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Here Annabelle gives a very sweet blowjob. This is an amateur blowjob, and you can see her work on it with a lovely dedication. The deep-throating in particular is awesome. Her friend is a lucky guy!

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This is a truly outstanding video by Kitten Marie! She does everything as in the description, all very well. I especially like how her movements are unsure when touching herself, as if it was her first try for real! What is not in the description, is that towards the end Cinderella begins to enjoy it and rubs herself furiously (but still in a very cute I-ve-never-done-this-before-way), while still not truly letting her princess attitude go. A real little gem. I can't wait for part 2!

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Nice little teasing video. Andreza has a very beautiful body, even though she is slim: in fact her legs are more "long" than "big" (see the tags), and her ass is nice but not really "big". This said, the video is very nicely done and the dance/strip tease is really erotic.

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What an outstanding strip tease!! PorcelinPunkk slowly strips (as you ordered her to), and comments each step with a confident, lustful voice. And she can be confident for sure: you'll be literally enthralled by her slow dirty talk! Then she bends over (you ordered her to) and shows you her pretty ass, pussy, and legs as she counts slowly. Honestly, if you touch yourself even just slightly, you'll cum immediately! An absolute must-see!!

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This is a very sensual masturbation video! This beautiful girl is on the floor in her room at the end of her bed, and masturbates, pointing her camera to the mirror. There is a very intimate atmosphere to the video, as if she did that as a surprise to her boyfriend, on a day she felt particularly horny. Let's hope we'll see more from her!!

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Wow! This year Santa is not only a slut, she's also the prettiest of all sluts! She shows you her perfectly curvy body and she's craving for being caressed here and there. Catpaws is totally right in the description: this video came out very well, and it is really worth the price!

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Insanely hot video! Lizrose plays the shy (but slutty) schoolgirl to the perfection. The dirty talk, in particular is top notch! Also, Liz's body is just smokin hot!! Note that the video is 480p only, but apart from that, it is a must see!

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NataliePotter tries to read a comic book while masturbating... I don't think you'd succeed either, especially if you're masturbating to her videos :) As she gets herself horny, you can see she is les and less into the reading (and at the end, there is a sweet surprise with the hammer :) ). An awesome combination a sexiness and nerdiness!!

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Malunaa delivers another outstanding show! This one is halloween-themed. The cosplay is perfect (sexy-est demon ever!!) The description mentions sexual energy: you won't be disappointed! After a short (both scary and cute) introduction, this demon will touch herself in an expert way. Her pussy is reacting to the caresses with pulses of pleasure, as if endowed with a life of its own! Wow!! Do not miss out on this one!

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What a show! Malunaa does two things she is brilliant at: erotic dancing and masturbation. As in her other dancing videos, the dance is incredibly sexy. The masturbation part is the longest of the two, and you're on for quite a ride there: Malunaa masturbates and edges while begging her master to let her cum, as her pussy oozes juices and pulsates desperately (you get to see this for more than ten wonderful minutes!) Actually, my suggestion is to do just the same: try to edge until the end :)

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Here, Annabelle shows her new schoolgirl outfit by playing the role of the girlfriend you've ever dreamed of! She in the bathroom and she is so horny she has to masturbate. The dirty talk is incredible, as is the cosplay. Check this one out!!

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A very sweet amateur masturbation video. In a first part, you mostly see Jennabby22's pussy closeup and part of her legs, but also her face and breasts in the background. Then she crouches and you can see her beautiful ass as she fingers her asshole. At the end, she humps her pillow. Throughout the video, she moans in a very sexy way. Great amateur video!

Little intro Jul 24 2016
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Nice little intro video. Daddys little monster just says a few words on herself, and you can tell she is a little nervous which, for some reason is very sexy.

Thanks handsome 😘

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Wow!! In this video, Sasha V is on the porch, showing herself to the neighbourhood, and commenting what she sees (so... neighbors, construction worked, a couple cuddling). Her roommates stay with her for a short while. At the end, she masturbates. None of this seems to be done on purpose. This results in an amazing video!! At the end, you are even a little concerned that she will get in trouble with her neighbours. If you like exhibitionism, get this one right now!

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A very sweet masturbation video. You get the best possible view on Catpaws inviting hairy pussy (which you can see pulse slightly when she fucks herself, and also after the orgasm). She doesn't speak aloud but whispers "oh my god!" (which contributes to give a feeling that this display of horniness is not really allowed), and after the orgasm, she laughs silently. Good job Catpaws!

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Wow! There is a lot of sexual energy here that you never get to see in professional videos (see the video preview, which shows a part of the orgasm). So, this is indeed an amateur video, in all the possible ways (not polished). In the first part, she strips to Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey (very good choice!) and then she masturbates in a raw, and true way.

