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Essos United States Joined October 2015

Your over the top hentai like sluttyness in the vids is freaking exilerating your awesome at what you do hope your doing great 😁

HEY LITTLE PUCK CUTIE! Would you happen to have anymore panties for sale?

Yes i have over 50 panties available! If u vote $50 in the current "after hours" contest on manyvids u get a pair, if u vote $75 u get my dirty panties + a 3min cumming clip for u & 2 polaroid. Click the blue Vote button underneath my profile pic to vote and get yours <3!

Holy crap! And I thought the video I got from the Penis Psalms contest was hot! Thank you! <3

Hey ya'll ❤️ I'm participating in the After Hours Contest Here on ManyVids! It starts Saturday, May 19th and Ends May 27th. 

If you vote for me, you get rewards! Peruse the goodies below & as soon as i get your vote, i'll hit you up so you can redeem your chosen prize 🍆💦

To Vote For Me, Click The Big Blue Vote Button Underneath My Profile Pic! It'll take you to the Voting Page, Just Follow the Instructions From There.

$25 Vote:  Any 3 Solo Vids (19min or less)
$50 Vote: Any 6 Solo Vids (22min or less)
$50 Vote: Lifetime Snapchat + Any 1 Vid + 10 Dirty Snaps For Your Eyes Only!
$50 Vote: Dirty Panties
$75 Vote: Dirty Panties with 3min cumming clip for u & 2 polaroids
$75 Vote: Personal Cum4U Clip (8-10min)
$75 Vote: Any 6 Solo Vids (Any Length)
$100 Vote: Any 8 Solo Vids (Any Length)
$100 Vote: Simple, Fetish Custom Vid, 10min
$150 Vote: One 15min Custom Clip Including 1 Cumshot

_Watts May 20

Guys this girl’s “personal clips” are very personal. She makes you feel like you’re there with her. Sensual as fuck. Make you jizz in your pants sensual! 🍆💦 👖

_Watts May 18

Guys get the flash sale this girl is putting out! Follow her and check out her MV Flyer. All those vids are pure turn ons, but one of your choices should be “Future Girl”. I just wanna cum thinking about her face and hairy armpits/pussy in that vid. 🍆💦

_Watts May 18

Guys there’s a second flash sale. Check out her MV Flyer and hop on it. Trust me those vids will make you hard for days!  The Kitana vid is cRaZy! 🤪

Hey babe I followed you and left you some hearts ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️

Heya- just saw the Flash sale notification on my MV Flyers-  sent a tip too :) Could you please message me? Tried sending one to you, but I'm not a premium member- oops! Thanks much!

gotchu!! <3

Hey again, could you send me another message?

I'm about to fall down a deep hole called Little Puck. You rock so hard!

MV girl 14  yay, Puck with all my competitve character i truly think u are unique creature and deserve 1 spot ...okloveyoubye

Hey there, could you message me real quick regarding a video?

messaged u!

Royalexi Apr 23

Youuuuuu! Just made my day with all the love you showered me with, just know I look up to you so much, and you're soo cute and I even touched myself to you during your takeover a few weeks/months ago lmao! xoxo <3

(V)):@(V)) it's my pleasure, you're incredibly stunning & your content is hot af! i can't wait to see what else u have in store for us <3


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OR Click the Blue "Vote For Me" Button underneath my Profile Pic.

The Contest Runs Monday, April 23rd to Wednesday, May 2nd!

VOTE $15 & Choose 1 of the Following Vids
OR VOTE $25 & Choose Any 2 Of the Following Vids....
The Whore Next Door
Daddy's Lil Psychonymph
Daddy's Lil Gusher
Daddy's Lil Fuckhole POV
Fuck Your Best Friend's Wife
Freaky Lil Sis Wants a Buttfuck
Operation God Cock
Broodmare for Monster Cock
Ravens Demons Unleashed
Freakish Spit Bitch
Bad Belle Fucks the Beast

VOTE $10 & Choose 1 of the Following Vids
Dumb Gum
Fuck a Fan POV
Fuck a Fan POV Part Deux
Fuck My Butt, Baby

_Watts Apr 23

Those are some hot deals you got there Puck. Apart from being absolute turn ons, her vids are highly entertaining. Even after you cum you’ll still watch em just to see what she’ll do next. 🔥🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪🌪

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I'm Puck, your freaky, kinky taboo princess. Known for my filthy mouth & wild sexual energy. Almost Every Vid on my Profile was ordered as a custom vid. Message me to design yours! I love smell & spit fetish, ass to mouth, and taboo roleplay (daddy's girl, aunt, mommy, sister, etc.) I'm a greedy lil cumslut, come & see...

❤️twitter! @littlepuck


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