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I don't know anything about this Shimakaze character or whatever media she's based on. What I do know is that the woman cosplaying her wasted not one second of this over half-hour journey of lewdness. Straight away hot with the stripping, lots of time to see her booty meat, which really got some love in this video. Having watched a couple hentais lately, this totally comes off as one, the music even fits for softer kinds of the smut. The subtitles and bits of dialogue also would fit in hentai, all carried by the actions of this woman, starting out soft with the stripping, the masturbating in the bathtub of water, and getting harder towards the halfway point and onwards. One fantastic thing about the video, and the PK videos I've seen so far, there's so much replay value. In fact I type out this review while watching this video for the second time. The first time was only 14 hours ago at the time of this review. Watching it again helped in spotting some more highlights. For example how much those nipples stood out during the bath scene. First time viewing it, I was all about her feet, and her face. Her facial expressions are a major theme to this video, I believe. I think they're some of the biggest highlights, at one point I was conflicted between watching her facial expressions and the things that were happening to her down south.

She can destroy me any time. There was one bit she said she would help the Admiral relax, and the text says one thing, in my mind I said “NANI?!” I think she was using a pen in the beginning of this Admiral service. I want that pen. She spreads her pussy really well later and it was so pink and mesmerizing, giving me lewd thoughts that the Admiral probably had himself. There was booty spreading there, going back to how much love the ass got in this video, fingering too that made me want to put gloves in my mouth for the first time ever.

As I continue typing the review, something happened with me down there that I won't go into. I think it's a testament to this video, it's so fucking good. I had these feelings even before the dick came (no pun intended). Admiral not really dressed as a superior officer, wearing jeans of all things, gets his dick sucked. The effect and the camera angles used are incredible. On a technical level, this scene was done so well, and all by one little woman, it's just amazing when you think about it. More on that, the music that backs the whole video is mixed in really nicely, not distracting, not going over the images, it gets the job done, as said earlier similar to hentai. The blowjob part here is when things go into overdrive with PK's face, it was incredible. She makes sexy moans and sounds in the whole video, I just so happen to feel its peak strength at this and the fucking that happened after, so nice.

I was surprisingly not dead after only a couple seconds into the riding. Dildo riding is probably my favorite thing in porn, and there's a lot of it here! This was where the camera angle changed but retained the POV status, again being really impressive. The riding was impressive, whether from behind or front, which allowed the sight of her beautiful face, the former gave the sight of her beautiful ass. There's a close-up part of her riding too that showed how deep she went on the dick, all the way. So damn good, and then the video ends with her cumming. Oh man. Just a fantastic video, it feels like she just gets better with the filming techniques (she was always great from what I've seen), and it's reached a point where I have a tough time putting my wild thoughts about her overall as a person into something with a format. I'm at a loss for words when it comes to her, basically what I'm trying to say. That's what I feel too when finishing her videos, it's why I don't type reviews out immediately after watching them. Even here when reaching the end of this I don't know what more to say.

Oh the bloopers were funny. There you go. S-class, S for speechless? I want to finish this review right away and just watch this again more properly. So yeah, fucking beautiful video.

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I'll say straight away that I'm not familiar with petplay, and I'm not really a big fan of bondage. So for a video that has both to gain my love and admiration, it would have to be something stunning. Add on that it's a very long scene, it would have to hold my attention, and something stunning has to do that. So stunning that time passes by quickly for me, I don't look at the clock too much, I don't wonder how much time is left. So, it has to really absorb me in its hotness. This scene did all that, it ticked all the boxes for me, it's stunning. I've seen a scene slightly longer than this, maybe around the same time, but it had a significant interview portion. Thus from top to bottom, this is the longest porn scene I've watched. Really, should it be called a scene, or a video? I had the feeling that it was a movie, a 65 minute one, but a movie nonetheless. If that's too much a stretch, than a hentai OVA merged into one package. That's another thing, being really into hentai, I couldn't help but picture this in hentai animation, the subtitles even match what dialogue comes from hentai. Even the movements of the star player, PK, reminds me of a hentai girl, actions like the machine slowly fucking her, I can picture a romantic hentai scene where a man slowly works it in a woman. I'm amazed that this woman basically made a live action hentai piece.

What helps is how the video's broken into sections, each ending with a fade to black, and the next chapter being stated essentially. It gives me at least a chance to breathe as the hotness was overwhelming. Just because of what she was doing, and the stuff my brain was churning out, she made go crazy, in a very good way. She also made me realize things that are hot that I never thought about, such as playing using rope to kind of grip the vagina and stroke it. This is the first video of hers that I've seen, and I really appreciate the camera quality, as well as the angles, use of close-ups. They are really nice. Early in the video, when she plays with the rope, there's a great look at her stomach, some ab action going on, such a fantastic body. So much to talk about, butt play was really nice, the struggling with one of them was really interesting to watch. When she's bound to the bed and she's basically in a missionary position, I was losing my mind over that, it's perfect, and her wiggling around, rubbing herself against the rope, unbelievable. The sex machine parts were steamy, all kinds of wetness, whether it be the vagina or the mouth. The first sex machine part led to some toe curling, a major feature of this scene that was killing me, I loved it.

I admired the bondage mainly because it's just her doing it, and she really made the situations she was in rather believable, stimulating images for my brain to go into overtime about. At one point she said in her mind that she wished someone would suck on those nipples, camera makes it clear those are perky, oh man. At the blowjob part, a great POV angle, the beautiful eyes being exposed totally, I'm not one to really appreciate spitplay, but I loved the drooling here. She even made licking from a pet bowl, tasting this master's cum, look amazing, stuff I like I only imagine hentai would do really well. She makes the real life version worth watching.

One super funny part of this was Pikachu creepily standing behind the bear, and watching. The bear wasn't really looking at the action, Pikachu was, you lucky son of a bitch. Still, it doesn't ruin the sexiness on display, just something I loved noticing. The final section really put the bondage part to the spotlight, nothing for this lady to do but feel sexual pleasure, making for just the right finale to a super well produced, super well edited, super well performed movie. I'd watch it again and again, where has this woman been in my life? It's a shame I'm only just discovering her, but better late than never. More videos to enjoy from this woman at a later time. So worth the money, talents on display, best possible way to spend an hour.

●●●●● Read Review

I know Naruto, at least enough to know about him and Hinata from the first season. Most of PK's cosplays feature characters I have no idea about, but it all comes down to the appearance and performance and she always scores high in those departments. The difference here is somewhat being able to relate the story, the cosplay, to the source material, specifically the anime. For that, once again she scores high, the title of the video is exemplified completely by her. She is very shy in the beginning, looking so cute in the process, but then steadily becomes a very horny person, and unleashes her slutty jutsu, elevating to being drop-dead sexy. There's great build up in this scene, she starts by masturbating, I'll say charging up that slutty jutsu.

A personal favorite feature of mine in women are the feet. From the videos of PK that I've seen, the extent of seeing her lovely feet only stretched to her in stockings. Regardless, the toe curling in those videos were noticeable enough for me to really enjoy them. This takes it one step further, with the lovely fishnets, showing even more of her feet. Such a delight as she plays with herself in anticipation for that knuckleheaded ninja, the toe curling, the toe spreading! Oh that's something I haven't seen much from her, really appreciated that, painted nails, feet and fingers. The location being different from other videos, definitely served the scene really well. During the masturbation, which went into fingering, there was a great cut to a closer shot of the self-pleasing action, well done, professional in my opinion.

Overall on the dialogue, it's really good, spot on in terms of Hinata's character and satisfying the fantasy of her getting, well, slutty. It's so hentai too, I really enjoyed that. So that knucklehead just hops on in their, dumb frog he is, watches Hinata cum. He realizes that she's so hot, much more than that pink-haired bitch. The funniest part came here, “Looking at Naruto's boner.” Boner, that just made me laugh. She said she has no experience in the ways of satisfying the boner, but she would try her best. Boy does she ever. Not before saying a common hentai line “This is so embarrassing.” Oh, but she does the footjob so well. I was going crazy at this point, a bit of drooling from myself as well. It goes on long enough to notice some little things, which I like to do. On her right foot, her first two toes really stick out of the fishnets, and they looked so cute. All of them do, just that seeing them less covered by the fishnets, like some unintentional tease, piled on with the absolute sexiness going on. She plays with herself during this, just put in perspective, she's watching him get off (she makes that clear in the subtitles), he's watching her get off, I'm watching her get off. Testament to the video's quality, watching it again for the review, I noticed something I didn't the first time, one bit where she curls the toes on the penis, wow! The video's a case of being in some haze where I'm looking at certain things, and just miss others. I was probably as focused as her getting Naruto off. When she came, her body went all electric, feet just shot up in the air, an explosive orgasm basically, I loved that. She even went back to the footplay, wasn't done with the dick by a longshot. I loved too the open-mouth facial expressions as she was really getting off, I think I saw smiles too. Her face in the whole video was just oozing sexiness, and desire, satisfaction too I think.

But there's still more to go! Even though it goes into dildo riding, another one of my personal favorites, the camera is positioned in a way to where her feet can still be seen! The back of them, oh my watching them, especially the right foot, as she rides the cock was incredible. The sounds she made in the whole scene was amazing, I felt though here is where they started to take more of a spotlight, without subtitles shown, I'm pretty sure a few times she said “Naruto-kun” among lots of heavenly moans. She takes her time, gradually increasing riding speed and intensity, as she built up momentum, there's a cut to a closer shot of the riding, more feet in the frame, close together, butt looking absolutely incredible, oh fuck. Sakura wouldn't do this, she'd just be texting Sasuke while she's getting someone's ninja staff. I actually really liked the bed noise and what I think is the dildo as she rides that hard. They signify her really getting into the action, I'm fucking into it that's for sure. One of the best things about PK is that it doesn't look like she's making a video, as if it's a job to do, satisfy other people. She's satisfying herself in the process, it's more than just a video, it's an expression of her as a sexual creature, and really among other things. A technician too, getting all the details in camera work and lighting, definitely editing. All too often with solo content makers, there's a lack of editing, there's looks to themselves rather than the camera. With PK it's entering a different reality for at least half an hour (or even over an hour like her Pet In Heat video), watching as she uses up all her energy in the video, the viewer using up all theirs, soaking in the magic, gently being sent back into their reality, drained, but very very happy. That's my situation every time I watch a PK video, however this stands out for ticking all of my own personal boxes, my little, selfish desires. Like if I were to personally request a video from her, this would be the result.

I got off track, yeah she rides that blonde motherfucker. Can't forget the face, scene fades into her in a front riding position, bouncing up and down on her shaft super hard. Wow her boobs looked especially awesome here, them nipples being hard. Ah man, it was really building up to a climax, her tongue was sticking out, Naruto said he said close, he wouldn't be alone in that department, but then fade to black. OH! She goes and asks for him to finish in her mouth, wanting to taste his seed. The scene hits the reset button, giving a break at first from the intense riding, but not letting down in following up with some sensual blowjob action. That itself becomes intense towards the end. Along with that she's completely naked, great look at the face, the eyes, even her nipples. They still were hard, brilliant. She uses her hands, she uses no hands, she covers all bases with the oral action, even the stroking. My goodness, tongue sticking out many times too, some spit, she just goes to town. It's not like pro porn where they only gag and the oral is way too quick. Those lack sensuality, a softness, which PK's a master of, along with the hardcore. It finishes just right with her mouth full of the stuff, and then she invites that goofball for round 2 the next day. So lucky.

The feelings for this movie were solidified after one viewing, easily. But, I spoiled myself watching a bit of it again, of course the footjob part...and...I only lasted less than a minute! Three pump Charlie. I was only separated from the video for 8 hours. What I did for most of that 8 hours? Sleep, so I almost immediately went to this scene after waking up. I didn't give it much of a break, and I just wanted to see some and do the review then. I was drained after that, watched a movie that served as the absolute best follow-up to an amazing (albeit short) second time with the video. Fucking awesome movie after a fucking awesome video, and then what? Watched the video again! For the review, so I paced myself more, as I did the first time seeing this. Second time was just, I blame the video happily for that, nothing negative at all, not ashamed of it, nothing like that has gotten me in that way, which makes this video very special. I didn't want to leave the video hanging, so, I stopped the pacing, and, yeah, another one, you know what. If I'm right, there are 3 cums in that video, her twice, Naruto at the end. I basically matched that, within 12 fucking hours!!! If that isn't a sign of an amazing video, I don't know what is. Every PK video viewing results in me being drained and needing to sleep, so imagine how tapped I am because of this video, essentially seeing it three times, “finishing” on all those instances. It's fantastic.

Because of that, I think anyone can interpret from my words that this is my favorite PK video, so far, but she's a woman that always does her best in everything she does, to say “favorite” doesn't mean one video shreds another in quality, it's not so much a competition. All the S-Class videos she's made that I've seen have all been fantastic and have since gotten replays from me, that will just continue. This video simply got an instant jump in the collection, and it's really because she did everything I fantasized personally in a porn scene. Previous videos I've easily and lovingly adapted to the action, even to things I never would've thought I'd give a chance, like water bondage. Here it seems to be reversed, like she adapted to my own little tastes, and this is just me. Anyone and everyone can enjoy this, I'm pretty sure non-feet people would as well. One can't just deny that her feet look beautiful and are features so prominently in the video, I'm really happy for that especially. Everything else is outstanding too. Thank you Wulf49, son of a bitch. And thank you PK!

●●●●● Read Review

I counted the amount of squirts she did, big and small, twice. I counted in my mind and then used a click counter app on my smartphone. The number is the same, Sammy squirted 62 times. If you want to prove me wrong, watch this video. The price is very fair, the brevity compared to her other videos sacrifices nothing in terms of quality. She goes straight for the njoy playing with her vagina and sprinkles in daddy talk so expertly. The squirts happen in rapid succession, and she wastes no time to make the floor wet for daddy. Personally I had to pause a bunch of times because the hotness level was really high and I didn't want to lose myself too early. Pacing is important to last through this amazing scene. As a foot man, her body and camera's position give way to great foot shots, a bonus for me personally. One will notice the bush peaking out, looking very fine. As a sexy little maid, she wears a cute little apron. Her legs are a sight to behold during the whole video, and the camera quality is top notch. Thankfully it was able to handle all the hotness and wetness. The results of her squirting can be seen at the end, very voluminous. Top of the line video.

62 times dammit.

●●●●● Read Review

I loved the 8-bit sounding One Punch Man intro music bit. It gets me pumped...for a water bondage scene? I'll be blunt, I don't get it, I'm not that big into bondage stuff at all really. Strangely I give it more time if it's hentai, real life stuff, meh. When PK does it, of course I give it a chance, and she ends up blowing expectations...out of the water. The Omake to the Sexually Grateful OVA, she's tied up wearing that Shimakaze outfit, ball-gagged and in a tub of water. Take out the name of the performer, on paper that doesn't sound appealing to me, but put PK in it, I'm not let down at all. If she can make this hot for me, then she can cosplay as a potato and it would still be hot. Quirky and funny at least, still entertaining in the end. Anyways she kind of wiggles around and makes soft moans in the beginning, I didn't think it would lead up to something more, I was having just enough fun experiencing that all, as well as her eyes. But then comes the blue dildo, oh yeah! As she really fucks herself with it, the sound being made, thanks to the water effect, was so awesome. Sure there's moans along with this, but take that out, close your eyes and just hear that pounding noise, it's music to the ears.

Similar to the Sexually Grateful video, her face is a major theme in the scene, I spent a lot of time just watching her facial expressions. The ball-gag comes off, her sounds just shoot to the heavens (where she's from), and she cums. I watched this right after the other Shimakaze video, an exercise in endurance because that's just two videos on nonstop sexiness. This happens, I thought it was over, then boom, interesting face...thing, I don't know how to explain it. A gag thing, whatever, blowjob to finish it, camera's right over face, she's licking the thing like a...I guess kitty having milk. She strokes it too, all that really blows my imagining mind, I have a very vivid picture of this part, and how I'd influence it. Ahem. Yeah, the Sexually Grateful video is the big play, the heart-wrenching, err, dick-tugging masterpiece of sexual performance from a very cute and lovely woman. This video is the encore, the kind that doesn't disappoint, the bonus tracks to a fantastic musical album. Watch one or the other, very sweet, or just watch them both, can't go wrong with any decision.

