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I once got head in a McDonald's parking lot while I was eating my McFlurry. Ppl honked and cheered It was so fuckin Good!!!

Hardworking man with a PUSSY addiction...my debit card is my crack pipe.


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OMFG Tayler is so Fuckin sexxxy!!!..... With a absolute “perfect” pregnant frame. Perfect round belly,and the most amazing MILF bush I’ve ever seen! Love the close up view! So much I pressed my lips on my screen,closed my eyes and imagined her sitting on my face. And tasting the sweet juices while she’s cumming in my mouth. I know I know.....hey a man can dream can’t he? Tayler is a pregnant Goddess. Trust me,another MUST SEE TT Classic

Thisis a great review! Thank you so much!

Massive Gain May 3 2016
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After a long hiatus..... Goddess finally makes her much anticipated return. She shows us her body is still "flawless". But she's gained a whole 20 lbs??? Her new curves look absolutely Amazing! Even with the extra weight,she's still PERFECT. A "MUST HAVE" vid for your collection.


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Kerri looks amazing in her dress!!! An incredibly beautiful, petite Goddess. Stroking her Big Dick in excitement....til she explodes like a volcano!! This is “MUST SEE”!!!!

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So beautiful Kerri!!!.... I would do any and everything in my power to make sure this Goddess lived a “stress free” life.

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Now that’s one hell of a summer!!!! So much variety!...... Literally something for every fetish. You like showers she’s got it! You want hairy pussy “MY FAVORITE” she’s got it!! You want schoolgirl she’s got it! And even hospital patient porn. She’s got it! As usual one of the sexxxiest women on MV never disappoints her fans. There’s always a new MUST SEE!!!

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OMFG!!!!!!!!......... This ass is Amazing! So Big,so juicy,so perfectly round,so hairy!!!! The view is so up close, so HD you can literally count the hairs! So Fuckin sexxxy!!!! I almost licked my screen! Wishing I could taste the sweet juices from that perfect peach. Ass so plump the thong literally disappears!! My new favorite! Guys I’m telling you this vid is “MUST SEE”!!!! I’d do anything to have this Goddess sit on my face.

Oh thank you! It means so much to me that you loved it!

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The most PERFECT pair of ( . )( . )’s you’ll ever see. A ass that’s got its own zip code. And the most beautiful eyes that’ll make a grown man weak. Fucking a BBC til she’s creamy. A “MUST SEE”!! My first of I’m sure many to follow....... Willow you are amazing.

AWWWW Jahmon my man thank you so much words can't express how happy I am that you not only liked it but took the time to express how much in this review. Thank you so so much <3

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No surprise I didn’t make it to the end. Tried my best to hold back,seeing Elvira’s tight hairy kitty purring.... Couldn’t help myself. Goddess Zombie does it again. Another Classic!!

Thank you so much! xoxox

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Sexxxiest clip EVER!!!!!........ Tayler! OMFG Where do I start?!! You look Incredible! Love the way the hose hugs your hips and accentuates that perfect ass of yours. So Fuckin Sexxxy! As usual I had to pace myself to make it to the end. Had to take my hands off the wheel more than a few times lmao... When you took off your bra to show off those amazing ( . )( . )'s I knew I was in trouble, but when you turned around and pulled down your hose I lost it!....... Literally. Thankfully it was at the end. So I won't be fined for premature ejaculation. Whew,just made it! Fellas I'll tell you again. " Sexxxiest clip EVER"!!!!!... At least until Ms Tayler makes another clip. One final word WOW.

The hose look great on me, don't they? Glad you enjoyed!

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Nothing sexier to me than a woman in her "Au naturel" state. I love hairy women,and Zombie does not disappoint. An up close view of this hairy goddess and her voluptuous curves. Love everything about this vid! Hope it becomes a hairy series....

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Princess you look amazing in every pair..... and have the textbook* definition of a "PERFECT" ass!!! A flawless all natural beauty from her hair all the way to her toes. Giving us a up close as well as a distant view of each one. I MUST own a pair! Sending you a message right now.

