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I LOVE BBWs, redheads and feet!!!


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A girl so bratty, so naughty and so... DIRTY... that she needed TWO preview vids to show off all her greatness!!! All of her trademarks are there: lollipops, lip gloss, puffy jackets, slobber, sexiness and of course lots of cum. If you don't know DirtyKristy then do yourself a favor and get BOTH of her free previews and become a fan like everyone else!

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Whew!!! I tried to count the cumshots, but I got so distracted by the hot action I lost count. Let's just say it's several. If you like young, cute, bratty, messy and dirty... then DirtyKristy is your girl!!! She packs a lot into this 90 seconds as she switches between her different vids that you'll definitely be wanting more!

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This video has a well crafted storyline with you as the central character. Believe me this isn't one where there's a little story in the beginning then the sex starts and it all gets left behind. Aria keeps you wrapped in this tale the whole time and she does an excellent job of mixing in a lot of great dirty talk along with it. It starts off with some cocksucking, then reverse cowgirl where she plants the dildo on the floor and really rides it! About halfway through she adds something special. She starts saying your girlfriend will be back soon and to hurry up. I know this is a fetish for some and I have to admit it adds excitement. Aria doesn't just mention this once either. She keeps saying it and the closer it gets to the end the more she tells you to hurry up and with more desperation. As I said this starts halfway through which is also where she starts doing some POV riding. This part is almost a work of art with Aria's delicious boobs bouncing to the rhythm, but that's not all that bounces. Her beautiful, thick, wavy, golden hair cascading over her tits is also bouncing. If that wasn't enough on top of all this Aria is looking down at you and continuing her dirty talk and roleplay. WHEW!!! You truly must see this for yourself! In the end she returns to cocksucking which finishes up with a HUGE load on her perfect tits!!! As a bonus in the last minute or two she slowing rubs her tightened hand up and down the cum covered dildo!

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DK is EXTRA cute in her pink jacket, matching dog collar and matching clips that hold her pigtails up in the back. And of course she's also extra bratty with chewing her gum which I'm not sure even comes out before the cock comes in. To add to the schoolgirl look she keeps her backpack on the whole time as well. Another nice addition on this one is the mirror where we get side shots of Dirty Kristy a few times. Towards the end of the cocksucking DK sucks and smacks all over the cock with her lips which looks and sounds great! Last but not least there's some power shots of cum that cover Dirty Kristy's face and over 90 more seconds of video to really appreciate it all!!!

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Kitty's titties are fantastic and that's just for starters! Add in her beautiful face and continuous dirty talk not to mention her panting as well as moaning and you've got a great vid!!! You definitely should treat yourself and grab it up!

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As the clip begins Honey is already in the thick of it laying on her back with tits out, ballgag in and Hitachi on. When I say "on" I don't just mean powered on I mean ON HER PUSSY!!! As she said in her description Honey has 25 orgasms and they break at least a second for each one to keep count. She might not be able to talk, but Honey still keeps things hot as she pants, moans and whines. The delicious jiggling of her chubbiness and beautiful breasts adds to the excitement as well! After about 6 minutes her "daddy" can't take it anymore and decides to slip his cock in her delicious pussy and let Honey take over the Hitachi as he slowly pumps away. Around the 12 minute mark they switch to a nice side view of doggystyle and Honey has taken the gag off so now along with the other noise she adds in various exclamations like "Oh God", "Oh fuck" and "oh shit". Along with all this her daddy is steadily drilling her between her sweet cheeks with his hands on her luscious, curvaceous hips. A couple of minutes later Honey is on her back as pictured above. With this change there is a great view of the penetration as daddy's cock slides in and out. From this point the fucking begins to build in intensity up to the final orgasm. In the end Honey begs, "Cum with me!" then as she's cumming for the last time she screams at the top of her lungs, "OH MY GOD!!!" In response her daddy pulls out and fires a blast of cum that arcs over her lovely large belly and almost reaches her tits!!!

