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Hey hey my dear SkyGrey. Just how are you today? (this rhymes)

Lol I'm good :)

Thanks again Zman! I hope you loved the video. :x

I hope you have a great weekend, daddy <3

Zmanfive Nov 24

OMG please don't call me daddy. That sounds incestuous and also illegal in other ways. I want the women in my life to be my equals. Not to be subordinate to me or feel beneath me. The daddy-daughter relationship tends to invoke ideas of a female who is of a low position of power as opposed to the man who is the 'daddy'. That is not fair. But maybe some females like it. Whatever floats your boat though. I would love to be able to take care of a female who regards me as her protector and looks up to me and be able to serve her and make her happy. Sorry for the rant but I am DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

😆 I find it to be something I enjoy but I understand your view!

Thank you so much for the purchase! I hope you loved 😘 Be sure to rate bb!! ☺️ 
Also nurse that hangover 😆

Dude, just roll with it.  Man, you're lucky to have someone call you daddy

thanks for your vid purchase and for chatting tonight! hope to see ya around <3 <3

Zmanfive Nov 22

Dear strong cyan cyan. Thank you for your advice!

Thanks for getting my video! :x <3

Zmanfive Nov 22

Hi Sweet.. as in your last name. Sweetie pie dear Marissa.. as in the way I wanna call you.

livwild Nov 15

I'm freaky af and want to make you begggg

Zmanfive Nov 15

Are you serious?

livwild Nov 18

Um fuck yes I am


Just wanted to say hi and send you some love! <3 I just read your "about", and it made me laugh, but also made me sad. I hope you find someone one day, but until then, there's at least never a shortage of porn for you to watch! :] Hope you have a lovely day! :x

Zmanfive Nov 15


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Well.. I am just a guy who has never had a girlfriend despite being fit and of decent height and looks. And I doubt I will ever find one. So I have resigned myself to a life of watching porn and fantasizing about girls due to the fact I can't ever get a girl who loves me. So that means a lifetime of singlehood and never getting married. Just a life of working and playing and watching porn and jerking off and crying and sleeping and repeat. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading





Hair Color


Eye Color



5'10" or 178 cm


175 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned



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Seline has the dildo between her feet with stockings as you see. Then she does a blow job with the dildo between them. If you like feet and legs with stockings, this is for you. She does not take them off. But she does take her bra off after a while.

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I really like looking at Seline. In this video she is naked with that IT make-up. She starts off with playing a balloon and having it between her feet. Then you can see her use her feet with light nail polish on a dildo. Her feet are beautiful and so is her face.

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My my my! This is an awesome foot video! I wish my name were Emmanuel! The guy who asked for this made a great choice with this great girl!

You get to see her face and hear her voice as she talks to you about her feet and all that sexy stuff. The shots are great. Real good shots of her soles and some of her nails.

Watch that oil drip and cover her feet as they glisten in the light. It's so arousing. It almost feels like you are there with her.

Just look at how soft and smooth her soles are.

I want them on my face Monica! Please!

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I don't normally feel like I want to leave reviews because often times they are not 5 stars. So I don't want to lower the ratings.

But this video is INSANE!! If 5 stars is the max, then the videos I reviewed in the past might have to be lower.

You get to see her face close up giving a blowjob, then her breasts all being shiny with that alien cum, and a very good views of her using that alien cock on her vagina. The long dildo went into her ass pretty deep.

She gets into many positions showing her butt and pussy very clearly. This video is so high quality, you can see all the details on her skin. And you can really get awesome views of her butt and pussy when she spreads her legs and when she squats facing the front and back.

There is quite a lot of double penetration. You can also see her feet quite a lot. That view of her kneeling with her butt and soles facing the camera and dildo in her pussy.. UNREAL! Then she rides the dildo while squatting. WTF!!! And all that alien cum..

I can't say enough. But I shall stop now.

I have to say this is one of the best videos I have EVER seen. And I have watched a lot of porn. Mindblown. Mind=BLOWN!

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Seline lies on her back with her legs spread. You can see her vagina. Then she starts using her toy. She puts her feet up so that you can see her soles for a while. She then turns with her legs to the side as she gets the dildo into her butt. Then she sits up and tries to sit on the dildo to get it deeper into her butt as she rides it. After that, she licks her dildo to get it wet as she penetrates her butt again.

