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Miami, FLUnited States Joined August 2015

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Oral Fixation

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Trying On My New Panties

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader GFE: Panty Parade

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Turned On By Your Stare

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader JOI SPH in my red dress

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader A Beauty in Agony

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Gaming Challenge

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Unveiling My Newest Toy

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Sudsy Titty Tease

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Delicate Hands

Tiny High Elf

American / Miami, FL
loader Trippy Strippy Oil Tease

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Aviv24 Mar 11

Hey  I am interested in custom vid. can we talk about it in PM?

You are soo cute! 420 love girlie ;)

Love ur work. .showing love


Left some hearts for you beautiful

Roxi Red Nov 22

left some <3<3<3for you sexy girl :x:x

hey, check out my profile if you want to!<3i left some love <3 *dark kisses* MinaDemonic:@


Alhana Sep 4

Giving your profile<3 's and hope you find it in your sexy self to do the same in return.
Alhana Winter


Roxiemarrie deleted Jul 31

I left you hearts ❤️

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you😙🌺

Hey love! i left you some hearts & just wanted to say I love your hair color! <3 


Hi Gorgeous, sorry wasn't being rude I only just saw your wall post. Left you a lot of love back. Hope you do well. Muah!!!

left you a ton of love xo

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you :) ... Mwah

beautiful lady!

TeddyBow Jun 16

I left some hearts for you. love your colours. return the favour?

Hey sweetie jus stoped by to show you some love and hearts ;) really would like to see your face on my page :) could really use some of your ideas to help me out smooches

ChibiMoony deleted May 15

Left to some hearts, feel free to check my profile out and leave me some to!💋

Franknlily deleted May 10

Leaving you loads of hearts , hope you can heart me back :)

KissMe Apr 28

Thank you for hearting me! Left you a few hearts too! xx

Hi. How are you? I was just wondering if we can talk and work something out for a pair of your worn panties and a custom video? Please mail me at sting_the_king75@yahoo.com so we can discuss everything better. 

Kisses and huggs, 

ohfoxxxy Apr 17

I left you a lot of <3 I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

I would love to order a video of you getting tickled if that's ok : )

Hey beautiful, left you some hearts! :P(V))

Awesome videos! Left you some love :)

juiicybuns Mar 29 2016

left you some hearts <3<3<3<3

NoemiSweet Mar 29 2016

You're so pretty I can't stop leaving you hearts <3

VixenLove Mar 23 2016

Left you hearts :)

kandyanjel Mar 22 2016

Left some hearts hun :)

Princess Kisses Mar 22 2016

Hi, I feel like you're me but more successful on this site and much cuter!! I left you all the hearts I could and I'd love to follow your tumblr if you'd give me that password somehow? I just found you on accident, but I feel like you are my inspiration now. <3

Diamond Lou Mar 21 2016

Just dropped in to say hello and I left you some hearts. Please heart back :-)

sweetpair Mar 19 2016

Hi Tiny High ElfI
I gave you a bunch hearts. Hope you will do the same. Hugs :)

Foxy Sexilicious
Foxy Sexilicious deleted Mar 19 2016

Just stopping by to say Hi :x left you some <3 perhaps you can give me some ❤️ back

JaydensCandyShop deleted Mar 13 2016

Hello Stunner * I left you Loads Of Hearts. Mwah!!! Eden Adore <3<3<3<3<3 ************ xxxxx

Kattastrophic Mar 6 2016

Hearts explosion! <3

Divinna deleted Feb 27 2016

Returned the favor.(V))<3

Baby Skye Feb 5 2016

Left you lots of hearts! If you could please return the favor 💖✨💖

LovelyNia Jan 29 2016

Thank you :)

nymph_natalie Jan 19 2016

Returned the favor... albeit a little bit late. ;)

Tiny High Elf Jan 20 2016

Thanks so much!

LouiseDelightful Jan 17 2016

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you ... Mwah

Your_PERV deleted Jan 7 2016

Hey sexy face. Returned the love!

Tiny High Elf Jan 20 2016

Thank you!

LittleTabby Jan 5 2016

Aren't you beautiful!! You deserve all the hearts from all the people. X

Tiny High Elf Jan 5 2016

Awe omg thank you!

Violet Dusk Jan 4 2016

Left you all the hearts gorgeous!! Mwah!

Tiny High Elf Jan 5 2016

Thank you so much qt pie~!!

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Hello! My name is Adrienne- I'm a 24 yr old agender puppy/slave.

I work full time as an eCommerce admin and film porn on the side for my own enjoyment. ♡

I'm also a model on GodsGirls; you can find me on there as Adrienne.

I am currently taking a break from sex work, but expect to begin filming content around the end of 2016, so stay tuned! If you want to keep up with me while I'm away, you can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram under the handle "tinyhighelf".


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