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Genters in Australia and their daughter in Vancouver, deceiving the blind males, idiots, assholes, alienates, suckers and muggers around the planet!!!

:) -p- <  In my local BDSM comunity I get task to find two persons (submissive girl and man). Already found girl. Maybe you second person I am looking for? 
:s&m_blowny:  :) :A :x

Thanks for the profile love<3 I really appreciate it! Also, please vote for me in the Spring Break contest:x

Hey bby, I've uploaded some new videos this week, check my profile and I think you'll like what will see! :x

hiii I'm Britney and im just starting out trying to get myself out there so i hearted ur profile n would luv if u left some hearts on mine 💞

Haubgirl Dec 22

Sending kisses from Brazil <3

Thank you for your donation <3

xxSmiley Oct 27

Check your inbox <3

Thank you for stopping by and showing me love! You rock! Use code "Liz2086" for 10% off on store items and videos, including discounted videos already! Enjoy your day, sweetie!

Thanks for the <3, Sir~ Also, you live in the Eiffel Tower, huh? What's sex like up there? :x

Haha nice one ;)

Ty for <3:A:x

You're welcome ;) You deserve it !

<3<3:A:A such a sweetheart!

Thank you Serum!! You rock! ;)

Making my day :A

Bonjour, merci pour l'affection!:P:O<3(Y))

Mylene Jun 18


I'm Mylene, passing by to let you know there is such girl as I am here. ;)
Feel free to take a look at my profile, I have many hot videos there.

By the way, there is a summer MV contest running at the moment, if you'd like to support me, here's the link: ^.^

I also offer some super deals for paid votes exclusively this contest, more details at my pinned twitter post (@Mylene_On_Cam). :bedazzled:

Left your profile a heart.
Have a great Sunday! Kisses! :pop_me:

Thanks for the hearts on my profile, kisses.<3:x

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I was SerumGreenTimE here and on Twitter, but since MFC doesn't accept that much characters, I went from Time to Tim. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




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Challenge accepted !
I never hated Jar Jar personnately... But this HUGE standing still mask frightened me a little periodically. XD Weird fap, but exciting.

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What do you expect ?! It's a WHOLE vid just about MissAlice_94 making her ass delicately jiggle ! How can this go wrong ? :o :D
For the twerk / ass shaking lovers: it's *jiggling* / showing / exhibiting, NOT some kind of intense/violent ass shaking / twerking.
But to me, it will be enough, for entire years. ^^

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The sole fact that there is a "Reverse cowgirl ± POV" in this vid, with the incredible booty of Ashlie_Lotus, should be enough.
But you have to know she's also looking quite innocent, but with her long beautiful blonde hair and tattoos, so she has a really "naughty innocent schoolgirl" style, and that's adding. Everything is in the mix between sweetness and naughtyness, nothing rough or crazy, BUT, if it's not enough for you, having such an exciting body in your sight should be, in itself, quite rough and crazy !

●●●●● Read Review

10 minutes of Ashlie_Lotus: guiding you trough her teasing to make you rock hard, then giving you the rythm and the imaginations...
Having the privilege to be face to face and face to fatass (fat in an incredibly good way)...
She's really sweet but dominant, gracefull but firm, guiding but humiliating, dressed as a Mistress but with the curves and aesthetic of a Goddess.
Long story short: How much for another one ? :) *_*

●●●●● Read Review

The legendary twerk of OhOlivia, with her generous hips and delicate ass, and sticking out her tongue at you like the bad girl / kid she is... Short vid for cheap price, but it's only and only twerk during the whole vid, all of this in HD. If you only had admiration when she was doing it on MyFreeCam, it could easily become an envy of being behind this rear wih this vid !

●●●●● Read Review

It includes this gorgeous young woman and her AMAZING ass, riding in POV in front and rear... Do I have to say more ? Well, she's having her wonderful blonde hair and this really beautiful gentle outfit. She's also holding / spreading her asscheeks from time to time, and spanking them. And it's a HD 1920 x 1080 video...

