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Bella French

Bella French

The naughtiest French Canadian Ninja Porn Star! Big Kisses my loves xxx

MontrealCanada Joined October 2013
MV Daily Grind Rank: 83

Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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Bella French

Canadian / Montreal
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hissam19 Sep 25

I see on twitter custom video where the link

love you

maxbon Sep 14

ciao! you are fantastic!!!...but new videos?? :((

hey sexy Bella... hearted all over you<3:x<3Jessica

Je te baiserais solide

Wow your body is AMAZING

Black force10
Black force10 deleted Jul 19

Hi i am Crystal101 and new to MV :) i thought id just pop by to leave you some love and say Hi ! xxx  :);):*):P<3

Waiting you new video

beautiful woman

hey, your contest pic w/bianca was off-the-hook! you both look awesome, too gorgeous
for a next one bring candy charms! [looks like you're well connected]

Hey gorgeous left you some love hope to see some in return smooches

your interviews are awesome, you gots to keep them cuming! you have to keep doing them


babygirl2387 deleted May 5

Hey! I just wanted to leave your page some love <3

why's always one a sucker for big-tit blondes?! it's a hard thing to ignore'em, trust me i've tried…
good-quality work u've here, though; congrats on that, ms bf.

pathyrat Apr 11

thank you for sending me panties. :*


1234fif Apr 4

Beyond sexy!!

maxbon Mar 18

I have voted for your team you are very beautiful! I hope you make new videos;)

Would you like to do a private Skype shows baby girl I can't wait to see you

maxbon Feb 13

you are very beautiful! have an happy Valentine's day!

Your profile is awesome and you are very Sexy! Hearts for you, and I hearted my Fav Pic. Check me out when you can <3 Jessica

wow youre so beautiful! new here and just checking out your lovely page, leave you some hearts greetings from holland !! kimberley blaze

sniop209 deleted Jan 25

Your custom vids are too expensive

So sorry guys, I will come check my comments more often! TY so much for all your love! Sending kisses right back to all of you XXX

Unknown19 deleted Jan 8

Hey there! Just left you like a bazillion hearts! Loved the free videos you have up! Looking forward to purchasing & reviewing all the rest of your videos as well! Much love! :)

TY so much babe xox

Bella there Is a guy Impersonating you on a site called Tagged, and even using your pictures under the name "Bella H"

LOL! Bella H, it's not the most sexiest name ...


Hey there, I just left some hearts on your page ! I’d really love it if you could leave me some hearts, too.

TY beautiful. BTW YOU ARE HOT!!

Dam you are LOL nice

HI Bella, been awhile since ive been on here. You look fantastic and cant wait for new pics with BB

Will you ever do interracial?

Hey you never know...

I have PLENTY of ideas when you decide to do it. Chief among them is you doing an IR titfuck. Can I order that on customs now?

Hi Bella, i would love to see you shoting some interracial videos, that would be awesome, thanks.

Sparkling_Light deleted Nov 12

Hey how's it going Bella?

DomesticViolence deleted Nov 7

You're truly an inspiration!

You are such a sweetie and a naughty breath of fresh air!

Elouise Please Oct 26 2015

Happy Monday Bella ^_^ You're such an inspiration

OMG! WOW you just made my day TY beautiful!! Right back at you xxx

DA Macho Man Oct 25 2015

hi bella french i gave you some hearts and love

Hotdick777 Oct 12 2015

Bella you're great!

mdesrochers27 deleted Oct 11 2015

Happy birthday to an amazing and beautiful woman inside and out!

Tiny High Elf Oct 9 2015

gave you as many hearts as i could! would love if you could give me some too! hope you have a wonderful day c:

So gorgeous !!!

Hi sexy ! I left all the hearts , please return me back some love too xo xo

Tdav125 Oct 6 2015

I'm interested in a custom

Sasha_ Oct 5 2015

I loved everything you have! amazing! xo xo

Thewatcher80 Oct 4 2015

Great series, waiting on a Levis 501 part 3.

Felicia Vox Oct 4 2015

Thank you so much for hearting my profile! Gave you some hearts back; have a great day! ♡

My pleasure beautiful!

