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Finally!! Emily sucking her own feet. I've been waiting for this video a long time ago.

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I would give 10 stars if I could, HimeMarie is absolutely a sexy queen

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Thank you very much, you are so SEXY, I love you

Toe Sucking Feb 3 2016
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Every second is hot, I loved everything on this video. The feet of this girl are delicious, extraordinary suck technique. The foot with tattoo killed me, looks so fucking sexy. Excellent video quality. Added to my list of favorites.

Sticky Feet Oct 2 2015
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When I watched the preview of the video knew that had to buy it, a bit expensive for just 6 minutes, but are 6 glorious minutes. Great video definition, I don´t like the music because I prefer the natural sound but Domino Faye is a beautiful girl and her feet are fantastic. Very sexy, very hot, pretty feet and great skills for suck them. Definitely I love this video, she is my favorite girl now

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I wanted multiple positions...same position all the time, I mean, this is a hot video, she is beautiful and sexy but would be better with more positions

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Ilse has the most pretty feet on planet earth

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I think all Natalia's videos are fucking incredible, seriously, she is hot, sexy, beautiful, etc. There is no blowjob in the video (i really wanted it) but her body is enough to get a big hot time. Natalia, you are a goddess

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Easily one of the hottest videos I've watched on the site. All the positions are spectacular.

Foreplay Jul 18 2016
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Aiko is an asian goddess, I love her. The way she looks with stockings is hot as hell. Two sexy women kissing each other is all what I want

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WOW!!! The Best cosplay video I've watched, pure gold. Fantastic way to spend money <3 <3 <3

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I will say it clearly: ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS I'VE BOUGHT ON MANYVIDS. Don't waste the time reading this, you must buy the video now.

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Oh my God! Definitely my favorite video at the moment, I would give 10 stars but I can't. AMAZING, REALLY AMAZING, Brooke is so beautiful

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I must to say that this video is a masterpiece for me. Two beautiful girls licking their feet, this type of video is my weaknesses. Lesbians and feet is all I need. Great video, nice feet and gorgeous girls.

Dying Pubes Sep 3 2015
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40 minutes for 3.99 dollars is amazing!
The best of all is Emily Grey and her sexy pussy, I love this video

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This video is pure fun and sensuality, 10 good minutes of laughs and the feet are the best. I enjoyed this from beginning to end. I´ll buy more

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Perfect girl, she is a dream. Sexy body and delicious feet. If you like beautiful girls feet, buy this video

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I wanted to watch tits... hot video anyway

My bra is clearly on in the preview.:/ Not a cool reason to give a lackluster review.

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SO sexy!! She is one my favorite girls now

Ummmm Dec 18
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No doubt, she is stunning... pero ¿es necesario poner esas letras en el video? quitan un poco de perspectiva y a veces son molestas, un mensaje pequeño sería mejor. Espero tomes en cuenta la recomendación ya que me gustaría comprar más de tus videos. Saludos.

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if you like Ilse's feet you will need this video. Her feet and high heels are a perfect combination. Five stars.

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Delicious tits and pretty face, ladyxtease is like a goddess.

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OMG the sound of her wet vagina is stupendous!! Sarah is the number one, I love her ass, so hot

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Would be better with nudity, anyway, I love her delicious feet

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Sexy butt and delicious feet. My favorite part is when she suck her toes, the flexibility of Natalie is great, she can lick her feet easily. Hot, really hot

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Beautiful feet+black toenails= my favorite combination

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Maybe one of the most cute girls on manyvids, yeah, she is hot as hell

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God, you are very sexy, I would like to be there and see you doing all this in front me

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A short video, doesn't matter because her pretty face and beautiful feet are a fucking dream for me

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lesbian scenes are my favorites. Beautiful ladies. :)

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I'm amazed, she is very pretty and hot. I loved, thank you!

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The scene is what I expected, delicious feet, the sandals are perfect for her beautiful feet

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Holy god, amazing team, Emily looks beautiful. Five stars for these sexy feet

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I would like to be there and get a blowjob like that, this girl has great skills. Damn, the scene is fucking hot. I really loved Harper's face. Recommended 100%, if you want a good time this video is for you.

Toe Sucking Jun 19 2016
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Oh yeah, I love the foot fetish and black pantyhose, five stars for you. Thank you! :)

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WOW! the video is an orgasmic experience. Thank you for the clip <3 <3 <3

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When you see a sexy woman like Princess Mika and her pair of soft feet the nudity is not necessary because she is cute and hot even with clothes. Nothing better than this, the talk gave me a boner but the biggest pleasure are her feet. I would like to suck these beautiful feet.. all day, every day.

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Thank you very much for the free vid, cute and sensual as always

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Everytime I watch Ruby's feet I have a boner, she looks sexy and wild

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I love women with heels, perfect choice if you want to watch a pair of beautiful feet with high heels

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A new level of sensuality, I would like to be that guy called Chad, lucky bastard

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Great hot video. I can't stop watching Ari's feet (and her perfect tits). 5 stars for those delicious feet!

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Thank you so much!! I have been waiting for this type of videos by ivysnow a long time ago, fucking masterpiece

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She has killer blowjob skills and her ass is amazing. Five stars, no doubt

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Fuck, the blowjob is insane!!! That guy is very lucky

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Oh my god, Ivy Snow is easily the hottest girl with tattoos, this video is the real shit my fellas

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She has the most nice feet on internet and this video is the proof of it. My perfect combination: beautiful woman and pretty feet WOW. A five stars video