●●●●● Read Review

- natural and sweet monologue in 1 shot
- surprises (tease before pegging and at lease another one)
- sweet voice, sexy body
- original and racy idea, greatly executed

Only one small detail:
- we see with the shadow, during the anal finger fuck, that there is (of course) nothing in front of it. Didn't bothered me at all for the pegging (too exciting to be bothering anyway, and the hand used a hole was a great idea - really inventive ! I felt I was there... ^^).

●●●●● Read Review

Persephone shows a variety of skills in one great Ass Worship JOI vid, with light SPH:
- her dirty talking (natural, firm, dominant & pleasant, not harsch or agressive)
- ass shaking / twerk (with her great ass in POV)
- the JOI itself, she masters it nicely
- wonderful lingerie and beauty
- she really puts herself into it and ride you actively !
A reaaaaaally good video !!! :D
(Just watch out: she doesn't say "zero" or "come" at the end of the final countdown but it's not a trap like in some other videos where you're supposed to stop or anything, don't worry, you're all free to go ! ^^)

●●●●● Read Review

It's only 2 minutes but having an audiovisual-moment of intimicy with Malunaa is just wonderful, and being able to see her ass in POV and so closely, half in the dark but not too much, is great.
She's cute and delicate but not shy enough to not push back on the dick. That made me diamond. <3
Watch out tho that even if it's a unique piece, it's short and the cam has a hard time on finding the right focus at the beggining.
If you hesitate, wait for one of Malunaa's nice offer on MFC or sale on MV. ;)
It's a short vid but damn, it's a Malunaa Breeze's sextape, with her ass on the front line, and you have the first seat !

●●●●● Read Review

Those vids that really shows well Malunaa's INCREDIBLE ass are always great, and I'll always come back for more !
Malunaa dances a little, stripping delicately but the main part is like in the image preview.
She spreads her asscheeks with one hand most of the time but not always, and she shakes her ass too, making her assole twitching here and there.
The fcukin' machine in doing it's job, making this gorgeous Nymph moan, while being dressed as her beautiful character in a charming ambient.
She has her climax and let us look just a little bit more at her delightful part.
I'm in love.

●●●●● Read Review

Great extract of a looot of the great things you can see here ! It's like having some of the previews from here, PLUS more scenes, and all of them aligned in one sole video, for your viewing pleasure ! And all of that for FREE... Thank you Ros Lebeau ! Like I said: you're spoiling us ! :)

●●●●● Read Review

The only thing I regret with this vid is that the huge strap-on is not automatically delivered at home with it. XD ^^
But about the vid, it's not a "gentle" one like the "18 years old baptem" or the ones like it, it's an upper level of harshness, BUT AJ Jupiter has not abandonnes her sensuality so even if it's relatively rougher, it's still full of tenderness, an excellent mix. I loved it.

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This vid is in HD ! I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be, maybe because it's older than the other ones, but I was happily surprised.
This cosplay gives DaddysLittleGirl an innocent look that really suits her.
She's showing us her ass a lot, stripping in a sensually way, and she gets gradually com-ple-tely naked, showing us her bare ass in full light, even closer, spanking it and grabbing it.

●●●●● Read Review

She's moving slowly, showing us different angles, different positions, insisting on her intense assets, touching herself a little but never stopping the "tour", the "visit of the panorama", a gorgeous panorama.
The "nude with just high heels" was already a wonderful idea, I find it incredibly sexy and racy. And with the oil to highlight every inch of Ros Lebeau... And you really can see her whole beautiful and sexy, hot body during almost all the vid, but she manages to get closer to the cam anyway from time to time, shoing us more closely what she has to show ! A delight, but watch out: not a complete masturbation, more about just "touching" here and there.

●●●●○ Read Review

So much ass, so much cheeks... Too bad the guy is not going harder, but I suppose it was a complete amateur video, not made for the show / future random viewers. It's hot and the price is great, but I wished it lasted longer. :(

●●●●● Read Review

It added to the tension to be teased like that, and it's always a pleasure to get stuffed by Mommy Jupiter. It's a little bit less warm in the dialogue than the one about the 18th birthday (but after all, you're more than 18 now, you're a man !), and it's still hot as hell...

●●●●● Read Review

The legendary Julia Bond stripping, teasing. I regret there is not more ass of her in this vid, but imho there will never be enough of her ass, so it's ok, especially since the price is just incredibly genereous !!! She has a surprise underneath this outfit too...

