Squirt queen. Anal acrobat. Oral artist. All-around naughty babe.

Los Angeles, CA United States Joined July 2014
edwardt7 Feb 16

Will you be uploading more solo videos

Hey Saya! 
Just ordered your blowjob bundle :) I love your work and have been a fan since your appearance on Amateur Allure. I wish you continuous success and cant wait to see more of your work!!!

holy fuck....i think i'm in love...

Can you make a video which has a cum shot on your back tattoo! Most of your cumshots end up on your face or pussy which are nice but I like to see more landing on your ass and back!

Can you make a video which has a cumshot on your back tattoo! Most of your cumshots end up on your face or pussy which are nice but I like to see more landing on your ass and back!

Hi, I have seen some of your clips and they are sensational.

I like nose blowing clips, so would you consider doing the following ? I wanted to briefly discuss before ordering to make sure you're ok with it and I can also provide a bit more detail.

 The scenario would be finishing up your shower, blowing your nose a couple of times in the hands (say 8-10 times or so) while still in the shower. Then you could exit the shower, towel off and start to blow your nose for example while standing at the sink, first say 5 to 10 times in the towel and then do with another 5 to 10 or so good blows in a large handkerchief.  You could then finish up blowing in toilet paper a couple of times.  Can you do loud honking blows? That would be absolutely fantastic.

What do you think?
Cheers from Scotland


Hi. Can you please pm me about a wedding night custom video?

Sexy profile babe 😍💕

Hello, I was considering to purchase your Super Soaker Video Bundle. But was wondering if it would be at all possible to get a different video in place of the Squirting in Glasses vid. As this one I already have. Please let me know, and thanks you!

Will anymore panties be on the store soon ?

Damn, all your panties are sold out. :( I definitely wanna buy some from you

I ve got the biggest Girl Crush right now!!! Left a BIG :W<3:W on your profile!

Could you message me please. Would love to discuss some things with you. Thank you!

HannibalKing Mar 2 2017

Hi. Can you please pm me to discuss a custom video?

Tmix1600 Feb 4 2017

Hey Saya, it's me, Tmix,  don't know if you remember, from Twitter and Instagram. Well, I miss you, and thinking back at the time you put your number on twitter I should have taken it but I didn't wanna come off creepy or anything. I just hope your fine and everything and want to let you know that your disappearance was noticed. I'd like your number now just to text you and see how you are now and then, noticed you kinda liked the company, and I didn't mind giving it.Sorry if this comes off werid or anything. I just kinda miss my little 30 year old korean high school looking girl lol. 
P.S. I still need to get around to Blood+ lol I'll be sure to call the character Saya Song every time (and that's Saya pronounced like Sigh-a)

sa00231056 Feb 3 2017

PM regarding custom videos

westsideca039829 Dec 27 2016

Msg if your open for a custom

behildeer Dec 26 2016

no instagram?

Doug Wild Nov 8 2016

"Sex Tape 2 with Owen Gray" Maybe the single hottest video I've ever seen.  When someone as exquisitely beautiful as Saya Song is willing to....no, make that, eager to cover her pretty face with puddles of her own spit, which are soon followed by heavy white gobs of her partner, Owen's, considerable "load" and it all ends with Saya joyfully swallowing the sticky, ropey cum while fingering what's left on her face - and never once does that adorably innocent, little girl smile leave her face, I am gone...lost in my fantasies of what that must be like. Thanks Says, your incredible work in these films shouldn't go unnoticed by adult film fans and producers.

matgilet Nov 5 2016

Hello, do you do customs? If yes please let me know!! Thanks!!!

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Born in South Korea and raised in Michigan. A lot of heat in one tiny package. Super-squirter with a never-ending throat. "Demure, but slutty." An obedient sub with a sassy side. Get the best of everything: a mature woman who looks like she's still in high school; a tiny cutie with a fat booty; a sweet-looking babe with tattoos and piercings; a lady on the street and a freak between the sheets.


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