Cara Phernelia Jul 9 2016

Omg, thank you!

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A very sweet video by Catpaws, where she tries to cum by rubbing herself on a mattress. She first strip from her tank top (and you can admire her wonderfully curvy body - perfect if you like curvy women but not excessively so). Then she gags herself and moves on to this rubbing business. She moans in a very cute way. Also, you get plenty of time to admire her perfect breasts. This kind of videos (corner humping) is rather rare and this is a very sexy example of it!

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There are two parts in this video: first she is standing in your room, teasing you (and insulting you is part of the teasing - so be warned, this role play is not on the softer side!) Then she is in her room and play with herself. The dirty talking is great if you like this kind of role play on the harder side. The cosplay is very convincing, as is the actress. On the downside, the video quality is just average (480p), and in the first part, the sound is slightly desynchronized.

Thank you so much! It's important to note ManyVids uploads videos in 480p, I didn't know this until you posted your review because all my videos are 720-1080p, so when I read it I got concerned and checked their FAQ. I'll update my video descriptions accordingly, cause that does suck you don't get the full quality I had intended. But all the same: thank you so much for the glowing review and I'm very glad you liked it!

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Another great spontaneous video by Annabelle bestia. It is just as if you were in her room this morning to see her masturbate. The view, at the end of the video is just great (you can see her lovely face between her legs, and her cummy pussy)! A must see if you like amateur videos!

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This is seriously one of the best amateur masturbation/orgasm videos around! There is more content than what the description tells you: some ass shaking, she fucks herself with a pen, asshole gaping... And the orgasm at the end is awesome! This is also a video where you can see a lot of Baby Bee's wonderful body. Recommended, especially if you like amateur videos!

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Another incredible public video by Andreza. In this one, she first flashes parts of her (awesome!) body while cars pass by. There is no way drivers could have missed her! This is very exciting! Then, even though some people may have spotted her, she strips completely naked! There is a funny moment when she runs back as a car is heard coming. An outstanding exhibitionism video by Andreza! Also check her other videos of this kind, most of them are as good as this one!

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Wow! Andreza is not just amazingly beautiful, she is also fearless!! There is a very pleasurable tension here between her nervousness and her boldness! You hear the cars passing by (so this is not a road without cars). She even seems to flash one of them!! This is one outstanding exhibitionist performance.

misssweetteen May 28 2016

Thanks :H:Hyes I was with afraid. ^.^

Oil show Apr 24 2016
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A very nice video by Andreza. Her body (natural!) is beyond words, and you can get very nice views on it. In fact, an oil show is almost the best way to do that, so... Wow! This makes it really worth the purchase. One only downside: this is 1080p, seemingly resized from 720p and you can see it which is a little disturbing (I think the native 720p would have been better in fact).

misssweetteen May 5 2016

Thank you,<3 I had to edit the video quality, my internet is slow it takes 2 hours to send a video :)

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This video is oustanding! On a rainy day, Andreza goes in a public stadium and masturbates there, although there are people around (some - two in the other end of the bleachers and others home next to the field). You can feel she is apprehensive, but she does it anyway, trying to conceal herself. This, plus Andreza's amazing body make this video a must see!

misssweetteen May 5 2016

:*) thanks ;)

Doggy BG vid Apr 14 2016
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I am not too interested in BG scenes, but this one stands out from the rest of them, if only because LizRose is one of the cutest girls in the website, so seeing her in this situation is a real turn on.

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In this one, Catpaws tries on swimsuits, which is both very erotic (even though she never removes her panties) and pleasingly funny (she comments on the swimsuit using text subtitles and makes faces - she cannot speak as she is in a fitting room). Let's mention that when taking off one of the swimsuits, her panties almost come off too, and she puts them back on. So... the result is very original! Oh and let's not forget that Catpaws has a most attractive body (if you like women with real natural shapes), and you can see plenty of it here!

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What an show! Kitten Marie is really taking you in the situation with her wonderful acting! Recommended if you like the genre. The only downside is the video quality (the resolution changes several times during the video).

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A very refreshing video. You clearly hear other people in the bathroom. Catpaws is both amazingly sexy and funny as she makes faces as a comment to what is going on outside. The result feels very natural and personal. Also, the video quality is better than what I expected. Recommended!

Bubble Butt Jan 26 2016
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Malunaa moves her buttocks towards you in this one while masturbating, which is incredibly erotic. This view, and the perfection of her body make this an outstanding bathroom masturbation video. Recommended!

●●●●○ Read Review

This one could have been a very nice video. Hayliexo looks really pretty! Unfortunately, the video is blurry almost from start to end. It is a pity because this would otherwise have been a very good video (hence some stars anyway...)

