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1990-07-07 (28)




White / Caucasian


American United States



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'10" or 178 cm


215 lbs

Body Type








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Oh man, I loved this video! Extra props to R6 for the ballgag scenes. I especially loved the parts where she gagged on the gag, best part!

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Speaking as the person who ordered this custom, I couldn't have been happier with it! Cat looks amazing (not that that needed to be said,) and her performance was everything I hoped for, too! 10/10

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The actual film quality of this video would be hard to beat. I liked the dirty talk while she was fucking the dildo, and her noises overall were enough to put me over the top. My only wish for this video is that the deepthroat segment would've lasted longer, but I'm especially into that kind of thing.

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Taylor vids are always a pleasure. A good one for fans of deepthroat, gagging, and POV. I seriously look forward to more videos like this one!

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Oh man, so good! I loved hearing her gag and choke on that cock.

POV Facial May 13 2017
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An absolute must have for fans of blowjob videos! The dirty talking, the struggling, and the performance was all well above and beyond. Buy it!

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Loved Jeni's look in this video, her dirty talk hit right home for me, and I'm always down for a good gagging video. Definitely worth a buy!

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If you're a fan of Cat's cumshows and the like, this is one you'll really want to have! Top performance!

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My personal favorite from Cat's video club! The sights and sounds are all worth it. Plus, the ending is superb, as per usual!

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Where to begin...the doggy scene was top notch, and the deepthroat scene was amazing, too! When she pulled out the vibrator at the end was really just the icing on top. One of my faves!

In My Tent Apr 8 2016
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Body movement is as good as advertised, and the fact that there were people right outside really added to this for me, and I'm not usually one for that sort of thing.

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One of Cat's most satisfying videos, in my opinion. Something for everybody, multiple positions, and I really liked the oral scenes, both her going down on him, and him going down on her.

Good Kitty Apr 1 2016
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GOOD GOD. I don't know what was hotter, the actual face fucking, which she's apparently a fan of (you can tell from here) or her getting herself off at the end. Either way, one hell of a performance, and one I'll go back to time and time again.

Blowjob Facial Mar 25 2016
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Very pleased with this video. I'm a fan of blowjobs/face fucking/gagging, and this video offers a little bit of everything in that department, and Cat doesn't disappoint! Five stars!

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I LOVED it when she deepthroated the cock, and gagged on it. The sound she made! Awesome!

SexySpunkyGirl Mar 2 2016

So glad you liked it!! I get a total buzz from Deepthroating his big juicy cock! 💦💦

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There are fewer things I like better than Tay sucking and gagging on a cock. Would love to see a video like this where she wears the outfit from her "Make Me Gag Until You Cum in my Mouth" and " Gagging and Spitting on Big Thick Dildo" videos. :)

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Very sexy, a must for anyone into bondage!

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I love to actually hear a woman gag on a cock, and Julie does not let me down ! :)

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I really love seeing Steph work out in these pants, plus her sexy little moans make it all the better :)

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Looks so hot in that outfit, and also, her moans are to die for! Can't wait to see more like this!

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If you're a fan of gagging, be sure to get this video! Very good.

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So good! Her ass in those pants looks absolutely tasty!

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This is my favorite Steph windpants video. I loved the blowjob scene! I am really looking forward to another windpants video where she gets facefucked again :)

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wow, such a motivating review :)

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Real big fan of this one. Loved seeing her ass in those pants as she humped that pillow :)

Steph_Leen Sep 20 2017

this was one of my favorites and I LOVE these pants soooo much!

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Loved the side view of her getting fucked in her windsuit :)

Steph_Leen Sep 20 2017

thanks babe :)

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It's super sexy seeing Cat bound up and at the mercy of her man. Everything you would want to see in a video!

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As somebody who's REALLY into deepthroating and gagging, this is a must have video. One, Lily is super hot in this video, and somehow becomes even hotter as she slips her dildo down her throat. 5/5, must buy!

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Loved watching this one. I've wanted to see it for awhile, but only now just getting around to buying it. Ryan is sex personified in this video, and it's definitely worth the price of admission. I can't wait to see more of her B/G videos in the future. My favorite part was when she was getting facefucked and gagged. Hopefully she does more of that in the future, too. :) I'd line up to buy something like that.

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As somebody who's into facefucking, deepthroating, and gagging, this is a must have video. I LOVE the noises Lara makes when she gags on dick.

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I really enjoy Lara's deepthroating skills! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any more that she does!

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Always down for a good deepthroat, and her clothing was excellent, too!

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Another good one. Steph is just dripping sexiness here!

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Loved the vid! Steph looks ravishing in her outfit!

Steph_Leen Oct 5 2016

Thank you so much sweetheart xo

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Wonderful video! I had just discovered Aly in her cam room, and investigated here to see more of her! She looks amazing, and her skills are on point. Would happily purchase again!

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Thanks for the custom! I figure it's a good problem to have when I cannot decide which scene is my favorite! Well done!

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Please stay tuned until the end of the video! Worth it!

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LOVED it. SchoolGirl had a wonderful performance, and looked AMAZING. Extra mention goes to the changing positions during the video, which I thought was a nice touch.

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Loved it. My favorite part were the little gags you could hear about half way through the video. If she made more videos like this, I'd be first in line to buy!

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Krissy looks amazing in this video! The noises she makes really put me over the edge! 10/10!

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Schoolgirl goes rough, and plays it off like a champ! I thought the post-action scene was a plus, too!

Blowjob for Hubs Jan 16 2016
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I couldn't have been happier with this vid! I saw the clip teaser, and was impressed, so I bought the video. As a fan of deepthroat and gagging, this video does not disappoint! I love when he forces her down on his cock! Buy this, you won't be sorry you did!

NinjaJoanna Feb 19 2016

thank you!

Simulated BJ Jan 9 2016
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Actress looked amazing, and the filming quality is what one would hope for. My only suggestion would be to have a longer video, and maybe a little louder gagging. Otherwise, totally worth it! I would recommend it to anyone who likes blowjobs!

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If you like butt stuff, then this is what you're looking for. Besides, there aren't many asses better than Taylor's!

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I like this one. It's a long enough video, and watching two girls have some fun is worth the price of admission. The overall flow of the video could've been better, as there are some sudden cuts in the action, but otherwise, a solid video.

Soapy Shower Dec 4 2015
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An attractive lady getting wet in the shower. What's not to like?