Latino living in NYC who loves seeing gorgeous girls getting tickled. A fan of seeing girls getting

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Latino living in NYC who loves seeing gorgeous girls getting tickled. A fan of seeing girls getting orgasms ,lover of all types of woman. Also Im a master of puns




1985-07-13 (33)




Latino / Hispanic

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english sarcasm

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5'6" or 168 cm


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Gorgoeus girl and amazing work! Her voice makes the amazing video even more sensual and damn she's flexible! Love her moans and body and the wax play at the end is a nice touch!

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another amazing video! great with teasing her in the beginning. Very enjoyable to watch and her moans are amazing and real! Everything is amazing!

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Gorgeous girl amazing laugh! Awesome pov tickling and really good use of a feather! Great closes ups of her amazing feet and super ticklish! Especially on the rest of her amazing body ;)

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love the video! gorgeous model with an amazing laugh and accent! the teasing in the beginning is fun and the tickler really knows what hes doing ! amazing video!

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Amazing girls with amazing laughs! I've waiting so long to see Lissa get tickled and it was worth it ❤️❤️
Kira is gorgeous and ticklish as well adding to the awesomeness. Great tickling and hopefully not the last. Would love to see Lissa perfect barefeet tickled next time without socks ;). Perfect video for any fan of tickling

Tickle my feet May 23 2016
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Very cute girl with a cute laugh. Tickling teasing on her cute feet, very nice!

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Amazing! Her laugh is so perfect and tickling is done well! The beard used to tickle is a nice trick and her body and laugh is amazing! Nice view of her body and feet, which are perfect. Gorgeous ticklish and amazing video!

Cattie May 15 2016


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Amazing! gorgeous girl with excellent camera angle! The viewer can see her while getting tickle. Super ticklish with a wonderful laugh, definitely one of my favorites! love the sock removal before the foot tickling! A must have for any tickle fan!

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after seeing Dolly's tickling video I had to buy this one and I'm so happy I did! her gorgeous body is perfect and her moans are sexy as hell! Her face and reactions and nice view of her feet and perfect breasts as well. Amazing video!

Dolly Leigh Apr 8 2016

So glad you liked it! :)

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I was always hoping Cattie would make a tickling video one day and after seeing this video I wasn't disappointed! Gorgeous model with amazing laugh! The tickling is done well and I love the use of the hitachi to get some nice orgams too. And using the hitachi for a little tickling near the end was amazing. Amazing orgasm and tickling video!

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Gorgeous girl with an even more amazing laugh! Beautiful feet and pedicured toes and the camera angles as excellent! The tickling is done well and I was happy to see her beautiful face while she was getting tickled, an amazing video!

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excellent video! nice choice of socks and great removal. Also use of the brush on her feet was fantastic. Great laugh and smile too ;)

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amazing laugh! i love the kind of bondage she used. Gorgeous and ticklish! i hope we get to see Jasmine try more tickling videos! :D

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amazing clip! will definitely buy more tickling related videos in the near future!

Tickle Me Pink Jul 22 2015
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amazing video! it was a custom i ordered and everything was perfect, just like i imagined! I couldnt be happier! Her laugh is amazing and the tickling is very well done. An amazing video!

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great clip! im a lover of seeing a beautiful woman tickled and this is great! I was able to see her face and beautiful feet while able to hear her gorgeous laugh. I would definitely recommend to any fellow lovers of tickling.

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gorgeous model with an amazing laugh! Great tickler and i love the shoe and sock removal! awesome tickling!!

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Such an amazing video! Gorgeous model with an amazing laugh ! The tickler is skilled too and there's sock removal and foot tickling! With a little bit of fingering to make the video sweeeter. Such an amazing ticklong vidoe especially for the price! Definitely worth the buy ❤️

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Gorgeous girl with an amazing laugh! Tickler knows exactly how to tickle! Oil and hairbrush on the feet, an amazing video for any tickle fan and definitely worth buying for the price!

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i love the boot and sock removal! gorgeous girl with perfect feet! Great tickling which wakes her up and her laugh is amazing!