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Oh my... You guys must get this video if you like looking at Seline's vagina and watching her masturbate! You can see her how wet she gets. It is a little rough at times (spreading and FISTING). But then here are some positions and moments that are so sexy. There is that part she gets in the doggy position and spreads her vagina and it gapes.

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This is a really awesome video. I love how sexy and shiny oily Seline looks here. She starts by showing her body in various positions like doggy while rubbing her vagina. Then she oils her breasts and stomach and butt. Then she gets onto the dildo and starts riding with her face and breasts in view. I like how the dildo sticks out of her vagina as she turns around to ride it. The next position is so sexy as she lies on her side. She uses her dildo in her pussy before attempting to put it her butt. It does not fully go in so she tries to ride it cowgirl. Then she goes back and forth between positions to try to get a better penetration. She ends off by rubbing her pussy and smiles. Super sexy.

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Wow! I really love this position that Seline is in. You get to see her face, breasts and soles and vagina at the same time. She flexes her feet, rubs them together and places her fingers between her long and sexy toes.

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She strips and then fingers her pussy for about half of the video and then switches to her ass. Then she tries to gape her asshole a bit but it's not very big so she gets a dildo and uses that. After she uses her dildo for a few minutes, she tries again and succeeds. She spends the rest of her life either using her dildo or her fingers and trying to gape her asshole as much as possible. Great video!

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First off... your feet are AMAZING. Your soles are unbelievable. Your toes are such a wonderful length. Your nails look so pretty. I haven't even talked about your body... you are so fit and have such great genetics. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. And.. it's so awesome that you are getting your footjob skill level up up up. You are getting better and better. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Thank you!

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YOU! You have the face of a woman that I would be willing to give my life to... Just.. take care of yourself. I hope your character is as awesome as your face.

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Just amazing. Everything I like to see! Your footjob skills have gotten better! That's really good! And I like all that oil. Your feet with no pedicure here look so beautiful.. just as you are. 5 stars!

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6 stars! I was not expecting this. Your feet are nicer than I thought they would be and you are great with them. The way you played with the dildo with your feet... MMM!!!

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If you like Lily Lou, you must buy this. This is super. You get to see her feet oiled up. And her body. And her face. And her butt and vagina. It is absolutely amazing and great and you gotta buy it!

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These feet are unbelievable.... Wish we could see the tops. Her nails... And her face.

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Just really sexy. Your breasts are so hot. You did a good job using them.

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It's really nice seeing your feet! They are really beautiful. You are pretty good at using them too.

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Your vid was one of the first tranny ones I saw on this site. I was reluctant to buy even though I often thought about it. Then a couple of days ago I just bought 3 tranny clips at one go. Yours was one of them. I never thought I would buy a tranny clip. But you are so cute and.. your cock and ass and feet are so cute and your skin is so smooth and yeahh... so. That's why I bought it. This video gave us a decent view of your feet. Maybe in future you could do a real close up one. Thank you Melody... <3

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Your cock is so big. Breasts are so big. Skin so smooth. Would have liked to see your tranny face more. You are pretty. You are 1 of the 3 tranny clips I bought for the first time yesterday. I never thought I would buy tranny clips but I found you pretty.

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I really love her face and physique! She is so pretty and fit! I like that I can see her muscles, arms, abs, back and of course her breasts, pussy and ass! Super awesome!

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Ever wondered about what your talent is? I think Mia Rand does not have to wonder. She has at least 1 talent. And that is being super duper sexy! She knows how to move and how to pose and how to use her facial expressions and how to sex! In this video you will see a lot of positions. She has squatting dildo stuff, double penetration, her face that shows how good she feels, some of her feet and toes curling as she penetrates herself with those meeseeks deeks and more. OMG. F........... (yes I am drunk)

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Great shots. Love the close ups. There are a lot of sole shots and some nails. You could see her feet doing a lot of sexy things. The way she moves them is so arousing. You guys really have to get this because if you like her and her feet, you would be making a mistake if you don't get it.

I LOVE My Feet Dec 5 2016
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Wowww. Keri Berry. You sure love your feet. I love your feet too. Wish I could kiss them. I really enjoyed this because I could see your beautiful face and feet. I wonder what size they are. They look so slender, shapely, smooth, soft and sexy. 5 S's. And mostly 5 stars. Haha...

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Hey hey hey Keri Berry strawberry. Really like your feet and face. And body. Nice video!

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Keri Berry.. why are you so sexy? I wish I could lie on a bed with you and kiss and hug you and.. suck your toes. I like your face a lot. Maybe one day I shall get a custom video from you. Kisses..