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As always ended up way better than I expected. Makes you feel like a real voyeur

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These two are always so naturally horny with each other that their collaborations sizzle on the screen. 4.5 of 5. More passing of cum between their mouths would make it perfect

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Very effective use of a fuck machine that delivers as title promises

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Another great cosplay cum show. Gotta admire the attention to detail where the carpets match the drapes (and eyebrows) and even the toy is color coordinated :D Hoping for a part 2

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A Star Wars porn fan's dream come true. Gotta love how the saber throbs and hums as Lacey rubs against it

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Was my partners first actual video so our second video will have more to offer;)

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Original, kinky story line. You know its good when some fisting (should be added in category) is needed to get ready for it!

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Perfect execution of a custom vid. Always delivers 200%

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