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1986-07-20 (32)






White / Caucasian


British United Kingdom

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Dark Brown

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5'9" or 175 cm

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Wow, this is an amazing video! Such a perfect body!! Plus such amazing skill!

RebeccaStilles69 May 17 2016

Thank you sweetie!

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WOW! Just when you think Mariah's perfectly photogenic pussy can't get any prettier, she goes and adds oil to it! Perfect! A must watch!

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Really hot video! Great quality too! A must watch!

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I've waited a LONG time to see Jodie get fucked, way before she joined MV. And I finally got to! It was not a disappointment! Go check this video out!

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Yes Yes Yes! I love cuckolding! This video was great, Becca can really take a pounding from a BBC!

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Very nice video, Oil on a hot body is always a winning combination!

TaylerTexas Oct 15 2017

I LOOOVVVEEE oiling up my body!

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Well Fuzzy Peach do it again! Every video they do, they just knock it out the park!

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Cute girl, nice cock sucking skills :)

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Wow, The way this is back lit looks fantastic, the sunlight on Scarlet's skin is just beautiful to view! Such a sexy lady with an incredible body!

ScarletRaven Jul 9 2016

*blush* Thank you so much for this wonderful review 😍

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I'm no scientist but when you have a beautiful girl with perfect firm tits and you add soap suds to them, you create the perfect formula!
Reagan is stunning, her slow teasing blowjob style is a masterclass that everyone needs to view! Her soft spoken talk also gave me some ASMR tingles, which earns this video massive bonus points! Loving all of Fuzzy Peach's videos, but this is my favourite so far!

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An awesome ass fucking, followed by an anal creampie! All with a Marilyn Manson track list in the background? Videos do not get much better than this!!

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This sexy lady has the perfect combination of looking both innocent and acting a total slut! This video is 100% proof of that, would highly recommend to anyone!

SexySpunkyGirl May 15 2016

Thanks _Reviewer! Glad you liked it💋 Just to let you know, We're making my 1st bondage fuck & cumshot video this week! ✊💦💦People are voting on Twitter where MrSpunks should cum today. Any suggestions we should do in our new bondage vid? We love experimenting😄 ❤️Spunky

Lara Tinelli May 13 2016

thank you so much.... kisses

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Amazing body on this beautiful girl. Great scene! Really enjoyable to watch!!

Lola Rae UK Jan 23 2017

so pleased you you liked it xx:)<3

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Awesome video, amazing British lady milking two cocks!

Lola Rae UK Jan 11 2017

so pleased you enjoyed it xx:)<3

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Sweet babe Jebus! Is there anything Mariah doesn't look beautiful doing!? Not only does she amazing whilst expertly working two cocks, she even looks beautifully cute whilst in anticipation of the guy turning up! This is an award winning video - Best Video Jan 16 - Yes I know I'm late to the party, but god damn, this is worth the wait!

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Well what a naughty nurse Kendra is! In a very sexy outfit she expertly drains all the poison out of Jayson's cock with a fantastic wet sloppy blowjob till he explodes over her face!

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It's not often the backdrop to a video is almost as beautiful as the star, but wow what a location! As you can probably guess Mariah is on top form in this video as she expertly milks a huge cum load on to her pretty face.

Mid Summer JOI Nov 14 2016
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Love JOI videos, This is a perfect example of how to do it while playing with your butt :P