●●●●● Read Review

I know virtually nothing about Bleach, I had to google who Rukia is. What I do know is that PK cosplaying as a schoolgirl is really natural. The dark hair, the outfit suiting her, going down to even the shows, and the lewd nature all mix together really well. Based on images of the character, she really nailed down the look perfectly. The set looks great, with camera angles during the solo section that really give off the school vibe. Looking underneath the desk especially, those angles and the dialogue help give it a high school hentai feel. One thing I couldn't get my eyes away from are the white panties, so bright, I just imagined them being wet. What does get wet is her vagina from all the fingering, and the little vibrator (stuck on thanks to electrical tape, which is cute). In a wider shot with her face being seen, it really does tell the story as much as the masturbating itself, what with how she holds and moves the pencil, the facial expressions, the hand over her mouth, it's really sweet. I also enjoyed the sound of the wet vagina being fingered, the shot specifically was a very close one showing those shiny panties more!

I do know Ichigo is the main character of Bleach, I guess he's smart for getting Rukia to do sexy stuff at the AV room, because nobody goes there except nerds. And nerds wouldn't go there unless through rule-abiding means, or after school so they can geek out over the equipment. The part where she's talking with him, what she said sounded funny, and the faces she was making too, that embarrassed but knowing expression. I think there's more vocal expressions of being, uhh, slutty, for lack of a better term, in this video than others. She said blatantly that she wants that dick inside her, later into the scene wishing to be impregnated with his cum (a common submissive hentai girl trope), as if the lewd faces in the entire scene weren't enough. It's all amazing, she got the dialogue down with expertise. She sucks the man's dick, which I guess looks inhuman when in Hollow form (I know about that a bit). Whatever the case, she's making the faces, she's making the sounds, putting that mouth to work, also the hand sometimes. At some point the strap on her thigh is visible, reminding that she still has the vibrator attached. Also one line about his cock veins pulsating, that's very graphic, like hentai, going on and on about a dick during a sexual act, it really works here.

Transitioning to the dildo fucking, PK reveals her boobs and feels them up, the nipples were looking so hard that they could cut rocks into diamonds. Her character was so focused, only one thing in mind, a goal, to get Ichigo to cum inside her, that's it. So admirable, in a perverted way. Still having the vibrator attached, she rides the dick so well, as if that's what she's made to do. Like the stapler right next to her, it's made to staple things, she's made to ride dick. I noticed the stapler the second time watching this. Speaking of attachment, the dick looks attached to her, she's completely in control, owning it, and what a sight to behold. One shot really shows her butt slamming on the balls, perfectly showing how deep she's taking it. This section puts over how lovely her legs are, in the position they were in, as she goes up and down on his pole, fantastic. Also another shot where you can see one super hard nipple. This is such a climatic section, so many hot things to see at once, to hear even, whether it be her moans, the dick slamming, and even the dialogue where she tells Ichigo to make her pregnant with his semen. The intensity isn't hindered by the vibrator being off the vagina, it keeps getting really steamy and at that point, her boobs and nipples can be seen, powerful things that can cut people's throats. They'd do a better job than Ichigo's sword (not that one, pervert). It ends beautifully with thick white man butter coming out of her vagina, which she described as hot. Then she says they should do it again tomorrow. Well I can't, not having the endurance of this fit orange haired dude, so good for him.

This video, and PK as a whole, is the best cure for insomnia. In a really nice way, the sensation at the end, being completely relaxed, muscles no longer tense, feelings all mellow, everything is soft, it makes sleeping the easiest thing in the world. Take sleep out of the equation, watching her, watching this video, it is the highest point of any day, to where it just goes downhill from here. For example, I'm going to watch a movie soon after this and I just know it won't get the amount of joy out of me than this video. That is a compliment, a really huge one. A woman that makes me genuinely happy, making videos that make me genuinely happy, even though most of the time I don't know shit about who she cosplays. It just speaks of the quality of the videos to just look past that and enjoy the best kind of smut anybody can produce. That includes on a technical level, the sound quality is top notch, the shots are expertly done, especially given what the school scenery suggests, the dialogue is some of the finest from this woman. Also the set design, which kind of made me jealous, because I never had a chair like that in any classroom, or a desk seemingly that sturdy. Or even a stapler, the pencil even looks really good. Anyways, just shy of 30 minutes, the length of a TV anime episode with commercials included. Every second isn't wasted, kind of like how every drop of Ichigo's man butter isn't wasted on her.

To end with a sappy line, this video is divine.

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Reader's discretion is advised. In order to convince one how tremendous this video was, I must go into some graphic detail, part of it the result of deliberate planning. To start, I managed to go 14 days without climaxing, most of the time I wasn't counting the days, it just came to be and I don't often make time to finish on purpose. More often than not unfortunately it happens unintentionally, poor stamina, edging, whatever. At least with videos, it's easier to work within the allotted time and do things as planned. I wanted to make sure basically that this was the scene to end my drought, and I wanted it to be exactly 2 weeks after noticing how close I was to that number anyways. I also needed to be awake enough, half the time I'm too tired to “finish.” An unintentional one hour nap in the middle of the night was a blessing in disguise, being awake enough to experience this.

Now actually getting to the video, while the planning made the finale unbelievable, the shame crept in as soon as PK was bent down doggystyle and her booty meat was on display. The shame in that I should've watched this sooner. At the same time, I feel like I get more into this woman every passing day, and I was already gaga over her when I first saw her months ago. So imagine this hard, literally speaking, swollen sense of excitement in watching this video. I don't know shit about Kingdom Hearts, all I saw was a woman in a cute outfit putting in some work with the machine, boasted by a high production value. A nice soothing musical piece over the sexual action, and subtitles that do just enough for the story, lighting too that gives it an interesting atmosphere, as if she was in a cave, darkness surrounding mostly, but a spot of light just enough to show her and the fucking that went on.

Something I realized just now about the scene was it played in reverse for me, in terms of positions and things I enjoy in porn. It would start with the blowjob, one position being where she's taken from the front, and the climax happens when she's taken from behind. It's the reverse order here, she's taken from behind first, really starting off hot and heavy. I kept looking at the time because I had to reassure myself that I'd make it to the end. Even if I had finished every day like a normal young male pervert, I would still struggle with the scene, because of the woman herself being just so amazing at everything she does, and looking beautiful doing it. I had the scenario in my mind that if things went south, I'd just give myself 5-10 minutes, and finish the scene to climax again, because I could do that with material like this. I managed to make it through the epic half hour. I don't like long porn scenes, they get repetitive and the flow is stilted as a result. This woman seems to be an exception to that, mastering how to keep things going, with nicely timed camera angle changes. A regular pro porn cameraman just doesn't have that kind of grasp and it bugs me, it's why I don't really watch pro porn scenes anymore.

So with the story, a bunch of Heartless cum inside her, there's tally marks showing how many times their seed was pumped into her. I had a feeling the “Endless” term also applied to PK herself, especially during the part where she's taken from the front, really doing a number rubbing her vagina. That particular section, as is the case with all her videos I've seen so far, it's a battle for me between focusing on her face, and focusing on her vagina. There's no battle with the audio, always delivering in those beautiful moans. The creaminess of the lady herself was amazing, that was heavy duty for me and my endurance. A lot came out of her, including the Heartless splooge. I must say that when that came out the vagina, I couldn't help but notice her asshole looking, sealed, tight, selfish person in me was thinking anal. No, there was a blowjob, a really hot one at that. That goes back to the reverse order, this would normally start a scene, it finishes it here, but in such a grand way that I can't complain at all. Besides, it meant seeing her face more. Going back a bit, during the fucking and you see her face, there's a point where she has her tongue out, mouth all open. Yeah, that was awesome. Her vagina did a number on machine dick, her mouth did the same thing, the subtitle that said “I think he's cumming,” fucking perfect. I was like that Final Boss, I didn't have a mouth to eject into though. Instead I had a couple areas, one of them being the front end of my keyboard, holy shit, a couple inches away from the keys thankfully. I was as stiff as them, I couldn't aim at my usual spot, so, it just went almost everywhere.

Graphic things aside, Sora missed out. I missed out not watching this despite having bought this 3 weeks ago. Better late than never, so fucking late bb. This effectively turned my day into one where all I want to do is sleep, this knocked me out so hard, I slept like a baby after, but unfortunately got woken up for one reason or the other. The power of the video still warrants more sleeping, so I'll do that, and watch this again in the near future.

If it wasn't clear enough, I love this video. PK scores another homerun.

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Almost 9 minutes of amazing bootyhole stretching, by none other than the Butthole Wizard herself. It starts with the long and thick gray toy, already indicating how easy Sammy can take things up her butthole. She takes it in a position that really accentuates the size of her booty. The gapes are already big and beautiful. Next is the thick black booty plug that is only ¼ of an inch thinner than the Flint dildo. Once again, Sammy takes that big thing up her butthole, and in a position that shows off her lovely feet. Seeing her toes curl as she shoves the plug in there is exciting. By this point, it's very noticeable how long her lady fur became, sticking out big time during this video, looking sweet. It goes in easily, no wasted motion, producing more great gapes. Then comes the main event, a slower yet still exciting process of shoving Flint up the bootyhole. Sammy succeeds, going balls deep even! She rocks back and forth on thing with such smoothness, very awesome to watch. The first instance of gaping by Flint shows how fantastic the act especially is in this section. So wide and a sight to behold. Changing positions with Sammy on her side, more gapes ensue following balls deep action with Flint, stretching her butthole. Not long into this position, Sammy creams out of her butthole! It looks sweet, and a bit unexpected, bringing the action to a close, followed by her slowly feeling the butthole with her fingers. With certainty, this is a towering masterpiece of butthole stretching and overall anal action, with no wasted time, every second spent stretching and gaping, it's the kind of porn that others of its kind should try to follow. At the same time, it's unmatched. All hail the Butthole Wizard.

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Given the brevity, it's easy to take the time to watch this multiple times, no matter what the schedule is, even in one day. For example, I saw it twice today, and it was just as hot the second time as it was the first. The handjob is awesome, with teases from her DSLs acting like cherry on top of this sundae. The daddy talk was a crucial part of the sundae, as well as the eyes making contact with you, also of course the cock stroking itself. It lasts just enough time to make its mark as a steamy video with blowjob teases and a cute girl showing she can excite without even doing stuff to her vagina or butthole. Despite the countdown given, I wasn't prepared for the big facial delivered, and how fierce the cum shot out. It was incredible, and the aftermath showed her face glowing a bit, covered by that cum as she thanked daddy for the load he had built up for her. I swear Sammy makes the most replayable porn ever.

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Three months since the last video, there was definitely a lot of wondering and waiting on what was to come next. The question becomes if this particular video was worth the wait. I would say it was for a couple reasons. First, a schoolgirl theme seems to be something just made for PK. Her overall appearance and size makes her perfect for a schoolgirl character, and the dialogue picturing a submissive woman and her sensei. Second reason, a welcome return of a fucking machine. Third, the pre and post-sex stuff is very entertaining. The clearest sense of improvement and evolution with her in making these videos is how scenes are set up and how they conclude. The sexual stuff of course is the most important aspect of a porn video, and the content on here is very hot, but the non-sex stuff is very appreciated. Icing on a well made cake in a sense. In general, her non-sex stuff is very fun, but here, I feel like it just stands out a bit more, I would include her Eroma video too. One key aspect of that, as well as encompassing the whole video, is an increase in production value. Really being apparent in the Eroma video, that heightened production value makes everything better visually, beyond just being stimulating to a horny person. Content that is just nice to look at, admirable work.

The music too being really memorable, needing to mention that. As per the story, what a devious minx. Quickly rubbing herself under the table, it feels like she wanted to have sexy time with her teacher. Stopping and thinking about it, why would she do that while being close to the man? She was obviously wanting something, but he had control over what to do, the balls being in his court with the drawings she did during class being a punishable offense (sort of 4th wall break there, not the last). There were parts where she had things handed to her, a cup of tea, the paper filled with drawings. I thought, somewhat humorously, that she did all that moving by herself. With strings, the table being rigged with a barely visible hole, so she could pull it with a body part and bring it closer to her. It sounds ridiculous, but it reminds me of low budget movie shenanigans, which is funny. That didn't happen. Not really any more time to laugh, here comes the sexy stuff. Before getting there, the hair must be addressed. For lack of a better word, I'd say it was worn perfectly, like that is her hair. She always wears wigs extremely well, but somehow I kept looking at her hair during the first couple minutes. The boots, while being part of the Maka cosplay, just looks so cool on her. The skirt, shirt, those are great too.

Above all, those gloves. Since it's a scene where she keeps the outfit on, having the skirt up, panties to the side when it comes to the second half of the video, the outfit has to be pleasing to look at. It's covering a beautiful body mostly, it has to make up for that, otherwise it's a sin. I think it did that, those gloves standing out. So clean, white, a general interpretation of purity, innocence, wrapped around a dick, it's a very striking visual. Of course the actual blowjob part is also very exciting, giving lots of time to see the eyes making contact. Her mouth too looking amazing going up and down. Making up half the scene, she goes fast, she goes slow, all speeds to make this last a while and not be boring. Also, camera angles changing as well. The sounds she made too, very nice. There were many times I almost lost control and had to stop for a few seconds, a sign of a great scene. Then the semen in the mouth, how she plays with it, the one glove in particular being stained, very naughty!

Comfortably lying on the table, she gets penetrated in various speeds, making things soft, like in the beginning, intense in other parts. The variety makes this awesome, and that goes down to the camera shots. One that gets her whole body in frame, and one where it's just on the penetration, a close-up of the vagina and dick doing the deed. The camera when close-up really captures her soft skin, though I'm sure the shaved pubic area is also a factor in the smoothness. Once again, self-control becomes difficult for me, and replays puts a lot of things in mind that I missed the first time. A brief thought the first viewing was how her legs looked, very nice with a degree of thickness for lack of a better word. All spread out, seeing it more a second time, focusing on that, they're just lovely to look out. The sounds never being something to ignore, her sexy moans and all. A second viewing, I did look at the face more, as well, it's just a regular thing when watching PK's videos that gives them a lot of replay value. There's always something I didn't pay too much attention to the first viewing, so I'd have to watch again, even more than a second time, to capture everything. Oh yeah, definitely the dick itself needing some time spent on it. Thick, that's what made the penetration special, her vagina being opened up nicely and in the end, dripping with a load. Seeing the creampie part was it for me.

Despite that sexy time, she needs more “Negative Reinforcement,” her chuckling at the end makes that very evident. Even what she drew in her notebook indicating that, as well as being another 4th wall break. The music ending this was really cute, and I think the part of her talking was a blooper. Having just finished seasons of Power Rangers that had bloopers in the end of each episode, it's become something I've admired recently. So, a wishlist item, I would like to see bloopers at the end of her videos. Not necessary, but I'd like that. It definitely fits here after the chuckle-inducing ending. That last walk down the stairs was pretty cool by the way.

Definitely no slump after the masterful Eroma video, this is something bolstered by great production value, skill with camera angles and editing, nice dialogue and some funny moments, and of course that important sexual core. A sexual core that is very pleasing to watch and well worth getting one's hands on. A parallel to my Power Rangers excursion, it's like watching something grow and hitting its stride and peak after a very charmful beginning. The peak being in production values and practices, setting things up, the content being great of course. The stride being sustaining that for more than one instance. More than one episode, consistently. For PK, multiple videos now, especially since Eroma. The major difference is Power Rangers sucked at some points, peaks and valleys. With this woman, it's just climbing upward and onward. The question is where else to go now? The answer would easily be “Down,” but I don't think so with her. No matter how long the wait will be for the next video, I know it will be something done with care, effort, and talent. This video just proves that.

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Watching this way too late as it's past Halloween, this video stands out for being one that literally drew me close to the action. Though I usually move the keyboard out of the desk when watching PK's videos, for obvious reasons, I don't usually just move ever so closer to the screen. I would for many moments, but this video drew me in enough to keep me so close to the screen all the way through. That's not really healthy, maybe damaging to my already messed up vision, but for PK, it's worth the risk. The thing that drew me in specifically was, I believe, how close the camera was to her for most of the video. Obviously the action too kept me glued to the screen, but there was a heightened degree of intimacy between a close shot of her, and me being right against the desk. It was too exciting just to stop and move back.