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The single most "PERFECT" ass I've ever seen!..... On the single most beautiful woman I've ever seen!! Twerkin in "PERFECT" rhythm to the beat!!! Tried my best to make it all the way to the end,but Dat "ASS" is outta this world! Talk about skillz! I can watch you twerk forever..... The very first,of I'm sure hundreds to (cum) for me. An instant CLASSIC!!! Thank you Goddess.

Kristie Bish Aug 18 2017

You should get my ass worship package! 10+ ass vids! If you tip for it today, you can get it for $50

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"PERFECT" pair of ( . )( . )'s , a "PERFECT" ass and she's beautiful!!! What a tease! Waiting....... til the 25th is torture. But I'm sure well worth the wait. I'm excited to see what Goddess Eli has in store for us! Little Jay and Eli two of the Sexxxiest all natural women you will ever see!!

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And the award for "able to still look incredibly beautiful while giving a Bj"!!! goes to.......... Short and sweet,and almost a deepthroat. Next time I'm sure.

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One of the Sexxxiest women I've ever seen!!!...... From her Big Perfect ( . )( . )'s to her PAWG ass. Seeing the water run down her amazing curves. Needless to say I'm officially hooked! Worth every penny,loved every second!!

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Love the concept!! Lmao...cause I had a similar experience. Couple years ago gf was addicted to candy crush. As was the rest of the world. Only difference she dropped the phone after the first stroke!... Honey looks amazing. From her PERFECT tits to her PERFECT ass bouncing off the Dick! Sexxxiest game nerd I've ever seen!!! My first of I'm sure many many more,in my Honey collection. An absolute Goddess. She'll have you cumming back for more guaranteed!

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Layla getting pounded doggy,then filled with cum!! What more could you ask for?

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One of the Sexxxiest women alive!!!! Fingering herself with latex. Yes please. Wish I could please this Goddess with my tool....that I cover with latex.

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OMFG Tayler!!!!...... Twerkin skills getting better and better! Looking amazing as usual,another "MUST HAVE" Tayler Texas classic! I pride myself on having great stamina. I damn near lost it half way thru the vid when she twerked her cheeks left to right. Right to left,PERFECTLY on beat!!! Ri(DICK)ulous. So Fuckin Sexxxy! I'm lovin these! Please keep em cummin....

You're too sweet! Thank you!

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Note to self* NEVER EVER EVER cancel anniversary plans with any "Tayler". Wow!!! This vid gave me all the feels.... I was sad and heartbroken but rock (((HARD))) all at the same time!!! Ha! Nobody and I mean NOBODY is better at storytelling than Tayler! Another classic and OMFG what a body!....... This being the beginning of my Goddess Tayler Texas addiction. I fear where this will lead me. Hopefully I won't OD anytime soon.

So glad you've enjoyed!

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"Not bad"???!......It was DAMN GOOD!!!! Nothing like a sexxxy ass twerkin "on beat"! Which is a skill that not all women can do. Tayler does an amazing job for her first time. Of course you know only practice makes PERFECT. I hope to see more of these from the multitalented "All natural Goddess" in the future.

You're too much! So glad you enjoyed! Thank you!

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First off Little Jay is the epitome of a "All Natural Goddess"!!! A flawless beauty literally from her hair all the way to her toes. So persistent,determined not give up.... She finally gets the Big Bad Dragon in,and when she does the expression on her face is a sight to see!! The fact that this is a free vid shows just what kind of person she is. Giving us such an Amazing treat! So after you view this "MUST SEE" vid (OMFG) how can she be so sexxxy,and so tiny and so sweet but take such a Huge monster?!!! Pick your jaw up off the floor,clean up your own Big Bad Dragon's mess. And go buy at least 2 of her vids that are for sale. I know that's what I'm gonna do!