Cattie Sep 26 2015

Left you hearts! xoxo

kiaramoon Sep 23 2015

you're so rad. hearts for you

LOL! love it! Le me give one to you too xxx

SexyDirtyGirl Sep 19 2015

Hearts all over! xoxo . Please give me a heart and write a comment on my wall if you like my profile as well :* xoxo

DirtyCouple Sep 18 2015

Your profile is awesome. I love it and I gave you my heart. Please give me a heart as well.

suckme24 Sep 15 2015

I had bought a year subscription to your site last year, but since you joined this site I have been unable to access your old site. Are you offering any sort of restitution for that?

Epiphany666cb Sep 11 2015

Hi Bella hope you don't mind me leaving you some love. I love your LB shoes, wow I am so jealous lol. Have a great weekend gorgeous xx

Razurback1120 Sep 8 2015

Is there a way I might be able to email you about a custom video idea? Thank you.

Mila Milan Sep 3 2015

Hi Bella, can you please import me to Canada so we can have a nice play date ? lol I left you a heart ... big kiss Mila

Bella French Sep 3 2015

LOL! I wish I could love! Thank you for the heart! Big Kisses Beautiful xoxox

twi_light Aug 20 2015

xoxo and a big heart for you beautiful Bella ....Twi

Alexis Malone Aug 17 2015

Hi Bella! You're smoking hot! I gave your page a heart and would love if you could give me one back. ;)

mario rossii Aug 15 2015

i love you

primal8813 Aug 14 2015

Just showin some love

Hey sexy momma. Just sending you some love. Hop we can play together some time.

Felicia Vox Aug 10 2015

Gave you some hearts! Have a good day ♡

Oral Queens Aug 3 2015

Nice Profile & Clips Ms. French!

danny2311 Jul 30 2015

hi bella im new but still i think you are hot check out my profile if you want

SubmissiveLexi Jul 19 2015

I left you some hearts

BellaLove Jul 18 2015

Dear Bella, I LOVE your whole thing. So hot, thanks for sharing.

Makaveli Jul 10 2015

Just bought your Levis 501 part 2 video and loved it! Your boobs are like the 8th wonder of the world and you are sooooo hot!

hyperwillee Jul 7 2015

Hey Bella just saw your video is out. Fuck yeah. Did you scream my name like you said you would. When do i get to see the video? Mwah. Keep up the hard work.

Gaberiella Jul 6 2015

Left you hearts!

Woody Sizemore Jul 3 2015

simply the sexiest ninja porn star around. never seen anything like you, Bella, i melt...

Piper Kush Jun 29 2015

Wow, I just realized I hadn't given you my heart yet! Left hearts because your amazingly beautiful and your the main reason I looked at MV! Thank you xoxo

Wet Kelly Jun 29 2015

U are so HOT !!! Kisses :*

gambi4u Jun 22 2015

i am in love !

TriciaFox Jun 20 2015

You are incredibly sexy and talented. :*

Arnie111 Jun 18 2015

Hey Hey, will be prize for Ron Jeremy contest hot scene with King? If yes, you will have as much support I can do! :D

KrissGiggles Jun 17 2015

i heat you :D heart me back please :D

Layla Jun 12 2015

Hi beautiful, I just popped by to leave your profile and videos some hearts! If you could pop by mine and do the same I would really appreciate it xx

kfox1321 Jun 6 2015

Just wanted ou to know YOU are the reason I even joined this site. LOVE your BG vids. Amazin oral skills, I will defintely buy more as more are added :)

barakistyle Jun 5 2015

let me know when you are on Skype

ybaraki is my username

UglyFrenchy May 28 2015

Love the way you're pushing your body to perfection!

silixcone May 28 2015

C'est Xavier de Paris.
J'ai esayé de prendre de tes nouvelles à plusieurs reprises mais tu as disparue ;) .. Love ? ;)
Je suis content que tu ailles bien et évolue de manière très sexy ;)
Félicitation pour tes nouveaux seins ? 1600cc ? plus ?
Je te souhaite une convalescence coquine et rapide :)
Si tu souhaites rester en contact, ou venir en France, mon kick est toujours le même xvaultx
Je t embrasse.


silixcone May 28 2015

An congrats for the new boobs from Mr X from Paris ;)

LaylaCherrie May 26 2015

Hi beautiful, I just popped by to leave your profile and videos some hearts! If you could pop by mine and do the same I would really appreciate it xx

SeductressTia May 23 2015

Hi Bella, Love your profile. I'm new on here and would love if you could heart me back.. Stay beautiful. xxx

sniop209 deleted May 17 2015

Couldn't resist, you're a goddess

sniop209 deleted May 17 2015

Omg those titties, would love another video like big boob festival. Thank you

aubrey kiss May 17 2015

Hi Bella your so beautiful and smart :)

darkparadise_1 May 7 2015

Your so incredibly sexy x

Sexy_LaceyDDD May 1 2015

Hi~~Just left you a heart~Hope you will heart me back~

Hi there beauty i just let you some love♥ if you could give some in return i really appreciate it.

