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lana rain

Lana Rain

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NYCUnited States Joined April 2015

Love U!!!

Your cosplays are super beautiful <3 I LOVE YOU!

I love your look so much! Awesome videos!!! <3<3

Ur cosplay is fantastic <3

ayumix01 May 13

You are so amazing! I love your style!!! <3 Great work!!

You are so sexy!! I love your cosplays bb ;-)

Hello! Awesome cosplay! I really like you!

You have an amazing store!

So is there a personal reason you never do do videos with another person? B/G or G/G? or is it just disinterest ? i wouldnt mind being in a g/g video with you. i think it would be fun


Congratulations, you're the best

congrats on being the only model with two mv awards, lana!

You are amazing! And so hot. lol I look up to you . Im sure you hear that often now. <3

Hey :) You have a lovely many vids profile. You are pretty and sweet. You rock! XOXO <3 :)

You are an amazing lady with a great Many Vids profile :) XOXO

You are my sensei ^.^

PrincessTee deleted Apr 15

Hey brilliant profile hun much love from the UK xxx

Thanks for making more content

Hey Lana! You are creative, fun, beautiful, inspiring and bad ass/amazing in general. :) XOXO Jasmine 420


You're quite sexy. I hope to find a gf just like you.

but you can't

EtherWei Apr 10

Followed you everywhere from Youtube, webcam to Manyvids! Best Cosplayer and sexiest girl ever seen! Love u!


Your content is absolutely stunning <3 I also left a heart on the Matoi photo! YAY KILL LA KILL!

Girl your beautiful, talented and intelligent <3 on fire

what about you?

Hi, I'd just like to say that you've got guys for uploading what you do. Really, I'm both enthralled, frustrated and amazed to see the videos you post. I've been following your YouTube videos for some time and you're amazing, to have the stamina and strength to show that you can just be comepletely fearless even on camera, that is perfect. :)

why you frustrated?


Delta3 Apr 5

So you're a youtuber, a cosplayer, and a webcam girl. Cool, but aren't you a little afraid that some of your younger fans might get a hold of your more mature content?

How is that my responsibility? Am I their parent? Do I have to control myself and choose to not be one of those things because of other people's responsibility? Kids don't get a hold of mature content one way or another at a very young age anyway? When they see my content at a young age, is there a psychology paper done by PhD psychologists that prove there's a negative effect for kids to find display of sexual liberation from someone that they clearly see is doing great in other areas too?

So your question, before it can be asked, can only be proposed when those issues are addressed. Otherwise your question roots itself from ancient social constructs and philosophy.

love you!

best titties in the buis-a-nesss

Mjc5436 Mar 28

I'm new here and saw your YouTube for Nier and I have to say you are a cute 2B

With all the avenues of social media that you've chosen, it lends a complete story. It's exciting, interesting, and unique. Great work and I look forward to watching your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

And the public flashing vids are the best. Just my preference. More if you can!

You are perfect!

Youre so beautiful and gorgeous<3<3<3

Left hearts all over your profile, feel free to do the same😚

EtherWei Mar 25

Sluttiest girl I ever seen, love u

53906799 Mar 24

Hi, Lana, I and my friends are your fans, we are Chinese, in our country, whether in WeChat, weibo, appeared on tieba all don't know how many times your name, we Chinese fans are kindly call you "little sister" we love you very much, your appearance, tone and the video you recorded.On behalf of my friends to send our most sincere best wishes to you.Looking forward to you can introduce more nice video.My English is not very good, all the words is to use online dictionary to translate, if reading is not smooth, please understand, thank you.You will always be our favorite Lana rain

I used to get mad that my bf watched your videos. Now the tables turned and i cant stop. Youre amazing lana !!!

KazBxxx Mar 21

Absolutely Stunning!***:A xx

Rjt889 Mar 21

By far the best videos ever, the sexiest girl alive lana rain

meow hi !!

love u lana you're fuckin amazing. the nier automata bj is so good

I love your original vids hun! Kisses to you xxx

KittyJulie deleted Mar 14

You are gorgeous!

I would love to see BBC vids

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Hello, I'm Lana.

I'm 21, I moved to NYC when I was 18 to live by myself and I'm currently residing in Brooklyn. My favorite things are cosplaying, anime, pretty food, rilakkuma, cute girls and exhibitionism.

Nice to meet you!


Webcam Model


1995-11-02 (21)






White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in






Hair Color


Eye Color


Breast Size

Silicon 40C 300cc


5'2" or 157 cm


100 lbs

Body Type