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Tampa, FLUnited States Joined October 2015


American / Tampa, FL
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You look a lot like a cross between Chloe Toy (UK Porn star) and Cara Delevingne xxxx

Hey just a suggestion! Maybe some videos will be better without background musics. Thanks!

Voted for u

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and Have a Very Happy New Year sexi mami :cock::W:facial:

Hey girl! Left some <3 for you. Have an amazing 2017!

I voted for you beby! Everyday! :x:@

Now if I brought your phone # how do you feel about getting jerk off videos?

I really love your videos, wish we can make one too! Lmfao x)
If you'd come here in San Francisco to do shoot, I am really down. Hahah (:
I'd take you anywhere to eat at Downtown San Francisco and have fun in the City!
Anyways, that's just an suggestion. Hope to see more of your videos!
Just message me here in MV. I check ManyVids Daily! Happy Holidays to you! xoxoxo


Fgpenn Dec 21

Can you let me know what I would get in exchange for 100 contribution? Unclear to me

so sexy, keep it up!

Fucking hot vids

Your clips are very intense!

Love your profile and that booty... :ass_worship: Left you lots of hearts... Check our profile, it is filled with beautiful girls doing anal... :yesbaby-17:

How can I get your phone number?

love to hear about you true sex stories

Thank you!


Hi PW! You r indeed HOT I wish Skype w ya

Send me a message. I'd love to shoot with you!

cruzmax671 deleted Nov 16

Can you do custom photos msg me

Wow... love your pov and blowbang bukkake material! Left some hearts, perhaps you can return the favor! xxxo you are hot!


upback Nov 13

you're awesome

i would love to see you do more cumwalks

We should keep in touch! Just hmu on my DM via Twitter!
Follow and DM @ikeiirocks . THANK YOU! xoxo

Hey sexy I can't wait to see you're photos and show my my dick to you

tsaa33 Nov 2

hi, do you make custom videos? pls msg me!

New video is superb....lots of cocks, lots of hot sperm for you Cloe....keep it bukkake and gang bang action, no less than 10 men......we will keep watching and participating. One thing I would add - for your communications with the invitees - tell the guys to not cum for 3+ days at least, ensure large copious sperm loads for you to play with and swallow.

Hey I saw your tweets about this weekend. I would love to join. I'm not sure how to go about being part of it. If you could give me the info that would be great. Hope to meet you soon love

Ditka81 deleted Oct 18

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sexy! Great site, hot videos! Left you some love!<3

Hello beautiful I sent you a private message. Love to hear back from you

Fgpenn Oct 12

Offer still open for Snapchat after video review? Let me know, thanks

are you really from tampa? i just moved down here xD lol

loverdeeper666 deleted Oct 8

have you ever been in italy ??
italians do it better ;)

chase here. love the videos.  Would love to see more public, double girl or candid vids. Enjoying your work

Hey! I'm interested in a custom video. Message me or pass me your your email so that we can figure something out. Thanks!

edijux Sep 28

Make some video in velour hoodie or tracksuit!

Probably the hottest teen right now on this site! Thank you for making these videos <3

Hey! Saw your video on the homepage and wow you're so pretty! And your videos look great :) keep up the good work!

Cloe, start a Tumblr where fans and men can send their cock pics to you......for judging and selecting for your upcoming gang bangs and theater bukkake meet ups. I will send you pics of me shooting massive ropes of sperm, something I wanna do to you in person, big load for you and that sweet open mouth.

3o5denz Sep 8

Message me if you can please would like to ask something

Hey beautiful. I'm sure you probably have a lot of people to get to, so I just wanted to give you a heads up that you haven't quite gotten to me yet since I reviewed the cum walk video. No rush or anything. I'm sure you'll get to me soon. Also, keep doing what you do. You really are amazing

Cloe, you are a breath of fresh air to porn. I hope to see plenty more Gloryhole and Adult Theater as well as other public group sex scenarios from you - surrounded by dozens of fans. I would gladly save up a massive load for 2 weeks or more just to bring it to you, shower you with the Cum Tribute you deserve - thick shooting ropes of hot poppa man cum.  You should instruct the men to not cum for 3 or more days prior to doing a shoot if possible....if doing a fan meetup, etc. You could really set some records with that look and that cum loving attitude.....
just waiting everyday to see more of you, especially with larger groups of men.....Thanks Babe, Dirk.

i would love to participate in one of your gangbangs. i live in the tampa area as well so im curious how to go about with it.

fabi_69 Aug 26

Hi there :)
just want to say how wonderful you are hehe
i gave you a review.:) see you later !

stoli19 Aug 23

I reviewed your video but haven't gotten a DM with your snapchat was just curious if that deal was still in effect. No rush and also you're beautiful.

I reviewed your latest vid but haven't gotten a DM with your snapchat. No rush, just curious if that deal was still in effect.

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Hi there. I'm just your typical 19 year-old: enthusiast of all things human with an aim to please! I'm pretty new to MV and appreciate you taking the time to check out my page. For any curious kittens... I'm a full-time student and camgirl who loves music, film, and video games. I'm open-minded in the truest sense of the word. "Taboo" does not exist. My fetishes include: anything involving cum, gangbangs, and gloryholes. (Glad to live in the Mecca for perverts: Tampa, FL!) Let's have some fun!


Student Webcam Model Naughty Girl


1996-10-01 (20)




White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

Tampa FL


English French



Hair Color


Eye Color



36" 27" 35"

Breast Size

Natural 34D


5'3" or 160 cm

Body Type