Boob Massage Apr 4 2017
●●●●● Read Review

Wonderful: HUGE tits, huge nipples... If someday this Lady would do the same kind of video with her ass, there would be a customer !

●●●●● Read Review

RileyZSecret taking it up the ass. Intensely. Raw. Doggystyle. POV. Amateur style. Great. And priodicaly on sale.

●●●●● Read Review

It's so teasing, but humiliating, and it's so good. It's not too long, not too mean but humiliating. And the price is really nice.
I watched it with the strip in parallel, it was so much teasing and arousing.
For SPH lovers, it's a nice one ! But watch out if you're searching for long videos or extreme humiliation.

●●●●● Read Review

A quick but intense strip, and a cheap price for a beautiful attracting girl, with genereous curves ! She gives you the time to enjoy them, caresses herself and, like the title says it, tames a little bit her ass with some spanks.
I watched it with, at the same time, the Small Penis Humiliation video: it was wonderful, being teased in both ways. But it's really hot in itself !

●●●●● Read Review

Why not showing this beautiful ass of yours ? ^^ Too bad, but the rest is soft, tender, "naughty" in a good way, and exciting... and there's even a little bit of humour, just a wink. OhOlivia shows beautiful parts of her, and gives you clear instructions. And dispite her tender aspect, she's in control, but not in a rough way. 5 stars but if we couldn't see your beautiful butt in the other vids, I would just put 4 or 3 stars ! :p

●●●●● Read Review

I just loved it. She really put me in with her big ass going back and forth, even if it's during a really short time. And all the teasing at the beginning is great, that ass is really exciting, so fat and so well put in value on all four... It's a genereous simulation, she offers her ass to you and enjoys it. It's almost a JOI in fact. And the price is a lot more than reasonnable (especially for big ass / anal lovers) !

●●●●● Read Review

DaddysLittleGirl doesn't take off that suit ! BUT it's a wonderful one, ultra-sexy, she really shakes her (absolutely marvelous) ass a lot, giving a breath-taking show, dancing, moving her hips...

●●●●● Read Review

The legendary booty of MissAlice, a butt whatever-close-to-#5 on MyFreeCams, a butt who's a regular VIP on 4chan, and here it is, in a video dedicated to it. Watch out for JOI lovers that it's a silent worship, no JOI/JOE ! But it didn't matter to me, I loved it. I absolutely loved this video and still love it, and got it at a reduced price on MFC when it was about to come, so it was per-fect. I really don't regret to have jumped on the offer. The pants MissAlice has put her ass in value, a lot, she plays with it, putting it under her asscheeks and playing with them, and I won't say too much more, but it's really not cheap on ass views, different angles, HD, taking her time... And you even see her tits, pussy and beautiful face here and there.

●●●●● Read Review

It's a lot shorter than the first pegging vid (with the mom and the 18th birthday), but it goes directly to the point, is more intense, AND you have AJ Jupiter a lot closer to you, you could even smell her perfume. So it's perfect if you like her body/attitude/expressions and maybe, since it's short, you'll want to be a little bit prepared before (I saw another vid before, and it was GREAT). The price is good too.

●●●●● Read Review

It's an EXCELLENT video of Persephone !
I'm really glad someone did such a custom request, it's won-der-ful.
She really puts herself into it, shaking her ass everywhere, all along, and there's so much booty that it invades the screen in such a pleasurable way !
The dirty talking is perfect, I love it, she's sweet but not shy, provocative and obscene in a good way but delicate.
It's short (but the price is a real GIFT ! In fact, now that I know which vid it is, I'd def pay more for it !) but extremely efficient and was very intense for me (oh, and the accent too !). :)
A lot of thanks for this vid Persephone !!! (and for the guy who did the custom request :p)

●●●●● Read Review

BuniBun gorgeous ass on your face, with her mezmerizing voice... What could go wrong ??
I'd like to precise that, as all of the videos I've seen of her, it's really beautiful, beyond the sexiness: beautiful colors, lingerie, make-up, nice lights…
And. Not. To. Mention. The. Big. Large. Plump. Booty. She got. <3 Of course.