Sparkling_Light deleted Apr 30 2015

How are you?

Sparkling_Light deleted Apr 28 2015

Hey Bella are you gonna do any new vids?

Bella French Apr 28 2015

Yes I am planing to release a new vid very soon ;-)

hissam19 Apr 27 2015

can buy skype session and i choose time

Bella French Apr 27 2015

Hey Babe, TY so much for getting my vids! You are AMAZING! Yes we can skype. Once you purchase your Skype package, I will email you, add you on Skype. After, you set up the day and time for our Skype date. I'm ready when you are! Bella xxx

Bella French Apr 28 2015

Yes babe

hissam19 May 10 2015

I buy wait to add me on Skype

xiaowen Apr 24 2015

love u bella french

nick77mtl deleted Apr 24 2015

You are amazing, Bella. Stunning babe from my city! Wow!

Bella French Apr 24 2015

Hey Nick, I saw your purchase at 2am last night. I was so excited!!! TY for making me feel so special xox

arielrebel Apr 19 2015

Thank you for liking my profile gorgeous *^_^* xx

Bella French Apr 20 2015

Hey beautiful! Your gonna kill it here ;-) xox

BritishBabe Apr 18 2015

love your profile babe, hearted x

Perfekttlilly18 Apr 17 2015

Hello Pretty i Hearted u, can u give me back please ! Kisses Lilly

Scilla Reese Apr 15 2015

love uuuu.

alerosa Apr 9 2015

I was a member for 3 months with access to all your vids, any chance you can give me the Levis 501 vid? Seems to be very hot!!!!!!! :O

Sparkling_Light deleted Mar 20 2015

Always love this one bb!

GODDESS EROS Mar 12 2015

Just hearted you!

bha333 Mar 9 2015

hi.....will u be back on MFC

KissMe Mar 5 2015

Hello gorgeous! Hearted you :)

hades123 Mar 4 2015


Tinytwat Feb 27 2015

Thank you :)

Robin Banxx Feb 25 2015

hey bb :3 hope youre doing well thanks for hearting my profile xx

Neyaasweety Feb 20 2015

Hearted you thanks for the referral

maxbon Feb 13 2015

happy valentine's day

Sparkling_Light deleted Jan 21 2015

Hi Bella! Your my number 1 babe! Big fan of you! :)

maxbon Jan 21 2015

ciao, you are very beautiful and very sexy!...I like the video where you make strip tease and show your beautiful body! have an happy week!

Reggie1time Jan 18 2015

U are a Goddess

Dollie Darko Nov 3 2014

Hi Bella! You met me in NYC. A few months ago and mentioned manyvids to me.. So here I am! Just uploaded a few! Thanks

You rock sexy xox

Bella French Oct 7 2014

SO much love TY GUYS!!!! Sending you all my love xox

NinaBiaggi Sep 18 2014

Thanks for the love beautiful! :)

Love you profile

Kelly Belle Aug 21 2014

Thanks for introducing me to ManyVids. You're such an inspiration.

AlluringAli25 Aug 10 2014

You are so beautiful! I have such a girl crush on you! :D

MattPi Jul 20 2014

Hey there sexy nerd. J'éspère que t'as passer du bon temps à New York. I just wanted to know when I'll get that 15 min custom B/G scene vid I won two weeks back. :)

MattPi Jun 25 2014

Bonne St-Jean la bella Bella ! Voici est un tit Haiku pour vous:
Meet miss Bella French
You'll ne'er find a warrior
That is hornier

Oouuoo Jun 20 2014

You're very beautiful breasts sexs and seduces me

Oouuoo Jun 20 2014


Bella French Apr 29 2014

ty my love yes I remember xox

Robert Chase Apr 29 2014

Hope you remember me...

Robert Chase Apr 29 2014

Beautiful boobs,perfect ass and sexy curves...nice combination

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The naughtiest French Canadian! I'm very passionate about fitness, nutrition & sex. I love my fans so fucking much, you guys rock my world!

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Bella xxx


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