Showering Jan 8 2016
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Malunaa first showers her body, then massages her with oil in the shower. At the end, she gets out of the shower and puts a see through dress on and dances/teases a little. Basically, you got to see her curves a lot, and they are amazing (just look at the snapshot!). Totally worth it!

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Malunaa's body and her slow dance moves are much more erotic and arousing than what you see within most harder videos out there. Another must see. I am waiting forward to other dance videos from her!

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First video of Nikki Eliot I bought. She is in a public bathroom and you can hear people around (and see the feet of one). This is very hot! Recommended also if you like plump girls with big natural breasts and an angel face (but then, I guess you also want to buy her other videos).

Red Dress Dec 12 2015
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Malunaa is, again amazing. Perhaps a little less than is some of her other videos, but then again she is incredibly talented for this. She dances slowly and you have to see this. And then she masturbates very naturally. Another must have from this amazing girl.

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What an outstanding video!! It all feels very real, as if Ava Valen wasn't playing a part, but really meaning it! You can hear how wet she is when she spanks her pussy while masturbating. She looks genuinely turned on by the roleplay! There is some dirty talking in the video. There’s a real artistic feeling to this video too: you can see her face and at times her breasts in the mirror, which is both erotic and an incredible turn on.

Highly recommended!!

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In this video Avia plays a dice game (and she shouldn't, her daddy will be upset!), that will lead her to reveal her body, and what a body!! If you like petite girls with perky pointy tits and perfectly shaped ass and thighs, you HAVE to purchase this video. She plays the little girls with a candour that'll leave you in awe. It feels just as if she actually were a little ingenuous girl filming herself doing naughty things without realizing how naughty this is. This video is a must buy! Let's hope we'll be able to see the sequel ;)

●●●●● Read Review

PorcelinPunkk delivers another outstanding show, especially if you're into submissive girls: the way she looks at the camera/you is just incredible, as is the moaning. There is intense sexual energy here (the 4 minutes long orgasm speaks by itself!!)

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Wow!! PorcelinPunkk slowly, but expertly, builds your lust for her as she puts pencils in her pussy one by one, counting them and moaning. Then, she lets her hitachi vibrator apply its ruthless vibration cycle to her erect clitoris. Outstanding!! At the end, still looking to you in the eyes, she takes the pencils out. One by one. A true masterpiece!

Playtime Feb 14 2017
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Sweet little amateur masturbation video, selfie style! You'll see that Lilybear has a great body... Let's hope we'll see more from her!

Totoro Cosplay Jan 27 2017
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Oh my god. This video is just so simple: PorcelinPunkk touching herself, showing you her pussy and cute (incredibly so) face. Yet, there is so much lust (the moaning is unbelievably sexy) and sexual energy packed here that there is no way you won't end up on your knees touching yourself to her as well!

●●●●● Read Review

Wow! This is your perfect amateur tease video!! This princess makes an outstanding horny/slutty girlfriend. There's a very real feeling to the video (you'll want to be that boyfriend :) ) Let's hope we get more from her!!

Thank you so much for your perfect review!! More videos are finally available

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Carrie masturbates with her glass dildo, but she also strips and shows her body by leaning on the bed and playing around. I especially liked how she puts her (beautiful) ass up as she teases you! Very sexy <3

shower time Dec 13 2016
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A very sexy shower video by Annabelle Bestia. Allright, there a little steam, but she wipes it off the camera, so it's really not annoying! Look at Annabelle's perfect body!! Also the video is 60fps. If you like amateur/shower videos, this one is for you :)

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A very sexy amateur shower video by CuddleKittenn. The perfect way to admire her beautiful curves :)

new cam Dec 9 2016
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Annabelle films herself in the shower with her new camera, yummy!! She first strips and then takes a shower, showing her perfect little body. If you like shower scenes or amateur videos, this is definitely for you!!

XXX-MAS Dec 8 2016
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Wow!! This christmas-styled video is nothing short of perfect. You can admire Malunaa, fucking herself in an intense display of sexual energy (when she writes "horny" in the description, she means it!!!) She pleasures herself with a virtuosity that can only be called art. I can't get enough of the sudden clapping of her pussy as she quickly pulls the dildo from it!! Make sure you get this present from under Malunaa’s christmas tree!!

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Wow! Awesome amateur masturbation video by CuddleKitten. She's insanely hot! The moaning is just so perfect. She also talks a little bit - very sexy!!

Bath time Nov 30 2016
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What a sweet amateur shower video. This girl has a smoking hot body (perfect small tits) and the tanlines make it even better!!

●●●●● Read Review

A very cute amateur masturbation video. The moaning is outstanding, and what you see of the model's body is just awesome! If you like amateur videos, this is definitely for you!

SexyAnimeNerd deleted Nov 30 2016

Thankyou for the review =) xxxx