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Amateurs Exposed

Amateurs Exposed

Joined April 2015

Are customs an option ?

deleted_4ever deleted Oct 18 2015

Hi sexy people :) more hearts for you xo xo

AnnaBaker deleted Sep 30 2015

Hi, just stopped by to give you some love Xx

Amateurs Exposed May 29 2015

I guess many of the vendors on this site are cam models. Our offerings are totally different. NOT hardcore XXX... INstead a very explicit expose of each of the amateurs that we do sessions with in a full studio setting. Most sessions run 30 minutes.

Amateurs Exposed May 24 2015

92 Full length HD videos (30 minutes or longer) now posted. Fabulous variety.... No men ever in our videos. HD videos will fill your laptop quite easily... I can fill my 30 inch monitor!!! Our videos are crisply edited for Max quality.

LaylaCherrie May 24 2015

Hi beautiful, I just popped by to leave your profile and videos some hearts! If you could pop by mine and do the same I would really appreciate it xx

Amateurs Exposed May 24 2015

Thanks for your compliments about my video work... Your stuff is different from what we do but sweet also...

Amateurs Exposed Apr 29 2015

I hope you like the diverse selection of amateurs we showcase... Just added BBW Sashaa Juggs & her 40G cups with a ridiculous amount of super high quality SLOW MOTION!!!!

Amateurs Exposed Apr 24 2015

We now have 37 videos posted. Amateurs in a wide range of body shapes & sizes. Petite to as large as 42NN... Nipples as big as a DVD... Holy crap!!!

Amateurs Exposed Apr 22 2015

I do not know what size others shoot their video in... Our 1280 x 720is a true HD video that will fill almost any size monitor... We edit on 30 inch monitors... -:)

Amateurs Exposed Apr 21 2015

Have a look at Courtnee... We shot her session on Saturday. Edited it on Sunday & posted here on Monday... You might very well be the first to ever see her...

Amateurs Exposed Apr 21 2015

We are a pretty new studio here. Trying to add the kind of fetish videos you simply do not find anywhere else... Not xxx... Usually solo... A few 2 girl sessions. Always very revealing!

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This studio has almost a 1,000 amateurs. ALL the videos are ONLY of women. We NEVER show men. So when you see our videos it will be of that amateur (and sometimes a friend) from beginning to end. Most of videos run 30 minutes in 1280 x 720 size... (will fill most laptop monitors!!!) If you are looking for xxx videos that simply is not us. Our fans find this quite appealing... Who wants to see hairy assed men anyway. Prefer to see a FEMALE amateur play with a dildo...

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