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Scottsdale,ArizonaUnited States Joined July 2014
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American / Scottsdale,Arizona
loader Cumshow with the Windows Open


American / Scottsdale,Arizona
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American / Scottsdale,Arizona
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jruttz Oct 25

would you ever bundle your femdom style videos together miss

Longdicc98 deleted Sep 28

I want to join in

I think we can all agree that you and your hubby should make a threesom video until then keep up the great work

RainiJo Aug 22

Left you a heart! You have so many videos! I'm still pretty new, check out my profile, any tips? :)<3<3

Hey girl.. hearted you sexy<3Check me out when you get a chance XXX Jessica

Good morning Ginger!
Thanks for being so awesome! :D

If I was to purchase your snapchat would we be able to chat. Do you talk to members? How often do you post?

What's your snapchat?

Stopping by to leave you some hearts ♡

You are unbelieveable. Perfection! 😍

Stopping by to leave you hearts! Love your videos keep it up :A

Saw you on periscope, gave you and your sister some votes!

Bgdck7 Jun 19

Do you make a costum video also ??

Thank you for the warm words and the support you have given me my friend I hope we can be for a long time i used to be the number one on hear but that not me anymore but I hope to help out again one day but I hope what I can give you is help full my sweet and sexy girl I are you I wanted to ask is your double trouble partner is she your sister hunny or is it because she a really good friend and you call her sister just wanted to give the same thank you xxx Angelus hunter Conner :x;):A<3

so beautiful and sexy

Just donated $5 to you and your sis. Good luck in the contest!

TheGoldenAngels deleted Jun 10

:P Cheers!

showed some love to your page , hope youll do the same for me :) xoxoxoxox love ur content

foryyy deleted May 16

Left you Lots of Love :x :x

Thanks so much for u congratulations, i wish u a great day GingerBanks and send u a lot of Kisses. Lilly :x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x

babygirl2387 deleted May 5

Hey! I just wanted to leave your page some love <3

just voted!

I voted for you my beautiful friend.:-)

Call Ginger call my beautiful sweetheart

Just voted. 
Sc ? :)

Can I get added on SnapChat?  I bought a 3 months sub to your chanel.  my name is hmongfob.  thanks!

where can i get custom video?! 


homietuna deleted Apr 10

I like ur pictures so beautiful and sexy...keep up the good work bae... 💯

Doorley69 deleted Mar 16

Hey I purchased your lifetime snapxhat like a week ago. Username is doorman412

Hey there I purchased your membership wondering if I get the snapchat also.. Thanks :)

Warmest greetings to you Ginger, we are a team of writers (& specialize also in social media) who have a network of webcam models and friends in the adult entertainment industry. We mostly have been assisting models via twitter/instagram. However we would like to about being involved with ManyVids. Could we send you an email or DM on twitter/Instagram? Thanks so much Ginger =)

Left you some hearts on your profile!

TheT4ter Feb 20

Best MV girl I've found so far! Love all your stuff.

wow youre so beautiful! new here and just checking out your lovely page, leave you some hearts greetings from holland !! kimberley blaze

Hey there, thanks again for showing us some love(: We're just now starting to explore MV a bit more and figured we had to stop by and leave some hearts. Your page is awesome, hope you're having a wonderful new year so far! ❤️

I just discovered you dear =o) I left you my hearts and a vote! You are so cute and seem so fun ^-^

Ordered your POV car blowjob clip. I liked how you sucked his cock so hard and fast. All of your blowjob vids should have that same intensity especially at the end when you blew him so hard he exploded an oral creampie in your mouth..that was so hot. I want more intense blowjob clips like that please!!

I love to watch you give blowjobs. Keep it up. I also LOVE that ass clapping thing you do.

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you

Can you please make a video where your fucked fully clothed and cream

You give me the best nuts Ever. Wish you could take my virginity

kakoza Jan 8

Hi, i've just send a review from 1 of your last video, could you send me your last one for free please? thanks :)

Thanks for the follow on twitter @BlowbyBlowAccts !!! I gave you hearts. You are fucking hot!!! Let me know if you want to ever open a Banks Accts!?! :D

Congratulations on receiving the Bonus from #MvHelpinghand and I hope now you can active your fund me goal! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Congrats Girl! Hope the Bonus from #MvHelpinghand helps you! ... Mwah ~~~Tay

crystalsummrs69 deleted Dec 30

Leaving you some hearts to end the year on a good note! Keep up the hustle dollface! oxoxoxo

Hey there, I just left some hearts on your page ! I’d really love it if you could leave me some hearts, too.

Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 15

you are gorgeous and i gave hearts and love on your profile muahhzz! lets collaborate in a video

Hearted you as much as possible

Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 12

hey love great work, left you lots of hearths !! muahz!

Hearted you as much as possible! XoXoXo

Left you lots of love, from one ex ChemE girl to another (: xoxo Khlea

TheGoldenAngels deleted Dec 9

Studio & Agency The Golden Angels Adult Entertainment :


High hourly Rates ! $10 - $200 / hour guaranteed !

If you have any question about The Golden Angels categories please contact us!

European Passion
European Passion deleted Dec 7

I give you a heart i was wondering if you will give me back!

I haven't got my free video yet.

Send the name of your free video choice to my inbox!

I left you some love. xoxo

Very sexy

Hope my $50 donation helps..

love this!!

hey ginger, i just reviewed the video i bought, can i plz have the video with you slowly waking up ava as slowly as possible please :)

Layla Nov 20

Left you lots of love, xoxo

Hearted some vids!

TheGoldenAngels deleted Nov 10

Studio @TheGoldenAngels Adult Entertainment Twitter @theGoldenAngels Instagram @theGoldenAngels Facebook Tumblr

Ernie94 Nov 10

Back in Australia hey

Thank you

i would like the sister massage, left a great review on this video, it is hot, and said equal wo would love the massage one... !!!!
you are sweet and hot

would love to have you do a custom video for me AND have the panties you wear during the vid sent to me, so a custom/vid/panties show ! Would like the vid to about 10 minutes with you talking about you being a slut, things you do things you want to do... example, go into an all black bar with short skirt etc...

How do i get a free video after reviewing one?

Hi, I just bought & reviewed "69 Creampie". The free vid I would like is "Reverse Cowgirl". Thanks. I'm not premium, so I can't message you, but you can hit me on twitter. @kinghumbaba

Six9kai Nov 2

Hello!! I was wondering when I might get the 4 vids from donating to the mv voting from Saturday.

Hey Ginger, can I get preview screenshots of the Vampire Suck and Fuck vid's BJ parts? Thanks!

What do you want?

DaisyD Oct 28

hearted you

Tomtin Oct 28

Really enjoyed your video 69 cream pie. Left you a review. :)

Tomtin Nov 4

Do I get a free movie?

EvaBae Oct 25 2015

your profile is one of the best on here, hands down. keep up the tremendous work!

Roxielynn deleted Oct 21 2015

Hearted you

Lovindapuss Oct 17 2015

I love your videos. You are drop dead gorgeous

Kyletheperez Oct 16 2015

Great vid

sasuke13x Oct 14 2015

wow u live near me lol

Tiny High Elf Oct 9 2015

gave you as many hearts as i could! would love if you could give me some too! hope you have a wonderful day c:

sfproductions Oct 8 2015

If you are ever in Socal area and would like to shoot with me, let me know beautiful. Look forward to it!

Rowdieoutlaw deleted Oct 7 2015

You are amazing. How do I get involved with making videos with u or other models

Sasha_ Oct 5 2015

left you lots of love! ;)

sohaib1985 Oct 1 2015

Really like the discounted offers on your videos.Thanks!!
I bought quite a few.Really like your videos especially the bbc and anal ones.

qkovault Oct 1 2015

Hey love your work! Maybe if you need someone to be in a bbc one hit me up

Explorer028 Oct 1 2015

I have ordered many of Ginger's videos as well as follow here on social media and she is fantastic! Video quality is always top notch and she has this wonderful combination of hometown girl with a very naughty side! Nothing fake about this babe!

Bbwladyhighheels Sep 30 2015

Hi gorgeous ! I left u some hearts , please retur me back some love too xo xo

Sasha_ Sep 30 2015

Hello Ginger! Left you all hearts I can! would be happy all day if you check my profile too. xo xo Sasha

Mike K79 Sep 29 2015

Hello beautiful how is your day going. I just bought Four of your files they were amazing. Keep up the great work

mikevets1 Sep 29 2015

Hi Ginger,

I was wondering if i may request your email address. I'd like to get your thoughts on some custom video proposals please. Please feel free to post on my wall, or send me a message.

sexy bi uk man Sep 22 2015

Ur gorgeous babe xx

Goonsquad245 Sep 22 2015

Damn too many videos to pick from... Might have to do the package deal.. Love the material

SexyDirtyGirl Sep 19 2015

Hearts all over! xoxo . Please give me a heart and write a comment on my wall if you like my profile as well :* xoxo

DirtyCouple Sep 18 2015

Your profile is awesome. I love it and I gave you my heart. Please give me a heart as well.

