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Portuguese Portugal

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English Portugese Spanish



Hair Color

Dark Brown

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6'0" or 183 cm



Recent Reviews

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And another ONE ! another 5 star video by my girl R.M. loved the way she was looking in this video Extra sexy with that school girl outfit on also reds my favorite color btw , She started off with the glass toy play witch was very nice , she then switched it up with that a dildo pounding , she got real orgasmic with it , Another big A+ this video got is that it was unmuted so i could hear everything unlike some of her other vids ... actually Her pwussy sounded so nice wet and juicy that i bet she was fantasizing & thinking about me the whole time LOL

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Oh Lord "Drake Voice" this videos got it all !!! , As if i weren't already in love with her well know shes convincing me to wife her LoL , the video was so good it made me come in like the 10th minute i didn't even finish watching it but im pretty sure the ending is spectacular, i was so horny at parts she even made me curl my toes up no lie Lmao , but yea this video's pretty much for everyone she has nice tatts a beautiful face , great tits a pretty lil pwussy and shes got a cute lil but hole witch id most likely eat like groceries. Overall a perfect video , come on guys this ones a must BUY !!!

RefereeCream Feb 24 2016
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This is what i call a buzzer beater LOL cause i cummed right when the video ended LOL anyway it was an amazing video loved everything about it since i love it when girls cream , my girl R.M. looked great as always , loved how she was penetrating that pwussy with her dildo , if you wanna cum good like i did then buy this video !

Rabbit Holes Jan 31 2016
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Completely loved the video , very nice fishnet she has on , her tits are so nice round and juicy , shes definitely got a million dolla $$$ pussy i could literally eat it for days ! only negative is that it was on mute so i couldn't hear her moan or breath but other than that excellent video !!!

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Simply Amazing if it had an option for 6 stars i would definitely choose it , i have only watched the video twice but every time i watch it i cum in under 3 minutes !!!

Melanie Biche Feb 11 2017

thanks for your nice comment Kevin. It just makes me wet for make a new video soon :A:A:A

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"WHAT DAT MOUTH DO ?" welp get ready to find out... like you'll literally see what dat mouth do once you see this vid like bruh her throat game crazy !!! Her pussy fuckin & cummin game was on fleak too , overall excellent video

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Well hmmm where do i start... i was really expecting a great video but it was just ok , Ramona did good in the video but the guy just seemed lazy i actually would have preferred for the other guy to be in this video. I was so distracted by the guys Pokemon tattoos that i couldn't even cum LoL . I also would have liked to seen more missionary maybe even with Ramona's boobs out i actually don't even remember seeing Ramona's boobs in this one, also while in missionary pov it would have been better that the camera had been zoomed out so the camera could capture all of her and not just stayed focus on her butthole & pussy , btw my favorite part was probably when he fingered Ramona and his fingers came out all wet & creamy and gooey LoL , the outfit Ramona wore was great she looked beautiful loved her heels , also the price is fine with me but i really expected a little something better for 25$ bucks , if you really want the video than yea i suggest you buy it but if your still skeptical about it than just don't.

Pink n Purple Jan 31 2016
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Another marvelous video from my girl R.B. she literally blew my socks off when i started seeing cream on that glass dildo LoL , I could tell she was getting really orgasmic with that wireless wand whenever shed moan or make that uumm sound LoL it was great , overall a great video i really recommend it to everyone , i loved her outfit and she looked amazing as always !

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Loved this video , i can actually hear her moaning at times , pussy looks very nice and succulent , love the dildo stimulation , this video definitely is worth getting great quality and great price whats not to love

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Im usually not into anal but when it comes to my beautiful ghee i have to cop every video ! my boy the weeknd was playin in the background shout out to him , but back to the vid... loved ghee's tiny cute little butt hole i would eat that thing like groceries like jhene aiko says LOL , loved how she oiled that thang up , the toy play was great ! i havent even finished seeing the whole video but im sure the rest is great , if your into anal then purchase the vid !

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Amazing simply amazing ! with out a doubt one of the best vids on the site ! ghee's pussy was so creamy just how i like it LoL , wish i could have seen more missionary and also while in missionary the camera was moving up so it was sort of hard to see but its all cool loved the vid overall , so if you get a chance go ahead and buy it , it's completely worth it !

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OMG what beautiful succulent toes ghee has i wish i could stick em in my mouth LOL , just thinking about ghee makes my mouth watery , theres not much nudity in this one but what a tease she is ! Loved the heels although i prefer the ones she wore in her pole video but its all cool , if your into feet , heels , & pretty toes , then this video is for YOU !

A wet pvt Dec 18 2015
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Have literally never came this quick for someone ever ! but Georghee currently holds the record for making me cum in under 2 minutes with this video LOL , the video got an overall score of 5.0 , 5 stars ★ in each category and even deserves a gold medal or gold award LOL i still cant get that noise out of my head from when shes fingering that juicy sweet pwussy LOL , the only thing missing was some sexy stripper heels but other than that the video exceeded my expectations. theirs nothing to think about guys BUY THE VIDEO !