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OMFG!!!!...... as I LOL I realize that I use that term a lot! But when I do it's because it's always the very first thought in my head after I watch a new "Goddess" Melissa vid! It's the ONLY response I can have! Because my brain is mush,and I'm looking down at a Big huge load of baby my Dick just threw up. And I'm shaking my head with the Biggest fuckin grin on my face. Saying Yup,"FGM" has done it again!! Since a lot of you MF's apparently still sleeping on her. What we are witnessing is a Real life woman. You know the kind usually ONLY seen in dreams. A "Flawless" beauty from her hair all the way to her toes. Every single feature on her is PERFECT! Lemme say that again EVERY SINGLE FEATURE ON HER IS PERFECT!!!!! Here's the kicker..... It's ALL Natural! No exaggeration! She's the Truest definition of of a "Goddess". Ok now where was I? Oh yeah the vid. Sorry got off track. I tend to do that when talking about FGM. Can't help myself. Sitting on your Face. Is another Masterpiece! Goddess Melissa instructing us to accept the highest honor one could ever even dream. Of giving her "Perfect Pussy" Oral Servitude thru her jeans. Again OMFG!!!!!..... Let me say Goddess that by the time I was done. My tongue would have denim burn and you would need a week to recover from the O's I would give you. I can't even imagine how you're gonna top this one. But I'm certain YOU WILL!!! And I can't wait!....

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Best raceplay vid I've seen by far!!!! Love the plot. Jeni looks ri(DICK)ulously Sexxxy in her see thru. Stayed in character the whole vid,and had a perfect balance of dirty talk and N words. A Goddess fucking herself with a realistic BBC with a curve I can relate to,Ha! No doubt a MUST HAVE for raceplay fans. Jeni please keep em Cumming.....

Jeniwyld deleted Dec 28 2016

I sure will!!! 💋💋 thank you for the review... so glad you enjoyed!!

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Once again Goddess Kylie has outdid herself toping her last raceplay vid!!! Each one gets better and better..... Kylie wastes no time,showing her PERFECTLY round ass. Then taking off her sexy paties to pleasure herself to thoughts of a BBC Fucking her to ecstasy. My two fav lines "stroke that n!55er Dick to this white ass"! And "Give me that n!55er cum"!! True raceplay fans like myself will love this vid!!!! Can't wait for the next one.... Yes Kylie give us more please.

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So Fuckin sexxxy!!!!..... I !actually closed my eyes and tried to eat you thru the screen

●●●●● Read Review

YES Goddess Kylie,I am "your Nigga now". Own me please as I worship your Perfectly round ass. Please make more raceplay vids. I Loved this one!!

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So this was my very 1st time looking at Steph vids and I didn't know what to expect. When I saw a vid that combined both of my fav fetishes. BBC vs Snowbunny + raceplay I knew it was a "MUST HAVE". What I saw........BLEW MY FUCKIN MIND!!!!! She's incredibly beautiful,with a Perfectly round ass. A Perfect set of tits and creamiest pussy I've EVER SEEN. When she said "Bring that black ass over here,my white pussy been aching for that THICK N!66€r Dick" I almost lost it right then!!!..... But it was too soon the vid had just started. I managed to keep the volcano from erupting. Whew,that was close! Lmao, it wasn't my fault. I didn't know who I was dealing with. Now I know ms. MF Steph!!!!! Anyway I won't give away everything. You guys gotta get it yourself,and see. Steph you got me hooked like a fish now. I can't wait to see more...now excuse me while I go buy more "Goddess" Steph vids.

Steph_Leen Sep 28 2016

wow, just wow! thank you so much for this review!

Stroke Stroke Jul 23 2016
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Goddess commanding you to stroke stroke as she bounces the Biggest most Perfectly round ( . )( . ) 's you'll ever see!! up and down,up and down..... I had a vice grip on my D so tight! Ready to EXPLODE!!!! Another "MUST HAVE" for all slaves of Goddess Melissa like myself. Do as you're told buy this vid and STROKE!

My First Cum Vid Jun 25 2016
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One Sexxxy ass vid!!! From the moment she slides her panties down I go into "don't cum yet,don't cum yet" mode.... By the time she's fucking herself I got a (vice grip) on my Dick so tight imagining I'm the one she's fucking. Had me wishing I could jump thru the screen to taste the sweet juices. Another "MUST HAVE" Goddess Zombie vid!