AnnaBaker deleted Sep 17 2015

You're such a natural beauty, love your library vids! Left you some hearts Xx

bigrod111 Sep 16 2015

How do I claim "Buy a video & leave a review to get a video of equal or lesser value FREE! Limit 3 free videos"?

GingerBanks Sep 16 2015

Send an email to with your choice of free video!: )

Epiphany666cb Sep 12 2015

Stopped by to leave you some love xx

SubmissiveLexi Sep 7 2015

Left you a bunch of hearts :)

Mila Milan Sep 3 2015

Hi, I left you a heart… would love for you to 'heart' my profile too. Kiss Mila

wings23 Aug 26 2015

hi! i joined ur skype , can u tell me when can we chat by skype??

Slackergeo Aug 21 2015


Passenger57 Aug 21 2015

I'm looking forward to more of your BBC Videos. Watching you cum on flash Brown's cock made me cum twice in a row. Seeing #bbc in your mouth & on your tongue made me hot

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

I will be making one in the very near future!

Passenger57 Aug 21 2015

Thank you. I've been waiting with my credit card in my hand :)

SMW231 Aug 19 2015

Watched you 4th of July Video !! Great fireworks thank you

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

Which one?! The solo or boy/girl video :D And I am so glad you liked it!

vendetta6546 Aug 17 2015

Can I please have my download count on the BBC vid cleared? I am often on shitty hotel wifi and I guess it failed multiple times at some point :(

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

Message support about this my love!

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

If they can't help I will gladly send you another link :)

Alexis Malone Aug 17 2015

Hi Ginger! You're smoking hot! I gave your page a heart and would love if you could give me one back. ;)

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

you got it!

chacha8897 Aug 16 2015

I commented on the videos. Can I get my free ones?

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

Send your video choices to :)

SMW231 Aug 15 2015

This is my first video I bought . It is great ! Lucky guy . Hope to see you more . Thank you !

Goonsquad245 Aug 14 2015

Love your videos sexy

Smallcock69 Aug 12 2015

Hey ginger I wrote a review for the video I purchased. How do I go about the free video? If I can't get it its totally okay I will continue to purchase more. Thank you for the great video.

GingerBanks Aug 21 2015

Sorry about the delay I sent you a PM with some info on how to get it :)

Passenger57 Aug 10 2015

Hey Ginger can you do a PoV blowjob with flash Brown's BBC dildo toy. I got my card ready to purchase it

GingerBanks Aug 11 2015

I will make one soon but it barely fits in my mouth!!

Passenger57 Aug 21 2015

That what makes it so hot!! Its okay just Do the best you can. Make it as hot as you can with good dirty talk :)

Felicia Vox Aug 10 2015

Gave you some hearts! Have a good day ♡

Sinderella Aug 1 2015

Ohh you seems so happy in your vids! Left you alot of hearts

hey gorgeous did I miss the free video giveaway?

GingerBanks Aug 11 2015

What did you buy? :)

JaxHax Jul 28 2015

enjoyed your video alot =D

CM_MPR Jul 28 2015

I created an account for you.

king2514 Jul 28 2015

I believe I get a free video baby

Minato_258 Jul 28 2015

Just signed up am i in the lucky 25

JaxHax Jul 28 2015

just signed up!

Divinna Jul 28 2015

hearted you!

dave916 Jul 28 2015

Just signed up am i in the 25

Aherpaderpa Jul 28 2015

Just signed up am within The 25 first?

Ponyboiii Jul 28 2015

Just signed up! Am one of the first 25 NEW to get the Valentine video?!:)

Tim622 Jul 17 2015

I sent you a gift rocket can't wait to see what's in store

daigle182 Jul 15 2015

Bought this awesome vid and then got a new phone and it didn't transfer, sad day

jeremy86 Jul 15 2015

I'm debating on the sex machine vid or the mile high solo I can't remember how much the vids I purchased cost though

rickyc79 Jul 10 2015

I did a Review on my last purchase. Id love another library video with sound for me free on, if possible? Thank you sexy!!!!

