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that awkward moment when you walk through a metal detector and your abs of steel set it off.

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Hey what kind of custom?

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Take away 2 from 3, that leaves me! :P




1991-03-06 (27)






Black / Ebony


American United States

Lives in

The U.S. of A.


English Spanish French - A little.



Hair Color


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6'0" or 183 cm


180 lbs

Body Type

About Average



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She is unbelievably sexy!!! o_0 Best ass of the year 2016, loved the music too! ((d[-_-]b)) <3

CrazyBella Mar 28 2016

hey im not the only one with good taste of music!!! i check your myfreecams profile!

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N*gg3r dick between big white tits = Perfect!, i a huge fan of her raceplay stuff aswell, i had a skype with her many months back from MFC and she was AMAZING! so if your into that sort of thing i highly recommend her! <3

Arikajira Mar 29 2016


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WOW!!! what an amazing FREE video, what must her paid videos be like ^0^ I think come pay day i will be finding out, 100% recommend guys & girls, Such a talent and a sexy lil minx ^-^ <3 xxx

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Glad i did buy this video but i was not going 2, even though the title says race play no where does it say if the N word is used, i tried to get intouch with her but she did not reply, Anyway i can confirm to guys that are thinking the same as me, she does use the N word and shes freaking hot doing it! <3

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Amazing vid, if you love Proper racial play you should definitely buy this!

jeni4wyld deleted Mar 17 2016

Mmmmm... So glad you enjoyed the naughtiness oozing out of me!!!

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a sexy white woman saying the N word in a sexual way, Perfect!! ")

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Boobarific!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno if that's a word so if its not its now copyrighted to Charliexox lol <3

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I LOVED the eye contact in this video, and of course i LOVED you throwing the N word around, There's just nothing hotter than a sexy white girl using the N word in a sexual way :P <3 xxx

Legging tease Apr 12 2016
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Sweet Jeebus! PAWG!!! incredibly sexy woman, Great lil teaser video <3 ^-^

Ass hole play Mar 30 2016
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Pretty hot!?!? (-‸ლ) ... AndrewCW did you watch it? I thought it was f*cking amazing!!!! and her ass is insane!!!!!!!! every nigga's dream (^_-) <3 xxx

juiicybuns Mar 30 2016

Thank you

SadieheartsLiam deleted Mar 25 2016

Thank you :):)

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I only recently come across Epiphany666cb " not literally" lol a few days ago and im so glad i did, She is fast becoming one of my favourites! amazing video!!!, she fully deserves all the votes she can get, Thank you for the video baby girl you got my votes, Such a talent! <3 xxx

Epiphany666cb Apr 24 2016

Wow I am so flattered!! :) thank you for your lovely feedback :A I am so touched you enjoy my naughty so much :x:x

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I have no words.....Just WOW!...BUY IT, don't think about it just BUY IT <3 xxx

Steph_Leen Apr 21 2016

yay :)

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Epic build!, i bet its like a rocket, thanks for the share baby girl <3 xxx

Free Teaser Apr 2 2016
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I think i am in love! <3 the curves on this woman are incredible!!! (^0^)

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sexy white girl on a bbc is always going to be good :P <3 xxx

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Such a sexy woman!!! love the music too :P x

Pov Raceplay Mar 20 2016
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jeni4wyld makes the BEST raceplay videos on Manyvids, Another 5/5 from me, highly recommended!

jeni4wyld deleted Mar 20 2016

Love pleasing you!!!

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SUPER hot, sexy video, LOVE the use of the N word, love the direction on the video, A MUST to add to your collection.

jeni4wyld deleted Mar 19 2016

You are so kind my favorite um you know!!! Xo

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I know it was a custom request but if this vid did not have the Domination/humiliation/degrading and was more just like "fuck me Ni@*er, i want your big Ni@*er cock, i wanna drain your N@*er balls" blah blah blah then it would be the best video on the site without question!

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Shes done it once again! Race play at its best, Also i think i'm right in saying this would be her first racial play including anal :O I really liked the blackmail fantasy to! You always get top performance form Jeniwyld.
HIGHLY recommend guys!

Jeniwyld deleted Jan 16 2017

Thanks sweetie!!!

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I <3 a sexy white woman using the N word in a sexual way and this video has go to be one of the best racial play videos on MV, my recommendation does not get much higher than that!, this video is art :P xxx

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A sexy PAWG using the N word is always going to be hot! I really liked the impregnation fantasy.<3 xxx

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I will tell you how much i like white pussy, I LOVE WHITE PUSSY lol <3 another great racial play vid, if you said the words "fuck me n**ger" in this vid it would of been easily the best racial play vid on the site ^0^ ^-^ lol xxx

Steph_Leen Apr 21 2016

thanks love xoxox

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Ok this vid is f**king hot! ^0^ if you guys are into racial play this is a MUST buy <3 xxx

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What a sexy PAWG! such a tease, I love it <3 xxx

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^0^ Your nipples do look like Swedish Berries! lol <3 xxx

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OMG....I have no words, just WOW!!! <3

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HAHA! im not going to say anything, i don't want to ruin it for the others lol <3

louloupetite Apr 1 2016

hahahaha thank you babe, just thoughts its a bit of fun ;) xxxxxxxxxx

Bunny Hop Mar 29 2016
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Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world!... i know... im lame lol but really her ass is amazing!!! great tease video and its FREE! so be grateful fellow members ") lol

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Hot video! she's incredibly sexy, love her accent, Great cum shot, for a free vid its 5/5 <3

LinaFucks deleted Mar 27 2016

Thank you very much! You should try other videos, they are longer :)

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Thats alot of Nigga Nut! (*_*) lol... extremely fu*king hot video!!!! (^_-) <3

Twerky Tease Mar 27 2016
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booty booty rockin everywhere! (^_-)

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Sexy white girl + Nigga dick = Perfect ") <3