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Felicia Vox

2018 Cosplayer of the Year Finalist | Vote for me for Best Cosplay Cam Model at bit.ly/votefelicia

the payload United States Joined July 2015
LoveMV57 Apr 14

I'm new here  on MV,see your profile page and have to give you all the <3<3<3you can get:)Like you :x

PAID VOTE REWARDS FOR THE Crafty Fantasy Sex Doll contest: 
$5: custom fan sign (normally $10)
$10: any solo video (excl. 4K available videos) / any photo set
$20: any video / lifetime premium snapchat (normally $52)
$30: any pair of panties in my store with cum, bag, and photo included (normally ~$45) / any 2 videos
$50: Vox Box (see this item in my store for details; normally $110) / Vox Juice (see this item in my store for details; normally $70)
$100: 30 minute hangout skype session (normally not offered) / add on 5 more minutes to your custom video (must have purchased $350 vote first)
$150: all photo sets + lifetime premium snapchat
$200: 30 minute sexual skype session (normally not offered) / add on 10 more minutes to your custom video (must have purchased $350 vote first)
$250: all of my videos (normally not available)

$300: all of my videos and all photo sets (normally ~$500)
$350: custom video (10 minutes; to add more time, see the $100/$200 votes; normally ~$1k+)

If I win the doll, I'll send my top 5 paid voters my next 5 HD videos for FREE!
Highest paid voter will receive my next 10 videos and 10 photo sets for FREE!

Just saw your MV Takeover and man that was awesome! I feel bad that I didn't have any money or tokens to tip though. Hopefully next time I can show you a little more love other than conversation starters. Have a good night and good luck with any future projects!

Thank you so much for hanging out! I really appreciate it <3

Hi can you message me ? I am very interested in talking to you about your texting package

Want to fuck?

I'm not an escort and I only fuck my boyfriend.

Hiya! I recently bought your Mercy JOI video but am having issues getting it to play? I plays for a momemt but then just loads and won't continue playing. I plan on buying more content in the future but I just hope that ill be able to watch it. Either way I hope you see this and respond! I do love your cosplay too, it is amazing!

Thank you! I’ll DM you now about this

Love left, thanks for the visit!

abe7700 Feb 26

Hi. I want to buy one of your 4k videos, but I don't see the "4K upgrade item" in your store. How would I go about completing this. Also, do you plan on making 4k videos that aren't cosplay? Regardless, can't wait to see how amazing you'll look on my 32inch 4k monitor lol. I wish other models took the emphasis on creating 4k quality content like yourself.

I can't reorder my store items because MV doesn't give us that option unfortunately, but here's a direct link to it. You have to keep scrolling down in my store items to find it. I appreciate it though! www.manyvids.com/StoreItem/117556/4K-Video-Upgrade/

Idk if I'll be making any out of cosplay at the moment, but I might be soon ~

You are amazing🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻I IOve  your cosplay pics

Well Hello there ;P,

Thanks for the love, gave you some lovin back ;) Feel free to DM anytime for a quick chat about your store items. :)


Hi Felicia Vox , thank you very much  for stopping by my profile and giving me some love :) I am stopping by your profile to give you love <3

ph1x2_ Feb 16

can you message me about your prem snapchat i do have 1-2 questions :)

Some love for one sexy mama! <3<3:x

SheenaR Jan 16

Thank you for the love xoxo You're so gorgeous

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Petite half Italian, half Korean gamer with cute boobs & a tight ass. I have 4 tattoos & I'm a hardcore video game lover! I love to cosplay and even make most of my own costumes/props! Cosplay porn is my specialty~ Custom vid commissions are OPEN

Tags: solo ♡ b/g ♡ fetish ♡ public ♡ joi ♡ blowjobs ♡ cosplay ♡ pov ♡ penetration ♡ findom ♡ financial domination ♡ femdom ♡ female dominaton ♡ goddess ♡ asian ♡ panties ♡ anal ♡ squirt ♡ facial ♡ roleplay ♡ dirty talk ♡ creampie ♡ feet ♡ panties ♡


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1993-02-11 (25)










American United States

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the payload


English Some Korean


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34" 24" 36"

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Natural 34B


5'2" or 157 cm


100 lbs

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Felicia Vox P.O. Box 460909 Denver, CO 80246

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