rickyc79 Jul 17 2015

I've bought 3 of your videos and haven't got any free ones yet

frozen0_0 Jul 20 2015


Drungle Jul 7 2015

You are the best MFC and manyvids girl, love are b and g, sister and libarary vids

rickyc79 Jul 6 2015

Hi sexy

frozen0_0 Jul 6 2015

Reviewed GB, :) Can i get "Playing League While I Fuck Myself". X

frozen0_0 Jul 20 2015

still no vid after buying 3 :(

jwsteel Jul 6 2015

just reviewed the video I purchased. surprise me with whichever video you want

Dragonslayer1 Jul 5 2015

Just reviewed the video I purchased. Could I get POV Blow Job in Car. Thank you!

mmyran Jul 5 2015

reviewed you vid :) can you surprise me with a video? any one works

frasiergarner Jul 5 2015

just reviewed the last video I bought. can I have Balcony BJ and pearl necklace please?

Rygo73 Jul 4 2015

Loved the video I purchased today, got me off so quick!!

CanadianSammy Jul 3 2015

Just dropped by to show your profile some love!

Esteeban2907 deleted Jun 30 2015

Hi love you are very pretty, i gave you heart, i was wondering if you could give me one back please,best wishes on MV

Dragonslayer1 Jun 30 2015

Can't wait for your airplane video!

evilwelshman Jun 27 2015

Hi there

I recently made an entry in your MV Contest. However, for reasons I don't understand, I've not been able to input any details of my idea. So, basically it's as follows:

You're babysitting for your next door neighbour for the first time. He leaves you specific instructions that his bedroom is off limits. Naturally, once the baby is asleep, your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to look inside. Looking in the drawers, you find lots of kinky sex toys such as handcuffs. Your neighbour finds out and is pissed and decides to punish you by using them on you and fucking you in your ass.

I'll keep trying to sort this out.


Evil Welshman

Big dick725 Jun 27 2015

My dick is getting hard for u

CoriiSiren Jun 24 2015

Heyyy, sexy lady! ♥

jf4922 Jun 21 2015

how do i get the other free after ive reviewed it?! :D xx

courteney_curry Jun 20 2015

Hey girlie! I'm not sure if it's my iPhone (huge possibility) but the video will not load on my safari browser it tells me.

LittleWinterWilds deleted Jun 13 2015

Hi, i really liked ur vids, i have 'liked' them, i would appreciate it if you could return the favour.

Pedrocar323 Jun 11 2015

U down to fuck

frosty76 Jun 5 2015

Hope you enjoy your vacation!!!!

frosty76 Jun 5 2015

You're so creative and refreshing!!! Keep up that great work gorgeous!!!

Unknown19 deleted Jun 2 2015

Your g/g videos are some of the hottest I've ever seen! I gotta get 'em all!

cindy2sucknow deleted May 30 2015

gave you hearts hope you will do the same.. hot videos

LaylaCherrie May 24 2015

Hi beautiful, I just popped by to leave your profile and videos some hearts! If you could pop by mine and do the same I would really appreciate it xx

SeductressTia May 23 2015

Hey Ginger, I'm new on here and have hearted you. Would love for you to heart me back. xxx

Weisbarthdylan May 22 2015

Hey ginger, I bought these videos a while back and couldn't get them to download them on my phone. Been trying to wait it out for a mobile version so I can just download them here. But I can't and now when I try to download the videos to my laptop it says I need to purchase them. Please help me out here, I really enjoy watching you but because of the issues im having I cannot.
Thank you.

MV admin Jun 25 2015

Contact our support for any issues regarding downloads

Gday ginger,
Huge fan. Have not been able to download this video. Paid for it haven't seen it and wondering if you can help a fan out at all.
Cheers from Australia.

Hey sexy! I touched your ♥ Will you touch mine back? Xoxo (♡˙︶˙♡)

Hi ginger huge fan, bought a vid off you that won't download?? Any ideas?

Hi Ginger,

Sparkling_Light deleted May 5 2015


darkparadise_1 May 4 2015

So hot x

Hi there beauty i just let you some love♥ if you could give some in return i really appreciate it.

JimmyJones88 Apr 23 2015

Loved your vid and i love u pretty lady

davore1973 Apr 21 2015

Is it weird that I think you are sexy because you play video games?

BritishBabe Apr 18 2015

love your avi, so naughty xx

Perfekttlilly18 Apr 17 2015

Hello Pretty i Hearted u, can u give me back please ! Kisses Lilly

Doctorarnold Apr 16 2015

I accidentally bought the same video twice. Refund at all possible for one of them or another video?

all natty bro
all natty bro deleted Apr 12 2015

GingerBanks you are sexy

Lover89 deleted Apr 8 2015

Do u sell washed panties that were worn by u

Beaving Mar 31 2015

Hey there,

sorry, I have already sent you an email, I didn't know you could write the model you have subscribed without Premium here too and I'm not sure if that email is even watched :P

I'm very interested in getting a custom video, but I have some questions.

