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Very kinky vid. Many have done similar types but Mia's special sauce that is used liberally throughout the vid makes a big, positive difference for that extra kink. Unexpected ending is a bonus too

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Fetish humiliation play afficionados will like it...Aiko fans who like hearing her talk will love it

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Truly a fetish queen. So many fetishes in one vid :P

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Its more than wet....its dripping wet. Awesome vid as always

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These two are always so naturally horny with each other that their collaborations sizzle on the screen. 4.5 of 5. More passing of cum between their mouths would make it perfect

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A must have for Star Wars fetish fans and massive squirt fans. The Sith definitely win this round...

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I can't decide which tasty treat I want to eat more. Another classic from the fetish queen :D

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Very effective use of a fuck machine that delivers as title promises

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Another great cosplay cum show. Gotta admire the attention to detail where the carpets match the drapes (and eyebrows) and even the toy is color coordinated :D Hoping for a part 2

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A Star Wars porn fan's dream come true. Gotta love how the saber throbs and hums as Lacey rubs against it

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Cosplay perfect and hot performance. Loved seeing Lacey soak her white tights. A similar, wet finish to end is on my wishlist (part 2 perhaps?). More cosplay kink pls in future

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Definitely delivers what is promised. Love the moans and the clear sounds of wetness as Lacey plays with herself. You can see the puddle building as she goes for it more and more. A different color of couch or a sheet to stain would have made it even better

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Got to luv a girl that likes to taste her own creaminess not only once but twice. Very sensual vid

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Really hot cum eating. Would have been an even better with some dirty talking and with reverse cow girl and doggie anal

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Was my partners first actual video so our second video will have more to offer;)

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Another awesome vid from Cattie. Heat turned up when she uses her wrist (looking forward to more of that in future).

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Gold medal winner for the sexual capability olympics

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Original, kinky story line. You know its good when some fisting (should be added in category) is needed to get ready for it!

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Delivers all that is promised. Can't wait to see more action from this toy

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Perfect execution of a custom vid. Always delivers 200%

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Professionally edited with authentic amateur feel. Hot dirty talk throughout. Everything I asked for

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As good as it gets for a public vid...several location changes and as daring as it can get

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As real as it gets. Camshow recording made it even more daring

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This video just calls for a second part to be made ;)

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There's nothing hotter than seeing a pretty girl go all out in abandon with some very creamy evidence :)

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Naughty and daring and squirting all in one vid. Only thing that would have made it better is getting nearly caught :p

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If you like seeing Aiko dominated (like I do) then this vid is for you

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Two hot fisters for the price of one...need I say more

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The chemistry between the two is undeniable. They're into it and the viewer will be too

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Always a great to have a free vid of a sexy lady ;)

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No joke that that is a serious soaking :D

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Always super sexy even without any words or dirty talk (would have been ever better with). Bit of creamy squirt at end (and the cute giggle that goes with it) is a nice welcome surprise

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They both do their jobs well: making and consuming cream

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Only thing that would have made this even better is a squirt at end. Still 5 star performance

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Delivers as promised.Would have loved to see Mina completely stripped at some point but still a very hot vid