Bella French's vid
Bella French's vid
Bella French's vid

The naughtiest French Canadian Ninja Porn Star! Big Kisses my loves xxx

Montreal Canada Joined October 2013
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SeductressTia 2 days ago

Hi Bella, Love your profile. I'm new on here and would love if you could heart me back.. Stay beautiful. xxx

sniop209 7 days ago

Couldn't resist, you're a goddess

sniop209 7 days ago

Omg those titties, would love another video like big boob festival. Thank you

aubrey kiss 8 days ago

Hi Bella your so beautiful and smart :)

hissam19 14 days ago

i put 600$ on summer contenst after add me on skype waiting you

hissam19 14 days ago

i love you and waiting you on skype

hissam19 14 days ago

i wait to add me still not add

hissam19 14 days ago

Thank you for adding I give time on skype

hissam19 14 days ago

i wait to add me

hissam19 15 days ago

i buy all video i love you sexy

all natty bro 16 days ago

Bella French you are a very sexy girl

darkparadise_1 18 days ago

Your so incredibly sexy x

Sexy_LaceyDDD 23 days ago

Hi~~Just left you a heart~Hope you will heart me back~

Princess Migvmi 24 days ago

Hi there beauty i just let you some love♥ if you could give some in return i really appreciate it.

Sparkling_Light 24 days ago

How are you?

hissam19 25 days ago

hi baby i love you and bought this video to see you every time

Sparkling_Light 26 days ago

Hey Bella are you gonna do any new vids?

Bella French 26 days ago

Yes I am planing to release a new vid very soon ;-)

hissam19 28 days ago

can buy skype session and i choose time

hissam19 15 days ago

I buy wait to add me on Skype

Bella French 26 days ago

Yes babe

Bella French 28 days ago

Hey Babe, TY so much for getting my vids! You are AMAZING! Yes we can skype. Once you purchase your Skype package, I will email you, add you on Skype. After, you set up the day and time for our Skype date. I'm ready when you are! Bella xxx

hissam19 28 days ago

i wish spend with you skype but my time is verybusy

hissam19 28 days ago

i bought 11 video with you

xiaowen 1 month ago

love u bella french

nick77mtl 1 month ago

You are amazing, Bella. Stunning babe from my city! Wow!

Bella French 1 month ago

Hey Nick, I saw your purchase at 2am last night. I was so excited!!! TY for making me feel so special xox

nick77mtl 1 month ago

What a bombshell. I just purchased a video as well as three pairs of her panties.

arielrebel 1 month ago

Thank you for liking my profile gorgeous *^_^* xx

Bella French 1 month ago

Hey beautiful! Your gonna kill it here ;-) xox

Katie_Evers 1 month ago

love your profile babe, hearted x

perfekttlilly18 1 month ago

Hello Pretty i Hearted u, can u give me back please ! Kisses Lilly

Jayla Carlino 1 month ago

love uuuu.

alerosa 1 month ago

I was a member for 3 months with access to all your vids, any chance you can give me the Levis 501 vid? Seems to be very hot!!!!!!! :O

hissam19 1 month ago

i love this video i make skype wiyh 19 april

Sparkling_Light 2 months ago

Always love this one bb!

GODDESS EROS 2 months ago

Just hearted you!

bha333 2 months ago

hi.....will u be back on MFC

KissMe 2 months ago

Hello gorgeous! Hearted you :)

Leila LeRue 2 months ago

Hey Im a fellow model here and webcam model from Montreal. I am a huge fan of yours and would love to have an opportunity to do a video with you. xxo

hades123 2 months ago


tinytwat 2 months ago

Thank you :)

Robin Banxx 3 months ago

hey bb :3 hope youre doing well thanks for hearting my profile xx

Neyaasweety 3 months ago

Hearted you thanks for the referral

FoxyCrown 3 months ago

Hearted you darling, pls heart me back :)

MsShynie 3 months ago

Hey hun I won us both Victoria Secret gift cards from ModelCentro on twitter ... I need your email so they can send it to you. #MsShynie

maxbon 3 months ago

happy valentine's day

Sparkling_Light 4 months ago

Hi Bella! Your my number 1 babe! Big fan of you! :)

maxbon 4 months ago

ciao, you are very beautiful and very sexy!...I like the video where you make strip tease and show your beautiful body! have an happy week!

Reggie1time 4 months ago

U are a Goddess

hissam19 5 months ago

i can send 1000$ on bank by western union , idont have visa to make skype 10 miniute

Dollie Darko 6 months ago

Hi Bella! You met me in NYC. A few months ago and mentioned manyvids to me.. So here I am! Just uploaded a few! Thanks

hissam19 7 months ago

all videso are very sexy

Bella French 7 months ago

SO much love TY GUYS!!!! Sending you all my love xox

hissam19 7 months ago

i love sexy

NinaBiaggi 8 months ago

Thanks for the love beautiful! :)

Immortal 8 months ago

Love you profile

Kelly Belle 9 months ago

Thanks for introducing me to ManyVids. You're such an inspiration.

AlluringAli25 9 months ago

You are so beautiful! I have such a girl crush on you! :D

Immortal 9 months ago

Your vids are amazing!

MattPi 10 months ago

Hey there sexy nerd. J'éspère que t'as passer du bon temps à New York. I just wanted to know when I'll get that 15 min custom B/G scene vid I won two weeks back. :)

Ms. Tittie 10 months ago

Awe thank you XOXO

MattPi 10 months ago

Bonne St-Jean la bella Bella ! Voici est un tit Haiku pour vous: Meet miss Bella French You'll ne'er find a warrior That is hornier

Oouuoo 11 months ago

You're very beautiful breasts sexs and seduces me

Oouuoo 11 months ago


Bella French 1 year ago

ty my love yes I remember xox

Robert Chase 1 year ago

Hope you remember me...

Robert Chase 1 year ago

Beautiful boobs,perfect ass and sexy curves...nice combination

2013 Best New Cam Model - Playboy & Score Model.

I am a naughty girl that loves to have fun! I am very passionate about fitness, nutrition & sex. I love my fans soooooo fucking much, you guys are the best!

Big Kisses

Bella xxx

Webcam Model Model

27 1987-10-11


White / Caucasian

Canadian Canada


French English


Platinum Blonde


40" 25" 40"

Saline 32H 1200cc

5'8" or 173 cm

125 lbs

Athletic & Toned