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Hey hey,

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Petite Nymphet :x

Thank you so much xxx really appreciate the extra gesture xoxox

Roxy Cox Mar 17

Thanks for the love<3

Little Puck Feb 4 2016

hi! if you could visit any fictional world which would it be? :) btw, i'm Eva <3

Cattie Dec 4 2015

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KittyTease deleted Nov 17 2015

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White / Caucasian


British United Kingdom



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



6'5" or 196 cm

Body Type

A few extra pounds



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Wunderbar~ beautiful as always Praise the goddess

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mmm~ love to watch you make that plumber jealous love ;3 love you always keep it up <3

Roxy Cox Jul 17

Thank you <3

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beautiful~ beautiful~ absolutely smashing love, keep up the good work and thank you for all the effort you put into your work <3

Roxy Cox Jul 13

Thank you for being so supportive and appreciate the kind words <3

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Got to love a lass who is good at not only acting but seducing as well ;3

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Imaginative and beautiful as always praise the goddess

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have loved all of your strip club series and this one is no exception you are an expert when it comes to the pole ;3 Praise the goddess ^^

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oh my~ seems i would have to stay after class even longer for this treatment

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Dont worry love im sure we can find some way to un ground ya ;3 Praise the Goddess

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Yum could just taste it :3 Praise the Goddess

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cannons at the ready.....fire!! reload,,,fire!! good lord i have 48 more min to go

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ive been seduced by you so many times its not even funny...but i still love it

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more fantasizing? there goes my plans for anything else

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not my cup of tea but you always make it both interesting and sexy love

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looks like someone is looking fer a good time

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so what do i have to do to get a raise? cause i already got a rise ;3

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yum~ always a pleasure to watch a lovely lass

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Yum would have loved to have been there for the grand opening ;3

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Well than i know what will be pleasuring my nightmare tonight x'3

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mmm as always love you put the perfect in perfection and are a true goddess of performance ;3

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Black lipstick? check, Sexy? check, Amazing? check as always lass you are truly a goddess at what you do

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Going to need some more towel after that shower ;3

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Helllllo Nurse~ so how exactly are you taking temperature this time ;3 as always love you and your work lass <3

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For it is known khaleesi....tat three dragons are better than one ;3

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You can have all the badges and poke dollars with that performance~ love ya and keep going strong ^^~

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looks like a fun time love ;3 enjoy riding the dragon x'3

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Slowly and surely~ waste not want not~ lick every place and enjoy the taste ^^

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Yes you may come after class, looks like you may have already though x3 love you lass keep going strong

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Yum~ would love to watch you take multiple tentacles one of these days ;3

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Love you and all your hard work love, i know the tentacles must have had a good time too ;3

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Thank ye kindly for the performance love and getting us both off x3

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I think what i enjoy most about your videos, aside from watching your performance love, is the detail you put into your description setting the scene and building that image for the viewer, thank you for your work.

Roxy Cox Jul 13

Thank you, I try to be descriptive as possible so you can really dive deep into the fantasy :)