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CJsepCT Oct 17

Love your content, there was a video of Eva as a Maid floating around, wondering if you could upload it

Bassin14 Oct 17

Is there a full scene with Siri or just bts

Thanks for the <3!

You're a boss! Keep up the good work my man.

Thank you!  I try my best... ;)

ScottishLatina deleted Jul 17

Do you plan on working with  MyLatinaCrush ?  I'd love to see her in your video vid store

Best fucking POV on ManyVids, and in my opinion, in all of porn!  Love your videos! Hope more and more top models shoot for you because your stuff kicks the shit out of the big name companies, and mainstream porn's, boring, mundane, fake, over produced crap. :)

Thank you so much!  I LOVE all of your support!! :)

Hey NaughtyBoy! stopping by to say hi and give ya <3 keep up the good work! <-<-:x:x:x:x

You should TOTALLY shoot with that crazy colored haired chick that LOVEs facials and I'm pretty sure is the uncrowned queen of Cock Sucking and Milking Dicks, oooooh what was her name???  oh yeah  MyLatinaCrush :H:H:H;)    :cock::W:facial::yesbaby-4::heart_my_cock:

I sure plan to sweet face. :)

Dropped you some love!! Would love for you to come check out my page :) xoxo

Hey there naughtyboypov am loving the trailer for cadence lux batgirl is there a full video or just the teaser? Just inquiring

Hello, thanks for contacting me.  There is just the tease, no full video...  Sorry.

No need to apologise it looks sultry and I love it

Thank you :)

can you make short customs under 50$?
I need mom boy role plays

Hello, sorry I do not do customs...

Was checking out your work and left a heart to show my appreciation <3

Hearted you back! :)

thekiddilly deleted Mar 8

is the scene with Maserati coming soon?

Hello, all I have are solo scenes with Maserati, and sorry, I don't know when, and if, I'm going to post them...

Gwislon Feb 14

Do you do any custom vids

Would you do a custom? Please message if you would.

Sorry, I don't do customs.

any chance of more scenes where you cum between the girl's tits? Loved SuperNotty and your Scarlett Lovell(?) ones :)

My Brianna Rose scene features me cumming between her tits.  Thank you for your note and interest. :)

Any chance to do more videos with Cosima? She is amazing.


Yes, I agree, but I believe she is not in the industry anymore.  If she is still shooting, I would consider bringing her back for another scene.  She has a very pretty face and performs extremely well!  Thank you for your support!  :)

Just dropping by and saying hi to you, NaughtyBoy!  Your content looks great!
Onwards and upwards!
Brandon (Y))

Thanks so much Brandon! You've done some great work too! :)

TRod3329 deleted Jan 16

That video of Giselle is just amazing? Anymore work with her planned for the future?

Thank you! She's not really a porn model, but I do have her email and may contact her to see if she would be open to another shoot.  I'm happy you liked her scene. :)

Thank you for the vote! I really appreciate it and will return the favor daily! XoXoXo <3

deleted_4ever deleted Jan 11

Thanks so much for ur vote Much apprecciated .. I left u some hearts  xo xo

The start would be where you make a guy kneel in front of you and command him to take his pants off.  After he does that, you use your barefoot to play with his balls and playfully tap them around.  Lightly tap and play with his balls with your barefoot and toes letting him know that you have all the power.  Tell him that you could easily kick his balls and lower his sperm count if you wanted to.  Also verbally humiliating him and threatening him that you are going to kick him so hard you'll lower his sperm count and shrink his balls.  Let him know how big his balls are, but if he gets out of line he'll have super tiny balls because you'll make them shrink.  Maybe you can even talk about how you have kicked other guys and ruined their chances of having kids and made their balls shrink up.  Lastly give him some good swift kicks to the testicles and leave him lay there in the fetal position.  While he is in the fetal position, make him kiss the feet and toes that destroyed his nuts.

I'm a guy man...  I shoot with women...

Lovetron16 Oct 22 2016

Your scenes are awesome!  They are hot as HELL; camera work is excellent, and you always have the hottest girls!  Keep up the great work! Fan for life right here. :)

NaughtyBoyPOV Oct 23 2016

Thank you so much! :)

edijux Oct 20 2016

Make video in velour hoodie or tracksuit! I want buy!

thekiddilly deleted Sep 23 2016

any chance you will do a video with anna beck? like the peyton thomas video?

NaughtyBoyPOV Sep 23 2016

I would love to do a tit-job scene with Anna!  However, logistics would be difficult as i see she is from the Czech Republic.  But, I'd welcome her any day. :)

Hey naughty Boy... Wanted to stop by and give kisses and hearts to you sexy face! :x<3 Keep up the good work.

NaughtyBoyPOV Aug 4 2016

Thank you gorgeous!  I went and did the same to you. I'm really happy that you are doing so well here. :)

cromo90 deleted Jun 30 2016

good stuff on here! any chance of more from chi chi medina?

agentadult deleted Jun 20 2016

<3 Love your work

AdalynnX Jun 15 2016


MissKhaos deleted Jun 15 2016

Hearts for you x

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I film sex scenes with hot, beautiful, sexy women. I shoot scenes that are classier and more respectful than most producers. You will not hear me calling the ladies a whore, slut, bitch, cunt, etc., and you will not see me roughing them up either. Also, I've always hated cocky, arrogant guys in scenes too, and you will see none of that here. I believe the lady is the show, and I hope you enjoy my hot POV videos and cum shots. Thank you very much! :)

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