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I really enjoy seeing a great clip, concept with a beautiful energetic model. I rate any video I watch, want a true and full review send me your vid

Looking for models who can;

- are inventive and able to act an enjoy the scene

- understand basic lighting techniques (tip put a light shining on you, maybe 2!)

- can create the illusion by camera angle and acting to make me feel excited.

Dislike; greedy models, prolonged turnaround times, bad communication, bad acting, POORLY LIT SCENES!


Medical Field


1978-01-01 (40)


White / Caucasian


American United States

Hair Color


Eye Color



6'0" or 183 cm


160 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned





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What a great video, cute sexy model, great acting, fun scenario, great video quality and audio, exceptional product for the price (currently $6.49 on sale). This model is sooo innocent looking with a sexual attitude and verbal skills of a absolute sexual vixen. Perfectly executed for its genre.

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If you are looking for a hot hardcore sloppy deepthroat video from a busty slut, this is it!

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Great video, fun story, great video and audio, special thanks to the camera man who was able to be as quiet as he could. Overall great video!

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Easily one of the better models, good acting, CRAZY HOT body, this is a good video, priced about right

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Super sweet scene, cute sexy babysitter having fun. Cute accent, hot model. Video quality is ok to good, audio is good. Good video

Thank you! I have a new camera since filming this so my newest videos are better quality :)

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Good Times! Beautiful eyes, this MILF rocks in the new years!

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For price absolute awesome, great model, good acting, nice story, lets do lunch ;)

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Phenomenal model, great acting. Above average camera and audio. Cutie thats the right amount of naughty! DR APPROVED!

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Superb video. Wonderful model, plays a slutty girl, very slutty, love it

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Korina does it again, OVER and OVER this model delivers. Great story, incredible videography for this genre, hats off to the cameraman. Video and audio on point. This model will stay Queen of the Hill for sometime, other models need to emulate this quality!

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Pretty hot, cute girl, gets messy in a good way. Good video and audio. If I had to ask for more, maybe dialogue, but actually works as it. Well done!

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Great video, model is on point, hot and believable. Video quality is exceptional. Performance well done.

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Fun video, good performance, lines delivered convincingly. Cute model. Good oral and simulated cumshot sequence. Priced perfect!

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Naughty emo girl seduces you and it get WEIRD, like weird hot, great scene! Loved it!

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Good fun, decently made, girls are great at being well, slutty, like could imagine picking these two up at a bar for some after hours fun. Good video great price

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Korina does it again! A+ performance. Acting is on point makes the scene come to life. Super hot, great lines delivered perfect! LOVE THIS MODEL! Will be #1 soon definitely!

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So fun and hot, good story, good production, SMOKING HOT model, loved it! Greaaaat price! Going to get me a custom! I hope!

Thank you!! XO

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Simple video that makes your day. This beauty destroys you with he searing sexy gaze while she sucks you (pov). Music in background is fine and you can her her sucking sounds throughout. GREAT!

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Model is BOMB! Good story, better actress than most, makes the video work. Good audio video. Well done and WORTH the price! must see!

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This model crushes the oral scene! A beauty with TALENT! Appreciate you!

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Great model, super quality , totally taaabooo crazy, shes hot scene to match!

If you think this is hot, you just wait :)

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Great quality video audio and acting, model is great sexy! Use of the name Jeremy in the video which I wasn't expecting. Overall good price, good work

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A fun hot treat, hot milfy model rocks this fun blackmail centered story.

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One of the best videos on MV, great story, hot amazing model with acting skills! and a clever POV shooting, well done!

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Very cute model, cute voice yes, but only about 3-4 lines that are short lived. This video would easily get 5 stars if there were more cutie talk going on. Perhaps overpriced overall.

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This is a great video, smokin hot model does just what the title says! Perfect!

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Super hot model, would love to see sooo much more from her. Overall good work, appropriately priced

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One of the best Taboo videos around, expert level solo work by this amazing model! YES WE ALL WANT TO BE YOUR DADDY! Terrific performance!

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Such a wonderfully twisted video, has all kinds of entertainment factors. Great model, excellent acting for solo video, very creative.

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Great story, fun model makes it real, great acting. Makeup and lighting are nearly perfect, super simulated bukkake! hope to see more of these with various stories. A+

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I love this models material, great storylines, she carries the roles very well. Bravo!

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Great story, acting is spot on, feels real in a fun sexy way! We need the sequel!

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FORGOT TO ADD, This video will make you want to FUCK a pack of gum :)

Face fuck toy Jan 31 2017
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Amazing skills, sloppy, deep, and a good injection of dirty talk, sexy voice! Great!

Squirting Cock Jan 31 2017
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This video is more than it appears, this model is amazing! Great dirty talk, and deepthroat skillls demonstrated to the max! Wonderful

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Great story, awesome model, nerd truly goes slut in this great video. Good audio and video, priced right, a good time!

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Super hot fun model, great dirty talk, better than most! Good audio and video, and I appreciate the file size.

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Easily one of the hottest models on the net wherever you find her. Body is perfect, pretty face, amazing eyes, love it. This video is pretty good, she does some great dirty talk and it is certainly encouraging. Only downside is little and happens early in the video so it is easily forgotten after she mesmerizes the viewer with her seductive powers...what was I saying? Oh, it is a custom video for some guy names marcus, but it is'nt really problematic. Overall a nice video of a blazing hot model good video/audio.

Cum on my tongue Oct 10 2016
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Super sexy model, definitely has sensual skills, good quality video. Overall a decent video, only negative background music is disruptive and takes away from the dirty talk of the video, would love to see more of this from this model with better audio. Good video priced about right.

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Wonderful model #1 MILF EVER, great video, super sloppy, enticing, perfect!

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Fun, exactly what you think, good quality, great price. Well done!

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Jade knows how to do it! What a great story, makes a galaxy seem not too far away. Wonderful model, great quality video and audio, works the dildo and feels like you get to help save the galaxy! or at least fuck a super hot jedi gal. AWESOME!

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A wonderful little fantasy, good think I saved the kingdom! and double good the princess is a very grateful girl. Awesome quality, music that adds to the scene, good mix of action and dirty talk. Wonderful! Produce more like this!

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Homemade oral scene, cute girl sucks a load out of the POV. Decent video for this genre. Good value for price.

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If you like hot girls with big tits and ass + insertions and close ups, this is your video.

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Hot girl, lovely eyes, looks great eating that dildo. Good Video, good audio. Consider being more verbal, we like a show! Great for price.

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Hot Model, pretty, amazing body and eyes. Video is as advertised with name 'Colton' used throughout. Video quality is good, audio is good, this video would be awesome if my name was Colton.

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Video is sort of awkward, outside of two girls sucking cock, there is little to the video, no much dialogue, shaky camera, even the cum shots are non-remarkable. The best way to describe this particular video is like having a friend tell you a story they are very excited about, then when they realize you are not interested in their story they say "You had to be there..." Video quality is ok (shaky) audio is ok but lacks content.

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Big hot Ass on a cute girl, this video is exactly what it describes, a hot ass with a dildo in it. Good Quality Video, audio quality is good, mostly background music with model occasional moan.

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Cute model, hot body, but this video is a oral scene. She does well, sucking a dildo, POV with great potential. About halfway she delivers some dirty lines, and it good at that, would love to hear her talk dirty for the duration. When she looks into the camera you actually feel like you are there! but often she is looking at the monitor and so it appears she is looking away and that sort of disrupts the moment. Good video, good audio quality. Hot girl. Priced about right, but could sell better at like $4-6