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Abigail Dupree

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Abigail Dupree

Abigail Dupree

HAPPY 2018!! AM I YOUR ANAL SLUT? I love you all ;0 kisses Abigail Dupree

Your Cock United States Joined October 2015

Abigail first I most say that you are looking beautiful and your extremely sexy.
I'm totally Loves your amazing video and how much you can be able to take my standing anywayshonext to the best slave sub ass slut in the world. 
You're are in my dreams really often and helps me when I most play with myself and let me cock cum. 
I have been masturate too your hot sexy body more timesthan I thought was possibly an that is not so that I don't have a good awesome Slut to can help me with that, but I love looking at your video and let my hard pulsed cock cum while I dreams about taking care of you.
My lovely Slut have been made in you but she has understand the need I'm have for you, and she is helpful everytime you and me having a good time together.

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iceman8 Feb 15

Please message me about custom video content request

Hi iceman8,

PM me about your question please.


iceman8 Feb 28

I am unable to send PM to you.  you have to PM me first.

Hi  )
Thanks   for liking my profile!💋❤️  AMAZING work, beautiful lady!

amorata Jan 29

inbox me for a custom vid please!!

arie14 Jan 26

hi pls message me for custom video thx

May I ask you a few questions.
Message me please? ^.^

You're so sexy, can you message me if you do custom videos? Thanks!

Mmm Thank you everyone,

Much Kisses

Love your piercings 💘



Nike42 Sep 28

was interested in discussing a custom video thank you

Big fan! You're amazing! Seriously hardcore stuff xoxoxo

Would be interested or willing to do a custom movie involving unusual anal insertions and kinky fluid enema play involving elements of Domination and humiliation? Please message about a custom movie :)

sparklebomb deleted Aug 19

your queen of bsdm videos!:A:A:A:A:A:A

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