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carmencalle deleted Jul 28

How about instead of whining about prices, just support the girls and jack off? It's amazing, it's almost like this is a porn site and that's the basis of what's to be done on here. 
In no other industry is the consumer allowed to go up to the artist and say "ur too expensive, why?" Well, people can, but those people are considered massive assholes. 
If you'd like to see my reply, and educate yourself on the inner workings of this very complicated industry, I suggest you do. It's amazing what actually speaking to someone, and putting yourself in their shoes, can do for empathy and cognitive awareness, you should try it sometime. It's a lot better than mindlessly walking this earth, your dick in hand and budget in set.

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Why are my videos so expensive? To ward off lil nit picking jerks like you who think it's acceptable to question how someone makes their living, when you do nothing to support their work or life.
Have fun in Camelot lmao u clearly are still living in the dark ages. Perhaps someone on here will allow you to trade a pig for one of their videos. xoxo

merl1n Aug 2

To add context to this. My comment on your wall was: 
I love your previews but the prices are extremely high. Is there a reason?

I have nothing but love for your art and your work. I just questioned the price of nearly every video being over $100.

carmencalle deleted Aug 20

If you really had such an issue with the prices of my videos, you could've messaged me. Or if you were curious, you could've bought one and seen for yourself. I don't have to be like every other girl on here. I'm allowed to be different and do my own thing, I don't have to compete with anyone or feel obligated to price myself at any $$ amount I'm not comfortable with.
I don't force people to buy my videos, I don't even ask people to. your comment opened up a door to people thinking it's acceptable to just say whatever they wish to me. (Check my last few comments if u don't believe me) But I'm just a crazy chick on the internet blah blah idc anymore lol were all gonna die anyways I'm really not that important in the spectrum of things so yeah idk why people love trying to bring me down when I'm just sitting here watching forensic files and doing face masks lol

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