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Wet Panties Dec 5 2015
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wow this is a video i had to have :) love watching a girl get her panties wet, btw great video

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Great video, very erotic, love watching willows body move, and loved seeing the oil drip down her sexy body

Daddy Jun 18
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Watched again, this doesn't get old!!!
The first thing she does gets daddy going, then she gets into doggy style to show daddy the wet spot she made on her panties!!! She then pulls them aside to show her gorgeous juicy pussy mound!!! She teases daddy so much then proceeds to fuck herself as daddy watches until she orgasms!!! She then wants even more and starts to tease her asshole

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Simply amazing
she strips off her robe To reveal her rock hard nipples(my favorite) she teases us then let's the machine fuck her until she cums 3 amazing times

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At the start of the video I'm instantly hard from seeing her panties giving her a front wedgy( I find that pretty hot)
She then starts to finger fuck her pussy and ass, before inserting a pretty big buttplug and cumming with a hitachi

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Good girl gone bad!!! A sweet innocent looking schoolgirl ditches school and gets stoned, then fucks her pussy and ass!!!
I really enjoyed her dirty talk,and seeing how creamy her pussy can get, great anal, and loved seeing her rub out her last orgasm in doggie style

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What can I say other than Sophie's a Very Very Very naughty girl,
You can hear customers in the background she even talks to a few workers who have know idea what naughty things she's doing

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Great JOI !!! she says she felt awkward making this video, I Think it may have added to the video, I felt the video had a bit of shyness (which is a turn on) she's really cute telling us what to do and complimenting our cock, made me cum hard!!! Hope to see more joi vids from her maybe even some cei

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Didn't even know she did anal!
This video was amazing and I loved seeing and hearing her pleasure herself,
Incredible orgasm from only anal!!!

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Wonderfully done, I really like her plump lips and her perfect body, I loved the close ups of her pussy, and seeing her in doggy style and other positions showing off her very nice pussy mound.
She uses many toys to edge herself then ends it with her fingers giving herself a strong orgasm

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Very very naughty and kinky!!! loved the camera work in the beginning as it moved up her sexy body to show her pretty face with a gag in she puts on nipple clamps and panks herself(there's intro music so couldn't hear the sound of the spanking but loved seeing it turn red) love the up close shots of her face seeing all the pleasure in her face with all the drool( that's my fetish btw could you do a video on that

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The video is exactly what she says it is!!!
I really enjoyed watching her strip off her very sexy and tight dress, and hearing her moan as she played with herself until her very loud orgasm!

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mya lennon is so sexy, and i loved watching her stuff her tight pussy with ice then having one of her (amazing to watch) orgasms

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Incredible teasing love the eye contact and arching of the back, so sexy, and amazing strong orgasm

Ps. Would like to see a joi video from you

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This will hold me over until I can watch her cams again!! It's a great first video,very nice and messy bj

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Wow absolutely enjoyed watching her facial expressions, see all the pleasure in her face was more that enough for me

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great vid, great camera quality, love the close ups, and you can really see that shes enjoying the anal.
hope she makes more anal videos soon

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Wow she makes daddy cum so hard (as always), in this vid she's cold so she decides to warmup by getting sexual, I loved the way she's in doggy style showing off her panties in the beginning, her dirty talk, her drooling, and of course the blowjob

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wow truly incredible, loved every bit of it, made me cum so hard watching her squeeze the milk out