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Will you sell some of your panties?

first of all , an awesome night. but we gotta talk, next time I spend 500 tokens for a show, I really don't want 600 greys to watch it too!!! we gotta talk about something between me and you!!!

trying to figure a way to be more of a friend  and less of a member/camgirl relationship... just trying

People that stick around the way you do are never just members. And no one stuck around like you did

hey, don't suppose another skype discount is on the way??

hey!! how is my girl, just checking in  hope today was just a good day. miss you. hope to see you soon!! your  Rodders needs you!!! I know that you are kind of  disappointed about your last few attempts to cam but, if I can catch you next time... I got this!!!

Hey girl, read the updates to your wish list at cb so I thought I would check in and say hey. looks  like you were only online tonight for less than an hour. we have to figure a better way there!!! maybe more ticket shows or something, I don't know.  As I said I did read your wish list and I love to spoil you, so I made a contribution to your dress lily account. we will reach your goal there even if I have to do it myself. I hope that you can buy your self something cool, you deserve it. As far as an amazon wish list, I think that is a GREAT idea. As I have said in the past, it frustrates me to think that half the money I send to you at cb goes to the website. so, set up an amazon wish list for me so I can spoil you some more! I miss you, I really do care about you,  I think of you often, and I hope to see you soon. As always, anything that I can do for you, all you have to do is let me know!!!! Your Rodders.

Ty so much for what you are doing for me. I cannot setup a proper wishlist because it takes a lot of time to find someone who actually delivers to romania.

that sucks, the thought of an amazon wish list was kind of exciting!!!

shamusT Jan 14

I would like the wet feet photo set, thanks

Slygreyfox Aug 11 2016

Oh no you can't chat here as well can you!!

reb11672 Jul 2 2016

Wanna chat babe

JuliaStorm Jul 2 2016


RainiJo deleted Jul 1 2016

Hi I just started on here about a week or two ago and was wondering if you could talk me up or give me any selling tips? You're a new model to me and when I saw your profile I fell in love and knew I had to ask you for advice:A:):]<3^.^<3

JuliaStorm Jul 1 2016

Honestly i am not all that versed in manyvids sistem. I deeply dislike their contents and my sales are quite low here. I would be happy to help but i doubt i can offer real usefull information. Thx for the sweet words

live420life Jun 27 2016

beautiful lady c:

gangsta_cat May 28 2016

left you lots of hearts Julia nice bio brw

JuliaStorm May 28 2016

thank you sweetie

Hey lovely :) I left your page a bunch of hearts, it would be awesome if you could do the same to mine.

ChibiMoony deleted May 13 2016

Left to some hearts, feel free to check my profile out and leave me some to!💋

kyle100 May 2 2016

Do you snapchat quite often?

JuliaStorm May 2 2016

I am sorry, i only use whatsapp, it;s more interractive when snapchat. Plus i always forget to take selfies heh

Gilvey deleted Apr 30 2016

Woah loving ur profile! Hearted u baby girl <3

JuliaStorm Apr 30 2016

Thank you. Happy that you enjoyed it!

Theo437 Apr 14 2016

Hi Dear Julia,
Nice-(Good😊☺👌;) To see You Here!-
When I Be (Verhuisd) To my Other House than I have Timee To Come and Look for Sure Your Beautifull Dancing-Vid(S)🌞🍀🌹🍀🍀🍀
Take Care Dear Julia X🌞👌🍀✌🌹👌☕🌞🌞🌞🍀🍀🍀

JuliaStorm Apr 29 2016

Hey you, thank you so much for the sweet words. Let me know who you are when you visit, will be happy to have you in my room.

Sasha_ Jan 17 2016

Welcome on MV! love your dance video! left you hearts! hope you could do same)

JuliaStorm Apr 29 2016

Thank you very much sasha, will do.

bjornez40 Dec 15 2015

Hi beautiful :) i left some hearts

JuliaStorm Apr 29 2016

Thank you, i hope that  you enjoyed that vid.

taymade1991 Dec 15 2015

Left you some hearts beautiful! Hope u can return favor .. Thank you :) ... Mwah

JuliaStorm Apr 29 2016

Thank you, will do :)

JuliaStorm Dec 15 2015

Just uploaded my first set of videos on the site. Check them out :)

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I am a camgirl for a few years now, these days I prefer Chaturbate as a platform. You can find me with same nickname everywhere. I am a free chat type girl, I love to hang out with my room and just enjoy the time there. Here is a selection of the things I like to do


Webcam Model


1992-07-02 (25)




White / Caucasian


Romanian Romania

Lives in






Hair Color


Eye Color



35" 27" 40"

Breast Size

Natural 34B


5'6" or 168 cm


135 lbs

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Athletic & Toned