HoneyBunTV Jul 7 2017

A PERFECT review!!! Omg!

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No warm up or teasing - Dirty K is deep throating from the very beginning and has enough slobber built up in the first 30 seconds to have her man spread it around her face with his big cock. She looks particularly bratty with her hat turned sideways as she continues to switch back and forth from sucking and having that cock rubbed on her face more. Finally her man can't wait any longer and lets loose with four good volleys of cum covering Dirty K's face and jacket which begin to run down off her chin. After a cumshot a lot of videos would give you a few seconds more and that would be it, but not this girl. She likes to be dirty and shows it off for over a full minute for a great ending!!!

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If you have a rubber or a balloon fetish then you just about HAVE to get this one!!! If not, there's still plenty of reasons snag this vid. Dirty Kristy and Trouble Man both moan and pant through this whole vid. Also, Trouble Man throws in a lot of variety by changing up the pace and reaching forward to do various other fun things to Dirty K! Oh and let's not forget the ending because even though this is a fucking video it still ends with a great facial just like the title says!!!

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Honey packs a lot into this almost 16 minute clip! It's part spanking, part GFE and part JOI all rolled into. At some points its all three in the same moment! She starts off with the spanking, but then later she starts talking to you so you're essentially into the GFE portion when that happens. In spite of this, she's still spanking herself. Later on she starts the JOI, but she is still talking directly to you as her boyfriend and still smacking her breasts some. As the JOI continues the spanking is less frequent but still happening now and then. In fact there's one part where she's moving her left hand up and down and slapping her breast with her right! As Honey gestures with her hand so she can show you how you should be jerking she frequently has her mouth open as if she's got a big cock in her hand that's about to cum in her eagerly awaiting mouth. And of course THAT is hot AF!!! When the video gets down to less than 4 minutes from the end she starts the countdown from 10 and says the next number about every 20 seconds so that the sexual intensity really builds at that point! (That's assuming you haven't already blown your wad already due to Honey's hotness which is a distinct possibilty). If you've edged this far then it gets even harder because Honey starts telling you she wants you to cum and the time is drawing closer! For the big finish she gets to one and tells you to cum for her! Now you can FINALLY unload!!! If you pulled THAT off then congrats! (Don't tell Honey that I couldn't make it past 3 or she might have to punish me.)

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In a unique and creative concept Chromie (as she's known on Twitter and Snap) has combined body worship with GFE. The conversation is casual and not overly sexual for the most part, but this feeds the GFE narrative of the clip. The talking is continuous and Chromie's voice is sweet to hear, but in addition she also rolls around on the bed showing off all of her delicious BBW body!!! Who wouldn't want to be her BF right?!?!?!?

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Sooooooooooooo HOT!!! I guess Honey AND her boss BOTH got a raise!

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The imagery is fantastic with our sweet cherubic Honey Bun laid out on the bed in her angel wings and halo surrounded by lightly colored flower petals! Yeah... I know you can see it all above, but you'd be disappointed if I didn't describe it my usual style right? Anyway... the storyline and cosplay are very strong in this one. Honey carries the story forward in great detail and with plenty of dirty talk for the entire 10 minutes. Her bra comes down at 2:30 and she turns the Hitachi on at the 3 minute mark. Before this she is moving her hands all over her chest, but once she starts fapping obviously there's a lot more movement of plenty of delicious jiggling! You'll be hanging on every word as she tells you the story of how she got pregnant as well as how horny she is now. After she cums she is struck by a very naughty revelation which she shares with you as the last line of her wonderful dialogue!

