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holy hot doggg we ended in 9th place in the slutwalk contest, thx u all so so much!!

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Any chance I can buy a dick rating from you?

For sure ill dm u

I just found you by accident, and Wow lol....

Well hello there stranger!

Hi!! Thank you for the love. Left you some hearts too. <3:*)

Mil123 Sep 19

Can you DM me about a custom and your Snapchat please 😘

r18man Sep 16

little Puck pleassssseeee I beg of you can you make more pussy joi videos your HAIRY PUSSY HO video was fantastic please make another one I beg of you i left an awesome review for you hope you enjoy ;)

i loved your review so much <3 you're so sweet! every vid i make is a custom request so if someone orders one i'm happy to make more! xoxo:*)<3

Happy Labor Day! :)

Are you ever gonna have any more used pantys up for sale?

i still sell panties ya :) you can hmu directly and i'm happy to pick the size, color, and type of fabric u prefer out of my collection. i'll dm u now

MisterMuziq deleted Sep 1

I messaged you before (but my account was deleted) regarding your handle. Its inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins, right? Great series.  As far as you and your "content", it's certainly made me more than -content-. You're not merely, "freaky", no offense to anyone who uses that term. I think you're hyper-sexual/sensual. Nahmean?

Roxi Red Aug 31

Left you lots of <3<3 Gorgeous xx

you too! *fuckingham palace* lmfao i love it :H<3

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

thank u love!! gave u hearts!

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you are so cute thank u!!!!!

You are the best, and keep doing what you are doing! Shake the haters and lil punks off. Keep slaying!!

I LOVE U SO MUCH THANK YOU!!!! ima shake these lil punks off :p

Hey just stopping by to show you some love I'm from Chicago also :)

Hi there little puck, how are you? I was wondering if you do any custom videos? i"d love for you to do some for me so can you please email me thank you so much

Hey there, I was just curious what all goes on in your premium snap?

Hey sexy! I love your Style!!!:A:x

yo i love yours too!!! i was admiring your profile the other day (V))***

Do you have an email I can send to about custom vids?

Roxielynnn deleted Jul 18

Hey babe left you some hearts

i can't leave u any bc you're blocked for my region but thank u!!

phisaaal Jul 17

im intrested to have skype video call with you

Happy fourth!

r18man Jul 2

Hello little puck when does the sale end for your overwatch video thank you for your time

This video will be on sale til Wednesday <3

r18man Jul 2

Thank you beautiful


You have a beautiful body.
Would it be possible to do a lesbian video or you will lick a pussy and you will lick it, and u will have an orgasm

I don't take requests that aren't purchased as custom clips. Sounds fun tho!

Voted for this cutie :A

got u back! you're so beautiful!

Aww thank you ^.^

sending a love your way if you might return the favor  great vid!!!

for sure! hit u up with all the hearts <3

Left you some hearts😙

got u back!

love your style! that chicken coop girl vid looks so cute <3

i'm so in love with you :O:`(:A

whaaaa!!! well, fuck, thx u ***O:)(V))

Hey Little Puck, could you please give me from your kindness of your heart, a 50% promo code on your membership please please pretty please?

I'm Not That Kind.

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Hi! I'm Little Puck & I Sell Naughty Content ------Most Used Word to Describe Me By My Fans: FREAKY. Almost Every Vid on my profile was ordered as a custom clip. I love smell & spit fetish and ass to mouth! Requested Often for Taboo Roleplay including daddy's girl, aunt, mommy, sister, etc. I'm known for my filthy mouth, come and see...




1988-12-18 (28)





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34" 28" 32"

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5'7" or 170 cm


140 lbs

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