The story had some funny parts, mainly in the dialogue between Wolf 1 and Wolf 2. I'm not sure, what came to mind first when thinking about them is the duo of Rocky and Mugsy, where Wolf 1 is the leader, bossy, kind of mean at least. Wolf 2 is Mugsy as he just gets bitched out by Wolf 1 a lot of time, but he had his turns. How PK even got assigned this was funny, because she thinks at first it's an important mission, distracting them so her superior, Alucard, could jump them. It's hard to be serious when observing this kind of mission because the woman is just so hot, even when dressed as a sexy blond vampire with an amazing red outfit and stockings, and convincing teeth. That was PK in this scene, a video that manages to do some things over a long period of time. Well, about 23 minutes, but it felt longer, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the content itself. When the content features a woman heating up the screen with stripping, showing off her body, and some sexual acts topped with loud and lovely sounds, it's easy to just take this as a long and enjoyable journey.

First with the stripping, there's some nice rocking music going on as she has her jacket mostly unbuttoned. There is a shot of her from the front, really showing off the bra, which gives her a notable amount of cleavage. She squeezes them, which that alone can draw me close to the screen, resisting the urge to reach to it with my hands, but I have to be busy with other things. Soon after her nipples come out, looking so perky, you'd think it was really cold, but it's just her being really excited. Another shot is of her beautiful butt, which the Seras outfit accentuates. The stockings being ripped up a bit to show the butt, the panties that would be brought to the bottom of the butt, it makes her rear look like a peach. I found that to be amazing. During these shots alternating, the wolves discuss how they would double team her. It becomes a challenge to read the dialogue, as it's kind of funny, and watching her tease so well. I managed to focus more on the teasing. Actually it looked like Wolf 2 was taking more charge in their discussion, laying down the law with his horniness, while Wolf 1 was horny but a bit more submissive, wanting to get this show on the road.

The show does begin. This is where the intimacy really kicks in. You see just the top half of her body, hands busy, mouth busy, face lighting up the screen. Those piercing red eyes giving sexy looks, and also the lip biting, which is potent in combination with the fangs. She works double duty on the wolf dicks, making some amazing sounds throughout. Not just the sucking sounds, which are great, but some sweet moans to keep a heavy sense of audio pleasure, going so well with the visual one. Wolf 1 gets her mouth exclusively for a while, giving strokes to that and Wolf 2's penis. Actually, the motion of Wolf 1 is just perfect, moving back and forth for the mouth to pleasantly receive it. Wolf 1 speaks in satisfaction, but then Wolf 2 couldn't handle the lack of attention he feels, even though just her hands on your body sounds like a dream come true. So she focuses her mouth on Wolf 2, and I stress the word “focuses,” because she almost consumes the dick whole. Wolf 2 shuts up, not being grumpy as she really works her mouth and tongue. With her face more to the camera, you really get to see the saliva building up, those fiery eyes looking at you, the lewd faces. That's the peak of the intimacy. Full screen, my face inches away from hers so to speak, and not letting up one bit. I'm really enjoying myself, though it looks like she's having an even better time than me. The second viewing for this, I noticed more how active her tongue was, which was awesome. I guess Wolf 1 had enough of this and really drove his dick into her mouth. Her face kind of turns a bit red, trying to match her eyes and outfit, as she really drools and gets some mouth fucking courtesy of Wolf 1. This part is so intense, that she soon makes an ahegao face, and a thick stream of spit is seen from the bottom lip down to her chin. Wolf 1 keeps up the speed as PK gives some attention again to Wolf 2 and sucks them both off. There's one point where Wolf 1 is moving back and forth, and just PK's tongue is out, mouth open, and from the side of his dick, stays there as he keeps going. Like slipping a wiener through the bottom bun, it just looked smoking hot. In her mind she thinks that Alucard wants them closer together. Wolf 1 then speaks up, can't handle it anymore, needs to screw. She said “Certainly” with such an arousing smile and face, it's infectious. Wolf 2 is impatient, but this goes on after fading to black.

Now on her back, though Wolf 2 wanted shotgun, Wolf 1 got it first, meaning her ass. There were a lot of things to notice here. First, her legs looking really thick and juicy with those torn up stockings, part of me thinks the tight fit accentuated the thighs, another part just thinks that's her legs naturally. For a short woman, she has some pretty thick thighs and amazing legs. Second, her panties have a few spots of wetness around them, which really convinces you that she enjoyed all this. Her pussy even has some wetness there too. Third, the lip biting, and her face. Even though at this point you see the bottom half of her face, no eyes, they tell such a strong story that you know she's realistically enjoying this. PK mostly does vaginal penetration, so seeing her smoothly fuck her butt like that is a rarity, a treat where it really comes off that she can hold her own in the anal penetration department. She even moves up and down on the dick a lot. It's really hard to pay attention to everything going on, which is why seeing this again helps. For the first viewing, I noticed the difficulty in choosing something to focus on, so I would notice the face for a bit, but then focus on the anal penetration. Second viewing, I'm giving the face more love, and you also have her legs dominating the screen, it's easy to just fall in love with those and not pay attention to the rest of the stuff going on.

Still on her back, with the camera pointed more at her bottom, not seeing her face at all, Wolf 2 enters her vagina. There's a point where she pulls up her labia to accept the dick more, and man I had to look at her clithood, try and spot the clitoris. I don't recall many times of really focusing on that part of her body. I did here and loved it. The dialogue sums up what's happening to her, she said they make her feel so full. Yeah, it's some double penetration action as she works her pussy, while the other dick is in her butt. The camera gets even closer, and she even rides Wolf 1 for a bit while still getting the meat of Wolf 2. Despite the loud sounds of pleasure, she thinks to herself, asking where Alucard is. It kept fading to black during these final sexual moments, in the conclusion Wolf 2 exits the vagina and she uses a finger down there for rubbing. I have to say that when it went to her standing up and talking to Alucard, I was thrown off guard, I thought there was more, I didn't finish in time. She closes out the scene, saying she distracted them for over an hour, and she noticed Alucard's nose bleeding. He said he was merely testing her, and she was shocked at that. Whatever the real task was, she performed extremely well. So, not finishing in time, I went back to her double blowjob/handjob part, and finished there. Second viewing though, as I review the scene, I got too excited and finished at the fucking part, with about a minute left of the action. So, I kind covered all the bases. I kind of wasn't sure about finishing on the second viewing, just wanting to get the review done, but as always with PK, I got so wrapped into the action, even though it was a replay, separated by a couple hours of sleep, that I just finished again. It's a Sunday too, at the time of this review. So, a day of Sabbath spent watching this blasphemous little vampire go to town on two monsters. It was a fantastic time.

All that said, I greatly enjoyed the scene. It's easy to just get so into the action, that it becomes hard to tell if it's for the camera, or if she really enjoys it. It's so clear though that she really enjoys all that, the sexual deviant she is. All that passion and effort in just this scene, it does match her outfit and eyes, meaning it was so red hot. Another amazing scene from this woman, and no matter how times I watch it at other points in the year, I'll make sure this gets a yearly Halloween viewing. Any time's great just to watch this sexy vampire doing her stuff. Except maybe during church, which is really interesting to imagine. Anyways, PK scores super high again with this video.

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Even without knowing the character in great detail, PK simply fits into the role of a young witch. She always enchants the viewer, and makes porn magic with each video, and this one is no exception. As the story goes, she's bored at her Dissuasive Techniques class, and did get enough sleep the night before. It looked like she dozed off, and then woke up to something she didn't expect at all. One that would lead to performing for the class with some sexual acts. I thought this was all in her head, a daydream, imagination, but there wasn't anything in the end to say that for sure. So, movie theory, in a porn video, only PK can do that. I wasn't sure what “Dissuasive Techniques” mean, especially for a witch academy class. I know being dissuasive means being one to convince someone to take a different course of action, change their opinion on something, or just simply distracting. The latter may be a bit more true here, the teacher said something to the effect of students using their bodies, so a dissuasive technique example is putting on a sex show of sorts to people. Anyways, she is hesitant, but she knows the exam is important so she goes along with it. Classmates in text form give their 2 cents on the matter, all of them enjoying it basically.

Back to the role, expanding on the appearance, she looks like a real sexy witch. Long dark (red) hair, pointed boots, dress, big pointy hat, just missing a broom and wand. Unless there are no brooms and wands in this world, I don't know. What I do know is her first act of masturbation was intense, even from the beginning of the sexual part. She doesn't take long to just finger herself and rub the vagina with passion. There are full shots of her body during this, as well as closeups, the alternating shots help give this a reason to last a good while. While it's intense from the start, it still has a buildup, especially with the louder her moans got. It then ends with her having an orgasm, while the class watches.

Enter a special guest, an opportunity to get “extra points” in her evaluation, and she takes it up so well, thanks to her mouth. One note is that this special guest is uncircumcised, which I relate to. Anyways, this blowjob section features a lot of focus on her face, and one can see how piercing those eyes are. There were two different angles to this, but both still are close to her face in a POV manner that, which is sweet. Not only the eyes, but man her mouth, many times she shows how wet her mouth is, making the use of spit actually pretty important to the scene. A very pretty face too, facial expressions selling focus and pleasure. Classmates think she's putting too much effort into it, which isn't a bad thing at all. She picks up the speed leading to a creampie in her mouth. Oh the face of happiness from that cumshot, well, a classmate said “slutty face.” Whatever the term, it's amazing, and I think she swallowed! There were hearts on the screen, she then gives the cutest facial expressions ever, in her mind saying that she loves the class. Well I love it too. What would make this funny and less sexy is if there was audio to these classmates' comments. “What a slutty face” as said in a Tommy Wiseau accent. That would have to be “What a slutty face, Mark.” Then with a reply, “Yeah you can say that again.” Anyways, yeah I think she swallowed, like a good little witch. Or bitch, whatever she prefers. Actually there was something funny after this, a classmate saying he's hungry for food. It's clear that person masturbated a lot before class, he probably couldn't get hard. Pansy.

More focusing her magic powers in her vagina, she rides on the guest's dick, she's told to basically project visually what's going on inside. Here comes the dick riding, in the perspective of inside her vagina. That plays in a box next to the riding as seen from the class' point of view. This gives double the sights to behold. This is so impressive in terms of filmmaking, but also very educational. If someone watches this and wants to be a gynecologist, then they have a really hot video to help them study. I really love it, but what I enjoyed the most was looking at her legs while she rode. FUCK! They looked amazing in that position almost squatting down or something on that dick. For a petite woman, she's got some meat on her bones. “Slim thick” may be the best term. Whatever the case, it's incredible. I watched this right before I went to sleep, and after waking up, one of the first things that came to mind was this riding part, and almost salivating at how her legs looked. Watching it again, that excitement is still there, 100%, and I did try to look at the rest of her body. It's just that those legs were distracting, plus there's a vagina between them, it's hard to look at other stuff. I did look at the internal point of view, I agree with the classmates on it being really pink. I think I saw some cream built up during the riding, that's sexy. The main camera isn't just on that full shot of her body, it does switch to a closer look, and that gives more shine to the pussy. Watching as it goes up and down on the penis. In her mind she said that the classmates are fapping now. They should've been doing it from the start though. She rides harder and faster, the camera is looking down on her, you can see how that increase in pace and intensity is affecting what's seen inside. Wow! I finished before she came, which isn't surprising because my control just fades as her videos are just so overwhelming that if I want to build up, I can't watch them everyday, or every few days, sometimes not even once a week. The time between the last PK video I saw and this was 17 days. The strongest part of self-control is not watching her videos that often, but then it kind of becomes meaningless when watching the videos. They're just so good, I would imagine even someone who took a vow of celibacy will just stop and masturbate to her porn. It's that powerful in my opinion. I'm saying that because here, right before she said she can't stop and that she's cumming, that's when I finished, in both viewings. It's now like a trigger, at around 19:50, right before the teacher said she passed the text, that's where I finish. That's another reason why I don't watch them often, I just go at it twice. One time before sleeping, the other after sleep and while doing the review. I don't have to do it for the review, but I do anyways because why not?

Oh man, moving on, classmates acknowledged that she may get the best grade out of all of them. I agree, her orgasm at the end was so fantastic. A week after the exam, she asked the teacher about her grade, saying she did her very best. Absolutely! The teacher said it depends, and then the fourth wall breaks. I was pleasantly surprised by that, and it makes for one of the best endings she has made. “Ending” being the scene after she cums, not the cumming itself, that's just a whole other debate.

What more can I say? It's PK, of course this video is awesome. It's made with class and ability, someone who knows how to use her camera, in this case two cameras. That itself is very unique and creative, the internal camera being one of high quality, you can see clearly what's going on inside, and I admit that the images have become stuck in my head. That's a good thing. It's also made with passion and effort, someone with an incredible sense of pacing and timing. Her scenes never run too long, they're never too short either, always just the right time, and this one is totally in that category. I really liked that outfit, it could pass off as a Halloween costume too, maybe she gives out special candy to her classmates during October. After reviewing so many PK videos, I feel like a broken record, saying the same things. I can't say anything else, they're all amazing, different too so it's not like you're watching the same old stuff. Here she just delivers on everything. A fun story with nice dialogue, sometimes funny even. Some intense masturbating with just her hand and fingers, expert dick sucking with no qualms about the cum. That's something special about her videos, the man goo plays an important part and is always used greatly, whether in her mouth or vagina. Back to this video, that dildo riding though, the legs. Each PK video leaves an impact on me that I can just think of certain images from each and identify the scenes. For example, the Hinata video, footjob with oil involved, dildo riding with her ass to the camera. Here, the dildo riding with her front to the camera, and how her legs looked. Goddamn, those legs. Aw man, just perfect, I don't know what else to say. I forgot to mention that before she took off her panties, you get a look at her ass, damn! It's big, it's glorious. Also, her videos are unique, there's a certain style, no ripping off people, whether it be cosplays or her own characters, it's not just porn, it's PK porn, a whole subgenre.

This video is classic PK porn, inventive, fun, very hot. Also, rewatchable, the fact I can watch these twice within 8 hours and finish on both viewings, says a lot. There are some foods, movies that I can't get tired of, and then there's PK porn that can't tired of. I still have to control myself, now a big test is if I can do that for her, and finish as she orgasms. I mean that alone sells the video, I finish early, 2 out of 2 viewings, that's impressive. Of course I'm speaking only for myself, but it does demonstrate how steaming hot this video is.

It's simply magical.

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By this point I've treated PK's videos as event viewings, to where I'd move the keyboard away and bring myself a bit closer to the screen, and positioning myself on the chair to where I'm hardly sitting and almost lying on it. Not only that, but giving a lot of time before seeing the video, for the most part. I feel like with her content, it's something to where I have to save up a lot in order to give a lot. Offerings for someone who brings the most/best out of the viewer. With this cosplay, I feel like it's one where PK has to do the least. Like it's the character that almost matches her, in a set of features rather different from Hinata, someone she also blends perfectly with (and other cosplays she easily transforms into the appearance of the characters too, so it's not like the others suck, not at all). Specifically personality, Tracer appears to be someone full of energy and life, slim figure too, all of which encapsulates PK. The dialogue here really proves the personality thing, as a lot of it has the woman peppy, funny, and cute at the same time, which is totally PK too.

There's some nice transitions from a laptop screen to the scene itself, also a nice cut early on where she's all decked out in the Tracer gear, but then is only wearing the chronal accelerator thing, gloves and shoes. Watching the scene, I didn't really know who Winston is, just googling him, now it makes a lot more sense, fucking gorilla. I thought the banana thing was just PK being random, and most people like bananas. I don't actually, I don't like the taste, maybe banana flavored yogurt is good, haven't had that in a long time, so I can't remember. It was incredible with this banana though, PK did a lot with it, and she did it safely, applying a condom with her mouth. You'd want to practice safe sex when it's doing it with her. I got sucked (hey yo) into the action, not even feeling weird about her doing that to a banana, and this is before I found out who Winston is.

