Love you all! ❤️

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Giorock99 deleted May 8

I would love a custom clip from you

Gorgeous!! Hi! Left you some love, great site hope you can return the favor! 😊❤

yorktown_33 Sep 16 2016

I am very interested in both your super hot birthday gangbangs.  I saw they were on sale once.  Do they ever go on sale again?


you are amazing

beautiful lady

iLoveBalloons Jun 14 2016

You want to do a custom Video with balloons for me?

babygirl2387 deleted May 5 2016

Hey! I just wanted to leave your page some love <3

SkylerBlack Apr 8 2016

I'm new to MV and want to help everyone grow. I'm spreading some love and I hearted you. Please do the same for me :) I would really appreciate it.

Thanks sweetie! Have a great day <3

ssamber deleted Mar 20 2016

Hey girl! You are very sexy! I gave your profile a bunch of hearts and was wondering if you could return the favor! Hope you are having a good weekend! <3

izzyman Feb 10 2016

I left a review on a video, my email is   Your videos are awesome.

BlueCavlaier10 Feb 2 2016

left a review on a video, my email is

Picnic Feb 1 2016

Met you at the convention in Vegas while you were camming! Saw your name pop up here on MV and came by to leave you some hearts <3

Voted for my Fave Gypsy Woman

Lizzy_Rae Jan 12 2016

Girl, You'd be so much fun to hang out with,lol!

JAYS POV Jan 2 2016

I would love to do some content trade if you are ever in the LA California area.
We can do unique scenes for each account and trade scene for scene. Let me know if you
would be interested.

Tonia Dyna Dec 21 2015

Hey there, I just left some hearts on your page ! I’d really love it if you could leave me some hearts, too.

HairyHannah Dec 3 2015

You are a legitimate badass chick in my book! Love your work!

taymade1991 Dec 1 2015

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return fav... Thank you

ArtemisMoon Nov 30 2015

hey you! I left you allllll of the hearts. hope you're doing well!

sexy bi uk man Nov 28 2015

Ur gorgeous xx

TianaLive deleted Nov 26 2015

We should collaborate! ;)

Haus of Khaos Nov 15 2015

Left you some hearts!

ALLaboutBubbles Nov 10 2015

I was browsing through the Items section and your art caught my attention (I sell mine on etsy). Which brought me to your page, and I had to drop you a few lines on your wall just to tell you I love how naughty all your videos are. The fact that you have silks hanging from the mattress is about the coolest thing ever.

xxxblondeyd Nov 9 2015

Hey babe Your beautiful.... :) You deserve a heart! Love your Work x

Steph_Leen Nov 5 2015

your paintings are AMAZING girl!! wow!

BlueEyedGypsy Nov 5 2015

Thank you!!!

_BABS_ Nov 4 2015

do u have a membership option because omg i loveeeeeeee your porn

BlueEyedGypsy Nov 4 2015

I will add one :)

tinyhighelf Nov 4 2015

hello~ left you all the hearts i could! would love if you could do the same. have a wonderful day!

BlueEyedGypsy Nov 4 2015

Thank you!!!

Sasha Pain Nov 3 2015

Sent you all the hearts I could to help you grow:) Have you tried chaturbate yet?

BlueEyedGypsy Nov 4 2015

Aw thank you!! I follow you on twitter! :) I am on chaturbate under blueeyedgypsy

Roxielynn deleted Nov 1 2015

Hearts babe

xaxaza Oct 12 2015

hi! you have twitter?

BlueEyedGypsy Nov 1 2015

Yes @GypsyLeia

deleted_4ever deleted Oct 8 2015

Welcome sweetie! I left u some hearts , please return me back some love too xo xo

Cattie Oct 8 2015

Left all the hearts I could(: Welcome to the site! xoxo

BlueEyedGypsy Oct 8 2015

Thank you! That was so nice of you!

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