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Mexico Italy Joined October 2015
Darne57 Jul 25

Please pm for custom request. Thanks.

please take a kissing video, long n sloppy

Ho Jonathan, you can direct your own custom video here:


could you do a custom farting video? Obviously willing to pay, or even an anal creampie video where you fart the cum out

No, sorry. I'm not into that

Marill May 13

Pablo could take photosets or custom videos showing his ass?

Lol his name is Paolo and yes, he can, but he's not up for any sexual thing regarding his ass unless it's just rimming.

Marill May 14

I mean just nudity. Can i order a video of him getting naked and showing entirely his ass, is that possible? if yes, please send me a private message :))

if it is going to be up close to his ass and his cock, i also want to order the video, send me a PM please

Just took advantage of your free offer, i gave a review and you can be sure that i will be buying from you guys for sure. @robertgiguere59 on Twitter

Thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy all our content!!

You're the hottest couple on Many Vids...keep it up (lol:])

Thank you, RedShoes!!

do you make movie?

If you mean custom videos you can make a request through this link: :)

i mean mainstream movie ... do you like indie-film art-house style ... new wave of poetry-movie inspire streams

You guys have the best shower scenes I've ever seen. My little fetish is blowjobs in the shower with water running down the hair and every video I've bought from you has exactly what I find sexy. My favourite is lazy secretary. If you keep making shower vids like this, with wet hair, maybe even blowjob while getting shampooed and conditioned... I'll never stop watching your vids. Please keep up the fantastic work and amazing production value.

Thank you so much!! So happy to know you enjoy our fantasies as well! About the blowjob while getting shampooed, maybe we should buy babie's shampoo to avoid the pain when it gets in my eyes hahaha but we could totally do a custom video with your ideas. Check this section if you're interested:


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