Amazingly she uses the banana on her vagina, and gets very creamy from it. So, banana cream? Oh, I'd be down with tasting that. Lucky monkey fuck gets to do it, bah. It's now become common for me to just shift between watching her face, her vagina, and absorbing the sexy sounds she makes. All that mixes together for something totally awesome, but I feel like even with a big monitor, it's like I can't see it all, it's too much, in the nicest way possible. I don't know Tracer and Overwatch much, so I want to imagine that her chronal accelerator is powered by sexual energy. Throughout this scene, a lot of that comes out that it must be fully charged and ready to do whatever it does. When she does the banana fucking in the bed, there's a little moment where while her hand's on the big teddy bear, it seemed like she was looking at the bear too. If there was dialogue in that part, it'd be “Do you like this too?” Because the camera is closer to her face, I feel like that feature takes more of a role in this section, she's making intense facial expressions, her eyes rolling from here to there. All the while the action is hot, the sound is still glorious. Moreso here because of her position, the cream running down to her butthole, and almost coating it! Holy fuck, that is some banana cream there! Then she uses the banana in her ass, and the facial expressions just go into overdrive. Pleasure, and maybe shock and awe, like “Oh my God I'm shoving a banana in my ass and it feels so good!” Some smiles too, she enjoys it clearly. The position she gets into there, and I think how the camera captures it, the banana's size is really more obvious in being pretty big. Thick especially, and that's going in her ass! At one point it really goes deep too! I'm sure there's porn of women using bananas up their private parts, but this is my first experience of it, and I doubt they're any intense, or even produced well. The vibe here, whether it be the scene and story, the lovely piano music in the background, or the woman herself, it's just really special here. Food porn basically can't be better than this.

Back to the transitions with the laptop screen, when it goes from her fucking the banana, to the laptop playback of that, to her closing the laptop screen on Winston, wow! That's great shooting and editing there. I saw the trailer to this a long time ago, so I honestly forgot about this part. All I knew was she fucked a banana. So when this happened, her going down on that funky blue/green dick and eventually riding it, I was stunned. In a nice way, it means more action, and her going down on it, she does blowjob sections amazingly well. It's not human-like, the dildo, but damn it's still fucking hot. Especially when she gets deeper and hits the widest part, her lips expand and it makes me think of hentai blowjobs when the women sucks a really thick dick. She said she has it under control, hell yeah she does. Another amazing feature to this, of course, the sounds she made as she went down on the dick, moaning and some really cute laughter to boot. She uses her hands too, goes without hands, spit is featured, oh she does so much in a blowjob scene, it's a video in and of itself.

PK rides it, and now she's really hitting the widest part of the dick, and it really makes for a tremendous visual. Her pussy pumped like that (I can't make that statement any subtle or formal sounding), lovely. As she fucks it more intensely, the dick comes out by accident, and she said “No one is going to stop me!” No subtitle there, so I'm thinking that was ad-libbed, Winston wasn't supposed to come out like that. Winston redeems herself, causing PK to say that Winston is an animal. Oh my God, the riding is at full throttle at that point, she's going up and down hard, sounds becoming louder, her legs in that position looking fucking amazing and juicy and alluring. It's the climax of the whole scene, one that had banana fucking in the vagina and ass, a sensual and lovely blowjobbing scene, and this, all leading up to Winston emptying his gorilla gonads up in her vagina. The camera was really close on that part, and man what a finale. She rises up, the dick comes out, all that thick white cream, almost shiny too, super good lighting on that part.

Once again PK makes a masterpiece of a video. Every time I see a video of hers, the day becomes completely affected by it. So with this, between 10AM when I finished the video, and 8:15PM, I was asleep for 8-9 of those 10 hours, because of her. She wears me out with her videos, she wears me out with her live streams too by the way, but man, just so much sexual energy packed into a 26 minute video, it's overwhelming. I enjoyed it so much, there's just no doubt when it comes to her, she always puts everything into making just one video incredible. And since she has a lot of S-Class videos, with more to come, it just means she's a master at this kind of filmmaking and performance. Watching a master on the screen, I just sit back and enjoy everything done, no complaints, no nitpicks, all that's shown is amazing. There's masters of different movie styles, masters of specific sports and athletic fields, and there's even masters of lewdness. PK's a master of lewdness, and a master of personality to boot. Combine those two together, makes for someone to love and adore forever. Similarly enough, I love and adore this video.

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There should be a Rule 1611, where caring about any video game or anime is only through PK's porn. Case in point, I didn't care one bit about the source material for this, Final Fantasy XV, and I'm not familiar with who she was cosplaying. After seeing this, I care about the game, for however long. I want to go to this gas station for the service and I don't even drive a car. That doesn't mean I am not qualified for the full service. My favorite thing in all of porn is riding, probably moreso dildo riding because there's nothing intrusive about it (the man hogging the spotlight or whatever). To my delight there's a lot of riding in this. The song used in this is pretty nice, doesn't disrupt the sexy stuff, and it blends rather well with the scene. After the stripping and spreading of holes, this beautiful woman goes right into the riding, and her glorious butt is on display. The length of the scene indicated how much riding there would be, it met my expectation of it being an intense viewing experience. I was dying towards the middle of it.

The subtitles were really on point here, has to be said. Anyways, she changed positions, now seeing her face, it just continues to be overwhelmingly hot. I realized at this section that her legs were just right for her figure, her whole body was just right basically. Still, them legs looked amazing as she rode that dick. The closeup of her vagina really was useful in showing how much she loved the riding, some cream in the vagina. To my surprise, what followed next was at least as hot as the riding. The Full Throat Service, as it should be called, PK went to town on that dick. Incredible, and I think some spit just stayed on her chin, drying up, showing just how into it she was. Some points there were tears, I was amazed. Both POV angles really engaged me, I even leaned closer to the screen because of them. Eye contact is really important in solo porn to me, and PK's a master of that. The Full Throat Service was about half the scene, it's impressive she did it for that long and kept one's attention. One of her fuel tanks was filled in the end, while my energy was drained, at the time of first watching this, leading to a nice sleep.

S-class indeed, another superb video from PK.

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Or “Little Maid Squirts for Daddy Part 2.” Similar stuff in this scene, as I watched it I tried to connect the two scenes into a story, one that makes a lot of sense. Daddy got his kitchen floor drenched in squirt by his maid, and as some sort of punishment, he sets her on the counter to do her lewd act in front of him. The other scenario is that it's a test, rather than a punishment, to see what kind of mess she'd make this time. Back to similarities, the dress, though not exactly a maid outfit, could pass off as something one would sport if she boinks her boss. The collar looks sweet, less-than-subtle depiction of how submissive the woman is. Differences such as the glasses, the hair (one can make up a story that she squirted on her hair, removing the blonde dye), the camera angle being suited to really show the trajectory of her squirts, and what she does with her foot towards the end make this, to me, a very satisfying sequel. Unlike Hollywood movies where most of the time the sequel is a notable step down from the original. I was worried about the green pot next to Sammy, it could've turned to a Legend of Zelda game, she'd be Link always smashing pots. Another difference is there is more of a prologue, a build-up to the Njoy coming in, as opposed to almost starting immediately in the original video, thus making this longer. There is quite the difference in amount of squirts done in this compared to the original video, but it's still a lot, it still soaks the counter and probably the floor. Elaborating on what she did with her foot, Sammy puts her foot on the puddle she created, soaking it up. It's like a great one-liner at the climax of a movie, it pumped me up. Still on the thought that this is a sequel, Daddy didn't have to clean up the mess with her, so why did she ask? Well the guy has a lot of free time apparently, and probably cherishes every moment with his little Sammy. Anyways, great video.

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If it wasn't for the "Who's That Pokemon?" segment at the end, I would've gone with the dick belonging to Charizard. I take it now it's a yet to be revealed Alolan pokemon, and probably really rare in Nurse Joy's specific region. After all, the Pokemon Center she works in is a Hoenn Region one, judging by the interior at the opening part of the video. That pokemon has a long one, and Joy serves as the best method to hatch eggs. It's certainly more interesting to watch compared to riding around a route on the bike. Also the white stuff I like to think is the White Herb crushed and mixed into a gooey fluid. In all seriousness, this is a really well produced video, the usage of a Pokemon Center in the background was awesome, the cosplay very much on point too, the classic Pokemon game font and text boxes appearing fills me with nostalgia, also the Pokemon Center music. The egg laying was sweet, watching the vagina shoot out the eggs was so satisfying. Even looking at the butthole during this, it stands out despite not laying any eggs. Part 2 looks exciting, but already this video alone is a great merging of hot impregnation, cosplay, and production. It kills all the stupid Pokemon parody stuff from professional porn companies. Brock from the series would love this video too.

princessberpl Sep 7 2016

Oh wow! Thank you so much for the very detailed review. Well done and extra nerdy just like me!! 8-)<3

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Sammy makes porn as if there is a bar that needs to be raised regularly, and she each new video raises it. There's no coincidence that recent videos exceed 15 minutes and they feature a lot of high intensity fucking of various kinds, whether it be vaginal or anal. Here it's classic anal mastery, starting straight away with Nox fucking a great deal of cream out of her. One thing that can't be said is that butthole lacks cream, and it flows beautifully as this part goes on. The size of Nox not to be understated, it allowed for sweet gapes already in the video. Another thing about Sammy porn is that they have increasingly become endurance rounds, generally. This part with the Sea Dragon was like a peak with no valley in sight, some amazing riding ensues. The effects from the previous toy are still shown in the form of the cream on Sammy's right leg, and some on the bottom of her vagina. This riding part is so fantastic, she really hits that large knot, getting as deep as possible, which is very impressive. The three parts in the movie last for similar amounts of time, but this does edge out the other two in duration. That's incredible, so much power and stamina on that riding. Those legs being deadly, the face of pleasure and focus. Even when one of the legs shake, she keeps going, as if it's not enough for her. The payoff to all that is glorious and white. Lastly comes some major anal stretching with Flint, and as a bonus, showing how lovely her feet are in this. Namely the shaking of them, showing some hardcore pleasure is going down, as she has an epic creampie. However she still goes at it for a bit, using up to 4 fingers! The whole scene was also great for sound, including her sexy moaning and the pounding in all three parts. That butthole put in a lot of work.

P.S. - I finished twice in a row on this video, that says a lot in my opinion.

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That mischievous smile Sammy when she said she's going to tell Daddy what to do was funny and cute at the same time. It was just the start of this tremendous scene. The daddy talk was in fantastic form here, instructing on how to stroke it and such. The big, long tan toy was used to perfection. She paced herself, going slow at first, then really ramping it up once she goes into doggystyle, all while daddy follows suit in the pacing. The fucking bear was really lucky, she held onto it before the doggystyle position. The biggest stunner was the cum dripping out of her bootyhole. It wasn't small at all, and it coats a good portion of her vagina. The 1-2-3 in the end was perfect, with the final number being said in a high pitch voice that was so sweet. The sound captured throughout was really nice, the sound of the dildo really fucking that butt was incredible, especially at the 1-2-3 count. The gapes in the end was a very welcome surprise, and the load of cum dripping out from it was stupendous as well. She thanks daddy, but Sammy deserves all the thanks in the world for this video.

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This video is close to 12 minutes, and got me wet before the biggest butt plug even went in. The outfit looks so sexy, as Sammy shows it off in the beginning, looking so playful in the process. Just a tease before the actual work is done, the speed of which is very nice. How she took in the first toy easily shows how much talent this woman has in the anal toying department. The gapes are absolutely fantastic, a sight to behold. The doggystyle position brings one close enough to see the gaping magnificence. Watching her feet as she took in the biggest anal toy, how her toes moved around, was amazing to see as well. It was even surprising how well she took the huge anal toy in the doggystyle position. The fingering at the end was just a bonus. A cute woman doing some hardcore sexy stuff, what a blessing.

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Last year PK made an amazing video where she cosplayed as Hinata from Naruto. It stands out for many reasons, one of which being that it featured a character I know, from a show I know a bit about. There's a more special connection to that compared to other videos because I have a better grasp of the story, and how it would fit into the world, despite it being X-rated. Basically, high quality fanfiction porn. Almost a year later comes this video where she is Ryūko from Kill La Kill. The same situation arises, a character I know, from a show I know. The difference is that I watched the whole series and love it a lot, meaning the connection to this is even stronger. Remembering what I said about the Hinata video being my favorite one of PK's, and one of the reasons being familiarity with the character and the source material, it indicates how much I love this particular video. To the point where I would say it's my favorite that she's made so far.

Granted, the Hinata video is longer, features some foot play, which I love a lot, and this one has her rocking fitting sneakers for Ryūko. This one has anal though, which is a similarly rare thing from this lady, and while the foot play was a portion of the Hinata scene, anal IS this Ryūko scene. It's not something I really associate PK with because she doesn't do it often, so when she does, it comes as surprising and enjoyable in a unique way compared to other entertaining sexual acts. To make things more special, the story is very believable in making anal the subject of the scene. Watching the Kill La Kill anime, there was an early story where Ryūko had trouble being in sync with Senketsu, her Godobe, and was getting her butt kicked (not fucked) by Satsuki. Taking that part of the story to a sexual field, Senketsu trains Ryūko in being able to handle the pain and abuse, turning it into pleasure, but through anal. Also, spanking, which is rare in her videos, I realized that, not so rare in her live streams though. Back to the story, it works because early on, Ryūko thought Senketsu was perverted, and that belief is taken to its extreme here.

Starting slowly, she works with a little vibrator for the butt (if it was controlled remotely in a classroom by a student, it would totally resemble hentai). Throughout the scene, the vagina gets a fair amount of attention. As she said in the scene, she needed some concentration, and it really looked like she was in the zone. This means Senketsu had to shut up, which she told him, and it rings true, not much said by him during this anal training session. The positions are really hot, starting off with doggystyle, and the camera pointed at her behind, allowing the viewer to grasp the shape and size of it, among other lovely features. Still in the position, but changing the camera angle, she uses a small glass toy. This allowed one to see the panties a bit better, showing that they are exactly what Ryūko wore in the series. Obviously the sailor outfit is on point, as is the hair and gloves. It's just a perfect cosplay basically. Character wise, it's very realistic that a tough girl like Ryūko would go through anal acts, and this being in her noob status as a Godrobe wearer, she would go through training in anal. Back to the scene, she gives attention to the vagina while plugged, and the sounds made in the rubbing and fingering was amazing, one can tell that she's excited from this. Going in and out with the buttplug interchanges with the first set of spanks, and her right cheek quickly turns pink, showing that she doesn't take it easy on herself.

Changing positions and toys, this particular section is special in that I had to go back to it a couple times. One, to see her face, as the position and the camera angle allowed for a full view of her face, meaning being able to really admire her facial expressions during the anal play. Two, the toy itself, resembling anal beads, watching it go in one ball thing at a time, there was simply so much to absorb, that replays were necessary. This continued throughout the scene actually, a special highlight of this video. Once it was all in, she played with her vagina some more before removing the toy, slowly. She fucks the toy, showing that not only her vagina was making those sweet and wet sounds, her butt was too, which was lovely.

On her back now, a wider glass toy enters, resembling a seahorse. Soon it stays in place as she played with her vagina some more. This was very visible in the previous anal toy part, here you can see the eyes rolling to the back of her head, the facial expressions continuing to be so hot and engaging, with some lip bring. One part I went back to, to make sure this came from the toy for real, was when she pulled it out of her ass, and a popping sound was made. Ah, I loved that, and it happened twice, so it was definitely from her pulling the toy out. It took a second viewing to spot this better, but when she shifted positions, still using the seahorse toy, one can see a little gape, showing that the toys were opening her up gradually, with that toy getting the job done.

The final level of training came, with an animated henshin sequence, the same one used in the show, with the song that typically went with it, “Don't Lose Your Way” being sung into the ears. It reveals a much more revealing outfit, I think moreso than the one in the anime, especially since one boob is out, and the nipple is shown, and not erased or covered like in the anime. Enter a black vibrating toy that she uses to fuck her butt, and then add on the actual vibrating. It was a very good sized toy as well. One cute bit early into this was when the toy just exited on its own, no hands mom. Oh wait, her mom's presumably dead. On first viewing, I did not last through the end of this, which speaks of how intense and hot the action was throughout this 21 minute scene. I did finish watching the scene. The vibrator was interesting in that the modes to it are designated by color. Red, Yellow, when it went to Green, she was finishing up, so to speak. Second viewing, I definitely made it to the end, but I did pause a lot, which was good, my threshold for the hotness was not high enough. That means this scene is too hot to handle, but I love it for that reason. Despite the training being a success, she's not willing to do it some more, slapping Senketsu, kind of. That little thing definitely goes with her character throughout the series being impatient and impulsive, just jump head-on into battle. Maybe in a sequel, she'll get some additional training from Aikurō Mikisugi and his shining tool.

The music in the scene was awesome, since it was tracks from the anime, similar to how familiar Naruto tracks were in the Hinata video. The setting was actually fitting with the scene. A seemingly empty room and bed, something with no character to it, fits with Ryūko's living conditions, at least before she moved in with Mako's family. She would be sleeping in a bed with no blankets and pillows. Even the scene's colors matched with her living conditions, not overly gray like in modern movies, just enough to give that convincing tone to her location, and the sexual acts add a lot of color already. Little technical things like that, I really enjoyed.

