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FuckingMILFmay Dec 17 2016

Happy Holidays! Be sure to check out what I left under the tree this year. ;) Vote for me in the Holiday Hottie Contest and get ALL 100+ of my Vids for ONLY $50! I’m really trying to move up in the rankings on Many Vids and you could help make it possible! Help me out and be rewarded with tons of videos! I also left you a heart on your profile. Thank you so much and I hope you have an awesome Christmas!

R6Cat deleted Jul 13 2016

Antman! Thank you so so much for getting a video of mine AND the donation!! I've already added 15 tickets into the raffle for you! So goodluck! I really hope you enjoy the video & I see your name again!!!

Lia Austin Apr 11 2016

Hey hun,
I left you a heart.
Hope you get a chance to check out my page, I think you'd like it! <3

SubmissiveLexi Mar 6 2016

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CrazyBella Feb 15 2016

Hi Anthony ! :) I want to give u some <3 , Hope you have the chance to check out my profile, my Videos & all the things I have there!! Even if u want u can Download my NEW FREE vid :and...action: hehehe..... If u want to leave me some <3 that mean a lot for me!!!  kisses and hugs for u!:*):x

Cattie Jan 26 2016

Hi, I'm Cattie(: I left you a heart and would appreciate if you could take a moment to leave some love on my page. Take a peak at my "Fund Me" for awesome deals too! Wishing you a fantastic week. ~xoxo~

Taylor_Made Jan 7 2016

Left you a heart Hun .. Mwah

theantman Jan 7 2016

Thank you!

Taylor_Made Jan 20 2016

Np :-)

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