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My computer CRASHED! I apologize for disappearing! I will be back as soon as it is fixed!!

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Hey I'd love to have a Skype show with you

Hey I'd love to have a Skype show with you

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

Meime96 Aug 27

please shave yourself

Cant wait till I get my next month's porn budget, I'll def be buying your membership.

I'm sorry for the bother, I'm going to apologize in advance, I know how buggy guys can be trying to slide into DMs to get some from a girl they just think is "hot". But for some reason you actually caught my eye and I felt like, I had to TRY to talk to you? I am 6 foot 7, fit, I use to date an Amatuer porn star: Dani Darko, and many, many, more models and I have always been told I was the best they have ever had. Again I apologize if I seem like "that guy" Dming you out of nowhere. You are just so gorgeous that if I didn't even TRY to talk to you I would feel like a coward. I am heavily interested in a custom video with obviously there being compensation for your time. I currently live in St. George, UT you're in Las Vegas right? PM me ASAP sexy.

How often do you text?

Would love to see more vids of you wearing those grey sweatpants ;)

hey big fan. you still get on MFC?

gerpr58 Apr 7

Love ur work. You look so happy when u pee. I must say u r seriously the sexiest woman I have ever seen and that is not an exaggeration.

Soon as I get paid Friday, I'm buying your wet panties with video!

yelltam Mar 28

not a fan of piss but you're pretty :D

birdoprey3 deleted Feb 16

Gotta say I'm not a piss fan but I love how bad you are ruining all those floors and tables and chairs ;)

Heheheh!! I wasn't either when I first started.. But I do really get off on all of the naughty pees that I get to do, in public and ones like you brought up! Just the rush of being naughty really gets me too!

By any chance do you have a second part of the video where you answer the door topless for the room service girl? When she came back the second time. How did it go down after she came back? I love it when girls flash other girls. So sexy. :)

edijux Dec 2

Please make some video in velour hoodie or tracksuit! I want buy!

What kind of video? Just wearing the item? I am not sure exactly what a velour hoodie is? Haha sorry I am kind of lost :]

edijux Dec 2

If possible sex video or blowjob! Write in and find what is it! :)

Sorry I do not currently have a male companion or stunt cock to film any bg videos with!

edijux Dec 3

Okay! Maybe when you have male you can film?

I like your hotel peeing stuff very much. mostly when you pee at carpets or soak some padded chairs.
I bought the last time at c4s where you walked through the hallways peeing with yoga shorts. I think it´s easier for girls peeing with skirts on and no panties. maybe you try that once. you can walk around and do a naughty marking tour.
when you´re finished you could use curtains for wiping that wet pussy too.
enjoy your next trips! fred

Oh what a great idea with the skirt minus the panties! I don't know how that idea never crossed my mind!! I will definitely try that!! xo

beautiful lady


babygirl2387 deleted May 1 2016

Your videos are awesome girl. Just leaving your page some love <3

capo81 Mar 5 2016

i want to buy ALL pee vids, where i can find entire collection? here or clips4sale?

CandieCane Jun 13 2016

Clips4sale has my entire collection at the moment. :)

Neto37 Nov 10 2015

Great vid!! Thanks!

Hi! I can't send you a PM at the moment but yeah as far as the video goes (using the Hitachi wand in the standing position) I would like for you to hold it while facing the camera. Thanks! :)

tinyhighelf Nov 4 2015

hello~ left you all the hearts i could! would love if you could do the same. have a wonderful day!

Roxielynn deleted Oct 28 2015

Left hearts

deleted_4ever deleted Oct 24 2015

HI hun :) I left u some hearts, please return me back some love too xo xo

modt20 deleted Sep 20 2015

When are you gonna spring another squirting video on us? ;)

CandieCane Oct 16 2015

Thanks for the idea sweety! I will get on it! :) xo

amateursbest Sep 19 2015

Hey ist yoursecretgram,

i run a 200K Instagram page. Maybe you are interested to gain more followers/customers? I will post pics from you on my page (underwear / bikini etc.) Interested? Msg me.


Changoloks42 deleted Aug 24 2015

Hello Darling!! :) I was Wondering if you Would be interested in selling me a special naughty video request ? Let Me know if you'd be whiling to do it ;) hope to hear from you soon Thank You!!

Brenda_IceMFC Aug 22 2015

Hi! I left you some hearts :)

Sinderella deleted Aug 11 2015

Left alot of hearts :)

Vivian Sweets Jul 30 2015

Left you some love!

Creative_ape Apr 9 2015

Great way to fill up my collection of super sweet candie vids :)) welcome to manyvids

coltschaos Apr 4 2015

I hearted you. You are so beautiful

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Sexy toned blonde with big boobies! I lift weights five days a week and cam two days a week on MFC. I also run two other businesses! I have a degree in marketing and advertising, & chose to remain in the adult industry. I thoroughly enjoy it (= I'm into peeing and love to try out new ideas and fetishes! I offer many things not listed on my MV profile, so shoot me a message with questions, thoughts, requests, ideas, customs, or purchase/booking inquiries!


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