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You will wish you were daddy and the imagination will be enough. Meanwhile, she is in control. And that is more than enough, but what you really wanted.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: the happiest dick in the world.

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I have no idea who Katarina is and where her character developed but Kit is her and she told me how to tug myself silly for whoever she is. So I did and so I will always do.She shows me her eyes, and she shows me her ass, and that is the very simple key to my simple mind. I choose to be your plaything for longer than I am currently capable. Insofar as I get myself back in order, I start giving you in measures that deserve your mere notice. I am striving towards that and more measures of surrender.

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I love this video too much to make a joke about hump day. I just wish you would use your witch powers to enslave me so completely that I would become a Da Share Zone meme if you didn't hydrate me.

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If you don't wish this was happening to you, I have no judgement but you're in the wrong part of the internet for you. Keep searching you'll find your thing.

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I have never played overwatch and probably never will but I give all my fucks about it because Kit does videos like this about it.

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I think it's my cock being sucked but it is really my mind giving in to her cute, consuming gaze. More hypnotic hooks please,

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This was a custom commission for me, and I hope this video inspires you to commission one of your own. Dani's magnificent ass and sublime curves wrapped in her pencil skirt and hose mesmerize you as they are revealed to you... she teases and entices you, slowly dancing through your mind in her heels that add just that sweet little bit of perk to an already overwhelming ensemble. You're going to cum to this. Again and again.

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Phenomenal. Dani has the most perfect pair of cheeks I have ever laid eyes upon. I can't look away.

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One of the sexiest stripteases I've seen.

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I don't know if anyone has heard of Rachel Brosnahan. But she's beautiful... and Talia reminds me of her except 10x curvier and 100x more beautiful.

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This was a custom video made for me. It comes with my highest recommendation. Luna combines the best of cuteness and sexiness in her personality and performance. It is a delightful strip-tease, and the music is great too!

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LunaMorena is the absolutest cutest!

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Yes! This is amazing. Please do more JOI/JOE stuff :D

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I cannot stay out of her orbit, her sway.I don't want to.

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This was her first custom for me and my God, was I hooked. She has the finest ass, the most gorgeous eyes and is just... gorgeous. I love bodysuits too :P

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I bought this dress for her and a custom and she rewarded me by making this video and making sure I would always be her's. Do not watch if you do not want to be seduced into drooling submission by a Goddess :P

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A fucking Plus. Perfect GPA. Typing a beaming letter of recommendation with one hand.

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Sweet Lord this is hot hot hot as fuck. Do you make custom videos Alice?

Affection Jun 2 2017
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Gorgeous, sweet and entrancing. I can't wait for more :)

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This was a custom made for me. It is ****ing hot, with a cute outfit, amazing make up, lots of sexy, teasing poses... and a bewitching plot :)

If you're a fan of Talia, you'd be crazy not to buy this video for 3.99!

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You cannot go wrong downloading this. You'll be encouraged to cum to the ass of a goddess. Just do it.

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I'm not usually one for ass worship videos, but this is no ordinary ass. It belongs to Talia, and is therefore heaven.

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Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to whatever this inked pinup punk goddess makes. She is just gorgeous - a beauty which is not merely seen but tasted by the eye. And my eye adores her and is her idolator.

Bodysuit Babe Oct 15 2016
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Melody Kush is your goddess. Don't fight it.

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Sadie is gorgeous. She looks up at you and seduces you with her eyes as she... well... makes you feel very good.

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There's really nothing to say. By the end of this video I was able to have seen one of the most of beautiful women I've ever imagined (let alone seen) dancing naked to my favourite band ever. ForestNymph is beyond beautiful to me.

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She teases you bonkers :) It's a very cute, sexy, performance :)

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Kelly is so fucking hot. Just look and listen. You will not regret it.

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Natalia casts a spell on you... as if she hasn't already.

boobs play Sep 7 2016
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I could watch those beautiful boobs all day. And her beautiful smile.

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You know that old Pussycat Dolls song "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Well.... THIS!

Sultry is such a cute, beautiful and teasing girlfriend... it's so lovely to just let yourself imagine sometimes, isn't it? Get this video.

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Bunny has one of my favourite butts in the world. Whatever she does with it is 5 star. Trust me.

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This video? A pan-frontal assault of gorgeous. Her breasts - beyond description. Her ass - hypnotic. Her eyes - they're even more hypnotic. I consider myself lucky that the only thing I'm hypnotised to do is cum because lord knows she could demand so much more. NataliaGrey is a goddess.

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This one is so good. I want to be the guy you talk like this to. You do it so well.

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Icy is perfect... I love her beautiful eyes and well, the idea of being dominated by a gorgeous trans woman like her. Please make more of the things.

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You're gorgeous! I just saw that you are making another HQ vid.... I hope it's a JOI/JOE!

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This is the cutest thing ever! Please please do more of this! :)