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Haus of Khaos

Haus of Khaos

Joined November 2015

so sexy I am just tropping by to leave you a heart

laurenashe6 deleted Mar 7

Can you DM me ? i have a question about your kik

Subarukittenmv deleted Jul 28 2017

leaving you some love <3

magicman007 Feb 28 2017

Hi there, I'd love for you to do some custom videos for me. can you please email me so we can discuss this?

Nixie Rivers Dec 28 2016

Left you some love

pandabear2285 Oct 17 2016

left u more love

alien420vixen Sep 8 2016

hi gorgeous

humpdaypumper Aug 31 2016

Dropped some hearts

RedVelvetCake_82 Aug 22 2016

Thanks for the love! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😚 🌺 You are so adorable!

Sandyyyted Aug 11 2016

Thanks for the Love!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

PrincessLys Aug 9 2016

Hearted <3

Cassie Morgue Aug 9 2016

Thank you for the love 💜💜

Roxiemarrie deleted Jul 26 2016

Left hearts

RedJaney Jul 16 2016

Thanks for the love! I left you a <3 in return :)

TeddyBow Jun 16 2016

I left you some hearts, beautiful

HairyPlump Jun 14 2016

Hi! I've left hearts for your new videos, really cool! If you can, please, vote for me and my girlfriend in the Double Trouble Contest

Mzcountry420 Jun 3 2016

Hey sweetie jus stoped by to show you some love and hearts ;) really would like to see your face on my page :) could really use some of your ideas to help me out smooches

magicman007 May 26 2016

Hi there,  How are you? I wanted to see if you would do some possible custom videos that I'd love for you  to do for me. can you please email me at so I can provide more details. thank you so much

Haus of Khaos May 29 2016

how about you email me at khleakhaos @ gmaildotcom with your idea(s) so I can provide a custom quote

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