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Please message me regarding skype show

mk9000 Aug 19

Any chance for a sph vid soon? :)

hey girl...lookin good...remember me for MGF?

RayBud Aug 6

It looks like we share a birthday.

Aviv24 Aug 4

Hey, can we talk about custom in pm?

id love to skype with you. when do you normally do shows. thanks love

Could you please message me about a custom?

chiver09 Jul 22

could you message my about doing a Skype show please.

Hi Charlotte -- apparently I can't message you without being a premium member. Still, I was hoping to communicate with you about a possible custom video. Is there a good venue to discuss that with you?

mk9000 Jul 14

Heya, still hoping for a new sph vid. Already have your other ones :)

i've been more than satisfied with ant of my purchases.

laouli Jul 1

Hi Miss thanks for your works
can you make a video where you open your ass with both hands really wide over and over (not in extrem close up)
and hold your ass open on each spread with lots of gaping pussy plz?

have a good day

Charlotte is incredibly sexy and seductive. Check out her store too, I am so incredibly satisfied with my panty purchase!!

Charlotte made an amazing custom video for me, it was exactaly what I was looking for, well made, well priced, and incredibly erotic.  you can't go wrong with her.

I'm interested in a custom video, can you message me to discuss the details.

richrico Apr 23

can you message me about a custom please!

mk9000 Apr 6

Any chance for a SPH vid soon?

I definitely want to make more SPH soon. :) There is some of it in my femdom content. Here's one I made recently, I'm particularly disgusted by how small you are in this one...

Your membership was 100% worth purchasing. You are AMAZING!!!! <3

Could you message me please? I've got a few questions. Thanks!

rexmac88 Feb 26

You have to stop being so cute hun :P

Would like to know how much it custom video schoolgirl with the glasses and braided pigtails with my name mentioned in it  10 to 15 minutes how much would cost ?  And if you're interested in it.

Hey, I was looking for a custom vid 20-30 minutes and was hoping you could make it for me. Let me know if you're interested =)

Yo 8)

r3arsh Jan 29

Hi charlottehazey, want to do a custom but can't message you. Can you contact me for details? Thanks.

PM regarding custom videos

I'm interested in a custom video. Can you PM me? I tried PMing you and couldn't. Thanks :)

Hey! Like everyone else I am wondering if you would be doing custom vids?

oruonam Jan 2

hi miss i would like to order a custom video. can you PM me to talk about it please ? thks

wropho Dec 20

Hey, where should we send giftcards to? didn't think I should ask on MGF lol

mrtmofo Dec 18

Hi, I love your videos and I'm interested in a custom. Can you message me please? I can also share an email if that's easier. Thanks for your time!

cruzmax671 deleted Nov 27

Custom pics? Msg me pls

Hey i'm interested in a custom could you please Pm so we can chat, thanks!

Review..hmmm...HOT, TEASING, YUMMY, SO FUCKABLE, CUTE SEXY,  and can not wait for more fantasies, should be HOTcharlottehazey 😉

I was wondering if we could set up a skype session?

do you accept requests for customs here?

medevial Sep 12

Could you message me about a custom request? Thanks.

Your videos are one of the best I have seen.  Keep up the great work.

Please do an ass and feet video

Wondering about a custom message me if you get the chance

sexrock32 Aug 20 2016

Just watched your video "This is Why I Love Making Videos!" that was Fan-fucking-tastic!!!!!  And as silly as it sounds, I totally got off on you. So, thank you for making videos and being totally awesome!!

gohabs247 Aug 14 2016

Please Please Please more balloon vids.
Lots of blow to pops and sit to pops of 16" or 17" balloons.  Have them pre-inflated to save time and looks awesome.  :-)

Camino Aug 1 2016

can you message me, wanna discuss a custom

breathestoner Jun 12 2016


jaydubb Jun 7 2016

see, this site is so much better since you can give out snapchat ;) but I ain't mad

rakkkk May 16 2016

Mind msg'ing me Charlotte, might actually have some time today instead of tomorrow.

maltrab May 16 2016


charlottehazey May 16 2016

hey :P

SilverStarXXX May 11 2016

Could you message me for a special request please? :)

rakkkk May 10 2016

Hey Charlotte! Thinking of skyping with ya, but can't message ya through here initially. Any other methods of contact?

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Hey, I'm Charlotte, another college kid trying to let off some steam. I have a ton of videos and love to make more! I'm always taking suggestions and of course I do customs as well. :)

I don't spam on girls' pages, so if I comment, it's because I think they're particularly amazing. (Not that anyone will read this.)

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