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The clip starts with Princess Aquarius applying nipple clamps. As intense as it sounds it is in stark contrast to her girlish carnation pink fingernails and bright pink hair. Speaking of pink I have been turned on by Aquarius's pink nipples for a long time now. They are simply DELICIOUS!!! Aquarius puts the chain connecting the clips in her mouth as she tilts her head up her tits rise in compliance. After this the scene switches and you see Honey has the clamps on, but as she shakes her boobs to be sexy the whole thing falls off and the girls yell, "Oh no, oh no!" in unison. Next you see Honey holding the Hitachi and she switches it on with a look of mischief on her face. The next shot is between Aquarius's legs where her sweet, chubby pussy is barely covered by some lingerie. The Hitachi enters the scene from the side and presses against Aquarius's skimpy, frilly panties that are barely guarding her pussy from the vibration. The buzz from the Hitachi, Aquarius's moans and Honey's giggles all swirl together as as the theme music for the whole video. The camera moves between the Hitachi going to town and Aquarius's ecstatic face so you can see all the joy of the moment along with all the squirming of Aquarius's body. She can hardly take it and instinctively moves her hands towards the vibrator as if to move it away, but deep down she knows she wants to continue so the effort is half-hearted. Besides... she knows Honey is not going to stop anyway. At the height of the intensity Aquarius actually closes her thighs so Honey ends up giving her a break after all and allows her to gently finger her pussy with her own hand to keep the excitement up to a certain level. In some ways it seems like a trick though because when the Hitachi returns with the panties now pulled to one side it makes direct contact with her wonderful pussy! Honey gets extra naughty and puts the Hitachi into pulse mode setting Aquarius on a rollercoaster ride of pleasure. Later she tells Aquarius to spread her lips wider for EVEN MORE Hitachi contact! At this point you notice that the panties have now been completely removed. Not satisfied to just hold the Hitachi in place Honey is pressing it in and moving it all around. As this continues Aquarius squirms all the more and both girls giggle for different reasons. They take a break again because on top of everything else Aquarius is going to have Ben-Wa balls put into her pussy. Once they ARE in... Honey asks you, "Don't you wish that was you?" Oh Honey... you don't know how bad I wish that. Watching Aquarius on her snap one time I thought about.... oh um.... sorry.... uh... back to the review. With 3 minutes left of the video Honey decides to go for it and switches the Hitachi from pulse to the normal continuous mode and resumes pushing it hard against Aquarius's sweet pussy. For foot fetish fans like me its worth noting that Aquarius moves her foot in front of the camera for just about 10 seconds. For the final 30 seconds she pulls the balls out and pushes the vibrator away and tries to say she's cumming, but she's going so crazy all she gets out is "I'm cu, I'm cu.. " WOW!!! What a wild ride!!! I HIGHLY recommend you get BOTH girls premium snaps! I've had them for months and they are FANTASTIC!!! In fact, I think I've had Honey's over a year now. At the VERY LEAST check out their free snaps for starters here >>> @HoneyBunTV and @BigFatBabyGirl

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You just THOUGHT you'd seen a popsicle vid before, but this is THE popsicle vid!!! One reason it's so good is because there's THREE popsicles in this clip and not just one. Also... when Honey does anything oral she's playing to her strengths because with the face of an angel coupled with insane sucking and licking skills you know you're getting some of the best action around! Another thing... with her face filling the screen you're also getting some great eye contact as well as unbelievable facial expressions. Before she's even 3 minutes in Honey is sucking 2 pops at once!!! She switches between double sucking and alternating as she continues. After 5 minutes she adds a third popsicle to the mix and decides her mouth is not enough to enjoy all this sweetness so she gets her tits in on the action, but still sneaks in sucks and licks too! At this point she moves the pops all around tracing the curves of her chest and leaving trails of juice as she goes. During this she pays particular attention to her nipples making them nice and hard. She also holds one popsicle in her cleavage moving it up and down in a sort of titfuck style. Keep in mind that she's also still sucking the other popsicles making this whole part of the video a sort of oral fixation boob worship delicious combo!!! For a big finish she starts to get really messy as her frozen treats fall off their sticks. She takes them in hand and smears them all over her chest again paying special attention to her nipples keeping them hard then licks her hands clean so as not to miss a drop of their goodness. For one last move she gives you a big smile to end the clip!

HoneyBunTV Aug 3 2017

I'm so so so glad you like it!

