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Hi! Come check me out sometime. I love to chat so don't be shy <3 Let me know what I can do for you

Hey cutie! 

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xoxo Chanel

Hey babe!

Thank you so much for your purchase and support! <3

Thank you for the vid purchase!!! <3 xoxo <3

Mellyboo May 31

Thank you for your purchase!Enjoy my video and see you Soon!Kiss

Thanks for the <3!

Hi there 😊

Thank you! Hope you enjoy ;)

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Thanks for getting another video from me 💕 hope you love it xox

Roxy Cox Mar 19

Just dropping by to leave you some love <3

Haubgirl Mar 12

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Hello Sir 🎀

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hey sweetie, hope your having a good day! id love for you to check out my profile :)

Thank you for purchasing my video hun, I hope you enjoy it :x 

Your really helping my store grow, allowing me to continue doing what I love. 

If there’s anything you wish to see me do in future (not necessarily custom), feel free to message me any Ideas you have xx

Gosh, thank you so much for the kind review! 😄

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I really enjoy seeing a great clip, concept with a beautiful energetic model. I rate any video I watch, want a true and full review send me your vid

Looking for models who can;

- are inventive and able to act an enjoy the scene

- understand basic lighting techniques (tip put a light shining on you, maybe 2!)

- can create the illusion by camera angle and acting to make me feel excited.

Dislike; greedy models, prolonged turnaround times, bad communication, bad acting, POORLY LIT SCENES!


Medical Field


1978-01-01 (40)


White / Caucasian


American United States

Hair Color


Eye Color



6'0" or 183 cm


160 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned





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What a great video, cute sexy model, great acting, fun scenario, great video quality and audio, exceptional product for the price (currently $6.49 on sale). This model is sooo innocent looking with a sexual attitude and verbal skills of a absolute sexual vixen. Perfectly executed for its genre.

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Fun model, acting in the scene works, great build sassy sexy nice. Priced ok. Quality good overall.

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Gambling step mom is a great POV solo character that certainly captures the intent of the scene. Good times, gotta love a gambling problem.

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Fantastic epic rendition of this great story. Great model, shot well, cum shot double well. Priced right, great video.

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Ashley is AMAZING in this video. Smooth lines delivered, acting A+, and video audio. Fun times, GREAT price!

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I keep repeating myself, hot girl, great ass, sexy cute voice, great acting, spank-bank approved!

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Percise and epic. Well done, great script/idea carried out perfectly! BOOM

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There are a few deep throat exhibitionist. this beauty is among the top of them, from produced to custom videos, all the time, every time, this model nails it. No denying this experts fully capable skills. YES! she is that damn good.

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Great and Perfect beyond sloppy excitement, this model, takes control of otherwise drippy goooey sloppy and melts your devilish man part soul! PERFECT

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Obvious why shes a top model, great quality hot, acting in on point, video audio awesome. Price unbeatable. HAPPY TIMES HERE

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Excellence in performance, for the price right on target. Sexy smoking model

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This model has great eyes and he acting is on point, video is decent. Potential is unlimited

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As advertised, sweet cutie Tabby talks to you dirty while you get that asshole. Worth the price

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Exoticpanda has such a great vibe, dark hair great eyes! The contrast is stunning, her efforts in this video are grand, fun video. AWESOME PRICE!

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Typically I have camshow like videos, and usually not into payig $3 per minute, BUT! For some FNG reason this girl just does it right, maybe its the lips, the eyes, of just the slow sensual and fully slippy slobby cock suck she gives. I just dig it!

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Cutie model, great angle, awesome eye contact, no dirty talk, but the moaning and energy make up for that, good cam and audio. Well done, WORTH the price

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Actually decent. good video and audio, no cam show sounds which I appreciate. Good dirty talk, great efforts. wet and naughty, definitely as described. With some experience and refinement this model will rock!

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Overall decent, foreign model, great English, accent. Definitely can deliver, love to see more story based action. Good video, good audio, price on point.

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This is a REAL video, love the models intro "Im gonna deep throat the shit out of your cock" then SHE DOES! video feels legit, PRICE AMAZING! fun video worth the $3.99 would love to see more and more from this model!

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Great tease, very descriptive and seriously leave you wanting that action! hot good time.

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Such great content. Appreciate the acting and stories. Effort! A+ Fun videos, recommended!

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Hot model, speaks german, not sure if its the model selling this or some dude selling webcam recordings, not the best overall

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Bettie is off the chart amazing, this video is EPIC great

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Fantastic model, great acting. Well done. This video is SUPER for price

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Good audio, video, great acting, good scene, thanks for the lighting. Fun video

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This model is TOPS. Black hair, blue eyes, slamming body, great skills, video and audio right on. Her eyes pop in this great scene. Well done! Epic priced. Buy this or you are gay.... not that there is anything wrong with that...

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This is a specific custom video, however, it is a perfect specimen of what you can get fulfilled from this model. Recommended model, if you want a cock rating video or any other video, this model is exceptional! Good audio video, but seriously the model is spectacular.

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Great scene, feels like you are right there, great dialogue, spot on!

Thank you!^.^

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If you are looking for a hot hardcore sloppy deepthroat video from a busty slut, this is it!

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Great video, fun story, great video and audio, special thanks to the camera man who was able to be as quiet as he could. Overall great video!

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Easily one of the better models, good acting, CRAZY HOT body, this is a good video, priced about right

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Super sweet scene, cute sexy babysitter having fun. Cute accent, hot model. Video quality is ok to good, audio is good. Good video

Thank you! I have a new camera since filming this so my newest videos are better quality :)

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Good Times! Beautiful eyes, this MILF rocks in the new years!

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For price absolute awesome, great model, good acting, nice story, lets do lunch ;)

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Phenomenal model, great acting. Above average camera and audio. Cutie thats the right amount of naughty! DR APPROVED!

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Superb video. Wonderful model, plays a slutty girl, very slutty, love it

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Korina does it again, OVER and OVER this model delivers. Great story, incredible videography for this genre, hats off to the cameraman. Video and audio on point. This model will stay Queen of the Hill for sometime, other models need to emulate this quality!

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Pretty hot, cute girl, gets messy in a good way. Good video and audio. If I had to ask for more, maybe dialogue, but actually works as it. Well done!

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Great video, model is on point, hot and believable. Video quality is exceptional. Performance well done.

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Fun video, good performance, lines delivered convincingly. Cute model. Good oral and simulated cumshot sequence. Priced perfect!

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Naughty emo girl seduces you and it get WEIRD, like weird hot, great scene! Loved it!

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Good fun, decently made, girls are great at being well, slutty, like could imagine picking these two up at a bar for some after hours fun. Good video great price

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Korina does it again! A+ performance. Acting is on point makes the scene come to life. Super hot, great lines delivered perfect! LOVE THIS MODEL! Will be #1 soon definitely!

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So fun and hot, good story, good production, SMOKING HOT model, loved it! Greaaaat price! Going to get me a custom! I hope!

Thank you!! XO

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Simple video that makes your day. This beauty destroys you with he searing sexy gaze while she sucks you (pov). Music in background is fine and you can her her sucking sounds throughout. GREAT!

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Model is BOMB! Good story, better actress than most, makes the video work. Good audio video. Well done and WORTH the price! must see!

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This model crushes the oral scene! A beauty with TALENT! Appreciate you!

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Super ass foreign girl role plays as a teacher. sort of. Good quality video, ok performance. Overall decent

You are the only frustrated here giving 3 stars for what? Next time don’t review my videos! No needed!;)