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jasonhu Dec 17

Can you message me about a custom?

hi Athena, I would like to talk on private about a custom vid idea :)

I have an idea for a custom. Pm me.

Trinixxx Oct 28

Hi Athena!

I wanted to buy the custom picture set but it did say to ask before purchasing.

The pictures I want are very simple but I never see that you have them. I want a head to toe front, side and back view of you nude. For the last two, I would like if you would pose for them like how the pictures below are, but nude:
-No lollipop necessary.

Is this something you think is possible?

Thank you!

Hey Athena, huge fan of your work! I was getting ready to order my first custom from you but figured I should double check - is a custom that includes boob bouncing something you’d be okay with? Nothing complicated but I haven’t seen a lot of content from you with some harder bouncing. I hope we can communicate and I can order ASAP :D thanks!


All sneaky role plays when her husband is somewhere around.and she seduces the young dude with upskirt flash and takes advantage of his shyness and innocence.
it might be in kitchen
under the dinner table
all scenes shown in sample pics are my favorites

You will know what kind of outfit I like
What look I need
and the favorite scenes I like to watch...!!
Mature 30+ mom with long hair and thick body will be great for those roleplays.
It is simply Upskirt seduction in conservative long outfits as shown there,followed by clothed sex as shown as well...everything is in those sample pics.

Jay___ Jul 23

Hi Athena! I was wondering if you could DM regarding a custom request.

I have a custom question if you would msg please

Hello I boughta video awhile ago but recently got a new phone and when I download it now all I get is audio is therea way I can get a different copy

Hello, Ms. AthenaBlaze: my name is L. Llewellyn James and I would like to ask to make a custom video, at a running time of at least 10-20 minutes .  In essence, I'm not looking for any sexual imagery: rather, I would simply like to have you pose nude in a few classic art poses that are generally struck by art models for illustrators (as I am an illustrator and would like to simply illustrate you).

If you could please contact me either here or via my email at, I would send you some examples of the sort of poses I would be able to use...


rpbChris Jan 28

Absolute perfection! <3

Happy birthday and good luck on the contest, hopefully you win. Might be interested in a a custom if you get the chance.

So hot! Your boobs are unbelievable.

Marko91 Jan 21

1k in votes cast, you deserve to win this!

YAY xo Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!

Sending you a message as requested Ms Blaze

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