Mandy Flores


Mandy Flores

Google me, there's a lot to know and see. I have a solo girl membership site as well :)

Washington stateUnited States Joined November 2015
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Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
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Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
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Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
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Your boobs are great, are them natural?

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

Can wear xs lingen

Mandy great videos! Please do a remake to your Nylon sex pants video with you in those great adidas pants. Do a video with a male this time where you rub all up on him while he is naked. Then let him cum on you ass with the pants still on. I know a lot of people that are into this, once made ill be sure to spread the word. Hopefully you consider this if you still have those pants. Thanks, keep up the good work!

Thank you for reaching out! I appreciate the support. You are welcome to order this as a custom video.

Kings39 Jul 13

Huge fan of your work 😊

Thank you!

gorgeous stuff

Please do another adidas nylon pants video, but this time with a male! Thanks

Love your scat videos I'd really like to eat some

Your fetish videos miss me :(

That they do!!:x

deezy604 Apr 20

i love you!

:) Thank you :) <3<3

Hi I would like a custom vid ! 😘

email me at :)

talion666 deleted Feb 23

Hi i have a question on custom vid. Can you write me?

email me at

Do you do custom videos?

dm me! :)

edijux Dec 24

Hay sexy Mandy! Please make some video in velour hoodie or tracksuit!

I will keep that in mind :)

edijux Mar 3

i really hope! :*

matgilet Nov 26

Hello!! Do you produce customs or skype? Thanks!!

I do! DM me :)

Custom Idea:  The start would be where you make a guy kneel in front of you and command him to take his pants off.  After he does that, you use your barefoot to play with his balls and playfully tap them around.  Lightly tap and play with his balls with your barefoot and toes letting him know that you have all the power.  Tell him that you could easily kick his balls and lower his sperm count if you wanted to.  Also verbally humiliating him and threatening him that you are going to kick him so hard you'll lower his sperm count and shrink his balls.  Let him know how big his balls are, but if he gets out of line he'll have super tiny balls because you'll make them shrink.  Maybe you can even talk about how you have kicked other guys and ruined their chances of having kids and made their balls shrink up.  Lastly give him some good swift kicks to the testicles.  While he is in the fetal position, make him kiss the feet and toes that destroyed his nuts.

KyleP7246 Sep 23 2016

Also interested in a custom

DM me

PuppetMaster03 Sep 18 2016

Hi! No custom videos?

DM me

fireandcream deleted Jun 19 2016

truly beautiful

hot <3

uglypaul Apr 30 2016

You are an ANGEL.

Mandy Flores May 2 2016

Thank you paul :)

RyderWilde Feb 23 2016

Left you some hearts! You are very sexy and talented. Love your content/creativity. I love a bad-ass chick who can create a stir. Your zombie video is awesome!

Alastor88 Feb 15 2016

Just left some love on your profile mandy! Happy Valentines day! :)

ssamber deleted Feb 12 2016

Hi girl! You are very sexy! Love your profile! I gave you a bunch of hearts on your vids. Was wondering if you could return the favor <3 Happy Valentines!


Just wanted to thank you for this video many I see a few videos you have made a just wanted to tell you a like you're videos oh sorry where are my manners my names ANGELUS XXX THANKS FOR GETTING ME HORNY XXX MANDY

Mandy Flores Jan 29 2016

You are so very welcome! I really appreciate you buying them, and giving me feedback too! :) Talk to you later Horny Boy! :)

AresKeith Dec 19 2015

you seem familiar too ;P

SnowFlora deleted Dec 17 2015

Hi, I left you some hearts!

taymade1991 Dec 12 2015

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you :) ... Mwah

Ellie Idol Dec 5 2015

Hey babe! ;)

Mandy Flores Dec 5 2015

I beautiful! :)

Sasha_ Nov 28 2015

hi ;) left you some hearts! Have a good day ♡

tinyhighelf Nov 13 2015

hello~ left you all the hearts i could! would love if you could do the same. have a wonderful day!

Roxielynn deleted Nov 1 2015

Hearted you

deleted_4ever deleted Nov 1 2015

Hi welcome on Mv:) I left u some hearts,pls return me back some love too xo xo

LaylaCherrie Nov 1 2015

Hey hey, welcome to ManyVids! I'm just stopping by to share some hearts x

Mandy Flores Nov 1 2015

All of my videos are custom orders, which means they have ALL been ordered by a customer through my website or email and are generally the customers ideas and script, though there are times when I take care of the details. If you have a video you would love for me to do just email me at

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I am a former Playboy Cybergirl, turned fetish video producer. I have made over 2,500 custom videos in nearly any fetish you can think of. My email is and anything you may want, from a custom video..... panties.... socks......custom photosets......spit, other bodily fluids and functions..... lol just let me know through my email.


Porn Star


1989-03-19 (28)





White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

Washington state


Sexual :)


In a relationship

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36" 26" 32"

Breast Size

Saline 36D


5'3" or 160 cm


115 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned







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Mandy Flores PO Box 2298 Moses Lake, Wa, 98837


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