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I won't re-tell the beginning of this, but let me just say the roleplaying and scripting are great! The moment when the angry husband says, "I think I need you to suck my cock... right now!" is priceless!!! A few more lines of dialogue later and Honey is sucking cock in a little after 2 minutes. Shot from the side you get a great view of Honey's beautiful face as well as cute pigtails while she enjoys the cock! There's also some nice slurping and smacking along the way in addition some moaning from Honey who seems to be enjoying her punishment. So much so in fact, that she pops the cock out of her mouth for a moment to fondle it and admire its size! Later another great moment of roleplay begins with the husband saying, "I think I'm gonna fuck you now!" Why not right? Honey already seemed to have enjoyed the BJ so can't hurt to take it further and get something extra! The doggystyle fucking is shot at a creative angle that is pictured above allowing you to see a lot including Honey's pretty face close to the camera, her chubby, jiggling body and the husband behind her pounding away with a few spanks thrown in for good measure. Later the camera angle changes to Honey on her back, but again at a great angle showing the cock sliding in and out, Honey's deliciously furry mound and now her jiggling body with her lovely boobs on display and moving all around. Did I mention that from time to time in BOTH fuck scenes Honey looks right at you to draw you into the action? You gotta love that!!! As the fucking continues it builds in intensity and the husband leans forward more and more getting closer to Honey to really drive it home going from hand on her chest to hand on her throat to hands on the bed for the final push! In the end he delivers a load of cum where the first shot lands on her hairy patch and another blast flies so far it almost makes it between her tits!!!

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WARNING: This clip contains too much "boob excitement"!!! ...and that's only the beginning! Even though this video is under 5 minutes the girls still tease early on with Elle starting out fully dressed then down to bra and finally tits out before the 2 minute mark. Oh... and its worth the wait! Seeing Elle's tits would be breathtaking enough, but they play with them in all sorts of ways so you can take in the full motion beauty of their greatness. Along with all that sexiness though there's a huge amount of fun happening. Almost as huge as Elle's tits!!! The girls talk dirty, giggle, wisecrack and laugh the whole time! There's a lot to enjoy in THIS vid!!!

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Longer review later, but sooooooo grateful for this!!! Thanks Taylor!!!

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Well... between Honey's detailed description and the great review from spartucusjones I don't have much left to say. This video is 100% cocksucking from start to finish! There's no warm up or tease. The blowjob starts in the first 5 seconds after Honey looks at you and says with her eyes, "Oh I'm gonna enjoy THIS!" Then 20 minutes later you'll be wanting to tell Honey that you enjoyed it too!!!

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Aria's evil ex character takes naughty to a whole new level by blackmailing you into fucking her as your wife sleeps next to you. If you really give yourself over to this fantasy the fear that your wife could wake up any minute creates and exciting intensity. As Aria dirty talks and roleplays all the way through she is riding you slow and sexy in order to keep things quiet. Her wavy golden locks draped over her delicious boobs with her whole body slowly writhing with desire is more than enough to drain your balls as she demands!!!

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No props, toys, make up, costumes or lingerie. Nothing shaved. Just Maya in her natural beauty. She moves so fluidly and continuously it's almost a dance. A creative and unique thing of loveliness!

HairyPlump Dec 12 2016

Oh, thank you! Your words are so romantic! I'm happy you loved this video and my natural beauty! :*

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This time we find Dirty K in the thick of the action from the start by deep throating and getting her face fucked. A long string of drool drips down off her chin and sways as the cocksucking continues. She takes a break for a second so Trouble Man catches the slobber on his finger and puts some back into her mouth. She resumes her deep throating, but takes another break to suck on a pink lollipop which she holds off to the side once she starts sucking that dick yet again. Nearing the end Trouble Man is ready to shoot his load so he commands Dirty K to put the lollipop in her mouth and her hands behind her head. He must have been saving up quite a bit of cum because the splatter he delivers definitely qualifies as "extra sauce"!!! As a final touch he plays with the cum on Dirty K's face and just like the slobber he puts some of it into her mouth as well!