LaLa Delilah Jun 26 2016

Thank you so damn much! Quality content is something I very much want to work on but I am so freaking happy you enjoyed it! xoxox

Touch No Touch Jun 19 2016
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OMFG!!!!!!!............. Talk about a cruel game. I had to watch 5 times before I could complete the mission. So (((HARD))) having to STOP stroking when she takes her hands off herself. I almost lost it! So many times.... Hands down my Fav MV clip so far! Each time I buy a new clip I realize that Goddess Melissa truly is absolutely "Flawless". From her hair all the way down to her toes. Every single feature on her is perfect. Let me say that again. "EVERY SINGLE FEATURE ON HER IS PERFECT"!!! The single most beautiful woman I've seen. With a voice so soft yet so powerful you have NO choice but to obey her every command. Guys if you only buy 1 vid this year make sure you buy THIS ONE!!! I promise it will change your life. See if you can make it to the end. I seriously doubt it!

Shower with me! Jun 10 2016
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So fucking SEXXXY!!!..... Love watching the Goddess get clean. From washing her hair to lathering up as the water trickles down her amazing curves. My 1st purchase. Definitely more to come. If you don't get rock (((HARD))) watching this vid. Check your pulse,you might be dead.

●●●●● Read Review

The most amazing shower,I’ve ever witnessed!!!!! The water running down her ass like a waterfall...How sexy she looks washing her hair..... How incredibly beautiful she looks cleansing her “PERFECT” body. And IT’S ALL NATURAL!!!!! A “flawless” beauty. I am indeed grateful to be blessed to see. Thank You Goddess Jamie. WOW..............

●●●●● Read Review

OMFG Lexi!........ every single feature on this woman is perfect! Wait let me say that again “EVERY SINGLE FEATURE ON THIS WOMAN IS PERFECT”!!!! Seeing her climb on top and ride the dick gets me every time! That perfect ass bouncing up and down,perfect tits in his face.... Lexi is an sexual Goddess! My apologies for taking so long to review. Took a few tries to make it all the way thru this one. It’s a (((HARD))) watch. Yes pun intended. That’s just how amazing Lexi is! Trust me guys. This is a MUST SEE!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Another stellar performance by the 1 and ONLY Courtnie X!!!! A flawless beauty from her hair to her toes. Literally every single feature on her is PERFECT. And it’s all natural!! So FUCKIN Sexxxy! Her delivery of the magic word in the perfect dosage. Not too much,just enough to keep me CONCRETE (((HARD))) and on the edge of my seat. Puts her in a league All by herself. I love how creamy she gets! Real pleasure that you can see. You can fake moans and groans. But you can’t fake bodily fluids.

I appreciate Courtnie for being one of the few left in this pc world. That still makes vids like this for guys like me who love this fetish. I would do anything to be Courtnie’s N Daddy!!!!

Thank you Jahmon.  I am thrilled that you liked it and I love to hear how hard you get.

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3 Things....

1. Never in my life did I ever think I could be so aroused,watching someone lick a lollipop!

2. Never in my life have I ever wanted to be a lollipop so bad!!

3. Never in my life have I ever wanted to kiss another human so Fuckin bad!!!

A vid that’s so simple,yet so Sexxxy! Seriously I almost pressed my lips against my screen! Maybe the most beautiful/handsome boy in the world. The way he turns the lollipop,the way he glides his tongue around it.....the way he smiles showing off the most perfect lips....this vid is amazing!!!! I wanna be boys lollipop! LoL

Thank you so much for that amazing review. I’m glad you liked it 😘🍭

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If you’re a Bella fanatic like me. This is a “MUST HAVE”!!!! The sexxxiest woman alive as a drugged masseuse....that ends with a creampie!!! What more could you ask for? OMFG! giving the Goddess herself a full body massage is the ultimate dream.

●●●●● Read Review

Imagine having one of the most beautiful women “in the WORLD!!!!” A real life Goddess. Who looks amazing with her green hair. Staring at you while slowly and carefully milking you with the most perfect lips......until finally you can’t hold back anymore and finally explode (inside) her mouth like a volcano erupting!!!! Then she swallows it all and gives you a devilish grin. The sexxxiest bj you will ever see. Trust me.