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Amazing video , a bit short but reasonable for the price , loved the heels although i wished she masturbated in them but its all cool, one of my favorite videos on the site , overall a 5 ★ star video !!! you should definitely purchase it !

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She looked amazing in those heels although i wish she would have took off the stockings and just wore the heels like that cause i would have love to seen her feet yall know i really love feet LoL but yea i love her tatts they really compliment her soft beautiful face her hair color is dope also , and yea that dildo play was crazy i could tell she was super nice & wet since that pwussy sounded like mac & cheese LoL btw i loved that little drip of cream coming down off her pussy it looked delicious LoL P.S. i would get your other vid of you wearing these heels but im not really into b/g vids so Elizabeth if your reading this id love to see more vids of you masturbating while wearing these heels also while showing off your feet cause im sure they're cute LoL

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Lets start off by saying that... "Frankie" is one lucky son of a bitch if i had Lucy i wouldn't even let her sleep id just be like
"Pour up (smash), head shot (smash)
Sit down (smash), stand up (smash)
Pass out (smash), wake up (smash)
Faded (smash), faded (smash)" yea so basically what that means is that id be fuckin that sweet pwussy up 24/7 btw shout out to my boy kendrick lamar ! lol but yea when i pushed play in the video and i saw those sensational stretch marks literally chills ran down my body i mean y'all don't know how much i love stretch marks other than a girl in stripper heels stretch marks are my #1 weakness , but anyway yea this video is a must see for everyone i really recommend it to everyone and i cant wait to see what else Lucy's got for me...

CandySex deleted Jul 25 2016

Thank u pretty ! Kisses

●●●●● Read Review

LITTLEMISSELLE aint nothing little about her except that tiny waist cause datt ass and dem titties are poppin , ok back to the video... i loved her hair color and the heels and the dildo play was great the length was good too so whats not to like this videos got it all...

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Like literally when i say white girls are evolving Laci is a prime example of that , OMG i would devour that ass until i would get dehydrated lol i could literally WAKE & SMASH i would just use that ass as a pillow and go in raw whenever id wake up but yea great video loved her lovely red nails and that pwussy looked so deliciously succulent lol its a must watch !!!

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MMMMMM i cant really describe how nice Naomi's body is i would literally smash for 24 hours straight if possible LOL but great video + i can finally get her snapchat

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Nice vid although i wish she would have worn those beautiful heels for the whole video...

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Lovely pussy id definitely eat it & smash afterwords...

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Great video love her ass and i really like her bikini...

Square Red Toes Jun 14 2016
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OH MY !!! I swear if Ashley was my girl id be hittin that thang endlessly in the kitchen , in the garage , on top of laundry machines etc. but let me get into the video... ok as some of you guys may know i freaking love toes/feet so this one was a no brainier i had to get it ! I really can't put it into words how much i enjoyed this vid , Ashley's feet are PERFECT zero flaws i could just have them in my mouth for hours lol ! and the dildo play was a sweet surprise that i really enjoyed & the cherry on top were her sweet red toes witch were my favorite color , i absolutely loved everything about this video , i definitely recommend it to everyone !!!

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As some of y'all may know im really not an anal fan BUT when it comes to Miss Noir id eat that thang for breakfast , lunch , and Dinner ! if Mr Noir isn't eating it at least once a day then hes got problems lol , She's a perfect example of white girls evolving and having a rounder juicer booty , its also the little things that count such as her feet and her toe nails i absolutely loved how she got them done , but yea overall the video was great and i recommend it to all anal lovers , Also Miss Noir i really recommend doing a video next time similar to this one but with pussy play also while wearing those stripper heels , that would be a hot seller atleast id totally BUY IT !!!

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Great short vid , instantly fell in love with her accent and her body ! theres just an infinite amount of things i could do with her

Wet Heels Feb 24 2016
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She looked amazing in the heels loved em also loved her red panties overall great free vid !

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As yall know i love a women in stripper heels so this one was a must cop ! i liked the outfit Ramona had on but i wished she would have taken off those panties they were kinda in the way at times , also the heels looked great on her but i wish i could have seen more of them and gotten closeups of her feet & stuff but anyways it is what it is , if your into heels then i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this video.

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Loved ❤️ Bella's video it's got Bad Bitches & Big Boobs what more can a Brotha ask for ? 5 ★ star video !!!

6 Toy Anal Video Jan 31 2016
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I absolutely love redheads , and Amba is a perfect example of a redhead , too bad you really cant see her red hair or beautiful gentle face in this vid, btw amba has such a pretty pwussy its SENSATIONAL "FUTURE VOICE" , this video mostly has anal and anal gaping etc like stated in the title although she dose stimulate her sweet pwussy with her wand , so if your in to all that than this video is perfect for you

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Gold all in my chain Gold all in my ring Gold all in my watch LoL i Loved the part when she was getting flexible and showing that pussy great video !

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She creams real nicely dont know if it was real or not but if your into that than you'll like this video

●●●●● Read Review

ALL i can say is MMM all thats missing is a slice of wonder bread and id eat her up as if i were a hungry bear LoL id literally lick all her cracks and crevasses till there wasn't any Hershey's caramel left LoL but anyway s/o to my boy the weeknd playing in the background overall a great video !