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Honey totally nails this character that is her former 18 year old self. She starts off with tits out and they jiggle the whole time as she uses the vibrator through the entire clip. She varies between lying back and sitting up but her look is intense for the full 5 minutes because she really is getting off!!! And of course to complete the mood its all set to some iconic music that you should recognize from the preview.

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This is the whole enchilada!!! The entire week of Red Riding Hood's complete story! You can't go wrong with this great deal. This compilation is cheaper than buying the 7 vids separately so enjoy the savings and all the great sexiness Kitty has created!!!

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Anna has great young perky tits with delicious light pink nipples! This is only the beginning though cause she also has beautiful and lovely red hair. You can see all this in these hot 2 minutes that I'm sure it will leave you wanting more. It DAMN SURE did that for ME!!!

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Honey Bun continues her ManyVids CockHunters Series and brings her cool retro announcer back with her as well, but this time she decides she is in search of a more convenient kind of cock... one she can keep in her drawer! Don't worry... you know she's gonna cum just as hard as ever!!! With pigtails fixed, tits out and CockHunters uniform on she lays out on the bed. She tells you how great her dildo is then lubes it all over running her hand up and down the length of it! Barely over 2 minutes into the clip the dildo is in her sweet pussy and the moaning starts along with some dirty talk as the excitement builds. The camera angle is as it appears above so Honey's face is the main feature allowing her to do what she does best... eye contact and beautiful agony! Feel free to watch her thighs move also as the pleasure grows more intense. In the end she has a huge orgasm and really finishes things off by lowering the dripping dildo into her eager mouth so she can suck on it and taste her own pussy juice!!!

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The name of the vid says it all! It's a teaser so there's no nudity (although technically there IS a quick nip slip), but it's FREE so no room to complain. Bottom line... teaser or not, Trinety looks and moves so sexy in this clip that if you can't enjoy it then you have health issues!

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Trinety offers a luscious mix of her sexy deliciousness! At the end Trinety says, "Hope you enjoyed". MY answer? YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

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WHEW!!! Very sexy just like her snap! I've been enjoying it for months and it's one of the snaps I look forward to seeing the most EVERYDAY!!!

●●●●● Read Review

OMG!!! Great DDLG roleplay and super sexy action with cum in pussy AND mouth!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Feel free to enjoy this generously long 8 minute preview, but instead of reviewing the vid allow me to just tell you that Ruby's premium is great! She's very down to earth and responsive not to mention very hot as well!!! You won't be disappointed with her snap!

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One of the greatest intro vids EVER!!! Joci is the ulitmate girl-next-door and GFE! In this video she talks to you as if she was your new neighbor that just moved in next door and invited you to sit down to become friends. She just casually shows off her cool socks and as she moves her legs around she flashes her pussy. Later, she just spreads her legs so you can see it the whole time. Then she just pulls her tits out and even moves up to the camera so they fill the whole screen before moving back to her original position. As an added bonus she pulls out a toy for the final third of the clip and fucks herself until she cums!!! I'm sure you won't have a problem cumming yourself as you watch so don't wait another minute... get this video IMMEDIATELY!!!

Thank you so much

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If you want the back story read Honey's description, but as far the video goes it jumps right into the action with her undoing her target's pants! She gives a few strokes for a hand job, moves onto to some licking, but soon has the cock in her mouth and is sucking away. During the BJ she looks up at you here and there for good eye contact. In fact Honey's eye contact continues now and then though the entire clip. After the cocksucking the scene switches to some riding, but angled just right to give you a nice side view while at the same time showing how Honey's getting drilled in a strategically place mirror. Following this they switch to doggystyle and then for the big finish the guy drives it home and pumps all the cum he has into Honey's sweet pussy!!! But wait... as a bonus Honey appears alone on the bed afterwards and tells you how the mission was a success and as you're enjoying her talking to you her delicious plump ass is visible in the mirror behind her as well!