If I could be this man for one day......
“Some guys have all the luck”
- Rod Stewart

●●●●● Read Review

Boy so Fuckin sexxxy!!!!.... Starting off with some impressive bj skills. Including deepthroat! Then from getting his dick sucked to taking dick deep in that perfect ass. With a lot of dirty talk along the way... Loved hearing boy beg for the dick. And ending the only proper way. With a big load leaking out of boys sexy ass. Love this vid!

●●●●● Read Review

Lexi’s bj skills are amazing. AMAZING!!!! Don’t believe me? See guy in vid at the end. Lmao!......

●●●●● Read Review

O M F G!!!!!!!!!!!.............. This ladies and gentlemen is the true definition of POV! You get to see everything. EVERYTHING!!! The many hairs,exactly how wet she is. How deep it is (inside) her!!! Dam I wanna be Blaze! I know,I know... get in the wish line with everybody else. LoL Hey a man can dream can’t he? This is a CLASSIC!!! Well done.

Now excuse me while I go try to gather myself. After my mind was just completely blown!!!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Could you be any more beautiful?!!!! Love seeing you caress your ( . )( . )’s And how the slippery oil made you giggle. I almost lost control when you raised your arms. Sexxxiest pits on earth!! Every single feature on you is PERFECT! A all natural hairy Goddess I absolutely worship. As usual another “MUST SEE”!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

I love this vid!!! OMFG Haze in nothing but a brand new pair of Aasics. Nice shoes I must say too. I almost lost it at the very beginning! When the camera pans down to give us a POV view of Hazel’s incredible body. While she’s on her knees giving a bj. This woman is so Fuckin sexxxy!!!! Getting fucked,and showing off the new kicks. And it ending the only way it should ever end. A “MUST SEE” vid! Trust me!!

●●●●● Read Review

I love seeing real life scenario vids. The road trip can’t hold my pee is a classic. Short and to the point. But you’ll appreciate how incredibly beautiful Haze looks! Even pissing on the side of a highway she’s a Goddess.

●●●●● Read Review

So Fuckin sexxxy!!! Short vid,but you get it all... Lexi showing off her bj skills. Then climbing on top to go for a ride. With both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Then finally ending with her cleaning him off. She’ll make your volcano erupt “Trust me”!

Thanks so much, babe! 

●●●●● Read Review

Lexi looks amazing bottomless!! One of the single most beautiful women you will ever see. In nothing but a shirt,socks and shoes. She has the body of a Goddess! Love this vid!!

●●●●● Read Review

Obviously I’m biased ha,but I swear if you’re an ass man OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!......... So big,so perfectly round,so juicy. Oiled up and looking so Fuckin sexxxy that you literally close your eyes and imagine burying your face in it! The absolute ass a Goddess!!! That I will worship forever........... Damn I Love Katy’s ass!!!

●●●●● Read Review

The most beautiful woman in the world letting us be a fly on her kitchen wall. As she scrubs those dishes spotless. Amazing view of Katy’s perfect thonged ass. As well as her pretty princess feet. Even get a lil snippet of Katy humming as she cleans. Which of course she sounds lovely as to be expected.
Was in a trance watching Katy clean. Hope she does more of these.

●●●●● Read Review

My very first bite of the Kiwwi,and I’m loving the way she tastes!!! So incredibly beautiful with an ass that’s outta this world!!!! Love the way she takes her time,making you wait......the ultimate tease. Til finally showing you a body that can only be described as “amazing”!!! A MUST HAVE!

●●●●● Read Review

I could tell from the preview it was gonna be pretty good..... OMMFG!!!!!! It was AMAZING! No bullshit the single best twerk vid I’ve EVER SEEN. EVER!!! First off lilly’s ass should have its own MV acct! That’s how incredible it is!! And lilly’s moves are out of this world!..... bouncing side to side,up and down,left to right,back and forth PERFECTLY to each beat!!! All while looking absolutely “flawless”. To say this is a “MUST BUY”! Is a understatement.

Lemme say this. I’m a man who prides myself on having great stamina. Years and years of practice. I didn’t make it thru the whole vid on the first try. This vid is four and half minutes long!................... lilly you left me speechless. Please keep twerkin. You are a certified professional!!!