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Very cute interaction! Love her laugh and the interaction between everyone. Cute ticklish reaction and for a great price! Gorgeous girl with amazing laugh :)

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Two gorgeous girls with amazing laughs! Very cute tickling and great camera angles. I've waited so long to see Lissa get tickled and it was well worth the wait

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gorgeous model with an amazing laugh! cute tickle teasing in the beginning and nice bondage use. The tickling is awesome and the model is unbelievably gorgeous! Perfect body, perfect feet, perfect laugh! A must buy for any fan of tickling <3

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Gorgeous girls with amazing laughs! I love the tickling on the couch in the beggining and I especuslly love the revenge! Great reactions! Great free style tickling in the begging and fantastic tied up tickling for the revenge. A must buy for any lover of tickling

Two for Tickles Jun 19 2016
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Gorgeous girls with amazing laughs! Cute playful tickling with gorgeous laughs :)

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Gorgeous girl in an amazing video! Love her moans and everything about her!

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Gorgeous girl with amazing laugh! Combination of two of my favorite things, cosplay and tickling. Perfect ticklish feet! I could listen to her laugh all day! <3

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Absolutely amazing!! This video has a little of everything and a lot of a gorgeous girl! Little bit of tickling, spanking, hitachi and more! Absolutely one of my favorite videos ever!

Tickle Torture Jun 5 2016
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Amazing laugh and even more amazing girl! Super ticklish and super gorgeous! Gorgeous body and especially feet, amazing tickling video! I can listen to her laugh all day! ❤️❤️

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Absolutely perfect! Gorgeous girl with an amazing laugh, perfect body and feet! The tickler got her spots, gentle at first and great use of feathers. I love the sock removal and the nice ending increasing the intensity at the end for an amazing finish! The perfect tickling video

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Gorgeous girl with an amazing laugh! Nothing quite like a gorgeous British girl getting tickled and this video is amazing! Love the dialogue too, great teasing. A must have for any fan of tickling, hopefully one day they'll be a revenge video :)

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Great video! Gorgeous with ticklish feet! Nice teasing in the beginning and great tickling. Amazing laugh and great camera angle! :)

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excellent video! Farrah is gorgeous and the ticklers know what their doing. The banter between the ticklers and Farrah is good and I love when she said "you cant break me". Gorgeous girl, amazing laugh, perfect bondage and great tickling abilities! Any fan of tickling will love this video!

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beautiful girl and beautiful laugh! nice use of brush for the feet and her neck is super ticklish! great price for an amazing video!

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amazing video, especially for the price! gorgeous girl tickled and awesome use of electric feather duster and toothbrush. Amazing laugh, and for the price definitely a great buy

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amazing! Ive heard about Dakota Charms before but this is the first time ive seen a video of her getting tickled and ive been missing out! Shes gorgeous and her laugh is amazing! I've fallen in love! Definitely worth the buy for any tickling fan

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amazing laugh and feet! Nice gentle tickling in beginning which gets even better as video goes. Gorgeous model with amazing laugh and the I love the sock removal. Camera angles make sure we always see her face while shes laughing and feet while getting tickled. Definitely one of my favorites to my collection!

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gorgeous girl, great bondage, and excellent tickling!

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both beautiful woman with amazing laughs. The begging shows nice tickle play and then the build up with dolly putting on the cuffs and being put in the hogtied position was excellent. Tickling was fantastic and I love at the end Arabelle gets tickled too. Amazing laughs for an awesome price!

Ticklish Custom Nov 18 2015
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absolutely gorgeous! Beginning of the video shes showing her gorgeous feet in stockings to the camera and gives herself a little tickle and then gets tickled on her feet and gorgeous body. Love her laugh, her tattoos, everything! absolutely gorgeous model with an amazing laugh and perfect feet!

Ticklish Ali Oct 25 2015
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Amazing laugh and gorgeous girl! I love her laugh! Great camera angles showing her body and face while laughing. Excellent buy especially for price! Amazing tickle model!

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awesome video! loved her laugh and gorgeous ticklee and tickler! great dialogue and scenario : )

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amazing video! fantastic laugh and absolutely gorgeous! I hope dolly does more tickling because shes a natural tickle model ;)

The Tickle Tease Oct 19 2015
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Incredible video! Gorgeous with amazing laugh. The different camera angles were very impressive and appreciated. Also excellent bondage! Very ticklish and gorgeous!

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Amazing! i ordered a custom and she was incredibly friendly and made the video exactly how i imagined. Her laughter is amazing and shes super ticklish and gorgeous! The sock and shoe removal was perfect and the tickling was excellent! Well worth the price : )

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very cute video! first half is of her getting tickled in sleep and second half they're rolling around in grass while shes still tickling. Very beautiful girls and wonderful laugh. Tickler adds to experience with her own laughter. I really hope she gets tickled in revenge : )