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I'm just a nigga that like big titties, phat asses, and women that squirt.




1994-07-05 (24)




Black / Ebony



Hair Color



145 lbs







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I've been hoping for a while I would see another anal video from Bella and she most definitely delivered. Way more than what I was expecting. I love squirters and this video right here blew my mind. I loved every bit of it; the position she was fucking herself in, the slow motion scenes, the dirty talk, the squirting from her pretty pussy & her ass.... yes, HER ASS.. I'ma stop there because I've already said too much.. Buy this video right now! Don't waste anymore time, this video is full of surprises!

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my booty!!! <3:@ i love it too u can said how much u like it dont worry hehe ^.^:@ i have the same feeling :P:*);)

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THIS VIDEO IS FUCKING INCREDIBLEEEEEE!!! If you love female ejaculation look no further! Bella squirted waaaaay more than I expected. She's a natural at squirting now and I'm happy as hell about it. oh yeah... and I love how she takes that 12inch dildo like a good girl. Go ahead and purchase this video because you WILL NOT regret it.

CrazyBella Sep 27 2016

for me was increible too make this video! ^.^ is pretty nice for me know u like it so so much!:)

Just the Tip Jul 1 2017
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I may sound a bit greedy but I wanted her to take the WHOLE thing (BALLS DEEP). Still a great video of course, I love sheena shaw. I'm glad she's back uploading videos.

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love her moans and that orgasm was amazing

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Amazing as usual. You won't regret it if you love seeing her amazing ass jiggle and her tight asshole getting played with.

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Loved every second of this video. I can NOT and will NOT ever get tired of seeing her juicy ass.
BTW.. you can hear how wet her pretty pussy is when she's shaking her ass.

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Holy Shit!!! I had no idea this video would be this amazing. There's even a squirting bonus clip at the very end. I can never get enough of this woman

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Talk about amazing, holy shit! I'm not even gonna say much about this one, you have to see it for yourself.

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Daaaamn was I in for a surprise!! I have never seen Naomi squirt this much. Holy shit!
Don't waste anytime by debating if you should buy this video or not, BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!
I swear to you.. you will not regret it. Best video I've seen from Naomi.

BTW.. We need more squirting videos like this Naomi baby.

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Simply AMAZINGGG!! I loved every bit of it. The camera isn't focused when she starts to really cream but that doesn't make me regret buying this what so ever. Afiya comes so many times and the way she comes is extremely sexy. I love every position she gets in, especially when she pulls her legs all the way back! Buy this video! This is one of the best videos I've purchased on here and the best from her for sure.

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It's an amazing video even though it isn't HD. She squirts about 3 times and the position that she's in is sexy as hell. Perfect for the ones that enjoy looking at pretty feet. Can't wait to see more squirting videos soon!!

Also.. She has the most perfect and prettiest pussy (in my opinion).

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I'm definitely a fan of Elle's her videos just keep getting better and better. I highly recommend this video for us #SquirtLovers ! I hope to see a lot more squirting videos from her, she squirts like crazy and looks extremely sexy doing it.

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Very naughty video, I loved every bit of it!! Im a huge fan of Elle, she always know how to delivery such amazing content.

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This video is amazing.. a fantastic squirting video! Elle is so fucking HOTTT. Can't wait to see more squirting videos

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This video was soooo fucking sexy!
We need to see more of you fucking that pretty ass pussy with that BBC toy.

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Her content just keeps getting better and better. I loved seeing her big titties bouncing from the side as she bounced her ass.

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Something different and new and I loved every bit of it !!

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Holy Shittt ! I just fell in love. I have never purchased a video so fucking sexy and WETTTT before!!! Mia just gained herself a new number one customer.

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Just another amazing video of her spreading that incredible juicy ass.

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I love seeing her shake and spread that fat juicy ass of hers. My favorite part is when she starts getting on the couch... wow!

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Her ass looks great oiled up in those fishnets

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The video is amazing as always! But I want to give the preview a lot of attention, because it will literally make you buy this video immediately.

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If I'm not mistaking this is her first 1080p HD video! And let me tell you.... it is absolutely incredible! I love the angle in this video. Her ass is the BIGGEST JUICIEST.. GREATEST Blasian ass I've ever seen!! MUST BUY! Can't wait for more HD videos to come.

