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Amber Sonata

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Amber Sonata

3 NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY! ✨ ManyVids & Chaturbate Camgirl! Split Tongue. Public. Kink. Vegan. ❤

Twitter: @AmberSonata Joined October 2015
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Love your stuff,
Absolutely beautiful x sending you some love 💕  If its not a hassle check me out sometime

showing love

Hi Amber! Just stopping by your profile to give you some love and to thank you for hearting my profile!

Any luck? (Referring to what we talked about in the pm a couple months ago)

Sorry, you'll have to remind me what that was, I think my private messages are buggy and I can't find where we talked before?

Lol the messages go back almost a year with long gaps between so I understand and it's cool. 
We were talking about someday you might be able to make a threesome or foursome custom if things worked out right. It's cool if that's changed.

Ah okay! I did find the messages just now, apparently they're working again. But no, no luck so far, sorry ^^

That's fine! Thank you!

alonzo91 Apr 14

i love your pretty eyes

Thank you~!

VirginiaRoseXXX deleted Dec 24

Congratulations on winning MV helping hand!!!!

Thank you sweetie! (Sorry, I didn't see this earlier) <3

Want to fuck?

What's the best case scenario that you're envisioning from this question? :3

Are you expecting me to say yes, send you my personal address and number?

Genuinely asking! I get this a lot, and I don't understand. :[


Thanks for your honesty xD Gonna decline for now. Thanks for considering me. :3

You're welcome. Keep me in mind.

Hi Amber. Your content is awesome. Left you some love.

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Hi! I'm Amber Sonata, nice to meet you. :3

I love drawing, photography, anime, video games, and web-comics!

... but I also love BDSM, Pet Play, Rough (and Sensual) Sex, Public, Cosplay, and Hentai!

I'm Dutch, Vegan, Bi, Polyamorous, Open Minded, Free Spirited, and I love traveling.

... 24 years old, 5 feet, petite, 97 pounds, split tongue, and shy moose.

Please check out my ManyVids if you'd like to buy my videos and support me! :D

... Or to do a private session with me, check out my Patreon! ❤


Full Time #MVGirl & Camgirl Model! ❤️


1993-02-21 (25)


Female ♀️


I'm a Pisces! ♓


White / Caucasian


Dutch & American

Lives in

Twitter: @AmberSonata


English & Dutch

Hair Color


Eye Color

Blue Moon


30" 24" 34"

Breast Size

Natural 32A


5'0" or 152 cm


95 lbs

Body Type

Slim & Slender


Bi-curious ;)


Only One!


Cut Tongue