●●●●● Read Review

Beth is really devoted and dedicated when she's doing the blowjob, applying herself well, sometimes fastly, sometimes slowly. It's really hot when she's holding it in her mouth and, here and there, wank it quickly.

The tit wank is with the dildo hanging between her wonderful tits and it's hold like this (with the tits themselves), not the long strokes we could imagine, but she's moving fast and it makes them jiggle.
And she's succeeding to lick it at the same time !
She also varies a little bit the rythm when the white stuffs comes, like if you were orgasming and giving your last strokes with some spasms.
When the white stuff comes, she plays a little bit more with it.

I LOVED IT !!!!!!!

●●●●○ Read Review

Before all, I'd just like to thanks MissAlice (& the universe) for giving us such an absolutely wonderful plastic !
Then, sorry to not put 5 ***** but I thought there would be a lot more booty worship / views. :( There are some beautiful views tho, but please be aware that it's not like her "BOOTY WORSHIP" video or "Booty Jiggling" one where it's mainly focused on her derriere, this cosmic monument that could bring peace to anyone, even Attila. Those 4 stars I'm leaving are still well-deserved since it's MissAlice's incredible coroporal aesthetic that comes from a dream anyway !

That said, there are a lof titties, & the masturbation at the end is wild and HOT. But if you want a long one where she takes her time or really jump and hop on a dildo, it's not the right video tho. But it's the kind of fap where she could bite her own lip. :)

●●●●● Read Review

Really nice for me !
She's really into it when sh's taking you with her strap-on, litteraly making love to you (and your anus).
Really gives herself when she masturbates to make herself cum.
Constant reminder, direct or indirect, of how small you are.
Extremely exciting. I had to stop at the doggystyle POV, the first time, and the second time... It was just too good and beautiful.
Don't regret to have taken this video.

●●●●● Read Review

Per-fect, per-fect, per-fect...
AWESOME booty (and tan lines ;) ), sensual dance, great tease !
A lot of thanks for the free vid !!! :D

Ass Clap Dec 31
●●●●● Read Review

It wouldn't be the same video without the dirty talk (the JOI, she even calls you daddy <3)... There is dirty talk, so enjoy ! It's a GREAT vid ! :)
And more than affordable...

●●●●● Read Review

This is suuuuch a genereous vid... Bunibun's butt is wonderful, but her "dirty" talk and her cuteness are so good that they dominate the magnificence of her derriere.
The JOI are really good, teasing you a lot but not abusing of you. She does a certain amount of things to excite you.
If you like a bit of anal and/or imagining a lot of anal, it's even better. You'll see why by watching it.
Thank you for such a vid BuniBun !!! :) ;)

●●●●● Read Review

Really good, it's not too humiliating, not too despising, and you can see some tits (and HUGE ones :) ). The measuring tape allows a realistic comparison, like if you were here.

●●●●● Read Review

She shows her ass like in the image preview, a bit close, then far, then go on her knees and opens her mouth, talking about you cumming on her tongue. No countdown or simulation, but it gives you the time to do it casually by yourself !...
Simple idea but devoted, and so intense and juicy ! This ass is just so perfect, and the lovers of "ass spreading" will know happiness. =)

●●●●● Read Review

I think I've rarely (never ?) seen a girl (with a dick) offering her ass so well, and it's such a big one... Arched, opened... The angle really makes it even rounder.
The only thing I regret is that with this angle, even if it's absolutely perfect for the ass, we don't see a lot Ashlee's cute cock hanging and bouncing in rythm, almost never.
Fortunately there are two others practises:
- 1 where the guys eats her rear (and here we really see her dick hanging... but not bouncing since they're not fucking x) too bad !).
- And a last one where this beautiful blonde eats his dick like if it was her everyday duty. :)
Really nice video ! The guy goes slow at the beggining (this kind of flower deserves attention... ^^) but he speeds up after !

●●●●● Read Review

The virgin killer is great, adding to the general sexyness.
I'm in love. *_* I can't do anything else than repeating what has already been said before: WONDERFUL. ASS.
And the 60 frame/second is AMAZING, it gave me extremely sweet views while slowing it down witch Quicktime. :#

●●●●● Read Review

33% it's Persephone singing and dancing, so you're warned. ;p But it's full of energy and fun.

