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You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

Aww, thank you very much!

You are! ***

Your feet are so cute tiny :D

Thank you 😄

JustMxe deleted Jun 28

Hey Its MaxxoBlaze1 it wont let me log into that account but I still want to skype at that timw please


jonnyp90 deleted Jun 17

Just bought corn cob vid, the most delicious cutest hairy pussy ever!!!  JP

Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it 😄

hi! awesome vids


Hi how are you doing today! Nice videos

Hello, and thank you!

Hey Zander; would you please message me regarding a custom video I purchased from you? Really important.

Message sent!

Left hearts on your profile 💋

Hearted back! (@)

Thank youuuuu 💗

Heya, Zander! It's cc. You are fantastic, glad to see you on MV.

Hi there! Thank you so much (@)

Any plans for anal?

I have currently have one butt plug video, and probably will eventually will make another... anal isn't much of my thing, at least for now, sorry!

ToneyStarks deleted Jan 25

love your work.. showing love..

I was blessed with amazing private Snaps as a thank-you gift for a paid vote toward getting Zander an MV Award - and it was so, so worth it. If you are already a for-life subscriber on Snapchat, you should really jump on that offer while you can.

I'll be in my bunk.


Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 Please keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and I hope you have a Very Successful and Orgasmic 2017 sexi mami :cock::W:facial: it would be an HONOR to work with you one day  :A

Thank you so much (@)<3***

Dear Zander,
Thanks again for the bundle! I can't wait to go through all the vids and will gladly give reviews and comments.

I realize we've basically only talked business so far, so I just wanted to note that you are absolutely breathtaking. Everything about you - your body, your hair, your style, your facial expressions - is simply wonderful. It's amazing to find a performer who so perfectly tickles me where I want to be tickled, so to speak. ;)

I'm happy to be able to support your work. <3

Thank you so much for the very kind compliments!! I'm glad to have such lovely fans as you <3***

Hi Zanderstorm! Just curious if you plan on posting any new vids soon or if you're taking a break? I was looking forward to some updates but noticed there haven't been any for a bit.

Hi there! This is an old post but I'm just now noticing all these posts on my wall that I'd never seen! At that time you posted, I was taking a bit of a break, but I keep trying to make and upload new content regularly (@)

I think you would make a hot Daddys Girl vid!!!!

That's definitely on my to-do list!

MechaMike Sep 4 2016

Hi there, you're beautiful ;) <3

Thank you!! (@)<3

Rockhard69 Jul 6 2016

Nice labia. x

Thank you (@)

OmegaRuby Jun 9 2016

Love that Bad Dragon cum video you made. Left a nice reveiw

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! (@)

You're welcome! Keep at it ^_^

ChibiMoony deleted May 16 2016

Left to some hearts, feel free to check my profile out and leave me some to!💋

babygirl2387 deleted May 5 2016

Hey! I just wanted to leave your page some love <3

Roxielynn deleted Mar 15 2016

Hearted you❤️❤️

StanSanDiego Feb 15 2016

if i buy a video I only get to download it 3 times? sorry im new

taymade1991 Dec 3 2015

Left you some heart love if you can return would be much appreciated thanks :-)

i left you some hearts i hope you can leave some in return!!

Bobomega Dec 1 2015

what can I say, your sale was really good :D

Zak2015 Nov 21 2015

Your hair! so awesome

came to share some heart! Hope you do the same xx much love Hun

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