The Hinata video had everything I would ask for. As a greedy pervert, there's obviously wanting more, and this video feels like a natural followup, inasmuch that it gives more, anal. The Hinata video had pretty much everything I like, without realizing that anal is something I like. It didn't need it, of course, I'm very happy that it didn't have it, that it wasn't necessary. Here, it fills in a fantasy and runs with it for a whole length of a scene. I'm thankful for that. As far as anal prowess, for someone who rarely does it, the work here was incredible. There's some who do it a lot, and their limits are farther reaching than PK, but that doesn't make her any worse than them, any less satisfying to watch. It's very well put together and performed, sexual acts and production included. Again, while the Hinata video had dildo riding and foot play, my favorite things in all of porn, this one edges out a bit because of the familiarity with the character and source material. I loved that aspect in the Hinata video, of course this is all based on the anime I watched, the video games I've played. Compared to other cosplays she did, I don't think I'd like the anime and TV shows she's represented as much as Kill La Kill. Taken that into the equation, that still makes this a strong choice for my favorite scene of hers. So I'll go with that, but this woman is always putting out videos that offer steady competition with her many other videos, one is essentially a kid in the candy store. There is that one favorite among them all, but at the end of the day, you're a kid in a candy store, it's fucking candy, it's awesome, period. Favorite or not, this scene is awesome. I'm as happy as a nosebleeding Guts with this video.

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PK seems to bust out a very niche video once a year. Last year was the water bondage one, this year, a very interesting form of roleplay. I don't know if it's a polite term, but for lack of a better one, the word would be “trap.” Less subtle, chick with a dick. Spanning her other videos, there's something for everyone, various sex acts, various toys, positions, cosplays, even story ideas. One thing that separates this from others is that the whole story is a solo one. Whereas others would involve someone “physically” being there, like two wolves, an anthropomorphic dog, different kinds of men such as a teacher, or a knuckleheaded ninja. This is just her, making a video for a “senpai.” The fantasy aspect is more focused on the fact she has a dick, rather than who she's doing, or even what established, pre-existing character she's playing. An original character, dressed like a schoolgirl with a pink sailor outfit, and blonde hairstyle that fits the look she's giving off. While water bondage still falls under general bondage and has that kind of appeal, I think this one is more narrow, thus probably making it the biggest acquired taste among her many videos.

A taste I definitely acquired. As per the story, she unveils a secret to her senpai, which is that she has a dick. Making a video confession/sex tape, she shows what she can do with that dick. The dildo used for this is just perfect for the kind of person she is. Petite and short, a dick that's not abnormally huge, but one big enough to really surprise an unsuspecting person. If senpai saw it, he'd say “Wow.” Making up my story, about the bandage on her right index finger, I think she got that cut from aggressively jerking, as shown a bit here, and she hit something. Maybe stroking under a desk and hitting a splinter from the bottom of the desk.

Watching her stroke made for a unique experience. I never saw such a video go that long, it's over 30 minutes, and a lot of it was stroking. A woman playing with her vagina for that long, of course I've seen that loads of time. Someone playing with their penis, male or female, no. It didn't get tiring on me, in fact I was somewhat taking notes on her stroking. Namely in the use of spit. Her technique's basic, I differ by switching hands. The general spitting was something I took from this, but she lets it drip down from mouth to cock, being successful at it. I have to use a hand as the middle man, if that makes sense. I already knew about the value of spit in solo time, but I hardly did it. Seeing her do it, I couldn't resist. That and holding it in for 17 days, the first viewing experience for this was pretty special. There's no need to criticize the technique, it's basic, it works, she definitely makes more sounds and facial expressions during this, different from myself.

I realized after watching the video that she didn't show much skin, there was just the dick. That proved to be enough for me, again the outfit was very lovely. Plus, thinking back to other videos where her boobs aren't really shown, or even one where her vagina isn't shown, the action tends to be so intense and exciting that the focus of the viewer is on that, and not really taking issue of the clothes staying on. Or in my case, not noticing it at all, just looking at the action. I also realized that in that scene, she's not really alone, there's the big pervy bear right next to her, just watching with those small, dead eyes. She brings one closer to the action, the camera focusing on just her hand working it, but a foot's in the frame. The amazing part about that is the toe curling, which comes off as very convincing. She did switch up the stroking, giving a 180 turn to the hand and stroking like that. It was quick though, I didn't notice it at first, toe curling was too awesome to give more focus on her technique. I bring that up because I do that too, for a longer time than her.

As hinted at earlier, she gets aggressive with the stroking, it's not just one speed. I'm not giving enough credit to her technique, the stroking varies, the hand changes positions a few times. It's not too basic, to clarify, and that's not a bad thing. A majority is like that, it goes the same for me. One unique thing that is very hot in her case is how she has the dick on her foot, and rubs up and down on it steadily on the top, while the bottom is comforted by the stocking. An obvious thing I forgot to point out, in the first section she's on her knees stroking, I never do that, so she has me beat. Back to a wider shot of her, the facial expressions come back, looking intense, like she's really getting into it, lip biting too.

She takes a pause to “demonstrate” what she would like to do to senpai. The word's in quotes for a reason, to be revealed at the end. So she goes to town on the dildo, sucking it and stroking it. The video being mostly about stroking, she really does it hard and fast at the end. The sucking is impressive too, something PK always does a superb job at. There are a couple times where her mouth goes down pretty deep, almost to the balls, and it's a long toy by the way. Also there are some kisses, that looked so cute.

Back to stroking, this time with her relaxing on the bed, partially against that big bear. I forgot that she shows her bra a bit, again, no tits exposed. Actually, the lack of body exposure does lead the eyes to focus on less things, and thus getting a stronger effect from less, rather than a sum of many parts. There's her stroking and the facial expressions, even some fingers in her mouth at one point that was hot. She's done with the build-up and wants to really get to the orgasm, so she whips out her favorite toy (it seriously is), a colorful vibrator, call it “Rainbow Dash.” She gets her left hand busy, holding that in place while she strokes herself. Even the feet assist in the holding, which I'm definitely all for. She got so into the vibrator play that she came without a cumshot, basically breaking the fourth wall unintentionally. I can't complain about that, what with the toe curling, the loud moaning she did, even while stroking a dildo. In that sense, she stayed in character, which is very much appreciated. Besides, it can be possible for someone with a penis to climax and nothing comes out. For whatever the reason is, it's still possible. It's a bonus, because she keeps going, this time aiming for a cumshot. She unloads a thick and sticky load while saying “senpai,” kind of suddenly for me, it didn't take long for that to happen. I wasn't disappointed, it was really nice.

She changes to a POV angle, bringing to light that she's holding an actual camera, maintaining that angle, rather than a phone. I bring that up because it's easy to imagine that doing such a thing is difficult, somewhat challenging at least. The fact she did it, and kept up the view as best as possible, is really admirable. At this point, her feet are securing the vibrator as it's on the bottom of her privates, giving that sensation as she strokes some more, after cumming. The jizz being lube, no spit needed. That means she has a higher sex drive than me, and as shown at the end, much more virile. I should be jealous. Something interesting about this, I feel like there was some kind of echo, sounds that she and the camera made as it was moved a bit, had an echo. It was as if she was filming in a cave, or maybe moreso giving a live performance in an opera house or theater, much more mic'd up. It's nice actually. Anyways, toes curl as she cums again, not as big as the previous cumshot, which is realistic because she just came a few minutes before. Even so, another thick load, back to the point of her being more virile than me. I noticed that the head of her vibrator got stained with jizz. Damn, and her dick's not a shooter, more like a gusher. That's not a bad thing at all by the way.

So one would think that the farewell given to senpai, the smiling given as the picture fades to black, would be the button to close the scene. It was, but then it got re-opened with a little blooper reel. That was something I expressed desiring from the review of the Maka video. I like to think this is because of me. It was funny, the first blown take sounded like she said “menstruate.” She was having trouble with “demonstrate.” Here's the thing, while English isn't her first language, it's much better than someone who's been a resident of the United States for about 40 years, a certain someone who made a tiny movie called The Room. The comparison just came to mind. My desire for bloopers sprung from watching Power Rangers, bloopers were at the end of each episode from seasons 3 to 6. Unfortunately no longer the case in my current viewing, so unless I go back to the bloopers from the show, I have to rely on her videos to offer some, fill in a recently made void.

Anyways, something I held off on commenting on until the end, was the music. A couple tracks that flavored the scene in a more pronounced way than previous videos. I think a big reason for that is hearing familiar sounds, which are that because of playing some classic video games. There's a sound in one track that is the one heard when you collect a ring in Sonic the Hedgehog, Yoshi's sound pops up a few times towards the end, I think Kirby's “Hi” is heard too. Little things like that I caught, that I liked, it wasn't distracting, especially since the actual music was groovy and went well with the hot action.

One woman's fantasy put into video for people to see, the passion in that makes it worth watching, even if the fantasy specifically isn't one's cup of tee. It sure is mine, and she enhanced that for me. It has the sugary cuteness of futa hentai, but with more life and energy, not just in the fact that it's a real person and not animation. It's also back to basics, following the last couple videos where there were more camera angles, production tricks, editing, scenery changes, this one still maintains a strong sense of entertaining and stimulation. To put it simply, I love it just the way it is, it still features a woman flexing her creativity and talent while also doing it in a longer format. Over 30 minutes, compared to a lot of previous videos that don't go over 25, none of which is wasted. The amazing atmosphere with the lightning, location, and music, mixed with a woman exciting the viewer from start to finish in a very creative way, it's an amazing video. It's a trap worth falling into.

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To begin, this video just screams “hentai.” I feel like I've seen this story before. An otherworldly creature, typically a succubus, visits a random male and it leads to sex. But the woman is not a prostitute, the guy gets it for free, she gets the satisfaction, and it leads to a loving relationship. The key difference is that the succubus is a semen devil, she feeds off that, and this video doesn't feature that. The common thing with hentai is I can't remember the titles, a lot blend together and other things are just titles I can't commit to memory. The hentai is “Itadaki! Seieki.” Whereas that hentai is just hot and sometimes funny, this one is very hot with lots of things going on, even for something almost 21 minutes long. “Eroma” sounds like a hentai name too, but it's still a cheeky bit of word play.

To give a quick summary, there is dialogue, blowjob, candle wax, dildo riding, and cum. On paper that doesn't sound like much, but PK makes so much out of it. I can tell compared with her other videos, there's a boost in camera work and technicals that make this an extremely fine production. One of the first things to pick up is the music choices here. They just help to provide a very warm, lovely atmosphere. Definitely reminds a bit of softcore porn, but the action is not softcore at all, as the music that plays for each scene in the video fits so well.

The story is about a random male being visited by an otherworldly creature. She has wings, and she's PK, who is not of this world, too good to be from Earth. The guy was googling for I guess candle wax on nude women, I actually thought the woman in the picture was PK, it was dated 2014, so it could've been her from a long time ago. So the guy is alone on Valentine's Day, which is normal for me. PK enters the scene, wearing a beautiful coat, and a one piece outfit that is definitely hentai material, or Japanese porn in general. The latex gloves and stockings also add to the sexual nature of the woman, she's not there to just hang out. She eats some assorted chocolates and does it really sensually. The biggest thing here, the whole scene really, the smiling. Oh my goodness, her smiles in this video were incredible. The facial expressions, not just the dialogue, make it clear that she's a sexual creature, wasting little time to get to the man's jeans. Lonely and horny, an “angel of love,” with black wings. The chocolate eating, was kind of like foreplay, one can easily imagine how she uses the mouth to eat, would be how she uses it to suck dick.

Next thing you know that happens. It really is a special effect, how she created a prop man basically, from the legs down. With jeans I wouldn't personally be wearing (it looks like it needs lots of buttoning), this and what's underneath the jeans form to make grown man. Definitely a grown man with the size of that dick which she goes down on. The word of the day is “sensual,” or “romantic,” as she goes down with a softness, kind of like savoring the moment. The sexual parts in this video show the camera work and editing on fire. There are fades alternating between angles in each section that make me think she used two cameras to capture the magic. They're very seamless transitions which I find to be a sign of great filmmaking. It's not porn video making, it's filmmaking, for real. I also really liked the little words she said during this. “Do you like it?” and “You taste so good.” All the while the soft jazz plays and she puts her mouth to work. Also giving looks to the camera that melt the heart any time of the year, not just Valentine's Day. There is time given to each part before the fades, so it's not a case of constantly doing that as some kind of crutch, it's artistic.

Unlike hentai, there's well used fades as mentioned earlier. One particular fade was to black, transitioning to her playing with the load. She looks so cute doing that, which is a bit like hentai, where the girl does appreciate semen and plays with it a lot. It's really not like pro porn, which is good, that shit doesn't compare, typically women there don't play with semen any well at all, cumdodgers too. Anyways, she clarified that this is her job to make the guy feel loved, but also doing it because she wants to. She gave a cute “Hmph” to the guy, and sets up the next portion of the video so well. It's cold out there, the guy knows how to warm her. So that's another filmmaking technique, foreshadowing, the video started with the guy Googling candle wax on women, there was a shot of a candle, next to a cool looking skull, being lit. Also the shot of her getting in bed, that's in the background, the foreground is more on the candle next to the skull, the fire burning. All that foreshadowed that candle wax would be used. Let me just say that I don't really care for candle wax, there are other things I'd want on her body besides that. However, she makes it really worthwhile, especially how she unzipped the outfit. Back to the camera magic, it just cuts to over her body, looking down at quite the stunning figure. What a coincidence, she loves playing with candles. It almost looked like she tried to make some kind of symbol with the wax. I'd like to imagine it's the symbol for her angel organization. She unveiled her boobs, and those nipples were sticking out so much, holy crap they looked amazing. Even when the wax got on them, they kept being hard, really directing my attention to them. That's difficult to do when she's giving these amazing facial expressions too.

Fade to black, more dialogue, wow. How she said “Ow” was so sexy, a tiny bit like “Aw.” I've never heard that used like that, it's a PK trademark basically. The guy wants to make her feel good, she's got no hesitation about it, and she showed appreciation again for the chocolate that was “bought for her.” That's what she thinks. She wants to show her love, transitioning to her bringing those boobs out. The camera work here just made me think a lot. I know she's a one-lady show, but the camera was moving, going down from her head as she played with her boobs then put those hands and legs covered in latex at the spotlight. Then it moved up when she gestured for it to come to her. Either someone helped or she used her left leg to operate some thing that made the camera move. The left leg didn't really move into the camera, the rest of her limbs did. If that's the case, jeez it's so good because the camera movement was dynamic.

Fade to the dildo riding, my favorite thing in porn, so definitely the best part of the scene. The music definitely shifted to something that moved more, which makes sense because she's moving up and down on that dick. Going back to the softcore porn comparison, scenes there are just one song most of the time, so you can tell by the music a sex scene is happening, but here there's music specifically for the actions before this riding part. Then when the riding happens, something else plays, it signifies it being the main event, and boy what a main event it was. At this point as I watched the video, I really got the sense of how amazing the editing was, as it faded and alternated between one riding position, seen from her front, giving those lovely facial expressions, then with her back and ass to the camera. So you get the best of both worlds, but boy I adored the ass here. With her seen from the front and face, those nipples! So hard it could cut the heads off people who don't believe in love, who reject her own love. Then there's the loud moaning throughout. The thing with this video is I could put the volume up all the way and be totally fine. I did put it all the way up for here specifically, I was watching it really late at night though. Even so, at the volume level I had it at, I could easily be transported to the setting, to the video. It's that music, the lighting in the room gave such a warm and inviting tone. The coloring deserves credit too, it's just so warm, it made me think to how my room looks. No lights on, late at night, the monitor being the biggest light, it kind of colors my room blue. A cool color at least, I'm entering something much warmer. Red, pink? Maybe a bit orange, it's so good. Also the shirt I wear now is light blue, my comforter is mostly blue, so just a lot of cool colors in my room, I just get sucked into the atmosphere. Moving on, the action is hardcore, but it's so sensual and smooth at the same time. Like chocolate.