Basically I just want a video that which shows you in the beginning holding my name on a piece of paper, then a striptease and when that is done at the end just get close to the camera and show your beautiful face in a close up for some seconds.

I'm not sure if that is possible or if I even get a response here, but I figured its worth a try.

Have a nice day,

Mike2323 Mar 30 2015

Fucking amazing would pay couple grand to fuck that hmu

Just spreading some love & hearted u :) Heart me back gorgeous :)

arikajira Mar 24 2015

Hearted your profile, if you could do the same in return that would be great xx happy videoing

SweetOdalys Mar 17 2015

I just hearted you! you are awesome

Robrm44 Mar 15 2015

Hey ginger. I bought ur "mom calls during my show" but I never got ur car masturbation video :(

KissMe Mar 13 2015

Hey! I just hearted you, you are awesome and sexy :)

manzy704 Mar 4 2015

Ginger, I just bought one of your bids but it says the video is blocked in my region when I go to watch it. :(

Tiffani Love
Tiffani Love deleted Mar 2 2015

Heyyy ginger your awesome.. I just gave you a heart can u return the favor.. Happy Mo

cessna310 Feb 28 2015

its official now Ginger

MissTiff Feb 23 2015

thanks for the loving gorgeous girl xxx

Fabo708 Feb 20 2015

Hi idk if you will see this but I've been trying to contact you. If I could get your email that would be awesome

Fabo708 Feb 20 2015

Hi idk if you will see this but I've been trying to contact you. If I could get your email that would be awesome

NicoNicoletteXX Feb 18 2015

Hi sexy! I just hearted your wall

Ordinary1 Feb 18 2015

Hey... Just want to say I received the package you sent on Saturday. Thanks for making Valentine's day extra special

HotFire12345 Feb 18 2015

You asked me to pm you, but I can't because i'm not a premium member. Could you send me a message on mfc? I have the same username over there

Will you be our new mommy?

FoxyCrown deleted Feb 16 2015

You are lovely, hearted you darling pls heart me back :D

JbpCash Feb 15 2015

Congrats sweety

ozzy13 Feb 15 2015

Congratulations babe enjoy your gift you deserve it neutiful;-) :-* :-*

ozzy13 Feb 15 2015

Congratulations babe enjoy your gift you deserve it neutiful;-) :-* :-*

bushmaster Feb 15 2015


jessi_lynn222 Feb 15 2015


eddiee Feb 15 2015

Beautiful girl

EvelinaSeXY deleted Feb 15 2015


eddiee Feb 15 2015


mexintex Feb 15 2015

winner! winner! glad i could contribute a little.

jtkim937 Feb 15 2015

congrats baby im really proud of you! follow me on twitter @jetblackxxx

LucieLuvit Feb 15 2015

Congrats on winning the louboutin shoes! show them off on Twitter!! Can't wait to see what they look like ! :D

Luisa91 Feb 14 2015

hi Ginger Banks, i really enjoy your video. It was crazy!

CandySex Feb 12 2015

Sexy ! Gave u some love.. muah

Gabrielle_Vixen deleted Feb 10 2015

I left you a heart i love how daring you are. Stay Amazing -Gabrielle

jessi_lynn222 Feb 9 2015


jessi_lynn222 Feb 9 2015


mike660 Jan 12 2015

you are fabulous!!!

Tkirk24 Dec 17 2014

Tried to buy your vids but for some reason this site will not take my debit card/credit card :( :(

heeereschris deleted Nov 14 2014

So.... I wanna just say you are by for my fave adult model ever. Any woman who loves sports, very funny, and super sexy will always have my vote. btw kudos for the charity drive, I will be donating for the cause. Have a great day!

GingerBanks Nov 14 2014

Just replied to you on twitter,
then I saw this :P Thank you it means a LOT! p.s. Go Broncos :P

heeereschris deleted Nov 14 2014

p.s.s. Go Packers :)

Aishir Aug 1 2014

How can i see all of your vids in full lenght??

GingerBanks Nov 1 2014

buy them

evilestfool Dec 14 2014

Dont download with mobile products. My phone only lets me download the first 5 min

AedanRayne Jul 4 2014

Welcome to Manyvids Honey!!! You're amazing

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