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Joined November 2015

Hi there, I'd love for you to do some custom videos for me. can you please email me so we can discuss this?

Left you some love

left u more love

hi gorgeous

Dropped some hearts

Thanks for the love! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😚 🌺 You are so adorable!

Thanks for the Love!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hearted <3

Thank you for the love 💜💜

Roxiemarrie deleted Jul 26

Left hearts

RedJaney Jul 16

Thanks for the love! I left you a <3 in return :)

TeddyBow Jun 16

I left you some hearts, beautiful

Hi! I've left hearts for your new videos, really cool! If you can, please, vote for me and my girlfriend in the Double Trouble Contest

Hey sweetie jus stoped by to show you some love and hearts ;) really would like to see your face on my page :) could really use some of your ideas to help me out smooches

Hi there,  How are you? I wanted to see if you would do some possible custom videos that I'd love for you  to do for me. can you please email me at so I can provide more details. thank you so much

how about you email me at khleakhaos @ gmaildotcom with your idea(s) so I can provide a custom quote

Hearts for you! You are so Sexy and Naughty. I Love it. Big Kisses :kiss_me::x Jessica

ViennaLove deleted Apr 28

hii just left you an bunch of <3 hope to get some back xo

ohfoxxxy Apr 20

stopping by to vote again (:

thank you! :x

Hey hun, I left a heart explosion all over your profile, pix and vids and through in a vote for good measure. Have a super duper day <3

Thank you so much! I returned the love :x

Another vote <3

ohfoxxxy Apr 19

I vote for you every day!

How many votes for the prizes

7 votes is a $3.99 video, 10 vtoes is a $5.99 video and votes everyday for the duration of the contest would've gotten you a $6.99 video

WOW.. that is kinky.. great !!!!! i love it.. :A<3***

Left you hearts and voted for you! XoXoXO

thank you sweetheart, returned the favor! :x

ohfoxxxy Apr 14

I voted for you! I don't need a vote back :b just showing the new england <3

thank you! :x

jeni4wyld deleted Apr 12

Voted for you!!!!

Thank you babe, I voted for you too! Best of luck :x

ohfoxxxy Apr 12

I'm closing in on my first week here and I just wanted to show some love to all the other bbw's here so I'm leaving you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 everywhere girl. I hope you have a great week!

Left you hearts. Please help me out?

Hey ;)

Left u lots of hearts! <3


Thanks for the love babygirl!

thanks for the warm welcome babe! i love your profile my vids are so grainy what kind of cam do use to record ur videos

Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I love your site and I love how you have things set up. :x<3

Returned the the favor! :)


Hey gorgeous, thank you for your warm welcome. You are a sweetheart thank you for reaching out to me :A:A:A:woohoo-8::woohoo-8::woohoo-8::woohoo-8:

JaydensCandyShop deleted Mar 24 2016

Big Hearts for you <3<3<3<3<3<3 Mwah! ************************ xxxxxx Eden xxxxxx

Foxy Sexilicious
Foxy Sexilicious deleted Mar 20 2016

Hey sexy😘 Stopping by to show some ❤️❤️❤️ Left lots of ❤️❤️❤️ I am new here to this site so I wanted to say hi  hope you can give me some ❤️❤️❤️ Back 😘😘😘

Zaya Black
Zaya Black deleted Mar 13 2016

Left hearts back! <3 xoxo

Jazzlynsparkle Feb 22 2016

Very sexy .... I sent you a ❤️ please do the same for me :)

Baby Skye Feb 1 2016

Hai! I am new and so left you all the hearts I could! I'd be amazing if you would swing by and return the favor!

HairyPlump Jan 17 2016

Hi! I've voted for you, wish you all the luck! :)

Cattie Jan 14 2016

Please be sure to vote for me in the MV Awards starting January 14! You can vote once a day FREE or check out rewards by visiting my Fund Me section. I'm entered under Fetish Girl & Store of the year. Thanks for everything! Have a fantastic week. ~xoxo~

BrinaBaby Jan 13 2016

Left you lots of love! Thanks for being so sweet! Xx Brina

Sashas Secret Jan 12 2016

Heart Back to you thank you!

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