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The camera wasn't truly in focus, but that doesn't stop this video from being amazing. Amazing ass spreads and asshole winking in this video! NOT a video I would suggest passing on.. BUY IT if you love this girl and her amazing juicy ass.

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Loved it! I would love to see a newer version of this but with the camera on the floor facing upward. That would be amazing!

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Amazing view on this huge massive ass of hers!

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Her body is simply unbelievable... I can not get enough of watching her old videos and being one of the first people to purchase the new ones.

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This was amazing to watch. I'm loving the new clear resolution! Keep content like this coming!

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AZZmazing video! Loved how she bounced her incredibly huge ass at the end of the video. Only thing that I don't like about this video and a few others is the white baring at the top and bottom. I like viewing my videos in FULL screen and this doesn't allow me to have that option.

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Very sexy! I can't wait to see what she has in store.

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No matter the angle that ass looks absolutely amazing!

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I love looking at her amazing asss at this angle. Will never get enough of this girl and her amazing ass.

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I'm never disappointed with this woman content. I'm always amazed!

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Love seeing her huge juicy ass all oiled up.

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Amazing, definitely would love to see more "full body" videos like this one.

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loved seeing her shove majority of that toy inside her tight pretty ass.

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Buy this video right now! Sheena videos have been absolutely amazing lately. Better quality, more moaning, and dirty talk. You can't ask for more

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Amazing! Definitely want to see more of you taking that BBC!

Creaming Jul 1 2017
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I mean... do I really have to say anything? Its fucking VICKIE! She is sexy as all out doors. I absolutely love how she cums and how creamy her pussy gets. She starts pleasing her gorgeous pussy while laying on her side then starts bouncing her beautiful round ass on it, and thats when she cums. If you love a fat ass, buy this! If you love a creamer, buy this! If you like big pretty titties, buy this! If you just love VICKIE, buy this! You will not regret it, just like all her other videos.

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Moans are hella cute and sexy, it goes right along with that pretty pussy she has. I absolutely loved how creamy her pussy got and how pink and pretty her tight little pussy is. Can't wait for more videos like this.

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This video was boring. Only thing I enjoyed was seeing her shake her fat juicy ass. She then starts twerking for about a minute towards the end of the video and then lays on her side then spreads and jiggles her ass cheek. Thats the best part. But she has potential, typically because how thick she is and how much ass she have. I will definitely keep my eyes on her profile for future videos.

Suggestion: Make more videos with ass clapping, spreading, doggystyle, twerking, and ass worship. Those would do just fine if done correctly.

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Probably the best ass on MV yet. Anything she puts on that fat juicy ass looks amazing af !

Butt Stuff Apr 1 2017
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If you want to see Vickie fuck her tight pretty asshole then click that "add to cart" button and checkout! Its a must see.

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This video was FUCKING incredible! I wish to see more squirting videos from PorcelinPunkk like this. This video was so hot

Gooey Mar 4 2017
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Sheena... I love seeing you stuff that pretty pussy with those giant gummy warms just as much as you enjoy playing with them. I would love to see more content with the giant warms. PS... this is my favorite position to see you in ;)

Oh yeah... and for whoever is thinking about buying this, go right ahead do so, and go buy the previous gummy warm video as well. You won't be disappointed.

Bubbles Part 2 Mar 4 2017
●●●●● Read Review

I don't know why I ever had doubt in this video. I loved it ! All of her content is simply amazing. I'm not into the whole farting thing but come on.... its fucking Sheena Shaw, whatever content she makes... I buy and I'm never disappointed.

●●●●● Read Review

This video was just fucking perfect. Did not expect to hear any moaning or dirty talk... but there is a little bit in there and I loved every bit of it !!

●●○○○ Read Review

I absolutely love Savannah but I have to give this video a bad review because it doesn't state anywhere that this video has no audio. I'm sure this video would be amazing if it has audio.

Savannah Fox Feb 4 2017

Hi JaeDawg, I'm very sorry their was no audio on your end. I checked on my end and there is audio i'm not sure why you are having issues with this video. try contacting support, maybe they can help.