As always I watch PK's videos again for the review, stopping and starting. I say it's to review all the details I might've missed the first viewing and remind me of things, but it's probably more because it's an excuse to watch it again, during the day, as I don't watch porn videos during the day. It would have to be at night, especially as a way to put me to sleep. Because it's a relatively short scene, I was able to play this all with no skipping. The longer the scene, the more I skip because going into reviews, I just want to get them over with, but get so wrapped that spending long times on them and the video, is great. It's a highlight of the day, reviewing PK's videos have become that. So when I made to the riding, the first instance of that shot with her butt to the camera, seeing that go up and down. The feet, though covered in latex, it's skin tight so I can see the curves, the overall shape, her back, her legs, all of that visual stimulation, with no regards for control, even though I pause and start, that riding part was so overwhelming, I finished. Usually I'm frustrated with myself because I like to save up, and it had only been 10 hours, I average about 7-10 days without finishing, and when I do, it's best for a PK video. In fact every finish so far this year has been over PK in one form or another. This particular moment, I had to pause, take off my headphones, and chill, come down, it was such an experience.

Anyways, most of the time was on her from the front, seeing her face throughout giving one a meltdown in all kinds of ways. Back to from her behind, it's where she has an apparent creampie. I expected it, but it still caught me off guard in a nice way. Both times watching the video, I was finished by then though, that riding was intense, I can't help it. The creampie looked superb though. Fade to black, a conclusion with dialogue, the music used here, the visual of her lying on her stomach, legs in the air to basically said if he's alone next year, she'll come back, it's lovely. I do enjoy how she ends her videos, this one though sticks out more, keeping up the atmosphere and successfully bringing one down from the hotness of the riding and of the whole video really. The piano tune, perfect way to end the video, and her exit from the room was cute too, one more chocolate for the road. Not sure if it was intentional, but right when it fades to black, the video time is 20 minutes. So from intro video to that point, exactly 20 minutes, and then the last 47 seconds play with previews and important messages. I thought that was interesting.

People are better off watching this on Valentine's Day than watching Fifty Shades Freed. From what I heard about the movie, and comparing it to this, you can either go with something long, drawn out, boring, sterile in the sexual department, despite so many crazy shit flung at the wall that ultimately does not stick. Or, you can go with something fun, exciting, inviting, something that sucks you into a world for 20 minutes and leaves you feeling really warm no matter what the weather is, and especially for Valentine's Day, the prospect of being alone, no matter what, it embraces you. Also add really hot action, simple story, a lot of things thrown at you in terms of technical aspects, body language and actions, sexual content, music, and it all sticks, pieced together with professionalism, passion, and effort. I'd rather go with that, PK's video is that thing to go with, fuck that other shit. So much replay value, the fact it's pretty short also helps to where it can be an easy and satisfying go-to for PK's video, as she ticks all the boxes in that amount of time, and for me who doesn't make time to watch a porn video, that's really nifty.

It now comes down to how it ranks against other videos of PK that I've seen. It becomes really split, and does fall into preference ultimately. For the production value, the technical aspect, from the music, editing, coloring, fades and transitions, even plot with use of foreshadowing, the dialogue, all that more, if judging by all those things, it's her best video. Content wise, the sexy things at play, it becomes tough, once again it comes down between this, the Hinata video, and a recent candidate, the Diane video. It's so tough because in general they have very similar actions, most obvious being the dildo riding, and me being a foot lover, there's different levels of foot attention in these scenes. The other two edge out this one, where Diane has bare feet, Hinata has a footjob. The cum in these three are amazing, this and Diane have more than one cum scenes (oral and vaginal), whereas Hinata has one at the end. I'm a huge metal fan, so the equivalent in that world would be what's the best album from my favorite band, Megadeth. There's two there though, Rust In Peace and Peace Sells...But Who's Buying, but here there's three. I tend to go with Rust In Peace because of the production, the technical aspects, the backbone of the album is more legendary than that of Peace Sells, but it's also like picking between chocolate ice cream cake and just some kind of chocolate cake. It's still chocolate, it's still a masterpiece Megadeth album, it's still a magnificent video from PK. I'm more sure of it being the best production, the best filmmaking, really shows how far she's come as a content creator. My favorite movie though is arguably the worst in all kinds of things, but it's so entertaining, The Room. On the flipside one of my favorites of all time is something with incredible filmmaking up the ass, but also supremely entertaining, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. That's another story, back to this, just being indecisive and debating between PK's videos just shows how much I enjoy them, how much I can talk about them.

Whatever the case, it's fucking awesome, there's the “Tl:dr” of the review, it's the thing to heat you up no matter what the day is, and you'll be thankful for the warmth. The porn equivalent to Rust In Peace, the two others are Peace Sells, and the rest of her videos are other awesome Megadeth albums. I'll take the word used earlier for my Megadeth ramblings to describe this video, “masterpiece.” This video is a masterpiece.

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Treating this review as a bit of a story, building up to an explanation, I'll start by apologizing to my red Nintendo New 3DS XL. I'll explain why I apologized to it later.

As usual I don't know the character or source of PK's cosplay, so for her look still, it's kind of hipster. Typically it's not very attractive to me, but it can depend on the woman, and when it's someone as beautiful as PK, the outfit is just fine. In fact, when the scene started, she bends down to reach for something in bed, putting herself in a suggestive position. Those jeans looked great, and definitely the panties were visible enough to make me wonder what pair they were exactly. As the story goes, curiosity really does kill the cat, or PityKitty. She finds a mail packaged filled with kinky stuff and decides to welcome Mr. Peanutbutter with collar and leash, and barks. I didn't watch the preview for this, so, if it had barking, welp. I was surprised, and it was kind of funny. Her glasses, I must say, looked really nice, hipster-like, I had a similar pair of glasses when I was a teen, but the lenses were smaller.

She “comes here” and sucks his dick. That oral section was so good, with the facial expressions and suction, also a special nod to the camera work. At one point it was really close to her face. As always, the moans and sounds she makes during an sexual act is amazing. I'm sure it's second nature for her, and not something just for the camera. A good choice in dialogue, one subtitle when the dog is about to bust a nut was “Keep going...a bit more...” That's what you want to be said. She plays with the cum, which was really great. Storywise, you can tell she's fully committed to making Mr. Peanutbutter happy, and the act herself symbolizes how she can make anything sexy. In regular porn, I stop my business after the cumshot, I don't bother when the woman plays with her jizz. With PK, I can't stop, which is a problem. One, this is the first PK video I've seen in about 3 months, I have a hard time controlling myself when watching the videos, and the fact they're pretty long for a solo video makes it even more difficult. That's not a complaint at all, I'd rather have that kind of performer and content than quick jobs. I want the content to be like events, even if I watch them regularly. Hell, before I watched this, I spent two days on and off watching the first few minutes of some of her videos. Just an hour before I watched this, I got to the first blowjob part of the Lucy video. Of course I had to stop, this was the main event, can't go in drained.

I missed the story, which is all my fault. Going back to the video, that sucking section was like a daydream. There was that “drifting to la-la land” audio, signifying the change from real world to her imagination. Right after this, it jumps back to her in the bedroom with the kinky items. It doesn't change the scene's quality, I just totally missed that.

I loved the dialogue in the whole scene, but I smiled the most at this part. “Ew eh...NO.” I liked the face she made during that, some good acting really. Even when she applies the ballgag, at the very start she kind of had an unsure face, but settled into it once it was all on. She got turned on and played with her boobs, those nipples looking like they're about to cut through glass. She rubs herself while keeping the jeans on, and that was just so hot! It would've been nice if she was fully nude in that, but I feel like it had to be like this, it was really building up to seeing more flesh, also keeping the cosplay very active. Whatever the case, it was such the perfect situation, she's curious, turned on, can't wait and has a rub. This had a huge effect on me, and the bra being down helped as well. The huge effect led to something bad, which is where the 3DS comes in. I hadn't “finished” in 9 days, anticipating a new PK video, I make it more of a duty to save up. Generally I save up anyways, but it was more important when it comes to PK. I think because of that, the excitement from watching this act, the buildup already with her appearance being so hot, the blowjob before, and back to the “can't stop” habit when watching her videos, I lost control. Some of what came out landed on the top of my 3DS. At least this happened at the end of this masturbation, right when Mr. Peanutbutter caught her fapping, I was done. I had to pause and clean up, my body and my 3DS, it went places. For PK, I make sure to put my keyboard away from the business, but my 3DS consoles stay on the desk, I just don't expect any damage being dealt with it. I was thinking of going to sleep after this, and watch the video the next night. I even flipped a coin (well a website did it for me) on whether I should keep watching, or go to sleep. It was tails, go to sleep. As the page was loading the result of the flip, I thought “Please be heads.” So I just said “Fuck it” and kept watching. If that doesn't say how much I enjoy this women, to deny chance and guarantees, fairness, I don't know what will.

To be even more disgusting, a SPOILER alert, so don't read more of the paragraph, I cleaned the 3DS top with my tongue. In hindsight, that was kind of stupid because there's wipes for electronics within an arm's reach from me. I just didn't think to use that, and besides, I use paper towels and wipes to clean up what I can't with my tongue. Because of the 9 day break, there was a lot. It's not damaged anyways, still works, just with my tongue it looks like it never got hit with my PK tribute.

So anyways, back to the scene, now she puts her feelings to real life rather than in her mind, Mr. Peanutbutter catches her, she is at first shy and a bit taken aback by his taste in porn. She wants to strengthen the relationship, then suddenly she does a 180 and told the guy to take off his pants right now, oh shit! The closeup to her smile was really cute. Fade to her pants being down, showing the panties I was really wanting to see. Worth the wait because they looked so pretty. When she pulled the panties down and spread the butt a little, holy cow, I was back in action by this point. It was like I didn't finish before. It takes a while for me to come back from finishing if I want to keep working again, and during that, I struggle to maintain the...fuck it, the erection. I had no problems at all here, a second time with PK is easier than any other girl or sex scene, seriously. Also, if that didn't get me, the little foot play on the cock certainly would've. When that came on, I was all “Holy shit, yes.” to myself, because I do have a foot fetish and she has the best pair of feet I've seen on the internet. So that happens, one foot giving the attention, incredible, and she was in a position where her ass was right to the camera, and her face. My three favorite features of a woman, face, feet, ass, oh my goodness. The face was consistently sultry and lovely throughout, the attention from the feet go towards her ass, spanking it, that jiggle, goodness. At one point, one of her feet comes really close to the camera, those toes, I could write a 5 paragraph essay on just her feet. Just the positions themselves were so hot, she changed into sitting, her legs spread, the alluring vagina drawing one into its wonder. For me, it does pull me in, but then I turn right, a foot, left another foot, I'm tempted to choose a side, but the vagina pulls me in, it's finally coming for her to fuck the vagina. She's back on her side, fingering the vagina a bit, and grabbing that booty meat, and then fade...

To my favorite sex act, dildo riding, even more with the ass and feet being shown. This is where me finishing earlier helped, because if I survived to this point, I would've died for sure here. This was the best part of the video for me, that riding was phenomenal. Can't forget the face, she does look at Mr. Peanutbutter very often, the eyes showing that she's in Heaven, wearing a ballgag and making some amazing moans. When reviewing her videos, I do go back to them to refresh my memory in case I missed anything. And of course the review takes really long not just because of typing and me being so long-winded, but because I'm watching the fucking video again. I pause frequently so I don't lose myself again, as I type these during the day and I have stuff to do. Watching PK videos during the day is a problem, not because of the videos, because of me. This is always the best part of a day, if I watch in the day, especially in the morning, that's it, nothing can top the day. “Save the best for last,” that saying is very important. For a review and with pauses, I can watch her videos during the day, I kept pausing videos anyways leading up to this, especially the Lucy one because I let it go to the point of the blowjob, other ones I was just on the opening dialogue and just remembering what they had made me aroused.

Anyways! The point I was trying to make was pausing here for the review was so important, I could've kept going and finish...again, seriously. I won't brag on my sex drive, to be able to finish again after sleep and watching the same video again. I put that more on PK getting so much out of me. So the riding keeps going, which I forgot she changed positions, I was so wrapped around the riding from behind. From the front, fuck, it still was really hot, and I could tell her toes were curling! I also forgot about the fade to a more wider shot of her riding, meaning the feet are totally visible! The toe curling! Oh and she was biting her lip during this! She really knows how to build up a scene, the intensity, so that basically the best does come last! She's a goddess! Too many exclamation points! The action continues, it would've been hilarious if there was a sound clip of a dog doing that breathing with their tongue out, looking happy and stuff. I mean, there was a random sound clip at the part where she's caught by Mr. Peanutbutter and some blue pixelated thing appeared over her, so it's totally possible to just turn the mood from simmering hotness to comedy. Anyways, simmering hotness takes priority, there really is so much replay value with her videos. Trying to see things easily missed, because it's hard to pay attention to everything. If I'm watching her fuck a dildo, I look at the vagina, the feet if I can, the ass, and I'd have to go to the face quick because my focus was just lasered into her privates. I'm watching this again for example and I didn't catch the eyes rolling to the back of her head! I was originally focusing on her vagina, legs, and feet. Oh those legs looked sexy as she went up and down Mr. Peanutbutter. The scene fades to her still riding, the camera is just closer, it does make it easier to see her mouth during this, so open and really shows how much pleasure she's receiving.

Back to being on her side, she drives that dick into her vagina, at this point I notice the Pikachu stickers. The smiling done by him is pretty much the smiling I'm doing for real. Fade again to her changing positions, oh I immediately caught the lip biting, on this second play that feature really got my attention, again that proves how much replay value her videos have. Just to be clear, I only paused the video during the first watch once, because of me finishing early. For the review I'm pausing a lot, and really had to here, it's easy to be sucked into the action. Also her foot's in the air during this, and at one point, of course I noticed this on the first viewing, her toes had a cameo into the shot, wow. Returning to being on her side, the sounds she was making got more intense, meaning it's close to the end, she was making a lot of open mouth expressions too. Oh I was ready, nothing to worry about, and a lot of lip biting, jeez man she's so good at that. All of a sudden she said “Frack me” and I was torn between laughing and keeping up my business. I did smile and gave a little chuckle, did not kill the mood. That was nice anyways, I did Google and “frack” is used in the show. So I probably would've been all “Awww you!” during this, but instead I was all “Huh, hehe, back to business.” I loved when she came and it sounded like she said “Yeah!” or “Yah!” There was no subtitle to that, that was her summing up the sensation with one word, as if the orgasmic sounds before and after that word were not enough.

Creampied, she shows off the results, and I couldn't help but notice her butthole puckering, that's a major bonus. Also, something I didn't catch the first time, but here for the review, she gave these really sexy and sultry smiles, really attractive. Even at the end, there's so much to absorb and enjoy, only when it fades to black to credits and previews of other video, do I get to just recline on my chair, exhale, and feel like I lost the all my energy, time to sleep. Even though on the second viewing I didn't finish, it sucks because I have to do other stuff. There are times where I do something for a long time and it would take a while to disconnect, accepting there's other stuff to do. This occasion, I spent almost 2 hours on this review, watching and pausing the video, typing, and just taking a break because it was getting intense. It's snowing at the time of this review by the way, during a purely cold day, PK heats me up, I'm not surprised, that's how good she is. Also to be clear, I did finish at the end of this, right when she came. So one video, one viewing, I finished two times. That's award-worthy.

Just because the video made me finish early and made me go again and finish easily, this is something really special. I'm tempted to give it my Best PK Video honor, which otherwise is the Hinata video. I don't know, there's so many factors, how much I saved before watching the videos for the first time, how many times I watched the video, that still goes to the Hinata video, how many times I finished to the video, still being Hinata. But man, I can just cheat and say I love them all. For now, I'll say it's at least as good as the Hinata video, essentially these videos are a matter of preference, the quality is always high no matter what and that's a testament to this fabulous performer. Just quickly, if I can put the Hinata video and this one together it really is hard to choose. Hinata video had more footjob action, but this one her feet are bare. I love bare feet, stockings are great, the ones she wore in the Hinata video is fantastic, I'm totally fine with whatever shoes she wears during videos, but on top of all that, bare feet win, that's just me. I think there's longer dildo riding in the Hinata video, but both are so intense it's really hard to prefer one over the other. Oral sex is neck and neck, Hinata video had oral creampie, this one had both oral and vaginal. Hinata with just her hands had fingering, this one had rubbing with jeans and panties covering it, but the context wasn't something that ruined it, still very very hot. The Hinata video is longer too. Dialogue, both are really good, the edge Hinata has over all her other videos is just that I know the character already. Not really a fair advantage, I'm not a cultured weeb or whatever, but there you go. Anyways, the discussion and debate with myself is exciting though, that I have it over a woman's content really does speak of her talents.