And you also have some serious moments never released before so it's really good (I WANT THAT WITCH VIDEO !! :( ).

Of course you have a lot of natural views of her, her body, her face... her monumental ass...

PS: That timing with the custom double didldos video just KILLED me. XD

●●●●● Read Review

Perfect lingerie, amazing lighting, perfect hips and ass, the beautiful Malunaa laying on her side masturbating with her hand in her pants and then taking it off with her so desirable behind towards us... Then she masturbates on all fours, half on the side, half ass towards us, so we can see her body but still have an incredible view of her butt, her perfect boobs hanging, looking back so we can see her pretty face and her moanings. Climax, then she sensually shows us just a little bit more of her, and then looking in the camera with a hot sensual gaze thats interrogates you: "Shall we continue ?".
I like clover patches. :)

●●●●● Read Review

I don't know why but I have the impression that OhOlivia's twerking is even better than usual in this vid !
It's a juicy bum and the fat is in all the right places. Oil enhancing the view ? Enhancing all the different variations of the fat of her plump asscheeks while she's agitating them ? But I also thinks she allows herself (and ourselves) more movements.
And it's not expensive. :)

●●●●● Read Review

The vid begins with the image preview you can see up there, but after that it's mainly Godess Dina's ass in close-up, like if you were on your knees.
You can't see her face or her entire body a lot, but her ass is wonderful so it's ok.
She does a LOT of dirty talking, there are no awkward silences, even if the mic does not give justice to Dina's sensual voice.
There's even a little bit (just a little) of dirty talking about facesitting after the countdown, a bonus.
Price is nice.

pov anal in HD Apr 4 2017
●●●○○ Read Review

IF you're warned, this would deserve 1 more star: the guy is failing to put his dick in during a big part of those 4:21 min ( at least, this testfies of the incredible tightness of her incredible ass !), and when he does, the view becomes really shaky. At a lower price, it would deserve 1 or 2 more stars. Beyond that, Riley is so beautiful, her ass is just perfect, especially in POV, and she looks so cute with those clothes and this little fairy tattoo. And the guy doesn't go flabbily on her. She gave me a -50% coupon sale so I'm leaving 3 stars instead of 2, but you ppl should be aware, it could be a disappointment otherwise, and her other vids are great !

●●●●● Read Review

Amateur style but the camera is not shaky (but it tends to be a bit too close - after all, it's an amateur sextape, taken quckly) or giving wrong angles (we still have a bit of this beautiful generous ass in POV), we have the beautiful RoseKissesx with her GORGEOUS curves, and they're really into it, not for the attention, not for the performance, but for their pleasure, the action is there, more in the sensuality than the hardcore, but it doesn't mean they're soft or leazy. The only thing I could say: more, please !!!

●●●●● Read Review

This vid is gonna disappear sooo I'm just reviewing so you and I can have reward points. :p (if in the end you keep it I'll write a real one ;) )

●●●●● Read Review

This vid is gonna disappear sooo I'm just reviewing so you and I can have reward points. :p (if in the end you keep it I'll write a real one ;) )

●●●●● Read Review

This vid is gonna disappear sooo I'm just reviewing so you and I can have reward points. :p (if in the end you keep it I'll write a real one ;) )

●●●●● Read Review

This vid is gonna disappear sooo I'm just reviewing so you and I can have reward points. :p (if in the end you keep it I'll write a real one ;) )

●●●●● Read Review

5 stars for a first time, but 4 for next times.
In fact, it's more a: "Let's cum together instructions" than a classic JOI, and I find it nice. The outfit is of course gorgeous, but too bad we don't see more teasing (but there is another maid video so...). Well, we don't see a lot DaddysLittleGirl's ass (an 8th wonder of the world ^^), but we see a lot of her face, talking to you, being horny and "naughty" in a charming way. Not a lot of roleplay nor instructions buuut it's more about a parallel jerking off, without the possibility to cum before her, but the incredible sexyness of that girl is enough in itself, but watch out if you're really a fan of instructions. I came. Like hell. Buuuut I don't think I will see this specific video as much as the other ones from that sweet model, but I'll see. But it was awesome and I don't regret ordering this vid !