Cattie Oct 12 2015

Hi, I'm Cattie(: I left you a heart and would greatly appreciate if you could leave some love on my page. Also you should check out my contest! Videos are by 3, get 1 free for the month of October ONLY! Hope your week's off to a great start! ~xoxo~

AlluringAli25 Oct 12 2015

Hi! Just dropping by to give you a heart! Hope you get the chance to check out my videos as well as my monthly contest! Kisses!

CrazyBella Sep 14 2015

Hi JayP ! (>‿◉) ✌ I'm pretty new here, i have less than a moth, I just stopping by to give you some love, Hope you get the chance to check out my profile, Videos & Monthly Contest! Maybe even leave some ❤️❤️❤️ too,that would be amazing.Kisses

Hello, My 5th Contest has Started. It takes only 5 days this time. However there always still a 3 Month Membership to win. I can already tell you that I will reward SEVERAL winners. You can read the winners of the 4th Contest in the "About Me".

Jade Starr Jul 16 2015

Hi Jay! Good to see you on here as well!!!

JayP_pdx Jul 16 2015

I have to make sure you are OK. Don't know what I will do when you decide to hang up the stilettos.

LaylaCherrie Jun 8 2015

Hey there! I'm just popping by to show your profile some love. If you could check mine out, and maybe even share some hearts, I'd really appreciate it xx

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I am in my 40s, tired and frustrated with my home life. Due to injury I am rehabbing my pelvis and my boy muscles. Unfortunately my spouse does not understand. I was quite the wild child 10+ years ago. My female partner in crime at the time said I would be bored by now; and I am. Her words: lack of multiple partners, toy play, etc; would have me crawling back. Former young bulls that used to swap, loved threesomes and moresomes, attend lifestyle clubs, etc. Let us explore.

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