Bottom line, it's awesome, buy it, experience it. Every PK video is an experience. I'm set to prove that for myself, I bought this alongside 5 other PK videos, completing my collection of her S-Class Full HD content. FINALLY! After almost a year of enjoying her videos, and getting to know her, the collection is complete. I probably won't take long breaks between the videos, I see myself getting through the other 5 videos in a week. Or spread it out to cover the month of February. Whatever the case, I have a lot to watch, and I'm really happy about that. I'm happy I watched this, PK is a master of delivering the smiles.

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From a woman who earned the title of Anal Queen of ManyVids for the year of 2017, the video's one where she basically proves that, and really, defends the title, and pretty much nominating herself for Anal Queen of 2018. Just this one video puts her firmly in the race for that, months in advance. Seeing what this lady can do with her butt has been quite the journey, and like a film franchise there's skepticism that the next entry will be a downturn, not as good as previous entries. And most of the time they do end up going downhill. With Sammy, it's almost like she's going uphill, and it's in a way that I never thought about. At the end of many key anal videos, I wonder what more can she do? She shows what more she can do, and it makes for superb viewings. Not just with the content, but in looks, I'm really loving the lipstick, her lips look more, pronounced, if that makes sense, total BJ lips basically. The glasses, on or off she's still a sexy woman, here they're on, probably help in making her more of a shy sub, nervous is what she said about the prospect of taking three big dicks in the butt. The outfit is fantastic, showing the right amount of skin, including of course the proverbial money maker, that ass. Long hair, and as this video proves, loud sexy voices.

Fucking three dildos, she really takes her time with them all, making this video almost 25 minutes, but time well spent. There's no wasted movement, spinning of wheels, coasting of any kind. She fucks herself, pure and simple, she talks cute and dirty, pure and simple, she creates anticipation for the end too as she has to hold in those loads in the butt and release after the train's run on her. Big dicks, fucking her three ways, one dick per position. Each position demonstrating her various traits. The first, Sir, shows that booty meat and the long legs close together. This is the beginning too and her ass gets creamy so quick, as horny as, well, I am watching this. As in, super horny. The second position, with Master, or, what I like to call him by, “Hefe” is personally my favorite. I just love how the butt is, the riding is fantastic, knowing how she rides dicks and how much she can take, it's impressive how deep Hefe goes in this cowgirl section. At one point she puts her hands on the big ass and spreads it, good Lord, I'd be whistled at for traveling if I had that in a basketball game. The last riding section, with big black Daddy, has that position that I just associate with Sammy. I know other women have done it, in b/g scenes, but on a dildo, one woman, I struggle to think of any, and if there are, I don't think they'd have her beat in this riding position. Her butthole goes to down on that dick like it owed her money...or jizz, and she gets super creamy here. It's so much for her, she finishes, and then lets the fluid flow from her butthole. Like hentai when the woman leaks a huge load of thick cum from her vagina after intense fucking, Sammy does that with her butt, the deep breath after sex, and then the “Wow.” Another 5 star video from a 5 star woman with 5 star talents. 10/10, would watch again, in fact I already did and will keep doing that.

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The scene is mostly PK making music with her mouth, but through singing, and there's a guest spot musical performance with her breasts. The guy loves her music and keeps going to a hotel, getting the cheapest room. That's what the text says, but a cheap room doesn't have curtains that nice. Straight away I have to say that after some thought, that Lucy outfit and the blonde hair, so well with PK's skin color. I can imagine a pale lady rocking it well, but she fits into the appearance like a glove. Even the nails, colored orange, adds on to the sunny appearance, as do the starry eyes she's sporting. The lady herself is a sunshine in any person's dark day, so the cosplay is just another way of proving that.

She says the guy's her only customer, which means other people are stupid. How can they not have this woman, who says “Mister” in such a cute way, who makes cute and fun, positive facial expressions, smiles that warm your heart. A bubbling energy and relentlessness in sucking you off, and making eye contact! One amazing thing early on was when the camera was showing the action from non-POV angle, she still kept her eyes directed at where the guy's head would be. Most of the time, in any kind of porn, solo or pro, such a shot would have the woman looking at the camera a lot. That's fine, but to really show the performer being into sucking off someone and not just a stunt cock, it's more impressive. Easier to get into the action.

So the only customer, the lucky man, gets sucked off. More proof that she's into it, so much spit building up, the meat stick being really wet. All the while she's making lovely moans, which is also music to the ears. The camera gets closer on that first BJ section, and it allows a better look at the lips, her tongue being like a cushion as the head enters to this temple. It cuts to the classic POV shot, giving an amazing look at her eyes, the sucking still being intense and focused. She even moves to the balls, so you know she doesn't miss anything. Surprising to me, halfway into the scene, the dick cums, a lot. To the point where she's making big bubbles, which is really fun in a weird way, I don't think women make cum bubbles that big in pro porn, or any other porn I've seen. She has such a magical mouth.

PK then proves to be the best at this job, by giving a bonus freebie, she could totally charge as much for this as she did the blowjob. The titfucking, getting her boobs ltionedup and she gives the best titjob a woman with her bust size can give. It's always that the boobjob happens with huge breasticles, but she proves that they don't have to be huge. So there's that, and I was so in love with her nipples here, so tempting that the guy didn't reach over and play with them in some way. Her hands get really busy too, not just with the titjob, but also with some handjob parts. You can see that between her hands and breasts, the cock is in a very comfortable, satisfied place.

Back to giving a blowjob, this is so hentai, making the guy splooge multiple times, because men there are so virile, even if they're old, fat, and/or ugly. At this point I'm just fixed on her face, my eyes aren't going anywhere. Most of the scene my mouth was slightly open and I felt some sensation on my bottom teeth. I don't recall ever feeling that before. So that's someone, PK makes me feel things I never did before, in a positive way. Her dialogue was so sweet and sexual at the same time, and here at the climax, she said not to hold back, can't say anything better than that, especially the way she says it. Some more bubbles, lots of splooge, her tongue out with jizz coming down, the boobs still wet (including some jizz I think getting on them), those nipples still hard. That's how you end a scene. But then as she plays with some jizz with her mouth and hand, she said maybe they can use her vagina next time. Lucky son of a bitch. I love the hand gesture as she bid farewell, the hand still sticky with jizz, classic. The smile too, just all her smiles, her whole face, mouth, body, everything was sexy. Watching it again, noticing how she's on her knees most of the time, the floor's not carpeted, she must have really strong knees. Also being so into the action, knees weren't a problem.

Anyways, being able to make a 20 minute scene with mostly blowjobs and a little titfucking section is a stunning accomplishment. I've seen BJ-only scenes where they lasted 15-20 minutes and they dragged on, some made me think the camera work was just lazy. Here, nothing lasted too long, she made it so realistic. It's like one long song, there are different sections, but you're still listening to one song, and it has to do its damnedest to hold your attention and entertain from start to finish. Not every song that dares to go over 10 minutes can do that. Here, as said earlier, making music with her mouth and boobs, this is a long song that was successful. I didn't want to add anything to it, perfectly fine the way it is. So if a mostly BJ scene can have that kind of impression on me, it's a winner, and since it's from a performer with talent oozing out of her body, and this scene proved that it oozes out of her lips and tits (not the jizz dammit), that makes it even more of a winner. A champion. World championship quality scene here.

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The thumbnail pretty much is what starts the video, very immediate in the hotness, I really enjoyed that position. When I picture librarians, I see middle aged bats that just stand behind a counter, sometimes getting up in your business. With the local public library, there never was a young librarian, nobody with the looks of Sammy. Rather unfortunate, an incident where I was caught watching lesbian porn sometime in 2007 would be much better if she caught me, not a middle aged bat. So, no pleasurable fantasies regarding those librarians, and not seeing any different kind of female employee there, seeing this just makes me imagine what would've been nicer. For example, when Sammy's riding the dildo, imagine that happening on a counter top on the library, that would've been sweet. People wouldn't be using the computers, they'd be watching this, being especially aroused at how her vagina grips the dildo. Also note, she definitely dressed better than those other librarians. Sounded better to, a beautiful and sugary voice compared to a dry and irritable tone. The library janitor would've had quite the time cleaning up the creampie that dripped onto the counter top, in this imaginary library scene.

Those were the thoughts watching the video a second time, with this video title being known. First time, much like the second, extremely hot and holds the attention longer than any book at a library.

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Before saying anything, the (uncrowned) anal queen is sitting in a suggestive position, looking rather adorable in that dress, the choke spells out what's coming. The daddy talk comes and then she sucks on the dick like a pornstar of today. However, without the repetition and the all too typical fast speed of sucking. This is more like the real deal, longer than the porn blowjob as well, but second to second it has more of an impact, greater appeal to the senses. I never had a thing for spit in porn, but what went on here, gagging and drooling on that huge dick, was really awesome. Watching the video made me almost drool, similar to me being super hungry. So I was hungry for Sammy porn and got the right amount to savor, also including the sexy riding, demonstrating her skills as anal queen, while also giving a look at her now sizable boobage. A lot of time in the riding portion, giving one the ability to enjoy all the visuals. From her feet and legs to pussy lip and hairy vagina, to the outfit and boobs, the face, even her hair and little ears on her head, all amazing. The facial expressions are hot, the cream peaking out of her vagina shows how real it is, how much pleasure she's getting. Meanwhile, the big ass bear has the best seat in the house. It slowly gets harder and faster, she really can take that dick deep, the cum in the ass gave me the sense that this was over, my hunger had already been satisfied. There was some more, dessert, to the point where I forgot there was going to be ass-2-mouth in the video. Obviously that is enjoyable, unexpected part at the end, she sticks it in her butthole one more time, wants daddy's cream tipped dick in her again. Different position, shows the booty meat more, very satisfying. More sucking and spit to finish the video. It's quite amazing, the video induces itis, the sleepy feeling after eating a large meal. I had a large meal of Sammy porn and enjoyed it.

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The kind of porn that's so great, you watch it multiple times, and each one having distinct moments that stick in the end. Watching it twice so far, this particular video, the first time watching it, it was really being at awe at the anal stretching, the power of the butthole. The second time, that feeling of awe is still there, but other things popped out, besides the obvious admiration for this woman's body. For one, the prominent position in the video, her in a spooning form, is just so inviting. Answering the invitation are huge butt toys. The first two toys got in relatively easy, but also showing how big the butt is, necessitating Sammy to pull up one cheek for access. The gaping being pretty nice at this point, the lovely sounds she made, but then that turned out to be just an appetizer, going straight for the main course. A dildo that looks like the dick of Barney the Dinosaur, the well endowed and buff version of the creature. She said a few times that her ass got sore from that mammoth toy, she took it like a champ though, taking it pretty darn deep too. During this, I really got to notice the facial expressions more, how she had a look that just melts the viewer, it's amazing. So were her feet, but anyways there's also a visible amount of cream from the vagina, can't ever forget that. She alternates between the spooning position and one on her back, slowly working her butt up and down on the T-Rex cock. The video could've ended with the gaping and still be incredible, but then comes the dessert, four finger penetration of the butt and then some ass to mouth. The drooling was unbelievably hot, I honestly never considered that to be hot before, but when Sammy does it, it's amazing. With the achievements in butthole stretching that can be experienced through her vast library of porn, it becomes a case of what more can she do? Sammy always goes above and beyond with that, the sky is the limit.

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Sexy outfit and socks, sweet buttplug action, great penetration with Daddy's dick, that's as big as her glasses, the sounds she made throughout and the squirting. All this makes for a scene that's short and sweet. Something to watch on a busy day. This review will follow suit on the short thing at least.

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Daddy must be the coolest, he had Sir get that ass before he gets in on the fun. Then again, watching the anal fucking with that large dick is still very nice. The position Sammy was in for this allowed for a great look at that thick bush, it's incredible. Also thick is the cream that comes out of her butt, and it doesn't take long for that to happen. The speed and intensity of the anal fucking, the loud moans heard, clearly indicate how much she enjoyed Sir's dick. Daddy enters and they Mobb Deep in her holes (really bad pun). It's hard to contain oneself watching the double penetration, it's so hardcore, loud, and gets really exciting quickly. Just as quick is the cream coming out of her vagina, while the butthole cream still flows. Also worth watching is how the vagina grips Daddy's dick, fantastic. The Daddy talk is really cute, especially during DP part and she mentions how big she'll cum and when it will happen. The cumming is loud and earth-tearing, as in it's positively epic. You can end world hunger with all the cream from this video.

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Something immediately attention grabbing to the video is how close the viewer is to Sammy's body, as if being physically on the bed, sitting or lying down, having a watch as she performs some butthole wizardry. Especially for this viewer, the benefit of this angle is getting the feet really up close, the clear high definition coming through beautifully. Then of course is the anal stuff itself, the dildo that is thick from top to bottom fucking that butthole, a lot of the time going all the way in and out. The first section lasts for a great deal of time, doesn't overstay its welcome, a great look at the butt, as cheek had to be pulled up to fit that big dildo in. Can't argue when the woman has to ride the dildo next, and what follows is incredible. Bouncing up and down on it, rocking back and forth, alternating between these two actions proves to be really exciting. The sound in this part is also really potent, whether it be her moans or the penetration of the butthole. Just as things wind down, Sammy changes position and shoots eggs out of her butthole, a very impressive feat. Also really nice was the cream that dripped out. She puts them back in after tasting one, that specific egg going in her vagina, the other two in the butt. So when that one egg comes out the vagina and she tastes it again, essentially it has the taste of both her butthole and vagina, ergo the definition the "Heaven."

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I had difficulty watching this video due to finishing too early. I watched it twice and couldn't last longer than a couple seconds in the section where she rides the bigger tentacle anally. Having now seen the full video, it's one where the positions are given lots of time, maintaining oneself does prove to be difficult. The story being pretty funny, having never seen The Little Mermaid, my understanding of "dinglehopper" is completely different to what it apparently was in this video. Overcoming that little comedy, in a strange way it makes me want to cosplay as Ursula, having multiple tentacles to take on those lovely holes of Ariel. So much cream came out in the first anal fucking part, and then the sounds as she bounced on it were incredible. Ariel enjoyed it so much, she inquired about satisfying the other hole, her vagina. Ursula being gracious, offered up another tentacle for the vagina. The intensity from the first section was doubled for the third, Ariel got her hands busy helping the tentacles fuck her hard. Feeling something building up inside, she used a "Dinglehopper" to get this magical essence out of her. It squirts out gloriously after some intense penetration, and soaks the land Ariel was settling on. In other words, she squirted a buttload of times. As it turns out, the third time was the charm in viewing this, awesome.

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Daddy becomes the lucky guy that is Sammy's valentine, as she gives a very sweet present, a DP show featuring a heart shaped buttplug and big dildo. Sammy keeps the sexy top on, along with the heels, which also look good on her. She gets the cute butt plug inside and then fingers her vagina. That's great double penetration already basically, but she takes it up a notch after tasting those fingers, with the big dildo. The fucking here is very consistent and with force, making her little body movie, her moans louder, facial expressions that melt you. As this happens, cream, thick and luscious, drips from the vagina and meets the butt plug! She keeps up the intense position despite changing positions, this one showing more of her booty. She shifts back into the original position and rubs her vagina, ready to cum for Daddy. She told Daddy that she'd cum really hard, and that's exactly what happens! A glorious sight that was, also Sammy tasting herself from the dildo is also a marvel to behold. This video beats flowers and a box of chocolates.

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At a stunning 19 minutes and 11 seconds, this video surely defines "epic." The epicness starts immediately with the sexy position Sammy was in to open the video, then shaking that booty a bit, showing how big it is, as well as her thighs. The Butthole Wizard goes through three major anal obstacles that come in the form of thick anal toys, with the last one being something she hadn't taken before up to that point. First the lady preps with fingering her butthole, 1 finger, 2 fingers, the position and action works well as her foot is shown reacting to the pleasure. Toe curling and moving around, it's a treat for this foot lover. The foot reactions continue as she uses the first anal toy, also the loud moans being so stupendous. Sammy also talks to you throughout, saying how she has to get nice and stretched, that she's ready for the next toy, it's all for you. The second toy sees her change positions, on her back, now both feet shown, curling and moving around beautifuly as she fucks herself with the bigger toy. The legs overall looking amazing, the boobs sticking out, the pussy lip looking sweet, that big booty in motion, the lip biting and facial expressions, every bit of Sammy's body looking fantastic during this sequence, during the whole scene really. She starts to gape really well here, seeing the pink interior of that well versed butthole is awesome. Finally comes the biggest toy of the three, Sammy takes her sweet time at first, moving back and forth on it, masterfully filling in the epic run time. She is at her loudest here, so hot, and she takes the toy all the way in! Multiple times even, some nice gapes, then Sammy asks if you want to see the booty opening from up close. This happens in doggystyle position, starting with nice sounds as she teased putting in the large toy. Then she puts it all the way in, and the gapes that follow are perfection. Sammy shoots the toy out of her butt, and the force makes the Earth shake! Going back and pausing at the right moment, unbelievable gape after it shot out. Sammy easily sticks in three fingers, happy she was able to take the big anal toy. I'm happy to have watched and experienced this stunning and spectacular video.

