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Luna Roux

EnglandUnited Kingdom Joined July 2015
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Luna Roux

British / England
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Luna Roux

British / England
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AKGINGERSNAPS deleted Aug 11

Amazing :)

Hello Luna! Congratulations for winning the "Best Photo" but that was clearly unfair, your photo was the best but you won only $50 just because you didnt have enough votes. While all 3 photos were so horrible, I dont know how they could let them win.

pleas open your shop *.*

you are one hell of a woman, not for the weak of heart for sure.

lisa235 Mar 10

can you make a smoking clip with cigarette licking before light up

war1003 Dec 23

Thanks for offering the free vid. It was great. Enjoyed it very much.


i'm very interested To have a Very good session in Skype with You. Just contact me, i have To ask some question before purchase. tnks

moresco74 Sep 15 2016

i love you in pov blowjob style

Freshie Juice Aug 23 2016

your red mistress video looks so beautiful!

beautiful lady

DestinyDiaz May 13 2016

hello lovely!! please add my snapchat @ddestiny_diaz ***

warewolf123 Apr 2 2016

hi... how are you i want to ask you  about something ..plz message me at my message mail box or at my email address

Mrsack1972 Mar 28 2016

Sent you two paid votes earlier in the month. Never saw the pm for vid choices. If i could please get the Wednesday Addams dildo vid and the Working Late vid. Thank you and good luck to all three of you ladies.

ssamber deleted Feb 12 2016

Hi girl! You are very sexy! Love your profile! I gave you a bunch of hearts on your vids. Was wondering if you could return the favor <3 Happy Valentines!

AdalynnX Jan 31 2016

I love your videos! Left you some love sexy!!! XOXOXO ~AdalynnX~

SadisticWizard deleted Dec 22 2015

Clicked all your hearts. :)

Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 14 2015

hey love lets do a video together

WillyWanker Dec 9 2015

Up & Cumming Entrepreneur!

WillyWanker Dec 9 2015

Amazing Performer!

ArtemisMoon Dec 8 2015

hello, you wonderful, amazing, beautiful babe! I left you lots of hearts. hope you are well!

kimawesome Nov 18 2015

Wow you are so gorgeous. much love

It_aint_me_babe Nov 17 2015

Oh Luna, just watched your Wednesday Adams video. I'm pleased you made this a standalone purchase as It was fantastic you look great on cam and I very much look forward to seeing anything else with a gothic twist you do. Regards, IAMB.

Tyfhoon Oct 31 2015

Dear Luna,
I've been a fan of you for almost a year now. Watched you on MFC quite a lot, but never actually bought any tokens or anything because i didn't had the money. Then i saw on twitter that you were doing this halloween contest! And just had to donate :D! $50 for all your vids...? That's just way too good of a deal haha.

Anyway, I am so glad that i can contribute to you, you are such a wonderfull person, and i wish you all the best for the future! Just keep doing what you are doing, and you will be fine in the end ;)!
Here's to hoping you will win this!!

ElJefeTX Oct 27 2015

This is Jefe_Biscuit from MFC. Good luck in the contest!

micktroma Oct 26 2015

good luck Luna!! :)

micktroma Oct 25 2015

what a babe *sighs until lungs are empty and passes out

Lossow Oct 24 2015

Sexy, cute, glamourous, gorgeous and a great personality. What more could you want?

Cheeeeesecake Oct 23 2015

Top videos from a top girl...

tutunaku Oct 22 2015

Left some working class hearts for you ;)

Fianna Noire Oct 18 2015

Left you some hearts!

LouiseThirteen Oct 9 2015

You are a fucking absolute doll

deleted_4ever deleted Oct 9 2015

Hi gorgeous! I left u some hearts , please return me back some love too xo xo

tinyhighelf Oct 6 2015

gave you lots of hearts

Cattie Sep 27 2015

Left you hearts! xoxo

AnnaBaker deleted Sep 27 2015

Hi there you sexy redhead!! Left you some love Xx

WillysBlues Sep 21 2015

Excellent Videos!
WillysBlues -MFC
aka @Goettmann - Twitter

SubmissiveLexi Sep 20 2015

Left you some hearts sexy girl!

Epiphany666cb Sep 14 2015

left you some love xx

Brenda_IceMFC Aug 26 2015

Hi! I left you some hearts:)

Vivian Sweets Aug 21 2015

Left you some love

Johnygogo Aug 19 2015

Love your profile :) got yourself a new fan here :) xx

Just coming by to give your profile hearts. You know what to do in return.

LucidPhoenixxx Aug 3 2015

Also i left you some hearts :P

LucidPhoenixxx Aug 3 2015

Hi Luna :) you're gorgeous

Teddy Adair
Teddy Adair deleted Aug 2 2015

so stunning xxx

TROGLODITE Jul 31 2015

beautiful british redhead

oruonam Jul 21 2015

do you do custom video please !!!!

orphiasbdl Jul 21 2015

One very sexy young lady. Are you only doing solo content Luna ?

Gliftel Jul 20 2015

Looking good Luna, both you and the profile :)

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I'm Luna, a posh little redhead from England, UK and I make filthy porn videos and get naked online for you.

Don't be fooled by the accent, I most certainly am NOT a good girl (as you'll see in 0.02 seconds of watching me I'm sure)

I've been a cam girl and a clip model since February 2014 and I'm insanely grateful to all of my fans and followers for helping me to achieve some pretty awesome things!

Join me on cam for laid back sexy time, strip tease and orgasms


Webcam Model


1995-05-28 (22)





White / Caucasian


British United Kingdom

Lives in




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32" 24" 32"

Breast Size

Natural 32A


5'7" or 170 cm


115 lbs

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