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Sammy proves to Daddy and everyone else that she's the master of anal tricks. Such cute Daddy talk right in the beginning, a little laugh in the middle of it, so adorable. She acts like a tease, saying she has to strip first. She does, slowly and very sexy, the outfit is perfect nightwear. Sammy fingers her butt and rubs the pussy a little, this also comes off as teasing, but also preparation for the long glass toy. That went in her ready and tight butthole, slow at first, then she picks up the pace, she even rubs and fingers her pussy a little bit, this woman was so horny for Daddy. Then came the sweet tricks with her butthole. Using three sizable anal beads, she sticks them all completely in the butthole, one bead at a time. She definitely doesn't rush it, making one excited at the wizardry in display. The first toy was long and with a lot of beads, the second was also long, but with progressively thicker beads. The third being like the second but even thicker, and she shows her trick mastery with the greatest of ease on all three toys. During these instances, it was hot to see Sammy's butthole stretch as it let each bead out. Also the Daddy talk being so amazing, her saying how she felt really full, oh I bet. The butthole stretching on the last toy as she shot it out was particularly amazing. All of the tricks enabled Sammy to stick two fingers in the butthole. A major bonus was some butthole juice dripping down towards and then from next to her vagina! That's some distance, and it was incredible. The whole video is incredible. Sexy trickster indeed.

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The title is perfect as Sammy does tease before putting in the alien dildo, the main attraction of the video. The tease is important because it's actually some necessary, yet amazing, anal stretching with a thick and long red toy. It's also a tease when she strips before any sexual action takes place. That booty looking amazing and meaty, as demonstrated by her grabbing it. Even before the red toy, Sammy rubs her pussy and fingers her tight butthole, that's about ready to get stretched. The red toy enters, and she takes it almost all the way in, so impressive. She takes it slowly as well, she said she has to get it nice and stretched. She was doing a great job at that. Sammy then said she was ready, enter the long and thick alien dildo, that looks to have a rough exterior. As Sammy rides it, you can hear the effort put into taking it so deep and close to the balls. Sammy's body during the riding was in such fine form. Those powerful yet meaty legs, the feet looking great as they planted her in the position, the boobies jiggling during the riding. It was so tremendous, strong riding from a petite woman. Sammy then shows up close and in doggystyle, her fucking that alien dildo. The thickness of the toy is really put over with the superb gaping it caused. Actually, a red toy, blue toy, mix the colors and get purple, the color of Sammy's hair along with black in this video. Very interesting. Also of note is her drooling in this part, always a great indication that she enjoyed the fucking. The dildo did such a good job also with stretching her out, she was able to get three fingers in the bootyhole. A very satisfying conclusion to a fantastic video.

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A video that packs so much intensity in just under 6 minutes, and also packing a lot of high definition. Somehow, this video's HD quality is really powerful, probably because of how close Sammy is to the camera. This means her butt is a notch more high-def, her feet, her legs, everything, and it's really awesome. Of course there's the sexual act itself, taking that huge black dildo in her butthole. She asks to tease the dick, and what a tease it was. Actually it was already a tease with her lovely foot on the head of the dick, damn! Sticking it in her ass, going pretty deep on it, one might think it isn't a tease. It becomes clear soon after that it was just a tease, as she gets even deeper in it after changing positions. She wanted to ride it harder, clearly she was horny, as if the moans of pleasure and cream on the dick wasn't enough to convince someone. Sammy really slams on that dick hard, her pussy lip seemingly vibrating and her terrific thighs jiggling. A very wise woman, knowing that the dick's about to cum. After more slamming and gyrating, she asks to cum doggystyle. She climbs off the dick, it's so creamy, as if the creampie already happened. Then it did, and it's thick and flowing beautifully from the butthole. Her butthole looked well fucked during this closing section, spread wide and fantastic to see.

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Sammy delivers some XXXmas quality material for Daddy, dressed appropriately and sexy for this holiday themed video. She even has a big toy that fits in with Christmas, a glass one that looks like a candy cane. She fucks her tight butthole with the toy, using enough force to make her body move a bit, and those thighs jiggle too. At one point a sound can be heard of her pounding the butthole with that toy, a great sound at that. She proceeds to stuff both holes, adding in a big dildo for her vagina. Getting both her arms busy, her moans get louder, cream builds up from the vagina, it's obviously a holly jolly time for he, she even says it feels amazing. She really picks up the pace, asking Daddy if she can cum. She does, an epic anal orgasm, with the cream coming out of the butthole. She closes the video with an up close look at her creamy holes, even a little fingering, the naughty elf. This video is the perfect pornographic Christmas present.

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First video I've seen of her in high heels. Even without those, her legs looked really long as she stripteased to some appropriate music. Such a great job, she'd be a hit as a feature dancer or stripper, that's for sure. She stripped to the pace of the music, which was slow, very nice. When the panties are pulled down, she'd spread her butt, giving nice looks at her bootyhole. Then she brings her fine body closer to the camera, that butt closer too, what a sight. The POV blowjob was also fantastic, such incredible talent with her lips, there's no doubt she was super into it. Women in porn would not be convincing when sucking dildos, but Sammy proves to be a master of it, as if she was sucking a real dick. The person who wanted the strip tease should definitely be thankful they got the subsequent blowjob. The sexy eyes also rally shine in this section. This portion lasts a great deal of time, and the lady sure does pace herself with it. Slow and sensual, so much to handle. Then she picks up the pace, with intense sucking sounds, and her getting deep on that dick. So spectacular, and she is thankful for getting to suck the dick. However, I'm thankful to have seen it. A very nice and interesting video in the Sammy Sable porn library.

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A definitely focused Sammy gets down on some big anal toys. First is a huge white dildo, which she takes pretty deep, and well enough to do some gyrating! That was really nice, and then comes the main attraction, the thick black butt plug. Similar to the white dildo, she goes down on it, and even rides it a bit. Some more gyrating, which is so impressive given the girth. On her back for the rest of the video, a determined Sammy takes that big black butt plug as deep as she can. How wide it stretches her butthole is shown beautifully in this position, while her toes, even in stockings, curl. Then there's her legs flailing around, the lip biting that dominates many portions of the whole scene. At one point she says it's so close to being all the way in. It was great to see her butt resting on her hands, those amazing thighs too. At another point she puts her legs straight up in the air, showing how long and meaty they are, for such a short woman. The time and effort taken for this one toy is not only hot, but admirable. It's a form of hard work after all, and this woman embodies that. This makes the scene an interesting treat to watch, a woman trying her best, and satisfying the viewer in the process. It closes with some great gaping, once again showing the lovely interior of the butthole, pink and wondrous.

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Sammy uses her favorite plugs for Daddy, very cute ones indeed. The first one is purple and sparkles, which she absolutely loves. The doggystyle position she's in really makes her butt stick out amazingly well. It was really hot to see her sealed vagina during this, the one pussy lip also sticking out. Sammy uses the second butt plug, admired for its handle, allowing to fuck herself with it. The sound of penetration here is so nice. Sammy truly surprises, bringing in a double bubble butt plug, this one has some serious size to it. She knows Daddy likes her ass stretched, and she does so with this toy. She gets it all the way, and pushes it out with the greatest of ease, using her butthole. Such a great little anal plugging video, made all the more cuter by this lovely woman's Daddy talk.

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Really making the 4 minutes and 24 seconds impactful, Sammy gets right into fingering her butthole. One little finger, such a sensitive lady, the moans of pleasure from just that. Then comes this purple dildo, easily sliding into that bootyhole. She fucks herself well with it, with a little gaping as a bonus! Also she pushes out the dildo, no hands, with her butthole. The second instance of that, she gives an especially sexy look to the camera, those eyes being pretty dreamy. Two fingers in the butthole afterwards, really nice, more sensual moaning. A little booty shake to end the video, on that part, her butt especially sticks out, awesome. Definitely the perfect video to lose one's Sammy Sable watching virginity to.

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It could be argued that this is Sammy's magnum opus of anal, or even just of all her many wondrous videos. Such a straightforward and fantastic display of anal mastery, all while she wears sexy bodystockings. Even in the tease section, that booty shake was fine, that butthole looking so ready, also the little pussy spreading. It makes the viewer greatly anticipate what's to come. Sammy immediately gets in her crab like position and rides that SeaDragon all the way to the knot. This skinny lady taking a huge toy like that is an amazing sight. Also great to see is her thighs as she rides the dildo in this position and the one that follows it. Of course the facial expressions are incredible. The fucking is so intense that the bed shakes, hell, the world shook because of this. Sammy also gets creamy in the butt during this, and even in the pussy! The video, just on the first fucking section alone, deserves the "rough" label on here. There's still a lot more to enjoy. On her back, taking it to the knot some more, really getting a great look at her butt and thighs during this, especially when she rides it, the jiggling is magnificent. A real treat for me, her feet, even though wearing stockings, are great to see, as her toes curl during this. Some awesome Sable Slamming happens here, more earth shaking fucking! That section ends with an awesome little gaping sequence, so pink and inviting the butthole inside is. Next comes doggystyle, her powerful arm working that big dildo in. This gives a really close look at her creamy pussy, among other things. This ends with more tremendous gaping, really wide too, a little fingering to close out this legendary video.

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Rocking the after shower look to perfection, Sammy doesn't let her ass dry up for long, getting it creamy during this amazingly intense anal training session. Using three huge toys, whether long, wide, or a combination of the two, Sammy's training is top notch, proving her butthole prowess. At first she plays with her pussy a little bit, give it some love, since the butthole is the main focus of the scene. Not long after that comes the first big toy, pretty long and with a good amount of width. Sammy slowly works it in, and then really fucks herself with some speed. At that point, some cream drips from the toy after she takes it out, very nice. Then she goes even faster with the first toy! This really makes her body rock, then she pushes it out with just the butthole. It pulsates, which is incredible. Next toy, long, with thick beads. She gives a little count to show how many go in the butthole. Following that is more butthole mastery, slowly working it and when she pulls it out, the stretching the ass gets is big. Like the first toy, she pushes it out with the butthole. In a hot doggystyle position, she continues with that big toy, with even more impressive gapes, some cream coming out, and pushing it out with the butthole. When that happens, you can pause at the right time and see an unbelievable gaping butthole! At last came the thickest butt plug. When she slowly comes down on it, she makes a really distinct sound, really showing how much effort she put into taking it up the butt. The little riding was awesome, followed by her shoving it as far as she can while on her back. The beautiful feet are best seen here, toes curling, fantastic. She spreads the butthole one more time to close the scene. The Butthole Wizard conquers again.

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Daddy's Little Sammy was hesitant at first with that huge dick, saying it's really big. It sure is, a real sight to behold. Keeping on that cute schoolgirl outfit, Sammy takes that dick really well and deep in her tight butthole. This produced fantastic gaping sequences following some slow and sensual riding. It's amazing that she was able to take a dildo of that girth and length. In doggystyle, along with the gapes, she fucks herself more with that dildo. During this time, there's some amazing sounds, when the dick goes in and gaping right after the dildo is pulled out. So distinct and sexy these sounds are, the latter happens even with just gaping, it's sweet. It was a bonus to see the one pussy lip just hanging out during all this action, looking amazing as well. As if reading minds, Sammy asked Daddy to cum in her ass. Next thing you know, she gets an anal creampie! More great gapes, and the cream just flowing from that beautiful butthole, putting a sensual close to this punishment scene. A superb one at that.

Creamy BBC Ride Jun 30 2016
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Very simple and straightforward, Sammy rides this huge BBC vaginally. This particular scene really showed how thick and long that BBC dildo is, it was almost astonishing. No problem for this talented woman, she takes it steadily and rides it with growing intensity. The bodystockings look amazing, and her ass was incredibly complimented here. The size of it always being impressive, but here it just looks a notch above, seen when she rides it doggystyle. The title is very appropriate, that huge cock gets creamed on, and Sammy even tastes it before the spit filled blowjob at the end! I didn't expect that, she knows she tastes good. When she tries to cum, I noticed how great the reflection is, really seeing her beautiful butt go up and down up until she climaxes. The sucking was above and beyond as a conclusion, it would've been satisfying enough if it ended with the cumming, but Sammy always takes it one step further in her porn. That's a great thing.

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Sammy not only proves Daddy wrong by taking all of that long toy, she proves she's the Butthole Wizard. Before actually getting to that, the panties she wore, unbelievably hot. So much of a tease with the panties, yet so beautiful. She takes that off and slowly takes all of the long toy in her butthole. It was especially nice to see how she positioned herself for it, it looked like she had power in that position, those strong legs and all. Early in this anal experience, some butthole cream launches from inside, that was surprising, yet amazing. Sammy shows how she takes the toy up close, adding more speed to the penetration, and really making the butthole wet and gaping, on the former, it also included her vagina. The butthole juices flowing down there. Sammy would get her pussy wet through cumming, while taking that toy all the way. After cumming, she fingers the vagina a bit, showing how wet it got. Between that and the sounds of the butthole toy fucking while in doggystyle, this is actually a wonderfully wet scene. Not to mention the loud moaning, the cute Daddy talk, the sexy lip biting, and the lovely toe curling during the cumming part. Sammy shows how to correctly and patiently take toys, in this case anally, and then to really fuck herself when the time comes. True wizardry.

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"Can I at least wear mah bear socks?" That sounded so cute, as said by Sammy in the beginning of this. The video did get messy, not just because of the facial, but for the BBC getting a lot of cream around it. It looked amazing, as Sammy rode that dick fast and hard, take it from the front and back. Those strong legs being able to sustain the intense riding for minutes, and the socks looking so cute, adding another layer of adorable to this already sweet lady. The collar too was a great touch, being a submissive girl for Daddy. The Daddy talk was really nice, so willing to make a mess in the kitchen. At one point she gets the BBC all the way in, that takes talent. Soon after, the intense riding leads to her drooling! It's safe to say that she really loved slamming on that dick. From behind she takes it so well, and the camera really captures how much the huge dick is stretching that tight bootyhole. Switching back to the original position, more intense riding, more cream around the dick, before asking if Daddy's ready. On the count of 3 it happens, thick and in great amount, covering a lot of her face, naughty girl tasting it a bit too. Such a fitting conclusion to this hot video.

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It is hard to listen to such a lovely lady giving jerk off instruction. More on the impatient side, which is more notable when Sammy instructs to go at it slow. I could do that, but it's tough with someone like her. I didn't follow what she said perfectly, but I tried, which is good enough, I acknowledged her instructions and tried my best to follow them. Adding to the difficulty, along with her body and voice, is the anal toying, her feet, and eventually the rubbing on her vagina. It was easier to follow her instructions to go faster, but then that became a task, she wanted to instruct when to finish. The scene is so fun in the difficulty of following her instructions, almost like playing a game with her. To win is to finish with her, following her counts to 3 to slow down and speed up, and concluding with a count to 10 for the finale. That was doable for me, it was doable halfway through the video actually, but I managed to make it to 10 minutes with her. A very hot and engaging scene.

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I'm as happy as the Pikachu doll in the background after watching this hot and wet scene. As much as it was about the big squirts Sammy did, I couldn't help but enjoy how much time the feet had on screen. Pretty active during the action too, which is a real treat. Of course the focus is the squirting, which is overall very gushy. Using the bigger end of that nJoy toy, Sammy really penetrates herself. The sound made during this is so distinct and awesome to listen to, along with the moaning of course. Before the squirts really come though, some cream drips from the pussy, which wasn't really expected, but very much a treat. At first the squirt spills down below her vagina, captured very well by the HD camera used. Not long after that, one big amount of squirt shoots out, gaining some distance, and others after that shoot out as well. It was amazing, the intensity and the shooting out simply increased as the video progressed, resulting in a vagina that was practically shiny, very beautiful to look at. Such superb first squirts, with a hell of a lot more to come.